Hong Kong & Singapore Training – 2012

Visit Hong Kong & Singapore This Year 

Dear Friends,

Join us in Hong Kong & Singapore this year to deepen your playback experience and connect with the vitality of diversity in this region!

To support the rapidly growing playback community in the Asian region, CPT and SPT (HK) are thrilled to announce courses for all levels of training for playbackers.  CPT will host a comprehensive series of residential courses from 28 September to 11 October 2012 in Singapore for beginners and selected topics for playbackers with experience.  

During this two week period the following courses offered will be:

29 Sept – 2 Oct

Core Training in PT for Beginners with Veronica Needa & Eddie Yu

29 Sept – 2 Oct 

Social Awareness in Playback Theatre with Pamela Freeman

4 – 7 Oct 

Active Conducting with Kayo Munakata

The Heart & The Art of The Story with Aviva Apel-Rosenthal

9 – 11 Oct

Models of PT in Schools with Kao Yu Chen

Multicultural Multilingual PT with Veronica Needa

Click on the above courses for more information and to register.

The fees have been kept low to accommodate socioeconomic differences in this area of the world.  We also endeavour to provide scholarships for students who need extra support to come. 

For playbackers ready for the first of the Advanced Level courses, the School of Playback Theatre in HONG KONG will be running a 10 day Practice in Playback Theatre with Bev Hosking & Michele Chung from 31 July – 9 August.  This course is a pre-requisite for Leadership training with the CPT programme of courses.  
For more information please visit here or email playback@adahk.org.hk

These courses are not exclusive to Asians, all are welcome!   

With warm wishes,

Veronica Needa

CPT Board Member

International Progamming


culture360.org – Asia-Europe Cultural Policy Update


on the move Newsflash 11/2010‏

November 17, 2010

www.on-the-move.org is a cultural mobility information network that aims to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide. On-the-Move provides international cultural mobility information, engages in research, capacity building and advocacy mediating between the network members, other grassroots organisations and policy makers.

Please send your mobility news and opportunities to the Editor: info@on-the-move.org

News from On the Move

La lettre d'information mensuelle est disponible aussi en Français! Monthly newsletter is also available in French!Grâce au soutien du Ministère Français de la Culture et Communication, la Newsflash est maintenant traduite en Français chaque mois et envoyée quelques jours après la version originale en Anglais.

Grants for Mobility

Joint Mobility Fund Roberto Cimetta and Marseille-Provence 2013 new dates (deadlines: 30 Nov, 25 Feb, 22 Apr, 26 Aug)The Cimetta Fund, Euro-Mediterranean arts mobility programme and Marseille-Provence 2013 – European capital of culture announce new dates for their joint Mobility Fund in 2010 and 2011. This Fund supports artistic creation in the Euro-Med region in the contemporary performing arts (theatre, dance, circus/street/puppet art) music, visual arts, digital arts, photography, film, new writing, playwriting, storytelling, poetry, transdisciplinary projects.

Calls for participation

Call for proposals for the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, 28 June – 4 July, Bytom and Krakow, Poland (deadline: 28 February)The Silesian Dance Theatre in cooperation with EUNIC-European Union National Institutes of Culture are seeking emerging, young artists from all over EU with dance works to be presented as part of the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, Bytom and Kraków, June 28th – July 4th, 2011.CASCAS call for applications for a 6-day tour of the street arts and circus context of Sweden, Belgium, Finland or UK (deadline: 30 November)CASCAS is a European project led by organisations who provide information and advice on the circus and street arts at a national level. By offering facilitated tours of the circus and street arts context within Sweden, Belgium, Finland and UK, CASCAS will encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe, with the aim of assisting people in the circus and street arts sectors to further develop their working knowledge.Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes call for emerging creation video cinema FIPA 2011, Biarritz, France (deadline: 30 November)The Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes in partnership with the emerging creation programme of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes – FIPA – of Biarritz launch a new call for applications.


Summer International Fellowship Programme for art managers at the Ken
nedy Center, Washington, D.C., USA (deadline: 1 December)
The Devos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts announces a Summer International Fellowship Programme to provide practical experience to 20 mid-to-high level arts leaders currently working in international nonprofit performing arts organisations outside the USA.EFA Atelier for Young Festival Managers – Open Call for Application, May-Singapore and October-Izmir-Turkey (deadlines: 17 December and 7 February)The European Festivals Association (EFA) announces the launch of the Open Call for Application for two editions of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in 2011: SINGAPORE from 14-21 May 2011, and IZMIR/Turkey 2011 from 24-31 October 2011.


