TWB Digest #360

Dear esteemed reader,
To use the words of Italo Calvino, take all the time you need or be swift. May you achieve utmost constructive concentration in this year. May your endless artistic labors bear fruit.
Open applications
Apply now to participate in American Arts Incubator 2020
Access PDF version of request for qualifications
American Arts Incubator (AAI) is a creative exchange program that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to instigate dialogue, build communities, bolster local economies, and further social innovation. Each incubator addresses a relevant social or environmental challenge such as economic equity, youth empowerment, gender equality, and environmental health.
American Arts Incubator is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs developed in partnership with ZERO1.
The countries selected for AAI 2020 will be announced in early 2019 before finalists are invited to submit a full application. For more information about the program, visit
Deadline and Fees
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.
International Culture Lab is calling for proposals from performance artists, actors, musicians, dancers, performers from the variety arts, and beyond… to present an original performance between 5 and 15 minutes in length.

For questions, please contact us at
Deadline: Sunday February 3, 2019
What’s happening: The conference, Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies, will be hosted by Kyoto City and Kyoto Art Center in cooperation with the Agency of Cultural Affairs from February 6-8, 2019.
This 3-day meeting will address the evolution of arts residency models and rapid expansion of the field. We will compare traditional ‘time and space’ models with new residency typologies that reflect our changing social economy. Nomadic, start-up, virtual and Airbnb residencies will all be explored. The meeting will pose questions about the progression of the field using examples in Japan and internationally. How can we evaluate these new models? How can artists residencies remain socially engaged and respond to artists’ needs? How are these innovative new models funded?
Registration closes January 11.
Secure your spot and sign up for the meeting now!
Music Theatre NOW Meeting, will be held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as part of the international festival Operadagen May 18th-20th 2019:
Trans Europe Halles

  • TEH Conference 87 ”pARTicipation through cultural reflexions”: 16-19 May 2019, Dresden Germany. Find out more.
  • TEH Balkan Hub Meeting: 7-9 March 2019, Timisoara Romania. We are having a meeting to keep working on regional cooperation. Read all about it.
  • Creative Lenses Final Conference: ”Culture and Business Models in Challenging Times”: 24-25 April 2019, Helsinki, Finland.
    More info here.
  • 14 Workshops on Business Models for Arts and Cultural Professionals: March 2019, All across Europe. Find the locations and dates near you.

This issue of Words without Borders, features International Humor, Translating the Tao, and Contemporary Oulipian Writing
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition
Project Submissions
Script Submissions
Other Resources
 Check out the Funding Resources pages!

Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening Info Page | HowlRound Theatre Commons

