MeTambo Newsletter: August-September Zimbabwe

Leaving our footprints in the dust that is soon blown away by the wind. We play our games, dance in the rain and stoke the fires in our hearts. The wind rattles loose our carefully laid foundations and tests our convictions. Yet we do not despair because we know that even time will have to tell in the merest of whispers,our story. We learn, we teach and we are taught. We whisper, scream and shout. In turn we inspire and hope to never forget our humanness. This is our present and so it was our future. So gather everyone and listen to the stories that we tell. See us work, sweat and delight in our visions becoming reality. Strides are being taken by young people in Zimbabwean Theatre. It has been a while since we have seen a one woman show in Zimbabwe and Privillage Mutendera’s performance in My Big Fat Shona Wedding does not disappoint. Some like Patience G. Tawengwa are crossing borders to learn different ways of doing things. Congratulations to Patience for getting the opportunity to shadow Tony Award winning director Emily Mann. And our family is getting bigger here at MeTambo News. We welcome on board Kudzai Chimbaira a very talented Actor, Director and Producer currently based in Sweden. Kudzai is going to be the host for our Notes from Abroad Column. But even as we do our work; we still think of the challenges that Zimbabwean Theatre is facing. We celebrate two months. August was a very busy month but equally busy and hectic is September. Dubbed, “the month of festivals” ; September promises to be fun, crazily busy and celebratory with Dzimbahwe Arts Festival, YOCAF, MACFEST, Intwasa Arts Festival, ShokoFest and many other exciting events. We would also like to thank everyone who is forwarding and sharing our newsletter like Kubatana. net, and Zimbabwe United States Alumni Association, ZUSAA. We welcome new readers to this monthly space. This is your space, dear theatre lovers, workers and supporters. We welcome you once again to a place where we talk about Zakucheza, Imidlalo and everything theatrical. 


“You can throw away the privilege of acting, but that would be such a shame. The tribe has

elected you to tell its story. You are the shaman/ healer. That is what the storyteller is…”

Ben Kingsley

Inside this issue

  • Simuka Comedy 


  • Street Theatre: The loud voice that died a Silent Death 


  • The Power of Dance: Soukaina’ s Interview 


  • Cultural and social spatiality of costume in Zimbabwe: The Politics of dress 


  • Notes from Abroad: Introducing the host Kudzai Chimbaira 


  • Opinions: Ndaka Chigariro on Zimbabwean actors

Call for Submissions to the Short + Sweet Festival, 2013

Vision – A more creative world, ten minutes at a time.

The International Theatre Institute (ITI)-Zimbabwe will in February 2013 host the first ever Short + Sweet Theater Festival in Zimbabwe. 

Short + Sweet is open access and culturally inclusive, and with its ten minute format in all genres, seeks to return ownership of 
that vital story telling ability to the community.

The main aim of the festival is using Short + Sweet’s easily digestible and accessible short format to find, develop and retain new audiences for the theatre.

ITI-Zimbabwe in partnership with the Short + Sweet festivals, would like to invite interested, passionate and dynamic theater practitioners (writers ,actors, directors, stage ,props and costume designers) to submit their Resumes to be considered for an opportunity to participate during the Short + Sweet Festival 2013.

Interested writers who would like their work to be selected for the festival should submit the following:
A ten minute script on any theme (one play from each author).
Contact information, including email address 
A short author bio
A short synopsis of the play and a list of characters, each briefly described.
Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
A description, in one page or less, why you think you will be a good candidate to be considered for the 2013 Short + Sweet Festival. 

This information is vital to the Short + Sweet decision-making process. 

Please Note: 
Submission deadline: December 26, 2012.
Scripts not submitted according to the above guidelines will not be considered 
Other artists (poets, musicians, dancers and visual artists) who would like to also participate during the festival may also submit their Resumes /Portfolios/CD’s/Videos.
Selected playwrights will be notified by end of day on the 30 December 2012 with all other essential information.
No aesthetic is imposed other than the time limit (10mins), simplicity and the logistics of the physical situation. Telling the story, in whatever art form, is the paramount consideration.
All applicants should email their submission, including script/ CD’s/Portfolio’s and supporting materials to: itizimbabwe@gmail.comor by the 26th of December 2012.

The Gaza Monologues at the UN‏

The Gaza Mono-Logues

On November 20, 2010, twenty-six young actors representing twenty-one countries arrive in New York City to perform The Gaza Mono-Logues. 

(Italy-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-UK-Germany-Swiss-Hungary-Norway-Sweden-Greece-

Palestine-Lebanon-Tunisia-Jordan-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe-Gambia-Trinidad-USA)

Directors Iman Aoun (ASHTAR Theatre, Palestine) and Shauna Kanter (VOICETheatre, NYC) will create with them a performance of these texts in all their different languages.

A public performance is hosted by La MaMa E.T.C on Sunday 28th at 8PM in The Club.

Two performances will take place in the United Nations for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, November 29th at 12:30PM in Conference Hall 2 right after the Special Meeting, and in the evening at 6.30PM in the public lobby around the opening exhibition of UNRWA, Summer Games in Gaza.

Olivia Magnan de Bornier: 718 974 1240
Interviews available in English, French, Arabic.

Fund Creative Resistance & Impossible Music Session – TONITE in NYC‏

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Fund Creative Resistance!

Freedom-of-Expression small image  3

You can have an immediate impact on the safety and freedom of those who are using art to change the world. With your year-end donation, support freeDimensional's Creative Resistance Fund, which provides small distress grants to people in danger due to their use of creativity to fight injustice.

Impossible Music Session #3 – TONIGHT in New York City

man with hand on face small image

Though the freedom of music is often taken for granted, creative expression is limited by censorship, intimidation, and cultural pressures in many places around the world. The Impossible Music Sessions feature the artists who cannot appear and the music that they are not free to make. In Session 3, the Boston-based Afro-pop ensemble Lamine Touré and Group Saloum will perform a banned song by imprisoned Cameroonian singer Lapiro de Mbanga, who will join on mobile phone from his jail cell. 

Free Belarus – A Campaign before the December Election

belarus small

al joins Mischief + Mayhem Books, Art & Democracy Bridge Conversations, and the World Policy Institute to highlight the work of Belarus Free Theatre in the weeks before that country's elections. In a show of solidarity, theaters around the US will host readings of co-founder Nikolai Khalesin’s play, Thanksgiving Day organized by Mischief + Mayhem Books.

Save the Date for Flux Factory’s Annual Benefit and Auction

Flux small image 2

New York's favorite little art collective is putting on a silent auction (like no other) in the historic and beautiful Center 548 in Chelsea (NYC) at 7pm on Wednesday, December 15th. You can buy work by some of the world's most innovative artists as well as customized “knockoffs” made on demand while you watch. freeDimensional's New York office is housed at the Flux Factory, which makes us love them all the more … Please support this event!

Owen Maseko is Finalist for the Freedom to Create Prize

Artist-Owen-Maseko-001 small image

Zimbabwe Artist Owen Maseko expresses the atrocities of the Gukurahundi (5th Brigade) through his painting, graffiti and 3D installations, with the hope that greater openness about the massacres will lead to reconciliation and national healing. freeDimensional recently provided Maseko a Creative Safe Haven residency in Bilbao, Spain.