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In this issue check out for call for applications from: Brown University, Women in the Arts and Media coalition, Performers without Borders, Intercultural Leadership Institute, CECArts Link, Company of Wolves. And a Polish Theatre Festival at Lamama E.T.C and Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival


Performances without Borders seek anyone interested in joining their tour INDIA 2018 PWB Team. It runs from Jan 4th-April 8th 2018, you will need to contribute £750 which covers your food, accommodation and travel on tour, plus flights etc. If you are interested please email your interest, why you would like to be considered and some information about your skills and experience in the areas of performing, Team work, teaching and travelling.We look forward to hearing from you! Please find more information about the tour.​


The Brown University Department of Literary Arts is currently seeking applications and nominations for the 2018 – 2019 International Writers Project Fellowship. The fellowship provides institutional, intellectual, artistic and social support to writers who face personal danger, oppression, and/or threats to their livelihood in nations throughout the world.
Writers interested in applying for the fellowship should send a case history, providing publishing history and explaining need, a writing sample (preferably in English), and  a resume,  to the International Writers Project, Department of Literary Arts, Box 1923, Brown University, Providence, RI   02912, or they may email materials to  Letters of support from persons acquainted with the candidate’s situation and eligibility are also helpful.  Anyone wishing to make the IWP aware of a writer in need, or wishing to nominate a candidate, should also contact the program as noted above.   The IWP will accept applications until February 15, 2018.  More information about the IWP is available on the website, or contact  Lori Baker
Intercultural Leadership Institute are excited to release the application guidelines for the second cohort of the Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI), a collaborative program of Alternate ROOTSFirst Peoples FundNational Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) and PA’I Foundation. Learn more here
What’s happening?
AITA/IATA Associates Diyar Theatre / Diyar Academy for Children and Youth announce BIPAF (Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival) to be held in October 2018 in Bethlehem, Palestine.
All performers must be older than 16 years and productions should be between 40 and 60 minutes.
There is more information HERE and a slide show with information is HERE.
Applications will be accepted until 30 November 2017  and information can be provided by Rami Khader of Diyar Theatre
La MaMa E.T.C. in association with Perforations Festival,
Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Cultural Institute
presents Polish Artists at the Perforations Festival 
Acclaimed Glasgow-based laboratory theatre Company of Wolves are offering our first workshop in the USA, 9-10 December 2017 in Minneapolis. This is a rare opportunity to experience Company of Wolves’ unique body based approach to training and material creation, sourced in a profound study of the Polish laboratory theatre tradition and modern improvisation techniques. APPLY 
Grants. Awards. Residencies 
1. CEC ArtsLink grants for Artists  and Arts managers 
2. Back Apartment Residency Opportunity for Artists and Curators
3. Women in the Arts and Coalition:
Media Collaboration Award 2018 Click Here for Application Send all inquiries and questions to: Deadline Wednesday, February 14th, 2018. 

A Polish Theater Cookbook, Part Two: HowlRound

An ongoing series of reports from rehearsal rooms and interviews with theater people in Poland; how US artists can modify or adapt Polish techniques for their own rehearsal kitchens.

II. Grotowski and the post-Grotowski companies

We need to spend a little time talking about the Julia Child of Polish theater—Jerzy Grotowski—before we can get on to the contemporary companies which have emerged from this figure's work, and their rehearsal practices.

So—who was Jerzy Grotowski? If you've ever seen the film My Dinner with Andre, you've heard of the experiments of this compelling, controversial, sham-or-shaman theater director. In the film, Andre Gregory has been to Poland and has taken part in one of Grotowski's bizarre theatrical events, a sort of "beehive" or "happening": he's trying to describe it to a skeptical Wallace Shawn. In Gregory's eyes, there's the haunted feeling of someone who's seen The Other Side. You can tell that he's going to return to Grotowski's theater like the proverbial moth to the proverbial flame, even if he has to have his wings glued back on afterwards.

Here's the thing. In the '60s and '70s, Grotowski—and another director named Tadeusz Kantor who may, depending on whom you ask, have actually had most of Grotowski's best ideas first—changed the way theater was practiced in not only Poland but also across the world. G and K are sort of like the Beatles and the Stones of experimental Polish theater—they insist, and their followers continue to insist, on their differences, but there were a number of similarities in their work.

