Naropa University: Announces a vacant position for Chair MFA Theater Program

Naropa University: Announces a vacant position for Chair MFA Theater Program

Job Description


Position Title: Faculty Chair MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance Program

Job Code: FAC01

Department or School: School of the Arts

Reports to:  Dean of the School of the Arts

FLSA Classification:

Pay Rate: $46,000 – 48,760, depending on rank

Rank: To be Determined

HR Review Date:

Job Summary: Naropa University is searching for a Faculty Chair of the MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance program entering as a full time faculty candidate with a 3 year contract, renewable upon review. We seek a visionary individual with the ability to manage a program of two MFA cohorts, four core faculty and yearly guest artists. The Faculty Chair must be deeply committed to Naropa’s mission and vision of contemplative education and to mentoring the next generation of innovators and practitioners of contemporary performance. They must be able to clearly articulate the unique and cutting edge training that is developing in the MFA curriculum and effectively lead our MFA to the next level of national and international recognition. This is a full time position starting July 1, 2015.



•      20 credit load combining teaching courses in the MFA, and administrative Chair duties.

•      Mentoring and Advising – the Faculty Chair is responsible for the oversight of each student’s journey through the MFA curriculum. This includes guiding faculty in their mentoring and advising roles within the program.

•      Manage all aspects of production in collaboration with the Office of Events, MFA Production Coordinator and MFA faculty.


•      Planning and implementation of the interdisciplinary MFA curriculum in collaboration with MFA faculty and the Dean of the School of the Arts

•      Attend and actively participate in committees and meetings at the program, school and University level commensurate with Full Time Core Faculty employment outlined in faculty handbook.

•      Assure the delivery of curriculum including: course syllabi, assessment of training module content and its delivery, and course schedule management.

•      Develop and oversee curriculum assessment and design and community building in collaboration with MFA faculty and the Dean.

•      Collaborate with offices of Marketing, Admissions, Development, and Academic Affairs in support of the MFA in these areas.

•      Collaborate with School of the Arts Dean regarding budgets and staffing.

•      Program budget development and oversight: Instructional, Operational, and Student Fees/Production budgets.

Minimum Qualifications: 

•      Qualified candidates will possess a Master of Fine Arts or Doctorate degree in a Contemporary Performance-related field (Acting, Directing, Performance Studies, Dance or Movement Studies) or consistently demonstrated leadership in the performing arts within an academic setting.

•      Minimum 5 years of successful university level teaching in performance techniques directly related to the MFA’s aesthetics and interdisciplinary, physical pedagogy.  The program especially seeks expertise in the area of physical actor training, Viewpoints, Suzuki and/or academic credentials in the area of Performance Studies, critical theory and context.

•      Commitment to graduate teaching and mentoring in an experimental conservatory and contemplative education setting.

•      Successful applicants will be familiar with contemporary arts trends, issues, theories and methods, and demonstrate teaching experience informed by contemplative practice.

•      Demonstrated ability to collaborate with others in an administrative and leadership capacity.

•      Familiarity with the vision and mission of Naropa University and the MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance program is preferred.

Preferred Qualifications

·      Demonstrated ability to provide at least one element of physical studio training at a graduate level and/or qualified to teach critical theory, history and context based on a graduate degree in this area.

•      Demonstrated ability as a teacher in contemplative education. 

Applications: Application review begins December 15th and continues until position is filled. Qualified candidates should apply online and include : Curriculum Vitae, one page Teaching Philosophy, three professional references, and digital representation of work (e.g. website, portfolio, publication links, etc.).

Naropa University is actively engaged in creating an inclusive, diverse community and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. In keeping with our diversity initiatives, we encourage applications from persons of historically under-represented groups and those who support diversity.


3. Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation – USArtists International – Guidelines – Baltimore, Maryland

USArtists International Guidelines
The application deadlines for USArtists International (USAI) 2015 grant rounds are:
> CLOSED: September 5, 2014 for projects taking place between November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015.
> December 5, 2014 for projects taking place between March 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016
> April 17, 2015 for projects taking place between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Guidelines are available below:
Download USAI Guidelines (pdf)
To access the USAI online eGRANT application click here.


