From Ritual to Theatre – Asian Ritual Festival Workshop in Taiwan

We are cordially inviting you to join "From Ritual to Theatre Asian Ritual Festival Workshop", organized by OISTAT Secretariat and supported by Taiwanese Governments. The workshop will take place during the Ghost Festival in Taiwan from August 13th (arrival) to 24th (departure), 2008.

A two-day trip to visit the Ghost Festival ceremony in Keelung will be arranged for the participants to observe the Taoist Shaman's ritual performance, lantern pole erection, folk art parades and most important the "water lantern releasing to the sea". You will also have once-in-a-life-time experience with the exotic spirit in rituals like "Grand Putu" as well as the Hakka Holy Boar Competition.

In the workshop followed by the trip, we are hoping you to share your observation and inspiration with the Taiwanese performing art profession (directors, designers), as well as theatre apprentices/assistances who will tour and work with you.The intention of the workshop is to encourage intercultural exchange and dialogues based on the grass-roots culture and to transform the ritual into theatrical ideas.

It is expected to present your initial works in the last day of the workshop in the forms of installations, story boards for a potential production, video/photo documentary and its transformation, design as performance, etc.

Further development of works from the workshop is encouraged and we are hoping the works could be presented in future OISTAT events such as Scenofest, World Stage Design, or even end up as production in Taiwan.

The participants will be provided with logistic support, basic working materials, space for workshop/presentation. Local trip to Keelung, Welcome& Farewell dinners will be arranged and covered by the host. However, you are responsible for your own traveling arrangements and local accommodations.

For detail information, please click below to link to OISTAT Website.

( If you are willing to join the workshop, please fill out the registration form (Please attach the word file file name "registration form") and email back to OISTAT Secretariat before end of June with your traveling information.

Attached please find also the preliminary program (please attach the pdf file "preliminary program-en").

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