Both directors worked with tight-knit ensembles and incorporated dynamic physical training. Both inspired till-death-do-us-part loyalty in their actors. They moved away from scripts and constructed their own hodgepodge-mosaic texts. They relied more on music and movement than text, which helped them to resist censorship from the Soviet authorities. You can easily censor a script, but it is harder to censor movement. Their personalities as directors were overpowering. Kantor sometimes actually wandered around his own productions, conducting them from onstage.

They each created a signature production-Apocalypsis cum figuris (Apocalypse with Pictures) by Grotowski, and Umarła Klasa (The Dead Class) by Kantor—that gained audiences far beyond Poland. For years, these two directors made Polish theater the hippest kind of theater on the planet, and their influence endures after their deaths.

So I'm in Poland right now, hanging out and observing contemporary Polish theater—but because G and K are so famous, in a Harold Bloom-anxiety of influence kind of way, sometimes theater folks think I'm a couple decades too late in getting to Poland. Someone once posted on my G+: "Poland used to be the center of the world for experimental theater. Wonder if it still is?" Well, that's kind of like saying "Los Angeles used to have a couple of pretty good basketball teams. I wonder if anyone there still cares about the sport?" When you have a concentration of talent in one location over a significant period of time, that talent draws other talented people to the same location, and its influence lasts. In Poland, right now, there are a number of theaters that can be called "post-Grotowski" because of their direct relationship to the big G and his acolytes. And their work is worth looking at; their rehearsal practices are, I believe, of interest to any practitioner.

(Digression: since Kantor was less of a wacko cult figure than Grotowski, didn't move around the world as much, and didn't rack up quite as many acolytes, his influence in Polish theater, although widespread, is less blatant and less brand-name-identifiable. I would rather call the many theaters influenced by his work "Kantoresque," not "post-Kantor." I will have more to say about them and what characterizes their work, later in this series, but am beginning with Grotowski.)

There is a sprawling spiderweb of post-Grotowski ensembles today, both internationally and within Poland. The four groups I am familiar with, and will discuss here, all relate to or descend from, in some way, the still-extant post-Grot daughter company Center for Theatre Practices ("Gardzienice"), located in the village of Gardzienice. These four younger companies are: Teatr Chorea (Łódź), Studium Teatralne (Warsaw), Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Song of the Goat Theatre, Wrocław), and Teatr Zar (Wrocław).


The styles of these companies vary, but there are some common elements. For one, there tends to be some kind of resemblance to a Greek chorus—actors speaking or singing or moving in unison. And this chorus is characterized by two things: intense, risk-taking physicality and haunting, ancient music.

To begin with the physical: some of these actors have the physical skills of the performers in Pilobolus or Cirque de Soleil, but they engage in an acrobatics of risk and emotion rather than one of smooth-seeming aesthetic virtuosity. For example, in Teatr Chorea's MUZG ("Brain"), directed by Tomasz Rodowicz, one performer, Joanna Chmielecka, sits against a wall while another actor, Adam Biedrzycki runs towards her at top speed, shoving four enormous rolling metal carts into her torso, one after another. Later, in the same spektakl, Małgorzata Lipczyńska slam-throws her body into the floor, over and over again. The sound of the action is brutal.

This physical extremism isn't limited to Chorea. In the second part of Teatr Zar's Gospels of Childhood triptych, " Cesarean Section," directed by Jaroslaw Fret, the piece opens with a barefoot dancer slowly stepping over strewn broken glass. For a very long time. The movement is uncomfortably close, presented to you in a theater that barely seats forty people. These movements are more about how we feel watching them than how hard they are to execute.

The music in these performances is of equal intensity, not because of a connection to physical risk, but because of a relationship with ancient sources. Again, these performers—many of them—are technically trained singers, but they sing with more reference to emotion than to technique. Post-Grotowski theater often includes haunting music that has a pre-modern, unearthly quality. These may be reconstructions of ancient music, or folk songs. The music is often derived from various "expeditions," in which members of the companies have traveled to remote villages (in or out of Poland), recorded songs sung by people in those villages, and brought them back to their theaters.