4. An Opportunity for US and European Professionals in Arts and Culture:Cultural Fellowships in Russia 

CEC ArtsLink is pleased to share with you the request for fellowship applications by our Russian colleagues at the Likhachev Foundation. If you are interested in applying, review the information below and respond directly to the competition coordinator, Elena Vitenberg, and The subject line should read “Application for the Fellowship”. Please note that CEC ArtsLink does not administer this program and has no hand in the selection process. 

The Likhachev Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Fund of the First Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin (Moscow, Russia), with support of the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, announce a competition for 2-week cultural fellowships in St. Petersburg on  May 11-24, 2015.
The application deadline is February 1, 2015.  The Likhachev Foundation will accept applications from the US and European professionals in the fields of culture, history and arts who are working on creative projects related to Russian culture or history. Command of the Russian language is very helpful but not required. Students are not eligible. Working languages of the program are English and Russian.
Creative project could be a museum exhibition, a theater performance, a film, photo exhibition, preparation of fiction or research books, etc. related to Russian culture or history. Creative project should be conceived in the USA or Europe for a broad American or European audience. Residence in Russia should serve as an important stage in the realization of the applicant’s cultural project.
The Likhachev Foundation will prepare individual programs for the fellows according to their projects’ specifics, to help them achieve maximum results during their fellowships. These programs will include meetings with Russian colleagues, possibilities to work at St. Petersburg museums, libraries, archives and other organizations.
Ten two-week fellowships will be organized on May 11-24, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Deadline for submitted applications is February 1, 2015.
Applicants will be notified by March 1, 2015.
Application should include : 

  • CV (including information on Russian language skills, previous creative projects related to Russia and previous visits to Russia).
  • Description of creative project (up to 3 pages) such as museum or exhibition project, theater performance, film, preparation of fiction or research book and other types of cultural projects related to Russian culture or history. It should contain, in particular, a paragraph on how a residency in St. Petersburg will benefit the applicant’s creative project and which cultural organizations in St. Petersburg the applicant would like to work with. 

Email your application in Russian or English to the competition coordinator Elena Vitenberg and with subject line «application for the fellowship».   

The D. S. Likhachev International Charitable Foundation

B. Yeltsin Presidential Center

Committee on External Relations of Saint Petersburg

Cambodia Indiegogo Announcement – Global Arts Corps

Cambodia Indiegogo Announcement – Global Arts Corps

Global Arts Corps is thrilled to announce the launch of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign[]. We are raising funds for our final two workshops in Battambang, Cambodia where we have been collaborating with the young circus performers from the Phare Ponleu Selpak school. Our team of international artists will return to Cambodia in February 2015 to continue to work with the young circus performers on a devised circus/theatre production that explores the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge. Once the development workshops conclude, the production will embark on an international tour to other countries emerging from conflict. 

About Global Arts Corps:

From Rwanda to Kosovo, Cambodia to the North of Ireland, Global Arts Corps has used the transformative power of theatre to bring together people from opposite sides of violent conflict, unrest and war in 17 countries on 3 continents, reaching over 75,000 audience members, and facilitating reconciliation workshops for over 11,000 participants.

We are an international community of professional artists who use theatre as a catalyst for dialogue, as a way to shift perspectives, and as a means through which to bring about understanding, tolerance and empathy. Our goal is to become a multi-lingual, multi-cultural resource for conflict resolution and reconciliation in conflict zones across the globe.

GAC currently has projects in various stages in Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and Kosovo and is in discussion with representatives from Canada for a project on their recent Truth Commission. The recently completed GAC documentary film, directed by Michael Lessac, A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake, premiered at the Durban International film festival in July 2014. It had its U.S. premiere in October at the Woodstock Film Festival in New York where it received two awards: Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Film and Honorable Mention for Best Editing. It has been shown as a ‘work in progress’ screening in Afganistan, Germany, Kosovo, South Africa, France, Bosnia, Ireland, Canada and the US. GAC also initiated a Perceptual Change Institute in 2011, which is an interdisciplinary thought laboratory exploring concepts and ideas around conflict resolution including perception, identity and memory. 

To find more information about our projects please visit our website:





GETIndia 2015. We are getting ready!

 GETIndia 2015. We are getting ready!

Global Empowerment Theatre is excited to announce that our 2015 GETIndia program will kick off this coming January in partnership with the Akanksha Foundation in Mumbai. The Akanksha Foundation has been providing opportunities for youth in Mumbai and Pune for over 20 years. 
We look forward to sharing the stories of these incredible students as our program gets underway this January.

