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Call for Participation, Join us in Lima!

Following up on the productive meetings and exchanges we held in Montreal with some of our colleagues from Latin America, we would like to invite you to join us in Lima, Peru for a meeting of residencies from the region. residencias_en_red [iberoamerica] – a new network of residencies in Latin America—will be holding a meeting between March 23rd and 27th of this year at which Res Artis has been invited to participate.

This is an excellent opportunity to exchange perspectives with our colleagues in this part of the world. It’s also an optimum opportunity for our members to participate in the continual development of our ResSupport program. An important part of this program is our ResSupport Fellowship, which provides opportunities for members of emerging residencies to spend time at a host institution learning about the field of residencies from the inside. As we announced in Montreal, our first fellowship is being sponsored by Akademie Schloss Solitude. We hope you will decide to join us by also sponsoring a fellowship.

Please let us know by February 8th if you would like to participate.

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New Res Artis Website

Our new website was launched last month with many changes and improvements.

Res Artis Member Organisations

  • Please take a moment and update your profile information, it is significantly different than the old system. Some of your information has been transferred for you, but there are many new categories, more multiple-choice, additional details. Thank you! For more information, please see the tutorial here.
  • The new member’s section will be an archive of case studies, funding information and tools specifically especially for residencies.
  • Join our forums to start an active online discussion
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Artists, newsletter subscribers, friends

Please write to webeditor@resartis.org with any problems, suggestions or comments.

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Goodbyes and new beginnings

A letter from Irene Saddal, Res Artis project manager

Do I have everything? What will the people be like? Will there be language and cultural issues? And perhaps most importantly what will the food be like?

These are questions one has when traveling to a different country, either going to a residency, or like me, organizing Res Artis meetings or attending other conferences and network events.

During the recent years I have worked with much enjoyment at the Res Artis office. It has been an exciting time, in which I learned a lot. This is largely because of all the people I met along the way who shared their experience and knowledge.

After working for almost four years at Res Artis, I feel that it is time for me to move on to other challenges. Starting February a new team, together with the board, will take over running the office and daily operations of Res Artis, and they will do this with much enthusiasm and drive, I am sure.

I’ve traveled the globe and had wonderful experiences representing Res Artis. It was an opportunity to meet old acquaintances and new friends. And I made great friends! I want to thank you all and wish you well.

My bags are almost packed. So I’ll be off to new adventures.

All the best and till we meet again,
Irene Saddal

The ‘PAiR’ Initiative – Performing Arts
in Residence

Traditionally, we find Artist in Residence programmes as individual scholarships mostly in the field of visual arts, literature, and music. During the last meetings of the networks Res Artis and ACCR, Schloss Broellin (Germany) started informally the discussion around residencies for artists of the Performing Arts, articulating the rising needs for European/international ensembles to meet and work at appropriate places.

Following a work meeting in September, PAiR was formed, continuing discussions at the recent Res Artis General meeting in Montreal. The objective – To strengthen existing and support the development of new residencies for performing artists.

Contact: pair@broellin.de

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Cooperation Case Study : Fokus Korea

The Berlin-Seoul Korean Performing Arts Residency Program

  • What
    Cooperation between a governmental agency, two performing arts groups and a residency program.
  • Who
    Ufa Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
    Creative Group Noni, Seoul, Korea
    – SU group, Seoul, Korea
  • The program
    Two groups of Korean performers traveled from Korea to Germany, for a period of several months. giving workshops and working at the Ufa Fabrik in Berlin. The group of artists work together will local artists and carry out performances until the end of January, presenting the European premiere of their play RIN, using puppetry, masks and shadow theatre with a particular music composition. Fokus Korea also includes a film program including two documentary films dealing with Korean traditional music and spiritual roots.
  • Supported by
    The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Arts Management Service

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New Residency: Ateliers Topaz, Canada

  • Where is it?
    Ateliers Topaz is halfway in between the Atlantic and the Pacific on the TransCanada Highway's northern segment in Northern Ontario in a 60s building reminiscent of "Route 66".
  • What is it?
    Ateliers Topaz is privately own by Laurent Vaillancourt, a sculptor. His idea is to host artists that wish to work in remote area surrounded by the Boreal Forest. Due to heating cost Ateliers Topaz are available only from late April to October. Spaces available are versatile and are open to all disciplines.
  • Whats going on now?
    Currently it is Laurent's workshop. A store of found objects, or 'Topazian material' is developing and from that Laurent is starting a new body of work called "Minute, small things of life". The Topazian material store is open to visiting artists only.
  • www.atelierstopaz.ca
  • Ateliers Topaz on the Res Arits Website

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New Residency: Spark Box Studio, Canada

  • Where is it?
    Spark Box Studio is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, a vibrant rural community full of artists, great food and wine and scenic provincial parks.
  • What is it?
    Spark Box Studio offers many programs for both the community and visiting artists. Their Residency Program provides visiting artists living accommodations and access to our professional studio and resources, which includes equipment for silkscreen, etching, relief printing and photography. The Residency Program affords artists the space and uninterrupted work time needed to support the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice. The studio also has an Open Studio program to local artists, publishes an arts magazine called Square2
    and offers career development guides to emerging artists.
  • Whats going on now?
    Spark Box Studio is currently updating its Emerging Artist Guide website, finishing its third issue of Square2 Magazine and accepting applications for their 2011 round of Artists in Residence.
  • www.sparkboxstudio.com
  • Spark Box Studio on the Res Artis Website

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