Al-Bugaa Theatre Troupe

Main Prize – 2010

Theatre in Conflict Zones

Artform: Theatre

Al-Bugaa Theatre Troupe operate in Sudan’s conflict zones. Based out of Khartoum, Nuba Mountain and Dafur, they stage plays in this war-torn region to bring their message of peace and reconciliation to everyone, including militia groups and refugees in camps.

This ‘Theatre between Frontiers’ stages Forum Theatre on the front lines to engage, unify and heal both the perpetrators and victims of human rights atrocities. The troupe is made up of former child soldiers, victims and aggressors.

Ashtar Theatre

Youth Prize – 2010

The Gaza Mono-Logues

Artform: Theatre

This global youth project was initiated in the Gaza Strip. Actress Iman Aoun wanted the world to hear the stories of despair of children in Gaza and to understand how difficult life is for them in a conflict zone. Through art therapy workshops, 30 children aged 14 to 18 have contributed their personal stories to ‘The Gaza Mono-Logues’.

In October 2010, Ashtar Theatre and their partner youth groups launched a global performance from the beaches of Gaza, where each participant in Gaza performed their monologue and cast them out to sea in a paper boat. Partner children in countries across the world read aloud corresponding monologues, as the same hour passed through their time zone, until the 'chain' of monologues returned to Palestine.

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