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The National Theatre of Scotland is five and to celebrate our first five dramatic years, we are filling 24 hours with live performance created by anyone for a worldwide audience of everyone.

On 21st June 2011, an entire day filled with five minute pieces of theatre will be broadcast online to the world and we want you to take part.

Your five minutes can be filled with whatever you want it to be, whatever ‘theatre’ means to you. You can write your own script, create a scene or a play, it can have music or dance, a director and actors, props and costumes or something no-one has thought of yet.
You can interpret this in any way you like, in any style you like. It can be a thriller, a drama, a romance, a monologue, anything. It can be on a stage, in a living room, a park, village hall, community centre, library, office or classroom. The choice is yours.
You are in charge.  You decide what your five minutes are. You decide where to perform it, how to cast it and who the audience will be. It's your story, however you want to tell it. 

Sign up
, get involved and take part. 

The deadline for idea submissions is  Friday 25th March. Once we have all the ideas, we’ll select which ones will go through to be broadcast on the performance day. We’ll let you know if your idea has been selected by Monday 18th April. Once selected there are 3 ways to take part.

  1. You can pre-record and send your performance to us in advance.
  2. You can perform on the day and a roving crew will come and broadcast you live online.
  3. You can come to one of our ‘hubs’ with your team and perform live on the day.

(Remember, no matter what option you pick you still need perform your Five Minute Theatre in front of an audience).  All the most up to date and useful information will be on There will also be regular and updated features from the National Theatre of Scotland's creative team with tips, advice and classes on how to make and deliver your Five Minute Theatre.

Keep up to date with all the Five Minute Theatre news by following us on Facebook and Twitter (using hashtag #fiveminutetheatre). You can ask us questions, share your ideas and tips with other people involved, hook up with other makers in your area and follow us as we get ready to broadcast live in June.

We can't wait to see your Five Minutes!

The National Theatre of Scotland