The Theatre in the Age of Climate Change convening took place 8-10 June 2018 and was hosted by HowlRound in partnership with Chantal Bilodeau (The Arctic Cycle), Elizabeth Doud (Climakaze Miami/Fundarte), and Roberta Levitow (Theatre Without Borders) in Boston, Massachusetts at Emerson College. This event was one of four convenings selected as part of the HowlRound Challenge to advance the role of the arts as a catalyst for social change. The HowlRound Challenge and this convening was made possible thanks to the support of the Barr Foundation. HowlRound looks forward to being involved as a partner, a resource to amplify future activities, and as another convening participant moving forward. To that end, HowlRound is pleased to announce the Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening information page:
Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening Info
Welcome to information about the 2018 Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening.
The Theatre in the Age of Climate Change convening took place 8-10 June 2018 and was hosted by HowlRound in partnership with Chantal Bilodeau (The Arctic Cycle), Elizabeth Doud (Climakaze Miami/Fundarte), and Roberta Levitow (Theatre Without Borders) in Boston, Massachusetts at Emerson College. This event was one of four convenings selected as part of the HowlRound Challenge to advance the role of the arts as a catalyst for social change. The HowlRound Challenge and this convening was made possible thanks to the support of the Barr Foundation. Read the report out on the convening here and see other HowlRound content to date on this topic here.
In January 2015, Chantal and Elizabeth co-led a session on “Cultural Collaboration and Climate Action” as part of the NYC Cultural Mobility Symposium hosted by Roberta, the European organization On The Move, and the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, CUNY. This led to Chantal creating the blog series Theatre in the Age of Climate Change, hosted by HowlRound, one of the first theatre institutions to take an interest in, and offer support for, work at the intersection of theatre and climate change.
Two years later, in January 2017, Chantal, Elizabeth and Roberta co-organized a one-day gathering in NYC for a dozen artists and arts organizers already working at the intersection of theatre and climate change, which led to the creation of Climate Lens.
Building on these experiences, the three women then co-organized the June 2018 Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening, hosted by HowlRound, to bring together US and international leaders as well as like-minded practitioners who are investigating how the arts can facilitate and support our transition towards an eco-just and sustainable future. Goals included to: 1) Increase connectivity between people working at the intersection of arts and climate change, which includes anti-oppression and social equity, as well as environmental justice issues; 2) Amplify the work being done through shared resources, mutual support, and events that draw on the strengths and diversity of the network, and; 3) Develop strategies to support emerging leaders in this burgeoning field.
The purpose of this webpage is to share the knowledge, contacts and convening experiences born out of these efforts.  We realize that the The Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening captured the participation of a small portion of the field of artists, activists and practitioners doing this work, and financial and logistical constraints meant many individuals eager to be in this conversation weren’t able to participate.  This is good news, really, because it confirms the growing need for these dialogues and partnerships. We want to offer the structure and purpose of this gathering as a model to be replicated and improved upon in diverse regions and communities within and without the United States. With the goal of expanding the reach and deepening impact of artists addressing climate and environmental justice, it is our hope that hundreds of these kinds of conversations will happen, thus fortifying this growing network.  We would love to share our experience and offer any helpful guidance. If you would like to create a similar convening in your neighborhood using this model, or share ideas, please write to us at:
Convening Resources for Reference
We asked convening participants to share one book about climate change that everyone should read and one artist whose work everyone should know. Check out the convening reading list here and the convening artists to know here. HowlRound has also featured a lot of content on the intersection of performance and climate change. Explore it all here.
Convening Participants
For a full biography of each participant click here.
Chantal Bilodeau (The Arctic Cycle), Catherine Bottrill (Julie’s Bicycle), Alison Carey (American Revolutions, Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Una Chaudhuri (New York University), Grisha Coleman (Arizona State University), Xavier Cortada (Florida International University), Rob Davies (Utah State University), Annalisa Dias (The Welders), Elizabeth Doud (Climakaze Miami), Robert Duffley (American Repertory Theater, Emerson College), Jayeesha Dutta (Another Gulf is Possible, Working Films), Alayna Eagle Shield (Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Member), Georgina Escobar (Playwright), Lydia Fort (Emory University), Lanxing Fu (Superhero Clubhouse), MJ Halberstadt (Emerson College), Marda Kirn (EcoArts Connections), Julia Levine (The Arctic Cycle), Roberta Levitow (Theatre Without Borders), Abhishek Majumdar (NYU Abu Dhabi), April Merleaux (Hampshire College), Teddy Rodger (The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics at Georgetown University), Dr. Alyssa Schmidt (Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music), Jessica A. Schwartz (UCLA), Dr. Adilson Siqueira (Federal University of São João del-Rei), Cheryl Slean (VisionLA Climate Action Arts), Peterson Toscano (Citizens’ Climate Radio), Meaza Worku (Playwright), Kyoko Yoshida (U.S./Japan Cultural Trade Network (CTN)).
Events were livestreamed on HowlRound TV—see the video archive here.
Moving Forward: Convening (Outgrowth) Related Events
Hemispheric Institute Encuentro, Mexico City, Mexico – 9-15 June 2019 | Working Group “Becoming Porous:  Performing With(in) Climate Chaos” .  The deadline for registration was 29 October 2018, but stay tuned for further updates on this work group.
Links for More Information:
Artists and Climate Change
Climate Lens

TWB Digest #349

Greetings!from the Introduction to From Obote to Obote   by Akena Adoko
“The past must be known and studied
Not for the purpose of comparing
And contrasting it to the present
But because it led to the present.”