Workshop Foundation call for applications RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN – improvisational laboratory, 28 Feb-9 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary (deadline: 20 December)Artist-in-residence programme in Budapest, Hungary, taking place between 28th February to 9th May, 2011, organised by the Workshop Foundation and proposing to explore "Improvisation in dance and other artforms, and its relation to awareness and perception of performer and audience".Call for Entries for the PACT Zollverein residencies from August to December 2011, Germany (deadline: 13 December)From August to December 2011 PACT Zollverein is offering a residency programme for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from both Germany and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance, media art or music.Caravansarai announces two residencies periods in 2011, Istanbul, Turkey (deadline for summer residencies: 15 January)Caravansarai proposes seasonal live/work programmes open to artists, creators and researchers interested in living and working in Istanbul, Turkey for periods of a few weeks to a few months. In addition to the one-month residencies available for the months of May – August, 2011, it has short 2-week residencies available from February 1-13th and March 15-31st, 2011.


7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation, 30 November-3 December, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, SpainThe 7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation will take place from 30 November to 3 December in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain) under the general theme of “Culture, Cooperation and Local Development”. The Campus main focus will be on cultural practice and the promotion of a clearer and deeper vision of the cultural dimension of development at local level.Sharjah Art Foundation March Meeting 2011 Call for Presentation Proposals, 13-15 March, Sharjat, United Arab Emirates (deadline: 29 November)Artists, art practitioners and institutions based or active in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia are invited to apply for the opportunity to make a formal presentation on a current or future art project at the 4th edition of the March Meeting organised by Sharjah Art Foundation, taking place from March 13th to 15th in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award For Cultural Management Studies (deadline: 1 April 2011)With the aim of contributing to the development of dissemination of research in the field of cultural management at the European level, Ros Roca Group and FiraTàrrega have launched the Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award for Cultural Management Studies. Prize: €6,000.

Regional focus: Asia

Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) & IETM Satellite Meeting, 14th – 20th February 2011,Yokohama, JapanIETM members are warmly invited to attend the next Asia Satellite meeting in Yokohama (Japan) from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th February 2011 and to stay on for a renewed-concept TPAM Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th February.Korea Arts Management Service call for “Funding for International Collaborative Project” (deadline: 30 November)The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) are accepting applications for financial support under the “Funding for International Collaborative Project”. Please bear in mind that only the Korean partner can apply to the open call.

Regional Focus: Euro-Mediterranean

Fondation Marc de Montalembert call for applications from the Mediterranean region for young people under 30 years old (deadline: 31 December)The Marc de Montalembert Grant (7,000 EUR) helps young people from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea and below 30 years of age, to implement projects dedicated to the knowledge of the cultures or arts and crafts in this region.

Mobility project space

Re-tooling residencies: International Conference on Artistic Residencies followed by exchange programme for emerging professionalsRe-tooling residencies aims at creating an exchange programme for eight cultural professionals who want to start a new residency programme in a south eastern European country where residencies are less established.HALMA grants programme for writersHALMA grants programme for writers aims at organising a broad writers’ exchange programme among literary centres from all over Europe.Rendez-VousRendez-Vous is a multidisciplinary mobility programme that makes use of eight European artist residency centres which cross Europe east to west and aims at giving rise to a mobility model which can be transposed to all artistic disciplines.

Partner search

The Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking for partnersThe Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking both for cultural organisations and for performers and creative artists, in order to form an international artistic team that would be able to appropriate and to increase the Delta Ensemble's creative know-how and make up a network of operators – co-organisers and associated partners – that would like to build together with the EU this project of cultural cooperation.


Moving Arts: managing the carbon impacts of our touring by Julie´s BicycleMoving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally. The research, in three volumes, is led by a detailed set of recommendations and a new online tool for measuring carbon emissions before and after a tour. The author is Julie’s Bicycle, a broad coalition of music, theatre and scientific experts committed to delivering a concerted response to climate change.Artists Mov
ing & Learning national reports
The “Artists Moving & learning” two year research project analysed the impact of mobility of artists in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective. The first outcomes have been published: ten national monographs with interviews of artists from the performing and visual arts in 10 EU member states.