Wrocław's Teatr Pieśń Kozła, which runs a MA program for young performers, takes each MA class on a song-collecting expedition to a different region of Europe. Warsaw's Studium Teatralne has made a documentary called "Koniec Pieśni" (The End of Song) about traveling in Eastern Poland and collecting these songs, years after an earlier parallel expedition. Once the songs are collected, composers—such as Chorea's Tomasz Krzyżanowski and Jakub Pałys—often create new settings of the old tunes, or write original songs of their own that may still sound from a different era.

So, we've got choruses, daredevil physical risk-taking and songs that sound like they come from a two-thousand-year-old tomb. The post-Grotowski aesthetic is not for everyone. But just as any chef might take a course in molecular gastronomy without suddenly switching every item on his or her menu into little puffs of sea foam, it's possible to be interested in the rehearsal practices of such intense practitoners without copying the aesthetic. Their training methods, emphasizing connection to the group, repetition, and emotional connection rather than (only) technical virtuosity, have applications for performers of all styles and levels in America.

What I want to highlight in my future posts is what directors and practitioners of all styles can most advantageously steal from this work. In my next post, I'll be focusing on contemporary theatrical practice in the Teatr Chorea ensemble, which celebrates its tenth birthday in 2014.

Call for kids artistic groups – Brave Kids request

Brave Kids is an program dedicated to children of different backgrounds who use art as a tool for a social change and was started in Wroclaw, Poland two years ago in frame of Brave Festival – Against Cultural Exile under the patronage of UNESCO and Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Since 2009 we’ve hosted in Wroclaw 100 young actors, dancers, singers, b-boys and b-girls (age 6 – 16) and cooperated with following groups and organizations:

Aldebaran. Norway
Ashtar Theatre/The Gaza Mono-logues. Palestinian Autonomy
Association of Culture Practitioners. Warsaw, Poland (refugees from North Caucasia)
Awake Youth. Sweden
Breakdance Project. Uganda 
Library Światoteka. Wroclaw, Poland 
Mizero Children. Rwanda 
Sdruzeni Petrov/MiniMerci. Czech Republic (Romani children)
M.Y.T.A/ROKPA. Zimbabwe


Our aim is to build a platform for the groups of young artists from regions of the world affected by various tragedies – natural disasters, political conflicts, homelessness and poverty and show that art gives a chance to overcome traumatic experiences and break free of destructive limitations. For all kids, including those coming from the wealthy world, we offer a chance to build confidence in their own competence and appreciate the value of their own artistic expression. We also try making a counterweight to conformist, mass-distributed pop culture. We believe this to be an important step towards shaping the future of the participants of the project and their communities. 

MOVIE: Invitation for groups to join us.

Language isn’t a perfect tool, especially when working with different cultures, countries etc. Emails and telephones often fail when it comes to show such a complex project as Brave Kids. To express the beauty of tolerance, cooperation and intense emotions that are behind the idea and to send a message to the kids all around the world, we needed more than just a clip – we needed a piece of art itself. This art can channel intensive emotional bonds that are born during the Brave Kids workshops.
Thanks to Valium4kids crew, especially to Grzegorz Korczak and Michał Korynek, we managed to create a tool for communication with children artistic groups from around the world.
Please enjoy the beauty of this movie and pass it over! We believe that this clip will get to the kids who work on their backyards on any kinds of art, and that they will contact us to join next editions of Brave Kids programme. What's even more – it has already worked!

Enjoy and spread the link!

Call for partners. Visit our website here:…

Press Release: Polish Punk Production of Bernard-Marie Koltes, Under the Radar Festival at La MaMa E.T.C.


in partnership with

La MaMa E.T.C. and The Public Theater/UNDER THE RADAR Festival
and with participation of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute





January 5-14, 2012

La MaMa E.T.C., New York

New York, December 7, 2011 – The Polish Cultural Institute New York, The Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival and La MaMa E.T.C. are proud to present The Stefan Żeromski Theatre of Kielce in the production of In the Solitude of Cotton Fields. The play, directed by Radosław Rychcik and first presented in the US in 2010, proved to be one of the most successful Polish theatrical productions in recent years. After critically acclaimed appearances in many international festivals, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields returns for a two-week run as part of 2012 UNDER THE RADAR Festival, New York’s premier showcase of contemporary international theater.

