Dear Friends, Colleagues and Artistic Associates, 
This summer the 17th Annual KO  FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE will serve up a season on the theme of  "FOOD: appetites, attitudes and politics" July 7 – August 10, 2008 on the Amherst College campus in Amherst, MA. We will also offer a series of 6-day WORKSHOPS with expert teachers who are adept at gearing their classes for participants of all levels of experience, who have ranged in age 18 from to 80.

  • JULY 11 & 12 We will indulge our palates and awaken our senses with "SEASON" a DARK-DINING PROJECTS a multi-course banquet/performance installation where local foods will be served to BLINDFOLDED guests, set in an olfactory, tactile and sonic landscape.

  • JULY 18 – 20 we will think about the politics and pleasures of eating as raised by LightBox's MILK-N-HONEY, a piece that is the result of three years of research and interviews with flavor scientists, farmers, dumpster-diving "freegans," diabetics and many others. All performances will be followed by the AFTER SHOW CAFÉ, a dynamic discussion forum with invited experts.

  • JULY 25 – 27 with HEARTS AND TONGUES we will join Temple Crocker & Annie Kunjappy in contemplating humankind's relationship to the natural world and the role the senses play in this sublime, contentious and ever-evolving exchange.

  • AUGUST 1 – 3 we will experience the power of song to give us a visceral experience of the control our desires and appetites have over us in SONGS OF HUNGER AND SATISFACTION, a new cabaret by Belle Linda Halpern that will be a funny, intriguing in a profound Jewish-American take on our constant hunger for food, sex, acceptance, and fame – and for true nourishment.
All of these performances are accompanied by lobby displays that contextualize the work and by facilitated, post-performance discussions that provide opportunities for inter-audience/artist exchange and civic dialogue.
In addition, we will host two special events:

  • JULY 13 NANABOZHO, our annual all-ages event with the beloved Mettawee River Theatre Company, performed outdoors with live music and giant puppets
  • AUGUST 8 – 10 2/3 – two short plays (Me and Bobby McGee and Lugnuts of the Soul) for three actors by Amherst College's Peter Lobdell.
  • July 7 – 12 THE ART OF COLLABORATION: devised theatre and ensemble practice
    with Temple Crocker and Barbara Lanciers

  • July 14 – 19 FINDING THE THEATRICAL SOUNDSCORE: with voice and non-traditional instruments
    with Katie Down
    with Ellen Beckerman

  • July 28 – August 2 CREATING CABARET: styles, stories & songs
    with Deletta Gillespie
  • August 4 – 9 FUNDAMENTALS OF PUPPET PERFORMANCE: performer, instrument & score
    with Robert Smythe?
Please help get the word out! Pass this information along to all appropriate friends, colleagues and students.

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All best wishes,



Sabrina Hamilton
Artistic Director
Ko Festival of Performance

Ko is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council; a state agency; the Amherst and Hadley Cultural Councils; Art Angels and individual donors.  Please consider joining our list of supporters.  You are what makes this work possible!