[magdalena] Legacy & Challenge – celebrating 25 years of The Magdalena Project, 16-21 August, Wales‏

International Festival Gathering
Wales: August 16th – 21st 2011

In August THE MAGDALENA PROJECT – INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF WOMEN IN CONTEMPORARY THEATRE will be 25 years old. Over those years hundreds of festivals, gatherings and events have happened across the world made possible through the fortitude of some extraordinary women artists defiantly determined to give an equality of voice to women’s performance.
The DESIRE is to honour all these women, their theatre and their knowledge and bring them together in Cardiff  –  the Project’s birthplace.  
Despite the current funding and financial realities in the UK we have decided to PROCEED. So many have insisted that we mark this milestone and CELEBRATE all that has been achieved.  
We have a great venue thanks to the generosity of Chapter Arts Centre, the home of the very first festival in 1986, and we will do our best to be excellent hosts.
The FESTIVAL TICKET at £240.00 includes access to all workshops, performances, debates and special events throughout the six days plus two meals a day in the festival restaurant. These festival ticket places are limited so please please apply early to avoid disappointment. 
This gathering is our chance to evaluate the LEGACY of the Magdalena and to identify future CHALLENGES. It is a moment to experiment and propose new strategies for thinking, making, organising, and most importantly CONTINUING … the Festival offers:

  • Performances, Work Demonstrations, Works in Progress; Debates
  • Each day a different programme of workshops to choose from
  • Streaming of selected events and online activities for those who cannot attend
  • The Open Page publishes a new collaborative book on the history of the Magdalena
  • We launch a newly designed website
  • We are establishing a home for the Project’ s Archive at CPR – the Centre of Performance Research

To reserve one of the 40 places please just let us know as soon as possible. Application forms will be forwarded in due course.
Accommodation list available on request.
Email: magdalena@themagdalenaproject.org

******************************************************************* The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo http://www.themagdalenaproject.org mailto:magdalena@themagdalenaproject.org  You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to  the Magdalena Project email list or registered for the online forums.  To unsubscribe, go to http://lists.servus.at/mailman/listinfo/magdalenaproject  and scroll to the bottom of the page for the "Unsubscribe" link. 

20th Meyer-Whitworth Award‏

20th Meyer-Whitworth Award

Nominations being accepted

We would like to remind you of the details for the 20th Meyer-Whitworth Award, awarded and funded by the Royal National Theatre Foundation and managed by Playwrights' Studio, Scotland in association with the UK Playwrights Network.

With a prize fund of £10,000, the Meyer-Whitworth Award is one of the largest annual monetary prizes for playwriting in the UK. It is intended to help further the careers of UK playwrights who are not yet established.

The award is made to the writer whose play, in the Judges’ opinion, most satisfies the following description:

  • a play which embodies Geoffrey Whitworth’s dictum that “drama is important in so far as it reveals the truth about the relationships of human beings with each other and the world at large”
  • a play which shows promise of a developing new talent
  • a play in which the writing is of individual quality

The Judges reserve the right to advise that no script meets the required standards of the award and that therefore the award should not be made.

Nominations must be made by directors of professional theatre companies. Multiple nominations by one professional theatre company are accepted.

Application criteria:

  • Plays nominated must be in the English language and have been produced professionally in the UK for the first time between 1st November 2009 and 30th November 2010.
  • Candidates will have had no more than two of their plays professionally produced, including the play submitted.
  • Nominations are accepted for stage plays only.

How to nominate a Play
Contact Playwrights' Studio, Scotland on info@playwrightsstudio.co.uk or (+44) 141 3324403 to request an application form.

The deadline for entries is Friday 15th April 2011

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland
Centre for Contemporary Arts
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD

T: + 44 (0) 141 332 4403
E: info@playwrightsstudio.co.uk
We tweet: http://twitter.com/Pwrightsstudio
Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playwrightsstudio

Top image :: Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann, Benchtours

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Registration open for women's film festival in Chile

Posted by: "Femcine" Femcine   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

Location Chile women's film festival will be held for the first time in Chile with the goal of highlighting women filmmakers and movies that deal with gender issues.

The categories are documentary
short and short fiction. Applicants must be women who live in Chile and whose works (of no more than 30 minutes) concluded after January 1, 2010.

For more information (in Spanish), click here:


Call for Artists

Posted by: "Crystal City Business Improvement Distric" Crystal City Business Improvement District   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

Call for Artists
Crystal City, VA

The Crystal City Business Improvement District is seeking qualified artists to help produce a temporary, outdoor art exhibit featuring illuminated sculptures in the Crystal City Water Park. Selected artists will receive a grant of $5,000 to build and implement their concept.

Deadline: Friday, January 14, 2011
Location: Crystal City Water Park

For participation visit: http://www.crystalcity.org/_files/docs/illuminationcfa.pdf


The Art Prize 2012

Posted by: "Abraaj Capital" Abraaj Capital   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

The Abraaj Capital Art Prize, established by the Dubai-based private equity firm Abraaj Capital, is opening up applications for independent curators and artists to apply for its 4th edition. One of the most generous art prizes in the world, the prize is extending its reach to provide the most dynamic creative collaborations between international curators and artists from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA).