This adaptation of the enigmatic 1986 drama by late French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès imagines a raw encounter between a Dealer (Wojciech Niemczyk) and a Client (Tomasz Nosiński) in a secluded lane on the outskirts of the city. The encounter is a transaction – although it does not become clear until the end what the object of this deal may be. In Radosław Rychcik’s interpretation, Koltès’s tale becomes a love story, and is presented with the swagger of an East European punk-rock concert, backed by live music from the Polish cult band Natural Born Chillers.

Radosław Rychcik (b. 1981) is emerging as a director to watch on the international theater scene for his use of intense acting technique and simple yet precise stage design. He began his career as an assistant to renowned director Krystian Lupa on Factory 2 and later worked on Stanisław Wyspiański's drama Protesilas and Laodamia. In 2008, he directed Dictator, based on the Charlie Chaplin film, for the Wybrzeże Sztuki Festival in Gdańsk. He recently premiered an adaptation of Flaubert's Madame Bovary at the Dramatyczny Theatre in Warsaw, following his productions of A Lover's Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes at the same theatre, and Versus: In the Jungle of Cities, an adaptation from Bertolt Brecht at the New Theatre in Kraków and the 2010 UNDER THE RADAR festival in New York.

The Stefan Żeromski Theatre of Kielce was founded in 1945. It has presented works by Sławomir Mrożek, Bogusław Schaeffer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, William Shakespeare, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Edna Mazaya, Artur Schnitzler, Sergio Belbel and others. Today under the artistic direction of Piotr Szczerski, its repertoire extends to various genres and directorial temperaments, inviting both classic and experimental works.

Presented by La MaMa E.T.C. in collaboration with Polish Cultural Institute New York and The Public Theater as part of the UNDER THE RADAR festival 2012. Additional support comes from the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.

PRESS CONTACT: For pictures, more information and all inquiries regarding the films, please contact Kamila Sławińska,, 212.239.7300 ext. 3009
or Paulina Bebecka,, 212.239.7300 ext. 3009


Written by Bernard-Marie Koltès, translated by Marian Mahor

Directed by Radosław Rychcik

Performed by Wojciech Niemczyk and Tomasz Nosiński

Live music by Natural Born Chillers

WHEN:  Thu Jan 5, 4:30pm; Fri Jan 6-Mon Jan 9, 7pm; Thu Jan 12-Sat Jan 14, 9pm

WHERE:  La MaMa E.T.C., 66 East 4th Street, New York NY 10003

TICKETS:   $20; available at or 212-475-7710


The POLISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE NEW YORK, established in 2000, is a diplomatic mission to the United States serving under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The Institute’s mission is to build, nurture and promote cultural ties between the United States and Poland by presenting Polish culture to American audiences and by connecting Polish artists and scholars to American institutions, introducing them to their professional counterparts in the United States, and facilitating their participation in contemporary American culture.

The Institute has been producing and promoting a broad range of cultural events in theater, music, film, literature, the humanities, and visual arts. Among its American partners are such distinguished organizations as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; Brooklyn Academy of Music; The Museum of Modern Art; The Jewish Museum; The PEN American Center; The Poetry Society of America; National Gallery of Art; Yale University; Columbia University; Princeton University; Harvard Film Archive; CUNY Graduate Center; Julliard School of Music; The New Museum; La MaMa E.T.C.; and many more. Our programs have included American presentations of works by such luminaries as filmmakers Roman Polanski, Andrzej Wajda and Jerzy Skolimowski; writers Czesław Miłosz , Adam Zagajewski and Wisława Szymborska; composers Krzysztof Penderecki, Witold Lutosławski and Mikołaj Górecki; theatre directors Krystian Lupa, Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor and Grzegorz Jarzyna; visual artists Krzysztof Wodiczko, Katarzyna Kozyra, Artur Żmijewski; and many other important artists, writers, historians, scholars, musicians, and performers.

