the 13th Iran International Festival of University Theatre (IIFUT)

April 30th until May 8th, 2010- Tehran, Iran 

We wish to announce that the 13th Iran International Festival of University Theatre (IIFUT) will be held in Tehran on. April 30th until May 8th, 2010 As regards the festival makes relations with other countries and establish cultural ties between theater groups in Iran and other exterior entities worldwide and make use of foreign professors which are expert in theater and their experiences by arranging workshops, we sincerely hope that this festival provides suitable opportunities to invite you to Iran Theatre Schools and Universities. 

The Permanent Secretariat of IIFUT has started to work in 1997 and has been contributing to theater ever since then. The focus of this festival is mainly on University Theater. The objective of this festival is to improve University Theater and also promote the knowledge of students of theater in Iran. The committee, managers, deputies and the secretary of secretariat are all students and the advertisers are professors of credible universities in Iran. They all are elected in the anniversary election by the students of universities. This festival would welcome any kind of cultural relations to exchange experiences between national and international groups in a bid to familiarize Iranian students to theater worldwide. 

We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly conduce us about your programs and the conditions to respect you as the contributor of the 13th IIFUT. We, community of students of universities, will all wait to see you in earnest society of Iran universities. 

Warmest Regards 

Ali Zafar Ghahramani Nezhad 
Manager of International Section of Festival