To learn more about our GETIndia 2015 partner, The Akanksha Foundation, visit their website here.

"Imagine a world where we think beyond ourselves, so that the world we create is kinder, more forgiving, more gentle…I wonder what the world would look like if it was easier to give than take, easier to share than hoard, easier to be good than not. I wonder what the world would look like if we learned more from our children." 

– Shaheen Mistri, Founder of Akanksha

Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement from these alumni.

“We don’t get to discuss exactly how we can improve the situation in Zanzibar or Tanzania. We don’t get that opportunity in school. The GET program was a place where we could discuss problems and solutions.”

 If you would like to support GETheatre's work with Akanksha and our expansion to work with young girls in Kenya please click the donate now button to make a secure tax deductible donation through Artspire, our fiscal sponsor.

Donate Now

Bond Street: Fall-Winter Newsletter

Bond Street: Fall-Winter Newsletter

We are happy to announce two new projects in Afghanistan, share news on our ongoing programs, and bring you info on upcoming events.

  • Youth-led community improvement in Afghanistan – an innovative new project to engage youth in designing and leading creative community projects, culminating in a nationally televised competition! 
  • Women's prisons in Afghanistan – a creative arts program offering emotional support to incarcerated women, most of whom are in prison unjustly.
  • Peace project in Myanmar – engaging youth in conflict prevention in the wake of widespread ethnic tensions.
  • Bond Street receives an Otto Award and other international updates.

   Follow us on Twitter for latest news. 

   Check our blog for updates from the field.

   Join us on Facebook for our weekly photo feature. 

 In the face of global challenges, Bond Street Theatre continues to bring creative, humanitarian assistance to troubled communities around the world… thanks to you!  Your support makes our work possible.  

Youth Design the New Afghanistan

Creativity in Action 

This month we begin a major new initiative in Afghanistanto engage youth in creative and constructive activities that will improve their communities and counter violence. 

The project gives Afghan youth the opportunity to be agents for positive change in their communities and country. The recent election saw a huge turnout of new young voters; we're keeping the momentum going with a new project to inspire youth to action. The two-yearCreativity in Action project will involve 375 youth from 25 provinces across ethnic, religious and gender lines.

Focusing on marginalized youth, we will provide mentorship and training in creative problem-solving, communication, planning and leadership. Theatre and visual arts activities stimulate the imagination and foster new ideas. The youth will design their own projects and practical solutions to community issues. Groups from different provinces will meet to exchange ideas, learn about each others' communities, and compare action plans. A social media component will allow the groups to stay in touch, continue relationships, and share ideas.

The project culminates in a nationally televised presentation — a cross between TED TalksandAfghanistan's Got Talent — in which the best community projects compete for the nation's vote! The innovative community ideas will serve as models and inspiration for their peers around the country.  

The project builds on Bond Street's 12 years initiating creative community programs in Afghanistan.

Support for Women in Afghan Prisons

Creative Arts Prison Program

We are pioneering a new program in Afghanistan's women's prisons that addresses the emotional and motivational needs of incarcerated women. The first of its kind, our Creative Arts Prison Program will provide women in the Herat Women's Prison with creative, educational programs that build self-esteem, encourage self-expression, and improve their ability to speak out against injustice

Most of the women — 95% of young women and 50% of adult women — are in prison for violating social and moral codes, such asescaping domestic violence, running away from a forced marriage, or being a victim of rape. Most have faced debilitating violence and injustice.

The goal is to create a self-sustaining drama and storytelling group in the prison, run by the women themselves, through which they can share experiences and emotional support. The women will gain the confidence to cope during their incarceration and better manage their lives upon release. 

Young children are often incarcerated with their mothers. Although this is emotionally beneficial to mother and child, prison can have lasting traumatic effects on children. Our project will provide the active, creative play necessary for the children's proper development.

We begin this model program in Herat this spring. Our goal is to incorporate the program into the rehabilitative process in all women's prisons across Afghanistanas we continue our commitment to theatre for social justice and new creative outlets for women.  

We thank Dining for Women for their dedication to women's rights and generous support.

Myanmar: Challenging New Freedoms

Youth Initiative:

Theatre for Civic Engagement .