THE PUBLIC THEATER was founded by Joseph Papp in 1954 and is now one of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions, producing new plays, musicals, and productions of classics at its downtown home and at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The Public is dedicated to embracing the complexities of contemporary society and nurturing both artists and audiences, as it continues Joseph Papp's legacy of creating a place of inclusion and a forum for ideas.

The Public hosts the annual UNDER THE RADAR FESTIVAL, directed by Mark Russell. It is one of the most i
mportant presentations of   international theater arts, featuring artists ranging from emerging talents to masters in the field. So far, UTR hosted over 100 productions from over 18 countries, including the United States, Belarus, Brazil, France, Mali, Mexico, Russia, and Poland.

LA MAMA EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE CLUB is an avant-garde off-off Broadway theatre, founded in 1961 by Ellen Stewart, and named in reference to her. Its mission is to develop, nurture, support, produce and present new and original performance work by artists of all nations and cultures. Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, La MaMa has evolved during its almost fifty-year history into a world-renowned cultural institution. Its programs (presented in three venues: The Annex, The Club and The First Floor Theatre) include dance and theater performances, gallery exhibits, workshops, reading series and more.

No. 439: New Maslowska production on stage in New York‏

Press a button to get pictures

The Polish Cultural Institute in New York
and East River Commedia

A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians
by Dorota Maslowska

Directed by Paul Bargetto
Translated from Polish by Benjamin Paloff

Dorota Maslowska is the unchallenged queen of the young Polish literary scene. 
– Frankfurter Rundschau 

It is a short play, filled with humor and a whole lot of gags. Two really nice protagonists, acting on mysterious impulses, set off on an unintentionally frantic quest through Poland. It is a quest full of comic adventures, which over time turn out to be no joke, quite the opposite in fact, utterly no joke, indeed, quite tragic. The audience has to consider the fact that the play is not as lighthearted as it seems; its characters do not represent positive social or psychological models, and this journey doesn't have to be a life quest at all. Quite the contrary. 
– Dorota Maslowska on A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians

In its New York premiere, directed by Paul Bargetto, starring Troy Lavallee (Blighty) and Robin Singer (Gina), A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians, performed by the East River Commedia, is a grotesque travelogue, in which foul-mouthed Blighty (a TV soap opera actor) and glue-sniffing Gina (a pregnant single mother) pretend to be poor Romanians as they bully their way across the Polish countryside. They hijack a taxi, take a joy ride with a drunken middle-aged woman and finally take shelter at the home of a crazy hermit. "Maslowska comes from the bridge generation in Poland – a generation that experienced as children the fall of Communism and the tidal wave of western consumer culture that swept in afterward – and a Catholic Church unchained," states Director Paul Bargetto. "In this play she has created a Bonnie and Clyde for our times, roaring down the highway, high on speed, inseparable, torn with desire and loathing for one another, on a journey of self revelation that is brutal, laugh out loud funny and unexpectedly mystical." 

Dorota Maslowska's work has been compared to that of writers such as Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), J. D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye), and William Burroughs (Naked Lunch). She shook the literary world by edging out Nobel Prize-winning poet, Wislawa Szymborska, to receive Poland's highest literary honor, the Nike Award, in 2006 at the age of 23. Since then, her plays have been staged in Australia, London, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Chicago, and throughout Poland.

The production us supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. 



Press a button to get pictures
A Couple of Poor 
Polish-Speaking Romanians
© Piotr Redlinski

Fri, Feb 4 
– Sat, Feb 26, 2011

Wed – Sat 8:00 PM
Sun 5:00 PM

Abrons Arts Center
Henry Street Settlement

The Underground Theater 
466 Grand Street 
(at Pitt Street)
New York, NY 

Tickets: $20 

Tel: 212.352.3101 

TEH Newsletter #1 2011: Welcome to the new year with TEH! (And check out the new videos on TEH TV!)‏

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TEH Picture of the month
This is what it looked like when Mains D'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) celebrated their 10th Anniversary on December 18th, 2010. Happy Anniversary Mains D'Oeuvres!
Photo: Vinciane Verguethen

Dear readers,

Welcome to TEH Newsletter #1 2011, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

2011 has a lot in store for TEH. As usual two network meetings are on the agenda, the first one in Tartu, Estonia on the 14-17th of April. New projects are starting, other ones are being wrapped up. TEH Members are presenting their fantastic spring programmes. And the days are finally getting longer and lighter outside our windows.

