International Play Catalogue

From 2005-2006, TWB organized a major solicitation of exciting new plays from around the world.  We did this by contacting over 60 colleagues in countries worldwide.  We received almost 60 plays both already in English translation and also in original languages such as Persian, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and others.  This solicitation was inspired by a connection instigated by Samantha Schnee of Words Without Borders ( a wonderful e-magazine that shares international literature in translation. The Translation Project culminated in the e-publication of the March 2006 e-issue of Words Without Borders, in which a selection of the plays in our collection were featured.

It remains the goal of TWB to support the exchange of dramatic literature in translation and to that end, we contacted The Playwrights’ Center of Minneapolis ( and they agreed to post a selection of the plays on their Playwrights Gallery.  In addition, many of the produced, unpublished plays are now available in manuscript form in the Billy Rose Theatre Collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in New York City (, donated by Theatre Without Borders.

To learn about the Theatre Without Borders Collection at the New York Library for the Performing Arts:

Go to search under title for Theatre Without Borders and you should get 2 listings. Click on Theatre Without Borders collection, you should get the catalog record. Then click on “collection guide” (in brown) and you should get the finding aid. Or read more.

You can visit the manuscripts in person by going to:

Billy Rose Theatre Collection
Third Floor, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
40 Lincoln Center Plaza, NY, NY 10023-7498  Tel: 212-870-1639

We continue to look for more ways to support a network for the exchange of international plays.  You may begin browsing the International Play Catalogue, by browsing the entire list, or selecting a country.