The British Council #EastAfricaArts
call for applicants for the annual new Art new Audiences (nAnA) 
Cultural partners across East Africa and the UK can apply in June each year for our annual new Art new Audiences grant. We receive exciting project ideas for artists, arts organisations and art collectives to work together across Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and the UK.

Sell your plays!!

Sell Your Plays!!! Help give your neglected, unused books a new home today!!

Do you have plays and/or theatre-related books collecting dust and cluttering your apartment and/or office? If so, we are pleased to announce that The Drama Book Shop now accepts used books! We offer $.25-$3 cash for books, depending on their condition, sellability, etc., or a bit more in store credit. We also accept hardcovers, scores, vocal selections, anthologies, CDs, vinyls and more. If it pertains to the theatre we will most likely accept it! If you are in New York City, please email us ( to schedule an appointment to bring in your books. If you anticipate bringing a large number of books, make sure to indicate that in your initial email. Not in New York City? No problem! We are happy to receive books from all over the country and arrange for compensation in the form of a check or store credit should you desire. Just be sure to call us at (212)-944-0595 or email in advance. Help give your neglected, unused books a new home today!!

250 West 40th Street

New York, NY 10018
Voice: 212 944-0595
Fax: 212-730-8739

New Issue of the Segal Center’s Online “Journal of American Drama and Theatre”_Summer 2018, now ONLINE and FREE
Introduction: Mediations of Authorship in American Postdramatic Mediaturgies
by Johan Callens
Kaldor and Dorsen’s “desktop performances” and the (Live)Coauthorship Paradox
by Claire Swyzen
Ecologies of Media, Ecologies of Mind
by Christophe Collard
Dropping the Needle on the Record: Intermedial Contingency and Spalding Gray
by Ira S. Murfin
#HEWILLNOT DIVIDEUS: Weaponizing Performance of Identity
by Ellen Gillooly- Kress
Book Reviews: Performance and Politics
This issue, of JADT looks at books by Malik Gaines, Eddie Paterson, Natalie Alvarez, Natka Bianchini, Chrystyna Dail, Sandra M. Mayo and Elvin Holt, reviewed by Kristin Moriah, Kevin T. Browne, Eero Laine, Richard Jones, Erin Rachel Kaplan and Sharyn Emery.
Edited by Donatella Galella

The African Dream offers to artists the opportunity to speed up their international career.
The call for artistic projects 2018 is open until Sept. 30

KoFestis located in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (2 hours west of Boston/easy to reach from NYC).
Housing is available and registration is now open at

Eden Prairie Players of Eden Prairie, MNis looking for plays of at most 30 minutes in length for its production, Women’s One Acts 2019. Submissions will close when a maximum number of submissions is reached. Women’s One Acts is open to submissions from female-identifying playwrights. For other requirements, see our submission guidelines. You can read the Submission Guidelines for this production, and find a link to the submission form, at:

Enjoy your summer.

TWB #343

Introducing: The Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship

The founding principal of The Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship is to provide travel opportunities for enterprising young theater directors to immerse themselves in artistic experiences beyond our borders; thereby, expanding their creative horizons to include previously undiscovered styles and techniques which can best be experienced in direct dialogue and work with creative artists from other cultures.  It is our hope that through travel to and dialogue with world theater artists, American fellowship recipients will increase their creative capacity and return to enliven the American theater with new productions fueled by their expanded perspective of world theater in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and/or the Middle East.


Sauti za Busara (East Africa)

Sauti za Busara 2019 will showcase a diverse programme of live performances by original musicians from the African Continent and diaspora. Artists from the Arab World and Indian Ocean are also welcome to apply.

The Call for Artists is open only until 31st July 2018. For more information and link to application form, see

To get in touch please email

TWB Digest #342

TWB Digest #342
March 27th,  was International Theatre Day.
Our own Roberta Levitow, together with her friends Julie Hébert & Jill Klein created a series of short videos where women talk about women who have inspired them.
They called the videos “LOOK WHAT SHE DID.”
Roberta talks about a resilient theatre practitioner from Uganda,  the Late Rose Mbowa. Rose Mbowa’s artistry persevered under precarious political circumstances. 