Thanks to the Open Society Foundation,Bond Street is conducting a project to engage youth in conflict resolution, in collaboration with Thukhuma Khayeethe, one of Myanmar's most outstanding theatre companies.  

Burmese youth are facing a critical juncture as they come of age in a changing political environment without the education to understand their role and responsibilities in a free society. In addition to the ongoing ethnic violence that has plagued Myanmar, recent Buddhist attacks on the minority Muslim population has added to the problem, while the country seeks to gain global acceptance.   

With the actors and directors of Thukhuma Khayeethe, we developed a play, Swamped,addressing issues of diversity and mutual respect. The play poses questions about personal and group responsibility, cooperation, and decision-making through the metaphorical lens of animals in a swamp. The play ends without a solution, compelling audience members to consider and discuss their own ideas and solutions to ongoing problems of sectarian and ethnic tensions and violence.

Swamped was performed at monastery schools in Pakokku, a region in Myanmar known for civil and religious activism and influence.  

 TK's Artistic Director Thila Min said, "Our goal is to give the audience ideas to consider and an understanding of the consequences of actions." Using a simple, comedic story about animals was a useful way to get audience members to consider their individual opinions, a concept that has been limited by years of restrictive military rule. 


In the next phase of the project, TK will train a group of youth in Yangon in theatre and problem solving skills. The youth group will create their own play about mutual acceptance, and tour their show to schools and centers to initiate dialogue about peaceful coexistence. 

 Around the World…

Kenya – Bond Street Theatre will begin a program in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, the largest refugee camp in the world, serving displaced Somali and South Sudanese refugees. The project is led by Kenyan native and Bond Street intern from Columbia University, Jessica Hodder.

Sweden – Bond Street Theatre is collaborating with Simorgh Theatre of Afghanistan and Teater DOS of Sweden to explore the challenges facing refugees and the host communities they impact. Anna Zastrow of Bond Street and Monirah Hashemi of Simorgh will work with Swedish colleagues and the diverse local communities to create a production exploring cultural differences, commonalities, and routes to mutual acceptance..

USA – We are proud to announce that Bond Street Theatre has been awarded the 2015 Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theatre. We are honored to join the multitude of talented past recipients, including Laurie Anderson, The Living Theatre, Joseph Chaiken, and others!  

Between the Seas festival: Call for Submissions and BTS news

Between the Seas festival: Call for Submissions and BTS news

After a much needed break and some time for thinking, planning and dreaming of the future, Between the Seas is back!

We have launched our call for submissions for Between the Seas 2015. Breaking slightly from our previous years' tradition, next year we will hold BTS in September (7-13th), at our Wild Project home. We are inviting submissions in three categories (young artists/new works; main program; new plays) and the deadline is January 15. As with every edition, we hope to bring back some of our favorite artists from past years and welcome new ones! For questions and more information artists can write to:

The Sacred Way, by Unguarded Collective

Abandon The Citizens

Keeping with our vision to expand our activities beyond the annual festival, this Fall, we initiatedThe Testimony Project a workshop exploring testimony in performance. We are bringing together artists and projects that we have already established a relationship with: Mohammad Al Attar (BTS 2014) and his play Could you Please look info the Camera? ; Unguarded Collective (BTS 2014) and their devised performance The Sacred Way; and Aktina Stathaki's Abandon the Citizens (2013-2014). A Creative Space Grant from the Alliance of Residence Theaters gives us much needed time and space to explore and develop the pieces in a process-oriented environment which we plan to continue in the Spring.

2015 is going to mark our 5th year of activity. In those years of hard work to establish a presence for Mediterranean voices, we have been fortunate to meet and work with amazing artists in New York and internationally and get the attention and support of institutions who have helped us grow. As we're entering our 5th year with new ideas, plans and ambitions, we are thankful to each and everyone of you for being part of this community and we hope to continue sharing with you interesting, innovative and beautiful performances!

Aktina Stathaki 
Artistic and Producing Director

Support Kaveh's Dream of "Shirin" theater

 Support Kaveh's Dream of "Shirin" theater

Mr. Kaveh Ayreek needs your monetary help to complete his "Shirin" theater.

If you could help go to the link below.

For see Kaveh’s Work, Please click link below.

 Please like Kaveh’s page in facebook and share this emails to all of your friends.

