The Brecht Forum presents

Grassroots Fundraising Conference 2011

Raising Money for Our Movements

Friday, February 25, 2011 (opening plenary) 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm; and
Saturday, February 26 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

presenters include Shaun (Sha) Grogan-Brown, Ryan Li Dahlstrom, Ash
Hammond, Allison Thompson Julien, Charles Long, Caroline Loomis, Doyin
Ola, Kevin Ryan, Jeremy Rye, Dara Silverman, Max Uhlenbeck and others TBA

Whether you are part of a small collective, a medium-sized local
non-profit, or a national organization, now more than ever we all need to
brush up on our grassroots fundraising strategies. Please join us for two
exciting days of discussion, workshops and skill shares as the Brecht
Forum presents its third annual Grassroots Fundraising Conference!

Workshops will include Introduction to Grassroots Fundraising; Donor
Cultivation Strategies; Race, Class and Fundraising; Major Donor Work;
Creative Special Event Planning; Engaging Volunteers and Board Members;
Planning Fundraising Galas and much more!

In the social justice world, the reach of our work is often limited
because we do not take fundraising, and money in general, seriously
enough. To wage campaigns, to provide volunteers with food, to pay staff
people, to rent offices, to build user-friendly websites–all of this
takes money as well as other resources. In the past several years more and
more organizations have been feeling the need to move away from sole
reliance on foundation funding and towards a "diverse" strategy of
generating revenue.

The question of grassroots fundraising, and how to reach our projected
budgets in 2011, takes on an additional dimension as we find ourselves in
the middle of an economic recession and a very real global depression.
Many organizations have already had to cut back on staff and operating
costs in the year 2010; some did not survive. At the same time, our work
has never been more important. More people are questioning the underlying
principles of neoliberalism, corporate globalization and capitalism
itself. People will be open to our ideas but only if our ideas are able to
reach them.

Please come to the Brecht Forum's third annual Grassroots Fundraising
Conference and share ideas and learn from others as we all navigate these
unchartered waters together. Whether you're part of a small local
collective with no staff, or part of an established left non-profit, this
conference will build your fundraising skills, expand your imagination in
terms of fundraising possibilities and allow you to meet other individuals
and organizations who are struggling through the same things that you are.

Sliding scale: $20/$30/$50
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