Quote for the week 
“My dream is that The Freedom Theatre will be the major force, cooperating with others in generating cultural resistance, carrying on it’s shoulders universal values of freedom and justice.” Juliano Mer Khamis.
Cultural Resistance Festical of Palestinian Theatre starts this week April 4- 7.

La MaMa Umbria International
Summer, 2018 – Spoleto, Italy
Symposium for Directors: Experiments in Performance Creation
(July 16 – 30, 2018)
Playwright Retreat: Migdalia Cruz
(August 2-12, 2018
This year, we explore cutting-edge experimental theatre that crosses boundaries and intersects with other disciplines. During the 2-week session, you will engage in participatory workshops with all of the following artists.
Semion Aleksanderovskiy (Russia)
This workshop will be devoted to analyze and experience the technology of building relationships between artist and text in the post-dramatic theater. The text loses its status as a subject and turns to be an object. How do we create a character in this circumstances?
Semion Aleksanderovskiy studeied with Lev Dodin at St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, one of the most rooted schools in the tradition of Stanislavsky. His search is also a dispute with the academic school and an attempt to find new ways for development and searching for one’s own system.
Stefanie Batten Bland (USA)
This workshop will explore and increase creativity for makers looking to frame and support alternative productions. This workshop enables action and reaction to learnt and improvised material. Participants will leave with concrete scenic tools and articulate theories to address social and communal issues within work and explore their skills and limits.
Stefanie Batten Bland is a Jerome Robbins Award honoree. Her interdisciplinary creative practice is embedded in human relationships, the communicative choices we make, and how we fit into space and place.
The Talking Band (USA)
In this workshop, Artistic Director Paul Zimet and Founding Member Ellen Maddow will share exercises and techniques -integrating text, image, music, and movement- that Talking Band has developed for creating its distinctive form of music-theater.  The goal is to discover ways to illuminate the extraordinary dimensions of ordinary life, and to find theatrical frames that enable our audiences to see them anew.
Talking Band: Art functions to break our habitual ways of experiencing and perceiving. Talking Band’s original interdisciplinary performance work has been a cornerstone of New York City’s avant-garde theater community for 44 years.
Krzysztof Garbaczewski (Poland)
In our workshop we we will engage in a process of how to work with actors when developing productions that incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We will discuss our process in a context of political and ecological paradigms present in the critical writings of Jerzy Grotowski.
Krzysztof Garbaczewski is a Polish theatre director and set designer known for his elaborate sets and innovative adaptations that cross the boundaries between theatre, film, dance, visual arts, and music. His upcoming project will be presented at The Wooster Group in New York City.
MIGDALIA CRUZ is a Bronx-born, award-winning playwright, lyricist, translator, and librettist of more than 60 works including: Miriam’s FlowersEl Grito Del BronxSaltFrida, Satyricoño,  & FUR, produced in venues—across the U.S. and abroad—including INTAR, Latino Chicago, BAM, Mabou Mines, National Theater of Greece, Houston Grand Opera, & Ateneo Puertorriqueño, An alumna of New Dramatists, she was named the 2013 Helen Merrill Distinguished Playwright, and was awarded a 2016 NYFA grant.  Current commissions: OSF’s PlayON! & Princeton University. In June 2018, Migdalia will teach her third Fornés Playwriting Workshop at University of Notre Dame (Chicago campus).

The Magdalena Project
Read the 5 short pieces about culture and Theatre by Culture 360. ASEF
Funding Arts and Sustainability 
Public Art in Urban Spaces
Culture and Migrations
Cities and Cultures

Kampala Public Art Festival (call for applications)
International Community Arts Festival(Look out for a detailed call for applications.)

TWB Digest #341

Quote of the week
Old man
“And the truth will set you free 
Even if the master don’t.”
Father Comes Home From the Wars. (Parts 1,2 & 3) by Susan-Lori Parks 

Dear friends,
first, take a look at Artists at Risk Connection. An organization committed to brining to your attention to Artists from around the globe whose Artistic Freedoms are under threat.

Continue reading

TWB Digest #234 January 17, 2018 Issue.

TWB Digest #234
January 17, 2018 Issue.
Quote of the week
“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
— Joseph Chilton PearceHappy 2018 Theatre Folk,
We’re back at the start of a promising New Year 2018! We wish you a very happy one.
Here’s what’s up and coming for you:

 Opportunities for Artists:
Company Residencies & International Artists at 2018 Playwrights Lab
“The Banff Playwrights Lab was created by playwrights Tom Hendry and George Ryga in the early 1970s. Celebrating its 45th season in 2018, the Lab has sustained its founding principles of focusing on playwrights and developing new works away from the pressures of a producing theatre.
Each year the Lab welcomes Canadian playwrights and their collaborators, providing each writer a residency tailored to their specific needs with the goal of nurturing, challenging, and inspiring the next phase of their work. Each Lab features several international writer/dramaturg teams, an acting company, and partnerships with international artists and organizations.”
107 Tunnel Mountain Drive
Box 1020, Stn. 43
Banff, Alberta
T1L 1H5 Canada
5th Annual Unplugged “Eco Logical Theatre Fest” on the island of Stromboli in Messina, Italy
June 23rd-July 1st 2018
This is an event we thought you readers might love to hear about, which has received international and Italian accliam. It  is based on theatre, music, dance and other encounters that take place under “the light of the sun and the other stars” (quoting Dante); in today’s words: “totally unplugged”, as it does not rely on the use of electricity for lighting or sound amplification. It is an energy-conscious initiative, creating the opportunity of not using electricity when is not strictly necessary. Viewers and performers are invited to re-discover the timeless arts of theatre, music and dance by establishing a direct and unfiltered relationship, illuminated by the same light, unsupported by any special effects or electric devices. Artists and attendees will have the chance to witness the most famous Aeolian Island with access to theater powered by the Earth and the human spirit.
Contact: for more information 
” An intense experience, a showdown between art and nature.”, 17 July 2015
“Not Equal To”
Written & Directed by Basab Pradhan
Produced by Sindu Singh

 Original music composed  by Pranav Jhumkhawala and Naren Pradhan
(Music here)

Sunnyvale Theatre,  January 21, 2018 @ 2pm
The gripping tale of intrigue, inequality and corporate corruption set in the not-too-distant future of the Indian IT industry.
p: 408-458-9375

Group Discounts
For 6 tickets or more use GROUP6 for a 10% discount.
For 10 tickets or more use GROUP10 for a 15% discount.


International Radio Playwriting Competition 2018

Deadline Midnight (GMT) 31 Jan, 2018
Would you like to win £2,200 sterling, a trip to London and have your play broadcast across the world on BBC World Service? Writers from around the world are invited to submit scripts for the International Radio Playwriting Competition 2018.
The global competition hosted by BBC World Service and the British Council, in partnership with co-producers The Open University, offers the unique opportunity for playwrights to have their radio play heard across the globe by the BBC World Service’s millions of listeners.

                                         THE WOMEN IN THE ARTS AND MEDIA COALITION, INC.
THE WOMEN IN THE ARTS AND MEDIA COALITION, INC. will present the 2018 Collaboration Award recognizing Women Working With Women.
The $1,000 Collaboration Award and additional honorable mentions are designed to encourage professional women in the arts and media from different specializations to work collaboratively on the creation of a new artistic work.  As the aim of the award is to encourage women to work collaboratively with women of other disciplines, each collaborative team must be comprised of female members of different Coalition associations, unions, guilds or affiliate member organizations. Eligible teams may submit any form of creative collaboration on a new work that had its first public performance within the last two years, 2016-2018. A Public Performance can include–but is not limited to–a staged reading, gallery show, screening, concert series, festival, etc.
Submissions will be judged on the basis of artistic excellence and diversity.  All topics and subjects will be considered.  Special attention shall be given to those projects which reflect the goals of the Coalition:  to advance women’s work and women’s issues.
The team that has been selected and the honorable mentions will be invited to be recognized at an awards ceremony in New York in October 2018.  Women outside of New York may send a designee to speak about their project and accept the award.
Teams of two or more women working together on the creative project may apply for the 2018 Collaboration Award. Applicants must be members in good standing of two different organizations and/or affiliates with The Coalition.
Member Organizations include: Actors’ Equity Association, Associated Musicians of Greater New York Local 802 AFM, Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, New York Women in Communications, New York Women in Film & Television, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, and Writers’ Guild of America, East.
Affiliate Member Organizations include: BOLD, Drama Desk, International Center for Women Playwrights, Inc., The Lambs, Inc., Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, National Theatre Conference, Professional Women Singers Association, Theatre Resources Unlimited, 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project, WomenArts, The Women’s Media Center, Women Make Movies, and Women in Music.
Click Here for Application
Click Here for Funding Resources
The link to the application can also be found online at A pdf of the application may also be accessed in order to work on the submission offline.
Deadline:  The deadline for the return of completed applications is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.  Award winners will be announced by September, 2018.
Send all inquiries and questions to:

Theater & Resistance Symposium

Please be aware of the upcoming Theater & Resistance Symposium co-organized by Jessica Litwak & David Diamond of TWB, Matthew Covey of Tamizdat and Frank Hentschker of The Segal Center.
This will certainly be a rewarding community conversation and I look forward to being there.
Friday, January 12
Elebash Recital Hall, Martin E Segal Theatre Center,
The CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016

The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, Theatre Without Borders and Tamizdat join forces to present a timely community conversation exploring the challenges and power of progressive activist theater. At this cultural moment many in the arts are seeking ways to bring activism into their work; this symposium will be a platform for sharing ideas and resources. It will inform, empower, recharge, facilitate, and inspire.
A selection of resistant theater projects from around the world will present their work as examples; leading activist artists will discuss the challenges and successes; experts will present on diversity, climate and sustainability, artist rights, artist mobility, and public and board relations. An open discussion will follow. The Symposium is for artists and administrators alike, and is designed to build communities across borders, genres, and disciplines. We will share best practices and learn from our colleagues in the U.S. and abroad.
Scheduled speakers and panelists include: Chen Alon, Chantal Bilodeau, Clarence Choo, Matthew Covey, David J. Diamond, Lilly Fellman, Catherine Filloux, Sanjoy and Sima Ganguly, Sue Hamilton, Frank Hentschker, Souliman Khatib, Julia Levine, Jessica Litwak, Jonathan Meth, Dijana Milosevic, Issa Nyaphaga, Deepa Purohit, Martha Redbone, Ari Roth, Katy Rubin, Nisha Sanjani, Saviana Stanescu, Julie Trebault, Nia Witherspoon, Mia Yoo, and more.
Please register at
For more info contact

Theatre Without Borders [TWB] is an informal, grass-roots, all-volunteer, virtual, global community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre and performance exchange. TWB was born out of a need to connect artists around the world. TWB advocates for theatre artists who see themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures. TWB engages with artists at all levels of practice. TWB is not a funder, producer or presenter. We plant seeds and watch the plants grow and develop, thanks to our many partners.
Founded in 1998 by an international group of musicians, Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that facilitates international cultural exchange. Tamizdat’s mission is motivated by the conviction that the international exchange and mobility of culture is fundamental to the growth of global civil society. Tamizdat has been involved with a wide range of activities aimed at facilitating international cultural exchange… we have booked festival showcases in the U.S. and Europe, organized tours, sponsored events, and for years we ran a CD distribution coalition. Since 2000, Tamizdat’s primary program activities have sought to help the international performing arts community address problems presented by U.S. immigration policy and procedure.

TWB e-letter

In this issue check out for call for applications from: Brown University, Women in the Arts and Media coalition, Performers without Borders, Intercultural Leadership Institute, CECArts Link, Company of Wolves. And a Polish Theatre Festival at Lamama E.T.C and Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival


Performances without Borders seek anyone interested in joining their tour INDIA 2018 PWB Team. It runs from Jan 4th-April 8th 2018, you will need to contribute £750 which covers your food, accommodation and travel on tour, plus flights etc. If you are interested please email your interest, why you would like to be considered and some information about your skills and experience in the areas of performing, Team work, teaching and travelling.We look forward to hearing from you! Please find more information about the tour.​


