The Gaza Monologues at the UN‏

The Gaza Mono-Logues

On November 20, 2010, twenty-six young actors representing twenty-one countries arrive in New York City to perform The Gaza Mono-Logues. 

(Italy-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-UK-Germany-Swiss-Hungary-Norway-Sweden-Greece-

Palestine-Lebanon-Tunisia-Jordan-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe-Gambia-Trinidad-USA)

Directors Iman Aoun (ASHTAR Theatre, Palestine) and Shauna Kanter (VOICETheatre, NYC) will create with them a performance of these texts in all their different languages.

A public performance is hosted by La MaMa E.T.C on Sunday 28th at 8PM in The Club.

Two performances will take place in the United Nations for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, November 29th at 12:30PM in Conference Hall 2 right after the Special Meeting, and in the evening at 6.30PM in the public lobby around the opening exhibition of UNRWA, Summer Games in Gaza.

Olivia Magnan de Bornier: 718 974 1240
Interviews available in English, French, Arabic.

Training in using performance for Conflict Resolution – Call for APPLICATIONS!

Train in using performance for conflict resolution!




The British Council has been helping to resolve conflict and build long term peace through cultural relations throughout its 75 year history.  With its global reach in well over 100 countries and its vast experience of working with young people in all of them, the British Council is uniquely placed to address conflict resolution and peace building in this way.


As part of this new programme, the British Council Switzerland is recruiting up to 12 young people (ages 18 to 25) to be trained in using performance for conflict resolution in their home countries. Act2, the Geneva programme on cultural relations and conflict will have three elements: theatre, training and conference, as well as an on-line component.


To be eligible:

  • You must be active in your community and be in a position to use the skills you acquire to train others when you return;
  • You should be working in (or have hands on experience of) addressing conflict and post-conflict situations in your country;
  • You should be 18-25;
  • You must be able to speak some English or French;


Those selected will work with John Martin, Director of the Pan Intercultural Arts and a theatre group, Shakthi, from Sri Lanka that uses forum theatre techniques to address issues arising from the recent conflict there. There will be a series of skill-sharing workshops to prepare participants to gain skills that will be practical and useful when they return to their home countries. They will also be given a prominent role in the conference the British Council is organising on 20 September at the International Red Cross / Red Crescent Museum in Geneva.


The details:

  • Young people from all countries are eligible, even if there is no British Council office in that country;
  • We will be looking for a good representation of regions, gender and interest areas;
  • The British Council is committed to equality of opportunity and inclusion, and to positive action to promote this. We will welcome applications from young people with disabilities;
  • You must be free to travel to Switzerland from 12-23 September 2010;
  • If selected, the British Council will cover your flight costs, help with visa (if needed), and arrange and pay for accommodation.
  • We will ask short-listed applicants to provide further information at a later date.


How to apply

Apply by sending an email in English or French to, with the following information:


  • your age
  • your gender
  • your nationality (& country of residence if different)
  • language ability in English or French
  • what you are doing at present in your community in the field of addressing conflict 
  • how you will use what you have learned when you return home
  • why you are interested in the training
  • anything else you think we should know about you


Final date for receipt of applications is Friday 30 April 2010


We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Morrissey at

International Culture Club Projects

Dear Friends,

It's been some time since you last heard from us.  We've been busy here at International Culture Lab and are at a point where we'd like to update you.
We're excited to report that we have three projects in the works.
Our most ambitious endeavor is a collaboration with Turkey.  After visiting various parts of Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara, we have begun to learn about Turkish culture and decided we need to explore further.  We want to examine the socio-political role and status of women, both in Turkey and the US, and have commissioned two playwrights, Zeynep Kacar and Tammy Ryan or Turkey and the US respectively, to work with us.  As with "Outside Inn," we will perform the resulting play in both countries.
Another project in its early stages is a collaboration with Switzerland's GubCompany ( with whom we hope to produce Christine Rinderknecht's "Tropical Night," a riveting play that explores a family trying to make sense of a father/son's murder-suicide. As usual, we will perform the work in both languages in both countries.
And finally, since early on in the process of "Outside Inn," for which we commissioned Austrian playwright Andreas Jungwirth, we continue to be in discussion with the Austrian Cultural Forum in the hopes of collaborating on a new project.
We continue to be invigorated by the opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration that ICL is affording an ever-growing number of people. Fostering understanding and creating a dialogue in our modest way is highly gratifying work.
To that end, we would very much like to hear from you — what you're up to, what your thoughts are about our work, any news you'd like us to know about. 

International Culture Lab
P.O. Box 170218
Brooklyn, NY  11217

For more information:
Contact  or