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ACTION UPDATE First: thank you to the hundreds of people from all over the world whoresponded to the Jenin Freedom Theatre's call for assistance, whetherby signing the protest statement, or by calling Israelirepresentatives both in the West Bank and in Washington, DC. You have demonstrated that people all over the world care about TheFreedom Theatre and are willing to make their voices heard! (Background: the Israeli army invaded The Freedom Theatre in the Jeninrefugee camp on July 27, 2011 at 3:30 a.m., smashing or cracking mostof its windows with large stones and arresting Adnan Naghnaghiye, thefacilities manager and Bilaal Saadi, the Board chair, on the spot. Afew days later, Rami Hwaywel, a 20-year old drama student was stoppedat a checkpoint, blindfolded and arrested.) Adnan and Bilaal were released from detention on August 23, 2011, andare back with their much-relieved colleagues and families. Thepressure we collectively brought to bear may have been a crucialcomponent of this outcome! We are expecting Rami, the featured player in an upcoming FreedomTheatre production, to be released within days. The assault against The Freedom Theatre, however, continues. At 2:00a.m. on August 22, the Israeli army attacked The Freedom Theatreagain, arresting Mohammad Eisht Naghnaghiye (Adnan's brother) who isthe Theatre's security guard. When Jacob Gough (the Theatre's ActingManager) arrived on the scene, the army forced him to strip atgunpoint. As Gough reported, "they beat Mohammed before taking himaway in handcuffs and then proceeded to ransack all three floors ofhis family home. As the army left the area they fired live ammunitionin an attempt to disperse the crowds of youth that had gathered andwere throwing rocks." No charges have been made against Mohammad Eisht Naghnaghiye. What you can do now: Please keep the pressure on to 1) release Mohammad 2) demand that the Israeli military leave The Freedom Theatre alone Please call: * The District Commanding Officer (DCO) of the Jenin Region:+972-2-970-3018. * Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren: (202) 364-5500;e-mail: * Sarit Arbell, Director of Cultural Affairs at the IsraeliEmbassy: (202) 364-5676; e-mail: 3) contribute funds to The Theatre's legal defense needs, which are,as of now, $5,500 and climbing.

Online donations: Checks: Small donations can be made payable to The Friends of theJenin Freedom Theatre, Inc.; for tax-deductible donations, please makechecks payable to Grassroots International with "Jenin FreedomTheatre" on the memo line, and send to the address below. Again, thank you for what you have already done to support The FreedomTheatre, and for your continued support in protecting this vitalcultural institution in Palestine! From all of us at Friends of the Jenin Freedom TheatrePO Box 592Tarrytown, NY