What is TWB?

Theatre Without Borders is a completely volunteer-based organization that aims to build theatre bridges between the U.S. and the rest of the world. While TWB-founding and Core members are involved in some specific projects, TWB network artists include all of us that sign up on the TWB website.

What does the TWB website do?

The TWB website does two major things:

  • Publishes information and shares resources about theatre collaborations and opportunities around the world.
  • Offers network artists ways to contact other network artists

Does TWB fund any projects?

NO. TWB is an all volunteer organization that does not have any money, nor does it fund any projects. TWB is not a source of funds, fundraising help, nor project or individual help.  The goal is for TWB to help people find each other and find information by using the resources on the website.

How can TWB help me?

By providing international theatre resources, TWB serves as a place for you to find valuable information about cultural mobility and to connect with other international theatre artists.

Who is behind TWB?

Read our ABOUT US section to learn about TWB Co-Founders and Core Members.

Is TWB a nonprofit organization? What is TWB’s legal status? Where is it based?

TWB is not a any sort of formal organization, and has no actual organizational structure. It is an entirely volunteer-based, international and virtual entity. Read more in our disclaimer.

How can I contact TWB?

Go to CONTACT US – and select which topic you are interested in. Depending on the topic, the email will go to different people.

How can I help TWB?

Register your profile to make yourself available to other international artists.

Volunteer to join the TWB community.

How do I participate in TWB?

  • SEARCH the TWB website to look for international theatre resources.
  • Join our MAILING LIST to receive regular INFO ALERTS.
  • CONTACT us.
  • Register your profile as a TWB NETWORK ARTIST.

Is the TWB site private? If I register, will people see my email address or name?

Yes, the TWB site is private.  Note that there is no requirement to make this user name your real name, or in any way identifiable with you.

What do I have to do if I register my profile on the TWB website?

Nothing – you don’t have to do anything. However, by signing up and filling in your profile, you are indicating that you would be willing to answer questions and pass on local contacts and resources for your area – whether that is specifically where you live, or another region or country where you have contacts. In any case, you are never required to respond to anyone’s email asking for information or help.

How do I find people?

You can select to search for people by Country.

Who are these people?

These are people who are involved in theatre, and are offering to be information sources for their respective countries or regions. They may be long-time theatre professionals or new young talent, or someone who has an interest and theatre and wants to be a contact for their region.

As stated in our disclaimer, “All information provided on the TWB website is provided for information purposes only. Registering as a Country Contact, US Contact or Translator Contact does not constitute a legal contract between TWB and any person or entity. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, TWB makes no guarantees of any kind.”