Magdalena Project 25th Anniversary Appeal
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UpStage open walk-through: 3 April

Cantor rituales Afroserranos, 9 abril, Ecuador

Sourcing Within – con Gey Pin Ang, Italia, 11-15 April

ACTS – LAB Movement Research and Instant Composition, OSLO, 15-24 April

TWTP: "Sunday on the Rocks" 22 April – 15 May, USA

ACTS/KHiO – Sourcing Within, Gey Pin Ang – OSLO, 23-27 May

Ay Ombe theatre 25th Anniversary! Los primeros 25 años!

Kaite O'Reilly wins award for "The Persians"

ACTS – Laboratory for Performance Practices – Norway

Mujeres con Lobos

"Special" Award-winning Play, strong Women's Roles

Performance Research Journal: news & forthcoming issues

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