Calling Curators
For the first time, curators can apply for the position of annual guest curator of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize. This position allows the winning curator to work directly with the five winning artists on the development of their artworks over the production period, culminating in an exhibition during Art Dubai 2012. The curator will also be responsible for editing and providing content for the catalogue. Curators can originate from any country in the world and be based anywhere. There are no specific curatorial qualifications required, but applicants are expected to have quantifiable experience in the field of curating on an international level, and have an active interest in the development of artistic practice in the MENASA.

Curators' applications accepted from:
1 – 31 January 2011

Calling Artists
Artists originating (first generation) from the MENASA are invited to apply with a proposal for an as yet unrealised project which is able to be created in advance of Art Dubai 2012. Countries in the MENASA are defined as: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman
, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Time spent within the MENASA during the production period is preferred, as is an engagement with the region. Proposals cannot be part of an ongoing series, nor be shown in public in advance of the official unveiling. The winning artworks go on to form part of the Abraaj Capital Corporate Collection, and need to be of a size and form suitable to be stored and shipped easily. Neither ephemeral artworks with a short lifespan nor multi-media artworks are encouraged. Applications are only accepted by individual artists.

Artists' applications accepted from:
1 February – 30 April 2011

We are introducing a nominating system for this round of applications. Nominators consist of a wide range of art professionals based across the MENASA and internationally, who have no direct commercial interest in artists they nominate. Artists still submit applications themselves, but should consult an accredited nominator in advance to support their submission, who needs to be mentioned on their application. More details to follow when the application process opens.

More information:
Laura Egerton, Curator, Abraaj Capital Art Prize
Abraaj Capital Limited, Dubai International Financial Centre, Gate Village 8, 3rd Floor
PO Box 504905 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: + 971 45064600


Dubai course on digital photography and photo editing

Posted by: "Media Training Academy" Media Training Academy   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

Cost:3,500.00 AED
Photojournalists and photographers can apply for a course on digital photography and photo editing. The course will last for 18 hours, delivered over three Saturdays.

Participants will learn theories of exposure, contrast, composition and framing. They will also learn Photoshop basics.

For more information and to apply, click here.


Workshop for filmmakers in Latin America, Europe

Posted by: "EAVE" EAVE   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

Filmmakers in Latin America and Europe can participate in a workshop for fiction projects under development (preferably with 20 percent of the budget approved).

The workshop, titled Puentes, will be offered in two installments: the first one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 7 to 11, 2011, during Buenos Aires' Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente; and the second in
Gijón, Spain, in November, at Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón.

For more information, click here.


Cirque du Soleil Benefit (London) for HIV/AIDS-Affected Youth in S.

Posted by: "Janet Feldman" Janet Feldman   frida02806

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

Benefit Performance on February 4th, 2011 at 8pm: Tickets on Sale Now!

for the Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town, S. Africa

At the Royal Albert Hall, London

What is Zip Zap Circus School?

Zip Zap is a circus school in Cape Town, mother city of South Africa. The
school doors are open since 1992 to all youth regardless of background,
culture, gender or financial status. The school is free of charge to all
students. Using circus as a social tool Zip Zap aims at bringing children
together in a safe and fun environment. Circus skills as well as technical
training (woodwork, sewing, rigging, prop building and repairs) will help
them embark on a path of sustainable living.
But, more importantly, life values such as team work, discipline, trust,
confidence and honesty will enable these children to become responsible

Zip Zap has been running various outreach programmes since 1994 with street
children, rural children, and school children. In 2005, their outreach
programme focused on children living with HIV and receiving ARV treatment at
the Nolungile clinic in Khayelitsha, the biggest township of Cape Town,
project on partnership with Cirque du Monde and Médecins Sans Frontières.

In 2009, the City of Cape Town entered into a partnership with Zip Zap to
extend their outreach programme to street kids living in shelters. The
programme has been inspired by "Second Chance," the success story of the
author Judy Westwater, who survived her youth in the streets.

Category 1 tickets: €85.00 (excluding a reservation fee of €2.25)

Book your tickets:

For more information on ticket sales please visit

For more information about Zip Zap Circus School: www.zip-zap.co.za


The Work of Artist, Writer and Experimental Geographer Trevor Paglen

Posted by: "Secession" Secession   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

VIENNA.- The work of American artist, writer and experimental geographer Trevor Paglen centres on a political and aesthetic engagement with the covert activities of the U.S. secret services and military, collectively known by the name "Black World". His motto might well be: "Make the invisible visible". His work is based on attentive observation, meticulous research and extensive data collection. The exhibition at Secession is from NOV. 26, 2010 – FEB. 13, 2011.

To realize his works – mostly photographs and video pieces – Paglen uses technologically advanced equipment including the kind of special cameras and precision telescopes utilized in space photography. In this way, he is able to photograph, from great distances, classified military facilities buffered by huge areas of restricted land, or, using long exposures, to document the flight paths – and thus the existence – of satellites. Cooperation with international amateur networks of aircraft and satellite spotters and the information they provide form the basis for identifying the satellites and orbits used by the CIA for its seamless surveillance of the world. The artist's investigative approach is predicated on a critical examination of the historical and cultural conditions of perception.

On one hand, Paglen is interested in phenomena not visible to the naked eye, such as satellites, drones, and their flight paths. But his artistic activity also focuses on the hidden and concealed, such as the military facilities located in the deserts of the United States and surrounded by large exclusion zones, that do not feature on any official map. On the other hand, Paglen's attention (and that of the viewer) is focused on phenomena that are very much visible to the naked eye, but which, thanks to their being camouflaged as ordinary (e.g., the countless code and cover names for secret military programmes) or due to a lack of political awareness and interest, are simply not perceived by the majority of the population. Trevor Paglen is concerned, then, with heightening awareness of the fact that the so-called "Black World" really does exist.


An Exhibition of Paintings by Five Emerging and Mid-Career Artists

Posted by: "Galerie Lelong" Galerie Lelong   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

NEW YORK, NY.- Galerie Lelong presents Five from L.A., an exhibition of paintings by five emerging and mid-career artists—Whitney Bedford, Kirsten Everberg, Alexandra Grant, Iva Gueorguieva, and Annie Lapin—who each uniquely employ bold and saturated colors, an elusive sense of space, and fluid movement between abstraction and representation. Currently working in Los Angeles, the artists hail from diverse backgrounds and explore a variety of themes, including language, turmoil, and the fragility of memory and perception. Five from L.A. opened to the public on December 16th.

In her enigmatic paintings of oil and ink, Whitney Bedford juxtaposes a traditional use of the horizon with unusual figures and hues, creating an ambiguous setting. Amid a sparse, serene background, tightly controlled yet wild brush strokes form a central figure that resembles an explosion or other sudden disaster. Through minimal means, Bedford examines the beauty and danger of the environment, chaos, and forces beyond our control.

For Kirsten Everberg, the ambiguousness of the space is more central to her subject. Her spaces are precisely rendered, yet there is also a liquid, tenuous quality to the images, as if they are fleeting. Everberg often depicts interiors such as homes, yet they are devoid of people, shrouding the scenes with mystery. Further drawing the viewer in is the application of thick layers of glossy enamel to create a richly tactile surface. With her technique and subjects, Everberg celebrates the act and history of painting while challenging the viewers' perceptions.

Alexandra Grant's exuberant, densely designed paintings incorporate myriad influences and facets—poetry, maps, Rorschach tests, Mexican art—and communicate a balance of emotion and rationality. The artist, who is trilingual, uses words as predominant elements yet presents them visually more as shapes amid her abstract, multi-dimensional patterns. Words are often reversed and are written in a font that is free of reference to time, place, or gender. Collaborators provide the text, further evoking the communality of language.

The Bulgarian-born artist Iva Gueorguieva also presents lively works with all-over composition, yet hers brim with motion and upheaval. The abstract patterns pulsate and reverberate, achieving a nearly synesthetic quality; within the patterns, enigmatic traces of figures emerge. Using acrylic, collage, and oil stick, Gueorguieva creates a dynamic texture. While largely non-representational, the paintings are inspired by art history, Celtic lore, and cultural customs. Like Be
dford, Gueorguieva treats the precariousness, disorder, and urgency of life with fascination and reverence.

The works of Annie Lapin compellingly merge imagination, memory, history and the contemporary. Lapin's colors are rich and intensified, just beyond what is natural. A powerful, unseen force pervades her works; whether it is benevolent or menacing remains uncertain. As with Everberg, Lapin displays an unmistakable love of painting and its history, particularly Romanticism. Through her abstracted landscapes, Lapin's interest lies in human interaction and unresolved, ambiguous narratives.


'Groundbreaking' Paperless Eco Comics

Posted by: "Mohawk Media" Mohawk Media   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:34 pm (PST)

LONDON.- British publisher Mohawk Media has announced Eco Comics, a range of environmentally-friendly, paperless comic books.

The first digital comic book from the Eco Comics range available now to download or view online is Heroic High, an adventure set on an island superhero community, written by Chris Bunting and drawn by Kit Wallis.

Editor Stuart Buckley says: "Paper used in the production of comic books can have a damaging effect on the environment, and paying perhaps the biggest price is the tiger, whose habitat this threatens.

"As for sustainable forestry, world-leading environmental organisations have criticised its weak regard for social and ecological issues.

"We believe these downloadable, paperless comics are groundbreaking, having been deliberately designed to have a minimal carbon footprint.

"The added bonuses for the reader are lower cover prices for the same level of quality entertainment, while knowing that they're being eco-friendly."

To download Eco Comics go to mohawkmedia.co.uk/economics. Following a quick payment system, you can download or view the comics online in various formats, including a page-flip format. PDFs are also available and can be downloaded to iPad.

Buckley continues: "Buying Eco Comics only takes minutes. It's much faster and easier than going to a comic book store! We hope Eco Comics is the start of an evolution, taking advantage of the latest technologies to help minimise the impact of comic production on the environment."


Call for Applications

Posted by: "Escola Sao Paulo" Escola Sao Paulo   art4development

Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:35 pm (PST)

Escola São Paulo
Escola Sao Paulo: Call for Applications
Application deadline:
January 21th, 2011

Escola São Paulo
Rua Augusta, 2239
São Paulo – SP – Brasil


Experiences that make a difference
Courses in São Paulo, Brazil
Enrollment for Escola São Paulo now open

At this innovative school, learning and research go hand in hand with actual production of contemporary culture and related reflection.

Escola São Paulo was founded to further education through art and culture. Key activities include a wide range of courses, lectures and workshops with free access to out film library, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Students connect with the best professionals in the market, as they interact, share, contact, feel and learn through practical activities in a new way. The school acts as a space that encourages cultural creation and experimentation from a contemporary perspective, so students learn to move between different fields and disciplines, fleshing out their knowledge through dynamic courses and workshops as well as creating movies (shorts), literary texts, photo essays, cuisine tasting sessions, fashion previews and collections, reviews, graphic and visual-art projects and illustrations.

Rather than formally academic concepts, our educational systematic features curriculum and courses designed by professors and coordinators who are specialists in their field, in many cases outstanding professionals who have been active in the market for several years.

Below you will find more on our One-Year Contemporary Art program.


The program provides training for artists and curators aiming to develop new projects and languages. At its core are weekly seminars at which one of the participants presents their work for critical review and discussions in breakout groups. Other activities include both lectures and individual meetings with professors who are active in the contemporary art world in Brazil and internationally.

The program is directed by Adriano Pedrosa (curator for the Istanbul Biennial) and professors include one of the curators at Tate Modern – Julieta Gonzalez, Beatriz Milhazes (painter), Leda Catunda (painter), Ernesto Neto (sculptor), Ivo Mesquita (curator of the Octagon project at Pinacoteca do Estado gallery), Marcos Morales (diretor and professor of FAAP art school and professor at Santa Marcelina), Rivane Neunschwander (artist), Rodrigo Moura (curator, Inhotim) and Rosangela Rennó (artist).

The aim is to broaden students' horizons in terms of their critical and artistic range, offering a series of different points of view and the conceptual tools to assess their work and its development, as well as an opportunity to see and interact with more mature work and research.

Enrollment target: artists and curators wishing to dynamize their work process

Program starts: February 22th, 2011
Apliccation due to: January 21th, 2011

Portfolios: send your portfolio by January 21th to: assistenteeducativo@escolasaopaulo.org
Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 7 – 10 pm

School Card: With 6 months unrestricted access, you can take courses and attend lectures, and workshops. Get our card and enjoy the opportunity of taking as many courses as you wish at the times and days of your choice for a one-off fee.

Special Assistance in Brazil
Our specialized staff can help you locate accommodation, restaurants and cultural venues and activities within easy reach of the school.

Call to schedule your visit: call us on 55 11 3060 3636 or e-mail info@escolasaopaulo.org, or see our website http://www.escolasaopaulo.org

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20th Meyer-Whitworth Award – Applications now accepted‏

Subject: 20th Meyer-Whitworth Award – Applications now accepted

20th Meyer-Whitworth Award

Nominations now being accepted

We are delighted to announce details of the 20th Meyer-Whitworth Award, awarded and funded by the Royal National Theatre Foundation and managed by the Playwrights' Studio, Scotland in association with the UK Playwrights Network.

With a prize fund of £10,000, the Meyer-Whitworth Award is one of the largest annual monetary prizes for playwriting in the UK. It is intended to help further the careers of UK playwrights who are not yet established.

The award is made to the writer whose play, in the Judges’ opinion, most satisfies the following description:

  • a play which embodies Geoffrey Whitworth’s dictum that “drama is important in so far as it reveals the truth about the relationships of human beings with each other and the world at large”
  • a play which shows promise of a developing new talent
  • a play in which the writing is of individual quality

The Judges reserve the right to advise that no script meets the required standards of the award and that therefore the award should not be made.

Nominations must be made by directors of professional theatre companies. Multiple nominations by one professional theatre company are accepted.

Application criteria:

  • Plays nominated must be in the English language and have been produced professionally in the UK for the first time between 1st November 2009 and 30th November 2010.
  • Candidates will have had no more than two of their plays professionally produced, including the play submitted.
  • Nominations are accepted for stage plays only.

How to nominate a Play
Contact Playwrights' Studio, Scotland on info@playwrightsstudio.co.uk or +44 141 3324403 to request an application form.

The deadline for entries is Friday 15th April 2011

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland
Centre for Contemporary Arts
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD

T: + 44 (0) 141 332 4403
E: info@

We tweet: http://twitter.com/Pwrightsstudio
Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playwrightsstudio

Top image :: Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann, Benchtours

Alice Chinn
Playwrights' Studio, Scotland
350 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3JD
0141 3324403
We tweet: http://twitter.com/Pwrightsstudio
Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playwrightsstudio
Charity No. SC036767

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren‏

Dia de la No Violencia contra la Mujer, 25 Nov, Colombia

COMMEDIA DELL´ARTE Taller intensivo en Medellín, Colombia, 27 Nov-4 Dec

"Sea/Woman", Maja Mitic, Beograd, 3-4 Dec

"make-shift", 5 Dec: Italy, UK & online

A Arte Secreta do Ator: Odin Teatret, Brasilia, 10-15 dez.

New dates: Ay Ombe Theatre Retreat, Pery, 2-12 May 2011

The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

The Gaza Monologues at the UN‏

The Gaza Mono-Logues

On November 20, 2010, twenty-six young actors representing twenty-one countries arrive in New York City to perform The Gaza Mono-Logues. 

(Italy-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-UK-Germany-Swiss-Hungary-Norway-Sweden-Greece-

Palestine-Lebanon-Tunisia-Jordan-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe-Gambia-Trinidad-USA)

Directors Iman Aoun (ASHTAR Theatre, Palestine) and Shauna Kanter (VOICETheatre, NYC) will create with them a performance of these texts in all their different languages.

A public performance is hosted by La MaMa E.T.C on Sunday 28th at 8PM in The Club.

Two performances will take place in the United Nations for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, November 29th at 12:30PM in Conference Hall 2 right after the Special Meeting, and in the evening at 6.30PM in the public lobby around the opening exhibition of UNRWA, Summer Games in Gaza.

Olivia Magnan de Bornier: 718 974 1240 olivia@thegazamonologues.com
Interviews available in English, French, Arabic.

on the move Newsflash 11/2010‏

November 17, 2010

www.on-the-move.org is a cultural mobility information network that aims to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide. On-the-Move provides international cultural mobility information, engages in research, capacity building and advocacy mediating between the network members, other grassroots organisations and policy makers.

Please send your mobility news and opportunities to the Editor: info@on-the-move.org

News from On the Move

La lettre d'information mensuelle est disponible aussi en Français! Monthly newsletter is also available in French!Grâce au soutien du Ministère Français de la Culture et Communication, la Newsflash est maintenant traduite en Français chaque mois et envoyée quelques jours après la version originale en Anglais.

Grants for Mobility

Joint Mobility Fund Roberto Cimetta and Marseille-Provence 2013 new dates (deadlines: 30 Nov, 25 Feb, 22 Apr, 26 Aug)The Cimetta Fund, Euro-Mediterranean arts mobility programme and Marseille-Provence 2013 – European capital of culture announce new dates for their joint Mobility Fund in 2010 and 2011. This Fund supports artistic creation in the Euro-Med region in the contemporary performing arts (theatre, dance, circus/street/puppet art) music, visual arts, digital arts, photography, film, new writing, playwriting, storytelling, poetry, transdisciplinary projects.

Calls for participation

Call for proposals for the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, 28 June – 4 July, Bytom and Krakow, Poland (deadline: 28 February)The Silesian Dance Theatre in cooperation with EUNIC-European Union National Institutes of Culture are seeking emerging, young artists from all over EU with dance works to be presented as part of the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, Bytom and Kraków, June 28th – July 4th, 2011.CASCAS call for applications for a 6-day tour of the street arts and circus context of Sweden, Belgium, Finland or UK (deadline: 30 November)CASCAS is a European project led by organisations who provide information and advice on the circus and street arts at a national level. By offering facilitated tours of the circus and street arts context within Sweden, Belgium, Finland and UK, CASCAS will encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe, with the aim of assisting people in the circus and street arts sectors to further develop their working knowledge.Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes call for emerging creation video cinema FIPA 2011, Biarritz, France (deadline: 30 November)The Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes in partnership with the emerging creation programme of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes – FIPA – of Biarritz launch a new call for applications.


Summer International Fellowship Programme for art managers at the Ken
nedy Center, Washington, D.C., USA (deadline: 1 December)
The Devos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts announces a Summer International Fellowship Programme to provide practical experience to 20 mid-to-high level arts leaders currently working in international nonprofit performing arts organisations outside the USA.EFA Atelier for Young Festival Managers – Open Call for Application, May-Singapore and October-Izmir-Turkey (deadlines: 17 December and 7 February)The European Festivals Association (EFA) announces the launch of the Open Call for Application for two editions of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in 2011: SINGAPORE from 14-21 May 2011, and IZMIR/Turkey 2011 from 24-31 October 2011.


Workshop Foundation call for applications RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN – improvisational laboratory, 28 Feb-9 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary (deadline: 20 December)Artist-in-residence programme in Budapest, Hungary, taking place between 28th February to 9th May, 2011, organised by the Workshop Foundation and proposing to explore "Improvisation in dance and other artforms, and its relation to awareness and perception of performer and audience".Call for Entries for the PACT Zollverein residencies from August to December 2011, Germany (deadline: 13 December)From August to December 2011 PACT Zollverein is offering a residency programme for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from both Germany and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance, media art or music.Caravansarai announces two residencies periods in 2011, Istanbul, Turkey (deadline for summer residencies: 15 January)Caravansarai proposes seasonal live/work programmes open to artists, creators and researchers interested in living and working in Istanbul, Turkey for periods of a few weeks to a few months. In addition to the one-month residencies available for the months of May – August, 2011, it has short 2-week residencies available from February 1-13th and March 15-31st, 2011.


7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation, 30 November-3 December, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, SpainThe 7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation will take place from 30 November to 3 December in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain) under the general theme of “Culture, Cooperation and Local Development”. The Campus main focus will be on cultural practice and the promotion of a clearer and deeper vision of the cultural dimension of development at local level.Sharjah Art Foundation March Meeting 2011 Call for Presentation Proposals, 13-15 March, Sharjat, United Arab Emirates (deadline: 29 November)Artists, art practitioners and institutions based or active in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia are invited to apply for the opportunity to make a formal presentation on a current or future art project at the 4th edition of the March Meeting organised by Sharjah Art Foundation, taking place from March 13th to 15th in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award For Cultural Management Studies (deadline: 1 April 2011)With the aim of contributing to the development of dissemination of research in the field of cultural management at the European level, Ros Roca Group and FiraTàrrega have launched the Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award for Cultural Management Studies. Prize: €6,000.

Regional focus: Asia

Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) & IETM Satellite Meeting, 14th – 20th February 2011,Yokohama, JapanIETM members are warmly invited to attend the next Asia Satellite meeting in Yokohama (Japan) from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th February 2011 and to stay on for a renewed-concept TPAM Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th February.Korea Arts Management Service call for “Funding for International Collaborative Project” (deadline: 30 November)The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) are accepting applications for financial support under the “Funding for International Collaborative Project”. Please bear in mind that only the Korean partner can apply to the open call.

Regional Focus: Euro-Mediterranean

Fondation Marc de Montalembert call for applications from the Mediterranean region for young people under 30 years old (deadline: 31 December)The Marc de Montalembert Grant (7,000 EUR) helps young people from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea and below 30 years of age, to implement projects dedicated to the knowledge of the cultures or arts and crafts in this region.

Mobility project space

Re-tooling residencies: International Conference on Artistic Residencies followed by exchange programme for emerging professionalsRe-tooling residencies aims at creating an exchange programme for eight cultural professionals who want to start a new residency programme in a south eastern European country where residencies are less established.HALMA grants programme for writersHALMA grants programme for writers aims at organising a broad writers’ exchange programme among literary centres from all over Europe.Rendez-VousRendez-Vous is a multidisciplinary mobility programme that makes use of eight European artist residency centres which cross Europe east to west and aims at giving rise to a mobility model which can be transposed to all artistic disciplines.

Partner search

The Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking for partnersThe Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking both for cultural organisations and for performers and creative artists, in order to form an international artistic team that would be able to appropriate and to increase the Delta Ensemble's creative know-how and make up a network of operators – co-organisers and associated partners – that would like to build together with the EU this project of cultural cooperation.


Moving Arts: managing the carbon impacts of our touring by Julie´s BicycleMoving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally. The research, in three volumes, is led by a detailed set of recommendations and a new online tool for measuring carbon emissions before and after a tour. The author is Julie’s Bicycle, a broad coalition of music, theatre and scientific experts committed to delivering a concerted response to climate change.Artists Mov
ing & Learning national reports
The “Artists Moving & learning” two year research project analysed the impact of mobility of artists in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective. The first outcomes have been published: ten national monographs with interviews of artists from the performing and visual arts in 10 EU member states.

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www.kunstenloket.be in English and FrenchThe Kunstenloket is a contact point for practical and legal advice on everything to do with working as an artist in Belgium. Since ever more foreign artists are using Kunstenloket services, the information on the artist’s status, reimbursements and foreign artists in Belgium is now available in English and French on the website.

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German Centre of the International Theathre Insititute
German Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Finnish MinistryMinistry

Kabosh Newsletter #1‏

Kabosh Logo
November 2010

Welcome to the first Kabosh monthly newsletter: updating you on the work of Kabosh, news on the world of theatre and the arts in general. Kabosh are Northern Ireland's only site-specific theatre company, dedicated to exploring the stories of all our people in unusual and revealing spaces.
Minister Macausland and cast
Minister for Culture, Arts & Leisure Nelson McCausland with the cast of This Is What We Sang




Kabosh took their critically acclaimed production  This Is What We Sang by Gavin Kostick to New York City in September. The atmospheric surroundings of The Synagogue for the Arts in Tribeca, played host to the cast and crew for two weeks. The show was well received in the Big Apple, with nytheatre.com commenting that the '…piece shines in its performances' while the New York Jewish Standard asked, 'Who would think that one of the better Jewish-themed plays this season would be imported from Ireland?' 
Kabosh accept the award for 'Best Production'
Paul Kennedy, Jo Donnelly and Monica McNally accept the award for 'Best Production'
At the award ceremony cast members Jo Donnelly, Paul Kennedy and stage manager Monica McNally collected the award for 'Best Production' on behalf of the company, rounding off a successful first trip to the US for Kabosh.


We are currently in negotiations with a US theatre producer to create a full tour of the east coast in 2011/12.




Whilst in NYC, Kabosh took part in Experience Northern Ireland, Titanic & More in the opulent surroundings of the Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station. Kabosh were brought on board to produce a series of our small scale work which has been seen in NI over the last number of years. This Is What We Sang cast members Lalor Roddy, Ali White, Jo Donnelly, Alan Burke and Paul Kennedy were joined by Vincent Higgins and Fra Gun in entertaining the crowds and dignitaries visiting the conference to learn about the delights on offer in Northern Ireland.


Performed in the station were Titanic Quarters by Miche Doherty, RMS Titanic by Rosemary Jenkinson, The Schedule and Agency  by Patrick Sanders and Belfast Bred by Seth Linder. The plays were performed a total of 42 times, to an audience including Sir Reg Empey, Minister for Employment and Learning and Arlene Foster, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

Fra Gunn Titanic
Fra Gunn as Thomas Partick Dillon stepping from the bows of the Titanic to entertain the crowds at Grand Central Station




Belfast Bred was a stunning success this summer. The story of Barney, written by  Seth Linder and played by Fra Gunn, a SousChef de Cuisine on the Titanic, unfrozen from the fatal iceberg 98 years later who must gather the ingredients for a centenary dinner in 1912.


The project developed in tandem with the Belfast City Council Culture and Tourism Unit, involved the partnership of five food outlets in the historic centre of Belfast: Sawers, Mourne Seafood, The John Hewitt, Nick's Warehouse and the Kitchen Bar finishing at St Georges Market. Audiences learned about the impressive range and quality of local produce as well as the history of food in Belfast. After the success of this years run, Kabosh are working hard to bring the show back next year.


To watch a filmed version of the tour click here 
The Belfast Bred tours are supported by the European Regional Development Fund, under the European Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland, administered by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB).


Kabosh have joined forces with Slide Away productions to produce Hostel in 2011. Written and directed by Kabosh's administrator Fionnuala Kennedy, Hostel was a big hit in the Belfast Fringe Festival 2010. We'll be announcing details of our plans in the New Year, but until then you can read a review of the play by clicking here



Audiences NI, Community Arts Forum, Culture Northern Ireland and Voluntary Arts Ireland have teamed up to create an NI branch of I Value the Arts, the campaign run by the National Campaign for the Arts.
If you haven't already done so, you can pledge your support by visiting the website.  Click here for more information… 

I Value The Arts



In September of this year, Kabosh's Artistic Director Paula McFetridge was invited to become a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW).  The LPTW is an advocacy organisation for reinforcing the positive image of, and increasing the opportunities for women in the arts and entertainment industries.


For more information on the LPTW click here

In This Issue
New York, New York
Belfast Bred
Value the Arts? Kabosh do…


Site Specific News


There are many companies producing theatre in unusual spaces.  This month we would like to highlight the work of PunchDrunk Theatre Company.  Click here to listen to a PodCast featuring Felix Barrett and Adam Curtis talking about last year's production of It Felt Like a Kiss. 


New members on the Kabosh Board of Directors
Kabosh are proud to announce the recuritment of Sonya Cassidy and Barry Mulqueen. Sonya is Managing Director of Webber Shandwick Belfast and  
has worked in the field of communications for over fifteen years. Barry  Mulqueen is is a Barrister-at-Law (BL) who practices mainly in the areas of employment and commercial law.


Kabosh welcome both Barry and Sonya's commitment to the company and look forward to working with them to develop and expand the work we do.
For more information on Kabosh's Board of Directors go to the Kabosh Website


Kabosh are always keen to hear from you to suggest ideas or give us feedback on our work so far. Do contact us on info@kabosh.net.
For further information on all our past productions please visit our website


Kabosh are proud to be members of the Northern Ireland Theatre Association




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Underneath Grand Central Terminal, there are secret networks of underground tracks, steam-pipe tunnels, and storage areas.
Hidden in these underground depths is a train platform with a secret entrance and an elevator straight up to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Arts Council NI LogoBelfast City Council Logo

The Stage / News / ACE unveils "biggest transformation of arts funding for a generation"‏

ACE unveils “biggest transformation of arts funding for a generation”

Published Thursday 4 November 2010 at 12:00 by Alistair Smith

Arts Council England has today unveiled the ten-year strategy that will inform a complete overhaul of the organisations it funds in early 2011, leading to as many as 100 companies being cut.

ACE chair Liz Forgan described the changes as “the biggest transformation of arts funding for a generation”. Meanwhile, ACE chief executive Alan Davey said that the new process would be “unbureaucratic” and would move away from criticisms of the old system, which he said some had viewed as “mysterious” and a “closed shop”, continually funding the same companies.

The new system will abolish the single stream of regular funding for organisations, replacing it with new “National Portfolio Organisations”.

There will now be an open application process and all companies that receive core support from the arts council – or new companies wishing to receive core support – will have to apply from scratch for funding under a revamped, “more flexible” system. ACE will then allocate organisations into one of two different types of subsidy.

The first stream – “strategic funding” – will be subsidy for organisations that ACE regards as being strategically important to the sector at large.

It is expected that this will feature major institutions such as the National Theatre, although ACE has not ruled out smaller companies also being awarded “strategic” status. These companies will be required to take on greater responsibility for the wider sector and will be expected to embrace initiatives such as the NT’s recent offer to share its back room facilities with other theatres in London.

The second stream of funding – “programme funding” – will come with less responsibility attached and will focus on an organisation’s own artistic output. It is in this category that the majority of funded organisations will fall.

Under both streams, companies will be able to apply for funding periods lasting as long as six years, or as short as two, although most companies will still receive three-year settlements.

Money for both streams will come from ACE’s Grant in Aid funding – the money it receives from government to regularly fund arts organisations.

ACE’s existing Grants for the Arts funding stream, which offers smaller grants from Lottery funding, will continue.

However, it is understood that the new system has been designed so that Lottery money could be diverted to them in future.

Applications open today, November 4, and will close on January 24, 2011. Decisions on the 2012/13 and 2014/5 funding levels will then be made by March 2011. Over this period, the overall funding pot will be reduced by 14.9% in real terms.

According to ACE chair Liz Forgan, the decisions made in March 2011 will mean “some organisations will cease to exist – or at least cease to have their funding from us. Others will have their funding cut, and some will have their funding increased”.

ACE has said that the new portfolio will be smaller than the current one, with “the potential loss of more than 100 organisations by 2015”. According to ACE “this is preferable to maintaining a large portfolio that will be progressively debilitated by cuts over the course of the [funding] settlement”.

The new funding system was announced as ACE unveiled its new ten-year strategy, Achieving Great Art for Everyone. The strategy has been formulated following a consultation process that began in 2009. More than 2,500 people took part in the consultation, with many calling for more flexible funding streams and an increased focus on excellence.

Forgan commented: “While the funding cuts will have a severe impact on our budget, they will not dent the shape of our ambitions for the arts and audiences in this country. We are determined to take a long-term view, and to achieve the goals set out in our new ten-year strategic framework.

“Salami slicing our portfolio of organisations would never have been an appropriate long-term response, regardless of our settlement. That is why a vision for the future is so important to us. We want to build a portfolio where organisations, large, medium and small, are able to prosper as well as survive.”

The new application system is available online at www.artscouncil.org.uk/funding/national-portfolio-funding



25t October

ArtRole CE Adalet R. Garmiany invited as speaker to talk on REBUILDING

SOCIETY AFTER VIOLENT CONFLICT by Theatre Without Borders / La MaMa in

partnership with Coexistence at Brandeis University at ACTING TOGETHER ON


CONFLICT ZONES, New York City, in association with 651 Art/Africa Exchange,

7 Stages, Atlanta, Brown University, Fordham University, The Lark Play

Development Centre, New York University, The Romanian Cultural Institution of New



6-8 October NYC Iraqi Voices Amplification Project

ArtRole CE Adalet R. Garmiany will be a special guest working with the team on the

project No Place Called Home during the previews and throughout the opening night

at Wild Project. Project Intersections International will present a reading of a new

play No Place Called Home, written and performed by Kim Schultz, Directed by

Sarah Cameron Sunde, shown in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria.


23rd Sept To 9th Oct, during his visit New York City

ArtRole CE Adalet R. Garmiany, will meet with galleries, museums, arts schools,

artists & curators to discuss possible collaborations between U.S.A & Iraq on art &

culture exchange programmes, including Columbian University, Theater

Communication Group (TCG), New Museum, Theater Without Borders (TWB),

National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A) and ArteEast,

Friday 22 October 3pm Whitechapel Gallery London

ArtRole CE Adalet R. Garmiany invited to join artists and curators to consider the

causes and impact of the flourishing cultural dialogues between artists from the

Middle East, including curator Samar Martha, ArtSchool Palestine.

End of October,

ArtRole CE Adalet R. Garmiany will move from UK to live & work in Iraqi Kurdistan.

He will open an ArtRole office/hub in Erbil city to co-ordinate projects across the

country, build networks with UN, NGO’s, local arts communities, colleges and

schools across Iraq and with neighboring countries. ArtRole continues to work in the

UK. For any further information regarding ArtRole in the UK please contact ArtRole

board of directors:

Adam Knights ( Arts Projects Manager Visiting Arts) Director


Anna Bowman (formerly Education Curator at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, co-ordinator

National Arts Education Archive ) Education and Projects Director


Mark Terry (Photographer) Media & Publicity Director


Manick Govinda (Co-ordinator: Head of artists' advisory services and an

artists’ producer at Artsadmin ) Director govinda@manick.f2s.com