Call for Plays

Golden Thread Productions is seeking short plays for consideration in
ReOrient Festival of Short Plays exploring the Middle East.

Playwrights from the Middle East or of Middle Eastern heritage writing about
any topic Playwrights of all backgrounds writing about the Middle East

Submission Guidelines:
Length: 10-40 minutes
Deadline Extended: May 1, 2011

Areas of Interest include :
Comedies particularly political satire
Adaptations of classical texts and or historical figures Exploration of
Middle Eastern performance traditions Experiments with non-realistic forms

Mail Plays to:
Golden Thread Productions
499 Alabama St. #450
San Francisco, CA. 94110
ATTN: ReOrient Festival

We do not accept e-mail submissions, unless the postal service in your
country is incredibly unreliable. We do not return plays.
Golden Thread Productions is dedicated to exploring Middle Eastern cultures
and identities as expressed around the globe. We present alternative
perspectives of the Middle East by developing and producing theatrical work
that is aesthetically varied and politically and viscerally engaging. Our
mission is to make the Middle East a potent presence on the American stage
and a treasured cultural experience.
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Torange Yeghiazarian
Founding Artistic Director
Golden Thread Productions
Dedicated to Theatre that Explores
Middle Eastern Cultures & Identities.
499 Alabama St. #450, San Francisco, CA. 94110   
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