Description of Kaveh Ayreek,

 Kaveh Ayreek is an Afghan mime artist, writer, director and actor currently residing in Kabul Afghanistan. His dream is to bring some relief to his post-war society, and help relieve their traumas of war through his art. 'Shirin', meaning sweet, in Farsi, is  one of the many plays he has written. But the thought of Shirin is not leaving him alone. Neither does the pains of Shirin. As he puts it himself '‌Shirin is the symbol of Afghan women's resistance and perseverance in one of the most male dominated societies of today's world, Afghanistan.' So he has to do something bigger with it. His Shirin (Sweet) dream is to start the first Shadow theatre in Afghanistan, 'Shirin's Theatre'. But he himself does not have the resources to start it. He has asked many people inside Afghanistan to help him launch it, but has not received any positive response yet. But he is determined to change that through his art, a society that has to start enjoying art and supports it. Afghanistan is a post-war country that needs people like Kaveh to start something new and different than what people are used to, war and devastation.

As one of his friends, I felt obligated to raise the amount he needs to start this. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated and will be put to right use.  Please consider helping Kaveh's Dream of Shirin come true. 

Here is a sample of

Kaveh's Work

If there is any questions please do not to hesitate to contact me.

 With best regards,

kaveh ayreek


Mobile: +93 (0) 793556967

Words without Borders: Contemporary Czech Prose

Words without Borders: Contemporary Czech Prose

This month we present new Czech prose. 

Magdaléna Platzová recalls the end of a love affair and a life

Tomáš Zmeškal searches for his prodigal father

Petra Soukupová sees a family rocked by a devastating injury

And more by Jan BalabánRadka DenemarkováPetra HůlováJakuba KatalpaJiří Kratochvil,Martin Ryšavý, and Marek Šindelka

With new writing on discovering literature from Valeria LuiselliAbdel-Moneim Ramadan, and Can Xue

Looking to Get Involved?

WWB is Looking for a Development Intern

Find out more about applying over here

WWB Events 

Around the Globe: International Diversity in YA Writing 

Where: New York Public Library, Main Branch, South Court Auditorium 

When: Wednesday, December 10, 6:00 PM

Who: Padma Venkataraman, Arthur A. Levine, Briony Everroad, Marc Aronson, and Roxanne Hsu-Feldman

Words without Borders and the New York Public Library present a discussion of the vibrant and compelling world of international YA. Join our distinguished panelists, including Padma Venkataraman, Briony Everroad, Roxanne Hsu-Feldman, and Arthur A. Levine in a wide-ranging conversation about diversity and international voices in YA writing today, moderated by editor, author and professor of Library Sciences Marc Aronson. This event coincides with the launch of WWB’s December issue, dedicated to the best new YA writing from around the world, from countries including Georgia, Bangladesh, Germany, Norway, South Korea, and many more.

Co-presented by Words without Borders and the New York Public Library


The 2014 Words without Borders Gala and Globe Trot 

Many thanks to all who came out to celebrate our eleventh annual gala and to help us toast Knopf editor and translator Carol Brown Janeway, who was awarded the 2014 James H. Ottaway Award for the Promotion of International Literature. Read more about the evening overhere

The City and the Writer: In Kyoto with Brian Turner

By Nathalie Handal 

Can you describe the mood of Kyoto as you feel/see it?

I was surprised to learn, in such a major city, that the pace of life in Kyoto moves much like the Kamagawa (the Kama River)—slow and steady, languid in the summer heat, with an occasional rush or hard current when the rains roll through. more>>>

Abby Margulies Reviews Joseph Roth'sThe Hundred Days

An achingly beautiful fictional account of the rise and fall of the Emperor Napoleon. more>>>

An Interview with Liana Finck

By Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

"People comment that the letters were rabbinical, or fatherly, or godlike, even: very strong and quiet. Maybe the letters were chatty enough and he just wanted to be reassuring. I have a feeling that’s what he was doing, and I have a feeling that it worked, and they were reassuring."more>>>

Emma Garman Reviews Otfried Preussler'sKrabat and the Sorcerer's Mill

Preussler’s storytelling mastery and gift for atmosphere render this Bildungsroman-meets-Gothic horror both timeless and splendidly, creepily original. more>>>

Help Yourself: An Interview with Alona Kimhi

By Rohan Kamicheril 

When I was young I read very funny books. I read very funny writers, and I loved it and it affected me. I fear boredom. Maybe it's not good because it's like being a clown. But I don't use humor out of a desire to be liked. I just need it to get myself going. And life is funny. more>>> 

Deadline's Approaching! Grant Opportunities for Artists and Arts Managers from Eligible Countries through ArtsLink Awards

Deadline's Approaching! Grant Opportunities for Artists and Arts Managers from Eligible Countries through ArtsLink Awards

Independent Projects Awards 2015:

Grant Opportunities for Artists & Arts Managers from Eligible Countries
Applications Deadline – December 3, 2014!

