Dear Theatre Without Borders community,
The Thai Theatre Foundation has created a petition in support of the people and artists of Myanmar. They are asking us to share that petition with you.
Would your organization be able to sign? If not, could you please sign it as an individual? 
The Thai Theatre Foundation will submit the petition to the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok on April 8th to add more pressure to the military government.
The Thai Theatre Foundation is also raising money to support Thai and Myanmar artists (who, often times, are vocal critics of the dictators). Please consider donating on their Facebook page. 
Although Thai Theatre Foundation is a 501(c)(3), donations are not tax-deductible in the US at this time as the fundraising hosts (BIPAM and B-Floor Theatre Group) are in Thailand.
Please help spread the word. Thank you so much!
Sent to TWB by:
Raksak Kongseng (she/they)
Operations Manager | Theatre Communications Group


Human rights violations in Myanmar continue to rise following a coup on February 1, 2021. According to several international news agencies, at least 550 civilians have been slaughtered thus far. Among these, Poet Kayza Win was shot and killed. Several other members of the Myanmar artistic community were arrested because of their artistic freedom of expression.

In response to the Call to the Global Creative Community to Show Solidarity with the People of Myanmar issued by 15 arts organizations in Myanmar, Thai Theatre Foundation (US) and Thai Theatre Foundation Working Group (Thailand) along with the following organizations and individuals have united to issue this statement of solidarity with the People of Myanmar and to defend their artistic freedom of expression.

We demand an immediate end to all cruelties.

We demand accountability for all the crimes unjustifiably committed against the People of Myanmar.

No one should be persecuted for their artistic expression.

Defending artistic freedom of expression transcends political party lines and international borders. It is a nonpartisan issue because once one person’s right is violated, everybody’s right is violated. It is vital that we stand up against injustice not only in Thailand, but also in Myanmar and throughout the world.

This petition will be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok.