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Dear esteemed reader,  we hope so far, your artistic labor continues to bring you joy.
This issue presents 2019 opportunities, events and approaching deadlines.

On the Move has short selection of calls and opportunities with a reference page for deadlines.

Culture 360: ASEF Connecting Asia and Europethroughout arts invites willing collaborators, apply to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize (Deadline December  31st, 2018) and An Artist Residency in Motherhood (open deadline) and more opportunities here.

If you were following the African Dream campaign for the outstanding 3 African Pepites, click on thislink and find out The talented Africans who won.

Women in the Arts and Media Coalition 
Project Submissions
Script Submissions
Other Resources
Check out this Funding Resources pages!

Words without Borderscovers Afro-Brazilian writing

You are invited to the Syrian Film Program at Queens University
December 16- January 19, 2019.

The Magdalena Project 

Global Participatory Project Climate Change Theatre Action Returns In 2019 Time for action! After two successful years, Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) is back, bringing together a diverse community of artists and audiences to foster sustainable change on a local and global scale. CCTA 2019 is a collaboration between The Arctic Cycle, the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts, and Theatre Without Borders.
In January, 50 playwrights representing every continent as well as several Indigenous nations, will be commissioned to write five-minute plays highlighting the work of our various climate heroes, under the theme “Lighting the Way.” In April, the resulting collection of plays will be freely available to international producing collaborators who will be invited to present an event in their community from September 15 – December 20, 2019, using one or several plays from the collection.
To be the first to hear about the Call for Collaborators, sign up for The Arctic Cycle’s mailing list.


TWB e-letter

Dear reader, as we near the end of 2017, here’s a list of events confirmed to take place in 2018. Apply, submit projects for consideration; good luck!
Alsawari International Youth Theatrical Festival is a biennial theatre festival will be held in the Kingdom of BAHRAIN 1-11 sep 2018. All submitted projects must have received a showcase by March, 2018.  To register
for more information:
Arcola Theatre Call for Submissions: Arcola Theatre wants to discover and share how queer lives are depicted and lived – and how queer stories are told – in theatre around the world.  If you have a play that you would like to share a play  please send it to by December 25th 2017, along with a short synopsis and a 100 words stating why the play would be a great fit for this mini-festival.
TEH Network: Startup Support Programme. Boosting Non-governmental Cultural centers in their startup development. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS OPEN UNTIL 28 JANUARY 2018 | APPLY NOW! 
Performing the World. APPLY NOW. Deadline February 18, 2018.  Application form The tenth Performing the World (PTW) conference will be held in New York City, Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 23, 2018.
On the Contemporary Performance Network website you can find numerous performance, grants, residencies opportunities around the world. Also, they’ll post your event, call for submission et cetera to their blog. Here’s the online form for you to fill out.
Al Kamandjâti non-profit organization has the pleasure to invite you to celebrate spring and join a very special musical and spiritual journey in Palestine travelling through cities and villages. / Website:
In print: Forward, the second play of the Arctic Cycle, is now available in printForward presents a poetic and humorous history of Norway, from the initial passion that drove explorer Fridtjof Nansen to the North Pole to our present-day anxiety over the rapidly changing climate. Woven through this history is the passionate love affair between Nansen and the character Ice. A blend of theatre, opera, and electropop music, the play progresses backwards from 2013 to 1893 and zeroes in on 40+ characters whose choices have unintended consequences that ripple through the generations.
Forward was developed over the last four years, both in the U.S. and in Norway.
The Trojan Women Project
On the move Newsletter

Announcement about the HowlRound Theatre Map

Dear Theatre Without Borders network members,

I have some great news to share! Now you can “put yourself on the map” on the Theatre Without Borders Map and on the HowlRound World Theatre Map!


HowlRound is an online “knowledge commons by and for the entire theatre community”, a place where you can join a range of conversations by and about theatre makers, like yourself. Theatre Without Borders is thrilled to link up with HowlRound to support connections between artists nationally and globally.


The HowlRound Map is an ever-growing, user-generated directory for theatre artists of all kinds from all over the world.  Similar to our own Theatre Without Borders Map, the HowlRound Map’s purpose is to make artists more available to each other.  On the World Theatre Map, you can see what theatre is happening around the globe on any given day, you can search for artists using a variety of categories and tools, and you can add your own events and resources.  Like Wikipedia, anyone can add information and edit the Map. Currently, the project is in English, Spanish, and soon to be in French. As you will see, The Map already features thousands of people, organizations, and performances around the world.


To start, create a profile for yourself and your affiliate organizations. This way anyone searching the Map can easily connect with you and attend your events. When you create your profile, be sure to include Theatre Without Borders as an Affiliation.


HowlRound also welcomes you to author blog posts and articles for their commons.  To find more information about that, please visit, or get in touch with me directly.


Meanwhile, our Theatre Without Borders Map is still alive and well!  With its focus on grassroots artist-to-artist connection on the themes of social engagement, peacebuilding, and empowerment, the Theatre Without Borders Map will continue to help you make connections artist-to-artist and people-to-people.  HowlRound’s Map offers you a way to post your profile and inform a larger community about what you are doing.


As a Theatre Without Borders Next-Gen Member and a HowlRound World Theatre Map Ambassador, I am working to expand the categories on the Map to be as inclusive and useful as possible.  Any questions or comments are very much appreciated and can be posted in the Map’s forum or sent to me directly.


I look forward to seeing you on the Map!


For more information contact:
Theatre Without Borders Next-Gen Member & HowlRound World Theatre Map Ambassador


Theatre Without Borders Map:

World Theatre Map website:

HowlRound Theatre Commons website:

2014 Call for Artists: Multidisciplinary artist residency in Portugal

2014 Call for Artists: Multidisciplinary artist residency in Portugal

Deadline April 15, 2014 

The ARTErra is a project hosting and encouraging interdisciplinary artistic creation trough artistic residencies, result of a private effort open to partnerships and communication with other entities. Set in a small countryside village of Portugal, it is a place with rural aspects and extremely quiet.

The enjoyment and the inclusion of the community are the main goals of this project, so we develop proposals of activities that could contribute to these objectives, in the form of promote or co-produce performances, workshops, informal presentations of ongoing projects, etc. 

"ARTErra is a artistic center in Portugal where artists are welcome to develop they´re projects. Make your applications, contact us and find in our center a place that is thought for artists and that adapts for different challenges.

More information can be found in our website,blog and social networks.
Contact and join us for a residency


3. USArtists International Guidelines

The online application for the next grant round of the Foundation's USArtists International program is now open.  The program provides support for American dance, music and theater ensembles and solo performers invited to perform at significant international festivals anywhere in the world outside of the United States and its territories.  The submission deadline is April 18, 2014 for projects taking place between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.  For complete program guidelines, click here.  Questions about USArtists International should be directed to Brigid Zuknick at
The application deadlines for USArtists International (USAI) 2014 grant rounds are:
 CLOSED: September 6, 2013 for projects taking place between November 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014.
 CLOSED: December 6, 2013 for projects taking place between March 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015.
 April 18, 2014 for projects taking place between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.
Applications received after their respective deadlines will not be considered for review.
Please note: The USAI application procedure has been significantly revised from prior years.  Please review the Application Procedures section of the program guidelines and the Instruction page of the online eGrant application carefully.  

 Download USArtist International Guidelines as a PDF
 Download USArtists International Online Application Budget Instructions as a PDF 
 Download Work Sample Preparation Guide as a PDF
To access the USAI online eGrant application, click here.

CALL for PARTICIPANTS in Rediscoveries in One Act: New Approaches to Teatro Breve from the Spanish Golden Age

Join an interdisciplinary team exploring the Siglo de Oro’s instructive teatro breveone-act plays with potent clues for building better ways to teach, stage, and research the richest script library known to history.

Teatro breve from the Spanish Golden Age (c. 1580-1680) includes satires and saint’s plays, star vehicles and character studies, musicals and thrillers, current-events commentaries and gripping meditations on metatheater, written by big-name playwrights – the cream of Spanish stagecraft, compressed for effective study.

In this working session, you’ll get up close and personal with selected entremeses (comic plays presented between the acts of a comedia), autos sacramentales (multilevel meditations staged for public celebrations of Corpus Christi), and their dramatic ancestors, while making significant contributions toward understanding them.

You’ll develop practical applications for incorporating teatro breve into your current work, you’ll pay particular attention to music and movement as tools for building meaning into performances, and you’ll actively engage in assessing, creating, and premiering performance-friendly translations of historically important, theatrically powerful one-acts.

You’ll join one of three teams:  Team Entremés, Team Auto Sacramental, or Team Translation.  Guided by session leaders (see list below) who bring you seasoned experience in a wide range of modern language and theater researches, you’ll collaborate with team members (dramaturgs, practitioners, teachers, and translators from all sorts of backgrounds) to:

Ø    read three one-act plays from the Spanish Golden age, post initial responses on the session’s wiki, and help your team select one play for detailed study (June-July);

Ø    thoughtfully consider context and criticism materials posted by team leaders (July-August);

Ø    compare translations/editions of plays selected for close study, and pose questions about them from performance, pedagogy, or critical perspectives (August-September);

Ø    write a brief position paper or a draft translation in response to questions posed, post this paper/translation on the wiki, and respond to team members’ postings (September-October);

Ø    synthesize discussion points/translation results into a presentation designed actively to involve others at the conference (October-November), and

Ø    present/perform highlights from your research, hear other teams’ reports, and participate in moderated discussion during ATHE’s conference in Dallas (November 7-10).

To bid for a role in this groundbreaking journey through little-studied territory, write us a short statement (350 words) about the skills, interests, and/or experiences that attract you to our exploration of teatro breve.  Please include a brief bio (50 words).  Send your statement and bio as MS Word attachments to by June 3.

We hope to hear from you.  We assure you that complete newcomers to the field will be warmly welcomed.