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New links and updates

www.kunstenloket.be in English and FrenchThe Kunstenloket is a contact point for practical and legal advice on everything to do with working as an artist in Belgium. Since ever more foreign artists are using Kunstenloket services, the information on the artist’s status, reimbursements and foreign artists in Belgium is now available in English and French on the website.

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German Centre of the International Theathre Insititute
German Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Finnish MinistryMinistry

Fukuoka Prize for Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Prize
ONG Keng Sen
Theatre Director (Artistic Director of TheatreWorks)
Singapore / Contemporary Performance

Arts and Culture Prize,CAI Guo-Quing
"120", conceived and directed by Ong Keng Sen, numerous specialist tours led by actors around the Singapore National Museum to commemorate its 120 year anniversary (2007).
Arts and Culture Prize,CAI Guo-Quing
"Geisha", conceived and directed by Ong Keng Sen, Lincoln Center Festival (2006). Tamami Gojo, an master of classical Japanese dance (pictured left), Karen Kandel, an American actress(pictured right)
Arts and Culture Prize,CAI Guo-Quing
"The Global Soul–the Buddha project" conceived and directed by Ong Keng Sen, a performance of ancient traditions, contemporary dance and music theatre, premiered in Berlin (2003).

Mr. Ong Keng Sen is one of the most prolific theatre directors in the world. His productions are shaped by modern sensibility which brings together Asian and European performance traditions in striking way. He has won international acclaim as a director. He has been a pioneer at the international frontier of theatrical art: his plays do not disregard tradition, but still place a premium on physicality, and remain true to the spirit of pop art.

Mr. Ong was born in Singapore in 1963 He graduated from the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, in 1989. In 1988, while still at university, he joined ‘TheatreWorks’ as an artistic direcor, and that was the beginning of his career as an artistic director. From 1993 to 1994, he studied at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, and obtained an M.A. in Performance Studies. Around this time, his productions were staged in the US, Europe and Japan, and his name became well known to the world. Since then he has been offered commissions by major theatres and arts festivals in Asia and Europe, and has directed a great variety of plays. In 2003, he received the Singapore Cultural Medallion Award (Theatre).

In all his activities, Mr. Ong is always asking himself the fundamental question, 'What does it mean, today, to live as an artist?' As a theatre director, he has fixed his gaze at the geographically vast expanse of Asia and the Western world, and also across a long stretch of historical memory. The Flying Circus Project, which has been in continuous development since 1996, has provided a landmark opportunity for performers from diverse backgrounds, both Asian and Western artists of classical and contemporary performing art as well as those from non-theatrical backgrounds, to work together. This gave birth to innovative stage adaptations of Shakespearean plays such as Lear (1997-99) and Desdemona (2000-01), which was performed at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. In Sandakan Threnody (2004) andThe Continuum: Beyond the Killing Fields (2001-10), which are classified in a new genre called 'docu-performances', he traced the records of warfare in modern Asia and presented these on stage. Then the stage became a thrilling space where the audience, too, could inspect Asian history through a sharply critical lens.

Mr. Ong Keng Sen is one of the leaders of the international performing world, whose work has successfully broken down the simplistic dualism which traditionally separate the classical from the contemporary arts, and the East from the West. By thus transcending barriers between genres and nations, he has contributed greatly to a revaluation of the fundamental and universal power of art through his sharp awareness of contemporary issues. For this contribution, he is truly worthy of the Arts and Culture Prize of the Fukuoka Prize.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.asianmonth.com/prize/english/21/index.html 

" Step Across
the Border – Ong Keng Sen's challenge to a new frontier – "

  • 13:30 – 15:30, Sat., September 18
  • IMS Hall(with a seating capacity of 400)

Freedom to Create Prize – ArtVenture


Submission Opens: 9 June 2008     Entry Deadline: 31 October 2008

The ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize has been launched to recognise artists who use their talents to promote creative freedom, empathy, understanding and to confront discrimination and oppression. This unique and significant creative award carries a US$ 100,000 prize divided between three categories – the main prize, a youth prize and a prize to recognise imprisoned artists.
Victoria Shu  vws@artventure.com –

Submissions for the prize close on 31 October, 2008