Dear Friends:

Playwright Karen Malpede has written a statement and is gaining signatures regarding Juliano’s death. The statement/signatures has been published in the Guardian and she will be sending to other news sources as well.

In addition, KadmusArts will be doing a feature on this story, including the video of his theatre and podcast interviews with those working in the field to be published on Monday's edition.

Please feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested.

To the editors:

The murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis, actor, director, founder of the Jenin Freedom Theater, in the Jenin Refugee Camp, is an assault on art and artists, peacekeepers and the creative lives of young people who live under the constant threat of violence.  As American theater makers whose work is dedicated to understanding of the other and the self, we condemn this unspeakable act.  We condemn the policy of targeted assassination which is widely practiced, by militant non-state agents, and by governments.

Thanks, Love and Peace,