Session 1: June 28 – July 12, 2009
Session 2: July 14 – July 28, 2009

La MaMa Umbria International, Spoleto, Italy

The International Symposium for Directors, sponsored by La MaMa Umbria is a training program for professional directors, choreographers and actors. Internationally renowned theatre artists conduct workshops and lecture/demonstrations. During the Symposium, participants will travel to Umbrian towns such as Orvieto, Perugia or Assisi to get a taste of Umbrian art and culture. Performances at local arts festivals and community fairs are also included. In addition, participating directors may conduct their own workshops to share insights and techniques with their colleagues.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of theatrical perspectives during the Symposium, from instructors who will expand their sense of what is possible in the theatre. Directors attending the Symposium see how prominent artists on the international scene create their unique productions. The workshops are participatory, and it is expected that all attendees will engage actively in the processes of the various teaching artists.

Each year La MaMa invites renowned theatre artists to participate as teaching artists during the Symposium. This summer, we host the following artists:

Session 1:

Liz Diamond (USA)
"The Word and the Actor"
Kama Ginkas (Russia)
"Exploring Chekhov"
Takeshi Kawamura (Japan)
"Between the Word and the Body"
Meredith Monk (USA)
"Landscapes of Sound and Movement"

Session 2:

Daniel Banks (USA)
"We the Griot – Storytelling and Performance in the Age of Hip Hop"
Romeo Castellucci (Italy)
"The Eye and the Gaze"
Leigh Fondakowski (USA)
"Moment Work"
Dimitris Papaioannou (Greece)
"Spectacle and Emotion"

All artists are subject to change. For more information and registration form, visit:

or call (212) 254-7572.