TWB is an informal group of individual artists around the world who are interested in supporting international theatre exchange

  • TWB advocates for theatre artists who seem themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures.
  • TWB works through this website ( , as well as through public forums to explore and encourage the exchange of international theatre projects and artists.
  • TWB works with and supports the activities of other US-based¬†organizations involved with international theatre exchange such as The Martin E Segal Theatre Center, Theatre Communications Group, Brandeis University’s Peacebuilding and the Arts Program, La MaMa, I.T.I./The International Theatre Institute, The Center for International Theatre Development, and many others.
  • TWB does not represent any political ideology. TWB was created to recognize the universality & diversity of theatrical expression and the need for international artists to maintain dialogue across political boundaries.