The Brown University Department of Literary Arts is currently seeking applications and nominations for the 2018 – 2019 International Writers Project Fellowship. The fellowship provides institutional, intellectual, artistic and social support to writers who face personal danger, oppression, and/or threats to their livelihood in nations throughout the world.
Writers interested in applying for the fellowship should send a case history, providing publishing history and explaining need, a writing sample (preferably in English), and  a resume,  to the International Writers Project, Department of Literary Arts, Box 1923, Brown University, Providence, RI   02912, or they may email materials to  Letters of support from persons acquainted with the candidate’s situation and eligibility are also helpful.  Anyone wishing to make the IWP aware of a writer in need, or wishing to nominate a candidate, should also contact the program as noted above.   The IWP will accept applications until February 15, 2018.  More information about the IWP is available on the website, or contact  Lori Baker
Intercultural Leadership Institute are excited to release the application guidelines for the second cohort of the Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI), a collaborative program of Alternate ROOTSFirst Peoples FundNational Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) and PA’I Foundation. Learn more here
What’s happening?
AITA/IATA Associates Diyar Theatre / Diyar Academy for Children and Youth announce BIPAF (Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival) to be held in October 2018 in Bethlehem, Palestine.
All performers must be older than 16 years and productions should be between 40 and 60 minutes.
There is more information HERE and a slide show with information is HERE.
Applications will be accepted until 30 November 2017  and information can be provided by Rami Khader of Diyar Theatre
La MaMa E.T.C. in association with Perforations Festival,
Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Cultural Institute
presents Polish Artists at the Perforations Festival 
Acclaimed Glasgow-based laboratory theatre Company of Wolves are offering our first workshop in the USA, 9-10 December 2017 in Minneapolis. This is a rare opportunity to experience Company of Wolves’ unique body based approach to training and material creation, sourced in a profound study of the Polish laboratory theatre tradition and modern improvisation techniques. APPLY 
Grants. Awards. Residencies 
1. CEC ArtsLink grants for Artists  and Arts managers 
2. Back Apartment Residency Opportunity for Artists and Curators
3. Women in the Arts and Coalition:
Media Collaboration Award 2018 Click Here for Application Send all inquiries and questions to: Deadline Wednesday, February 14th, 2018. 

TWB e-letter

Dear reader,
The Africa Centre is now accepting applications for its 2017 Artist In Residency (AIR) Programmes. We are offering residencies in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Italy and the United States.
Mid – Late Career Artists interested in the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center residency in Italy can read the application guidelines  here.  Bellagio Center applications close on  December 1st 2017.
Emerging – Mid Career Artists – interested in residency opportunities at Bundanon Trust in Australia, Instituto Sacatar in Brazil, Jiwar in Spain, Fountainhead Residency in Miami or International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, can read the application guidelines here. The deadline for applications in this category is December 16th 2017.
For further queries email:
Leadership Training – Estonia 2018 Applications for Leadership training are being accepted through November 10, 2017.


Fellowships for Arts Managers The Institute’s fellowship program is offered free of charge to arts managers from across the United States and around the world who are selected through a competitive application process. These fellows attend a four-week program in residence at the University of Maryland each spring for three consecutive years. For questions, please send an e-mail to


On November 15, 2017 b. creative, the global event for creative entrepreneurship will take place in Shanghai. Register. Join the discussion ahead of/during/after the event on the b.creative network Facebook group!

Magdalena Project presents the first international Women Theatre Festival in Frankfurt am Main, Germany November 9-12, 2017.
Words without Borders takes a look at Multi-cultural Quebec.
Subscribe to the SCENEOGRAPHER to showcase your talent while sharing expertise and ideas with friends and colleagues across the globe.
Join BETWEEN THE SEAS roster of artists and take advantage of the opportunity to promote your work internationally at the upcoming Association for Performing Arts Presenters Expo and Conference in 2018.
The tenth Performing the World (PTW) conference will be held in New York City, SEPTEMBER 21-23,2018
Deadline for proposals: February 15,2018  For any questions about your visa or registration, please contact Melissa Meyer at 212-941-8906, ext 304. For questions related to proposals, please contact Diane Stiles at 212-356-8412 or email us at For all further inquiries, contact Lois Holzman, Conference Chair, at