CEC ArtsLink invites artists, arts managers and non-profit arts organizations in all disciplines from 37 eligible countries (see below) to apply for Independent Projects Awards.

Project grants enable artists and arts managers from eligible countries to carry out self-directed projects in the US.  Applicants must have a letter of invitation from a non-profit organization or individual in the US to apply.

US Artists and Arts Managers seeking to collaborate with international colleagues are encouraged to consider this opportunity for potential funding. The application must be submitted by your international partner, so we invite you to share this information.

Submission deadline – December 3, 2014 for projects taking place between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016.

Application and Guidelines
 Eligible countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Please visit our website for more information.

Attachments are

New Fellowship for Emerging Directors

New Fellowship for Emerging Directors

The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, in partnership with the Kennedy Center,National New Play Network and Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, announced a new National Directors Fellowship on Tuesday, American Theatre has learned exclusively.

Planned to run over five years, the program will provide a total of 25 early-career directors with 18 months of professional development opportunities and hands-on experience each, culminating in a potential directing opportunity at an NNPN theatre.

“We want to be an agent of change with this program, in terms of breaking the hamster wheel where emerging directors are stuck in this consistent track of assistant directorships,” said Preston Whiteway, executive director of the O’Neill Center. “How do you ever get that full production if no one’s going to take a chance on you?”

That’s a question Wendy C. Goldberg has been asking herself for years. As artistic director of the O’Neill’s National Playwrights Conference, she has devoted her time to helping writers. She brought up the idea of starting a directors fellowship two years ago when she noticed, from her own experience as a director, that there weren’t as many opportunities for rising directors as there were for playwrights.

“I’ve been a professional director for 15 years, and in the last 15 years, look at how many more opportunities have emerged for playwrights, and I can still look at essentially the same three to four programs that were trailblazers in director outreach and training,” Goldberg explained. “There’s a perception issue that because there are so many playwright opportunities that equals director opportunities.”

With a $200,000 grant from the Doris Duke Foundation, along with some additional funding, the National Directors Fellowship plans to welcome a new class of 5 fellows every 12 months for its 18-month program. The curriculum begins with a week at the O’Neill’s National Playwrights Conference at the end of July, where the fellows will observe rehearsals and potentially assist in the room, as well as attend additional seminars with industry professionals.

From the O’Neill, the cohort will go directly to the Kennedy Center for an MFA playwrights’ workshop and directing intensive, led by NNPN and the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. The group will then return to the O’Neill in January for more intensive curriculum, as well as the opportunity to work on directing a play by a living writer with professional actors. The directing fellows will also have esteemed working directors available for mentoring and advice while working on these projects.

The entire program concludes with a residency at an NNPN core theatre, where the director fellows might have the chance to direct or assist on a production. The O’Neill will accept applications for the fellowship Jan. 12-16, 2015.

“We have to be certain that someone is really trying to make a concerted effort to make this their career path,” Goldberg said of what she’s looking for in applicants. “We’re also going to be looking at people who understand that we are specific to new play work, and people who really understand and are devoted to writers as a core value of what they do.”

Added Whiteway, “We are keeping it a little bit vague on purpose because we do want to find the person who didn’t necessarily go through an MFA program for directing, but who is doing great things with little visibility in Kansas City or Denver or Portland. Part of this grant is about finding folks who aren’t necessarily on the MFA directing track.”

NNPN executive director Nan Barnett said that what NNPN brings to the partnership is the ability to expose the fellows to all different forms of work across the country. “The program is going to evolve as the directors themselves evolve,” Barnett said, adding that fellows will have the chance to network with and possibly collaborate with NNPN’s 29 core theatres, as well as their associate members, who focus on all types of work, including devised, solo and ensemble-driven pieces. NNPN has theatres in 57 cities across the U.S., providing geographic diversity as well.

