What We Do

What does TWB do? Here are just a few examples:

Theatre & Peacebuilding: In 2005 TWB and Coexistence International at Brandeis University began what was to be a 3-year affiliation under the auspices of the Alan B. Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence. The Acting Together Project (Acting Together on the World Stage) grew out of this multi-year collaboration between the Brandeis University Peacebuilding and the Arts Program and the Theatre Without Borders “Theatre and Peacebuilding Initiative.” Today, the Acting Together Project involves scholars and practitioners working in over fifteen conflict regions. Documentation of this work is available in an anthology, a documentary, and a web site.

Theatre & Human Rights: Theatre Without Borders is excited to support the creation of ArtistSafety.net, a humanitarian initiative around Artists and Human Rights, which grew out of a collaboration with freeDimensional.

Theatre & Climate: Theatre Without Borders has recently started a new initiative around the intersection of artists and climate change. More details to follow.

Theatre & Social Engagement: Theatre Without Borders is exploring a 2015 or 2016 conference on Theatre & Social Engagement, which will encompass the many ways in which artist activism is impacting societies world-wide. More details to follow.

Translation Project: The Translation Project was inspired by the work of The Translation Think Tank, which was founded in 2004 by Marie-Louise Miller and Sarah Cameron Sundeto to re-engage discussion amongst disparate translation communities about the current state and values of theatrical translation.

Cultural Mobility:  TWB collaborated on the first-ever Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for the USA: Theatre, Dance and the Performing Arts, in collaboration with the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center and the European cultural mobility network On the Move. In 2012, TWB has been welcomed as the first US-based member of On the Move (OTM), a cultural mobility information network with more than 30 members in over 20 countries across Europe and beyond. On the Move’s mission is to encourage and facilitate sustainable cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide. TWB looks forward to developing links with On the Move, which has offices based in Brussels, Belgium. You can take advantage of On the Move’s fantastic resources right now by going to their website: www.on-the-move.org and access the Funding Guides for Arab Countries, Asia, Europe and the USA at: www.us-culturalmobility.org

Performance & Cultural Diplomacy: In June, 2012 TWB joined over 70 artists, educators, activists and policy makers at the Georgetown University convening entitled Global Performance, Civic Imagination and Cultural Diplomacy. Co-organizers of what is now called the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Derek Goldman (Theatre & Performance Arts Professor and Artistic Director of the Davis Performing Arts Center) and Cynthia Schneider (Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy in the School for Foreign Service and former US Ambassador to The Netherlands) invited those assembled to examine the impact, both positive and negative, that performing arts can have on public policy. TWB is committed to exploring this powerful and burgeoning field at the intersection of cultural workers and policy makers working side-by-side in complimentary practice.