Ben Gunter, Florida State University,

Karen Berman, Georgia College,

Ian Borden, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Nena Couch, Ohio State University,

David Pasto, Oklahoma City University,

Susan Paun de García, Denison University,

Kerry Wilks, Wichita State University,

Amy Williamsen, University of North Carolina Greensboro,

Jason Yancey, Grand Valley State University,


TeatroStageFest – June 1-25

TeatroStageFest – June 1-25

CELEBRATE the LATINO SCENE of NEW YORK at TeatroStageFest this June,  recommended by The Huffington Post only yesterday as  "…one of nine can't-miss arts and culture events happening across the country this summer!" (5/27/2012) 

 Entertaining theater, music and dance concerts, readings, master classes, puppetry and masks for kids.

Affordable fun for the entire family!


JUNE 1-25:   

  • 39 Defaults by Fifth Wall Theater: Come to Liz's apartment. Prepare for a voyeuristic experience in a living room, where two strangers wrestle with attraction and suspicion. He is a Spanish political activist and she hides a secret… In English.
  • Muerte Súbita (Sudden Death) by Bridge Playhouse: Andrés is passionately writing his third novel and refuses to leave the abandoned building where he lives with his girlfriend Gloria until it is finished. His old friend Odiseo's unexpected arrival forces them to accept that sometimes destruction is necessary before creation can begin. With English super-titles.
  • American Jornaleros by INTAR Theatre: On a street corner in Queens, day laborers waiting to be picked up for work collide with two citizen vigilantes fashioning themselves on the Minuteman Project; a collision that may lead to a better understanding of why both groups are standing on the same corner. In English.
  • rasgos asiáticos/asian traces by Pregones Theater: a courageous portrayal of love between four generations of Mexican women and the historic confluence of China, Mexico and the U.S. In English.
  • Pájaro (Bird) by Gallinero Culeko Two traveling men who meet on the open road are inspired by a bird's flight to build a machine that will lead them to a safer place. This comical show is performed in Clown style by two recent graduates of Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral in Mexico City. No spoken word.
  • The Coleman Family's Omission by Claudio Tolcachir. One of the most successful dark comedies to emerge from the vibrant theater movement in Buenos Aires that captures the unique ties and contradictions of the eccentric Coleman family. In English.
  • The Golden Cacao Bean by Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater and  Alita the Show by Solos2 Company – two TeatroStageFamily shows.
  • Javier Moreno Trio gives new energy to the international Jazz vanguard, and Limón Dance Company's premiere of Come With Me, by renowned Brazilian choreographer Rodrigo Pedemeiras and Paquito D'Rivera, acclaimed Cuban composer/musician.
  • Master Classes for Actors and Directors by groundbreaking director/playwrights from Argentina: Claudio Tolcachir and Mati­as Umpierrez.

For the full calendar of events, times/place of the shows, and ticket prices visit 

For more info: 212.695.4010 

Karama Call for Entries 2012

Dear Collegues, Affiliates, Film makers and Karama Friends,

We would like to invite you to be part of Karama Human Rights Film Festival 3rd Edition 2012 organised by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory,  by asking you to circulate the Karama Call for Entries across your networks and if possible your websites and/or your facebook pages. Please refer to our website listed below to send your films and entry application.

Appreciating your precious collaboration.

Warm Regards,

Karama Team

Karama Human Rights Film Festival

Guest Lecture: Joanne Pottlitzer


The Ph.D. Program in Theatre and the DTSA

 invite you to attend


Guest Lecture

Symbols of Resistance: 
The Legacy of Artists Under Pinochet


Joanne Pottlitzer 


Joanne Pottlitzer, a two-time Obie Award recipient, is a freelance playwright and theatre director who has produced many Latin American plays in New York. In 1966 she founded TOLA (Theatre of Latin America, Inc.), a New York-based nonprofit organization that pioneered artistic exchange between the U.S. and Latin America. Her translations of plays by Mario Vargas Llosa, Marco Antonio de la Parra, Griselda Gámbaro and José Triana have been produced in New York and around the country, and she has taught courses on Latin American theatre at Yale School of Drama, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and Hunter College, among others. Ms. Pottlitzer is the recipient of two senior Fulbright awards to Chile. Her lecture is based on her forthcoming book, Symbols of Resistance: The Legacy of Artists under Pinochet, about the influence of artists on the political process. In her talk, Pottlitzer capsulizes memories of theatre and music artists and members of the avanzada visual arts movement during 17 years of dictatorship in Chile, 1973-1990, and their strategies to create change.  


Thursday, April 19, 2012

4:15 PM

Theatre Program Green Room

(Room 3111)


Sponsored by a grant from the Doctoral Students' Council

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures Fund for the Arts

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures Fund for the Arts Invites Grant Applications From Artists and Arts Organizations

Grants of up to $20,000 will be awarded to NALAC member artists and arts organizations to use for fellowships, general operating support, and festivals, as well as performing, visual, and literary arts projects….

Posted on August 29, 2011
Deadline: September 24, 2011