“NNPN matches very well with launching careers for early career directors, and this program is trying to make it easier for these theatres, which are on a smaller budget scale and don’t always have the funding to bring someone in from out of town and house them,” Whiteway explained. “It funds the director to go wherever they need to go and pays for the salary.”

With the O’Neill’s campus expansion this year, the Waterford location has 65 additional beds and more rehearsal spaces, which are helping to accommodate new initiatives like the directing fellowship.

“We’re interested to see what comes in,” Whiteway says of applicants. “We want to find the undiscovered talent.

Belarus Free Theatre's November Newsletter

Belarus Free Theatre's November Newsletter

Belarus Free Theatre have just returned from Rome and Modena where Red Forestwas performed at the VIE and Le Vie Dei Festivals. 

We are looking forward to the premiere of our next production, Time of Women, in Belarus.

We are excited to announce that we are recruiting a 

Belarus Free Theatre are looking for an experienced Communications Manager to run all press and marketing campaigns within the company, as well as develop marketing strategy and manage online content for the company and control how the company is represented through all possible channels. As Belarus Free Theatre enter their 10th anniversary year the role of Communications Manager has become crucial. Projects the Communications Manager would work on in 2015 include : a UK tour, a 10th anniversary festival and a concert in solidarity with Belarus.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of "one of the most powerful underground companies on the planet" (NY Times, 2013). Working from the Young Vic offices, where Belarus Free Theatre is an associate company, you will be part of a small team creating vital political theatre.
If you are interested in applying, or you know anyone who is, please visit our website to download the full job description and application form HERE!  Deadline: 24th November


The Red Forest Campaign stunt is simple. It involves unfurling a 300m red banner – a symbolic red line against dirty and unsafe forms of energy production.  As with all BFT campaigns there is direct link to Belarus at its heart though the issues are universal, in this case we support the work of a small but tireless group of Belarusian campaigners protesting against the building of an unsafe nuclear power station on the borders of the European Union. 

Securing the Millenium Bridge for our first stunt in London has set the bar high, so Via Alessandrina in Rome, chosen by the organisers of the Festival dei Vei where BFT performed Red Forest this week, was perfect, running past some of the most beautiful ancient, iconic sites in Rome.  There were over 100 people involved in the stunt, and the Minister of Culture from the city council and Rai TV crew came to make a short news feature to be broadcast next week.

At 300 m long – the red line banner is far too long for the cast of Red Forest to carry alone. We invite our audience to join us and crucially we also connect with local campaigning organisations with shared concerns, to give it local significance and to encourage their members to participate in the stunt. So in London and Edinburgh, where we did the stunt during the festival, we worked with anti-fracking campaigners and in Rome we linked up with ASUD’s campaign against Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

There is probably no other current issue that threatens environmental rights and safeguards more than TTIP. ASUD was delighted to have this additional platform and brought a crowd of their supporters and volunteers to perform the stunt with the BFT actors. Tatyana Novikova, Belarus Anti-nuclear Campaign articulates the threat TTIP represents to international standards:

"TTIP is a signal for the rest of the world and for the European countries, in particular on the Post-Soviet space, that democracy and environmental standards could be revised and subordinated to the interests of business. This is very dangerous trend, the experience of Fukushima and Chernobyl confirmed that". 

The campaign and the show are called Red Forest because, after the disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, the forest turned red. 70% of Belarus was contaminated.  Please sign our petition and prevent another Chernobyl today.


Price of Money

Price of Money premiered in September 2014 at the Albany Theatre and received a fantastic reception from audience and critics alike. This new production explored the central role of money in our lives, from ancient Greece references to the fractured economy of today. 

Hard-hitting, fast paced… a work that is not afraid to pin its political colours to the mast 

– The Public Reviews

 Theatre Bubble

 Financial Times

Time of Women

Time of Women is Belarus Free Theatre 's latest production that will premiere at various underground locations in Belarus before Christmas. This brand new play presents the story of three women who are currently being held in a KGB jail after a crackdown on democratic forces in Belarus in 2010. It aims to capture the reality of the interrogation techniques that are used in KGB jails to this day.


Directed by Nicolai Khalezin

Devised and performed by Belarus Free Theatre