1. Submission Call #8 Reminder
2. News Briefs- Wisconsin Michigan/peers news and blogs
3. Journal Events- Left Forum/Parsonsl/Leipzig Book Fair
4. etc…
1. Submission Call #8 Reminder
Submission Call #8 Reminder

Submission due April 1st (send submission proposals to editors (at) joaap.org)

Grassroots Modernism-  movement for today's tomorrow.
(see the original call here)

We heard talk of the imminent possibility for radical, situated, formalizable modes of  expression that were equal parts productive, critical and discursive. We assumed they would be happening in the future.  We called this Grassroots Modernism

A month latter, the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear-fucking-meltdowns that hit Japan feels as though its hit everywhere.

Even though, the sudden shifts in rules and rulers gives us short pause;
aesthetics in the suddenly broad struggles today are a result of people's push forward,  and not the immediate motivating factor.

As artists/activists, this reality does not solely compell us to put down our brushes, (ok, we put them down a while ago, but…) just the opposite.

We have now another clear frame by which to understand the role of aesthetics;

  • as avante garde political activators (Artists Against Cuts, the multiple university occupations and the now venerable San Precario Movement)
  • as avante garde bohemian activators of new social relationship (modeling, researching, and on localized scales re-inventing solidarities through dance, performance and language)
  • as researchers in adjunct to movements- (acting either as autonomous news bureau or as think tanks from the future.)
  • as psychic inventors
  • as popular cruel critics of the inanities of the present
This list can be more detailed- we invite you to fill it with your proposals. But we provide this list above because our ability to collectively know forms and share them is partly what Grassroots Modernism is about.

Again, we are looking for
    projects from or in the context of collaborative or collective practices

    projects in the context of movement or scene building
    grounded in specific practices and mediums
    lessons learned/best practices
    constructive criticality
    that are of the flesh, for our flesh
    that are strategic propositions to the readership on constituting movements.
    affect in effect
    art with a role in a movement
    new or old things

Note: feel free to send us anything, we're generally interested.

To submit:
LENGTH: Proposals can be short, one (1) paragraph is fine.
CONTENTS: Please provide us with enough information to be able to grasp what you are aiming at.
ETC: Please make sure your contact info is up to date.
DEADLINE: April 1st, 2011
SEND: editors@joaap.org
PROCESS: After the deadline, we will review submissions and be in touch as soon as our schedules allow.
NOTE :We are imagining a relatively long writing and editing period. We are aiming to release the issue in the late Autumn of this   year. If this time frame was used advantageously, that might be interesting.
Website for the call:http://joaap.org/submission.htm


2. News Briefs- Wisconsin peers news and blogs

What a wild ride it is and will be.
Dan S Wang's on-the-ground blog reports from the streets of Madison have been an invaluable resource for news and reflection.
Dan also has pointed us to Rotundaville which will continue to be a useful source of news as the movements switch into a new phase.
We saw that Family Farm Defender's organized this past Saturday's tractorcade to Madison. Family Farm Defender's  wrote an article in the Whirlwind's project we published online (the Whirlwinds book by AK press came out last year. Note:Daniel Tucker and Amy Francescini's Farm Together Now Book has an interview with them as well .

Also Check out Just Seeds  blog and the  Erik Drooker's General Strike poster posted there.
Check out this post on the Groundswell blog as well.


3. Journal Events- Left Forum/ Parsonsl /Leipzig Book Fair

The Platypus Affiliated Societies put together a panel at the Left Forum– a quasi-accademic, DIY conference in NYC. Our panel, Aesthetics in Protest is Saturday March 19th from 3.00 to 4.30. It'll be a treat to chat with Platypus folks, Stephen Duncombe and people from the Yes Men.
Wednesday in New York City, we are doing a panel at Parsons/New School with members of W.A.G.E, members of Platypus, and Not an Alternative. The event is free and open to the public.
We are also participating in the Leipzig Bookfair that weekend in Leipzig Germany. If your in town, come on down to the Centraltheater also on March 19th.


4. Etc…
Check out this new book "The City is Our Factory" by Christoph Shaefer of Park Fiction, published by Spector Books.

Also, our friends at Occupy Everything have been posting a whole lot of new articles very pertinent to our readership.
Regional Relationships is a new project from the Radical Midwest that commissions artists, scholars, writers and activists to create works that investigate the natural, industrial and cultural landscapes of a region.
Hey! Check out this petition! People (as artists) are p
issed off at the Guggenheim Museum syndicate
for using near slave labor! Who'd a thunk?
5. Solidarity