As written about in Newsletter #11 2010, TEH has set up a Solidarity Fund to support our friends in Belarus Free Theatre, who were arrested during the protests against the presidential elections in Belarus in December. Please read more about the situation below, and consider making a contribution – big or small – to the fund.

You will find the new feature "Picture of the month" starting from this issue. We will gladly receive photos from your centres each month (send them to marian[at] It's great to see what's going on all around Europe! Also in this Newsletter, there are a bunch calls for artistic grants and residencies just waiting for your applications.

Enjoy the read!
Marian Söderholm, Office Manager and
Anna Weitz, Marketing & Communication Manager

Celebrate Music Freedom Day with TEH!
On 3rd March 2011, several TEH centres will participate in the global campaign Music Freedom Day.

At ufaFabrik (Berlin, Germany), plans for Music Freedom Day are going well. The day wil
l focus on Cambodia, including a collage with live music, documentary films and delicious food. The idea is to highlight the situation of musicians and artists in past and present-day Cambodia.

Registration for TEH Meeting 71 has opened!
TEH Members, Friends and invited Guests are now warmly welcome to register for TEH Meeting 71 at Creative Center Carnation (Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus in Estonian) in Tartu, Estonia. The Meeting will take place between 14-17th April 2011 and the theme is "Shifting Gears".

Platform Art Project at Tabacka
In November last year Tabacka Kulturfabrik (Kosice, Slovakia) hosted four presentations of centres from Trans Europe Halles. Platform Art is a project focused on propagation of independent cultural centres from around Europe. See the video from Platform Art in Kosice on TEH TV!

NEXT Festival at A4
In December 2010, A4 (Bratislava, Slovakia) was the scene of the 11th edition of NEXT Festival for Advanced Music. "Maybe the best experience of the festival", says Lenka Bednárová at A4, "was the energetic music performance of the acoustic trio The Thing from Sweden and Norway" (Paal Nilssen-Love from The Thing pictured above).

New videos on TEH TV
you can watch videos from the CHANGING ROOM workshop "The Art of Sustainability" in Paris in June 2010, and the Platform Art workshop in Kosice that took place in December. Enjoy!

Help us support Belarus Free Theatre fight for freedom and justice
– TEH Solidarity Fund open for contributions

Following the Belarus post-election crackdown on opposition candidates and protesters in December 2010, TEH set up a solidarity fund to support the TEH Friend organisation Belarus Free Theatre in their fight for freedom and justice in Belarus.

We believe that an economic help can make a small relief in their struggle. Help us support their fight for a democratic Belarus by making a contribution to the TEH Solidarity Fund for Belarus Free Theatre.

On the TEH website there is a list of the donations that have reached the fund as of today. Thank you all for taking action against Europe’s last dictatorship!

Subcase Circus Fair at Subtopia
Swedish circus, variety and street art are part of a growing movement. Audience interest is increasing and more and more venues and festivals present shows of these art forms. On the 17th -18th of February 2011, the third edition of Subcase Circus Fair will take place at Subtopia (Botkyrka, Sweden).
Photo: Ludvig Duregård / 2funny

New premieres at Łaźnia Nowa
Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Cracow, Poland) present two new premieres within the framework of a project dedicated to Sławomir Mrożek. The two stage productions – “Mrożek Performance” and “The Fall of the Eagle’s Nest” (Polish: “Upadek orlego gniazda”) will be shown on 27th-29th January.

Röda Sten presents: Testaments Betrayed
Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) is proud to present “Testaments Betrayed” – the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Loulou Cherinet in Sweden. Cherinet's photographic and video based work is rich with references to cinema and documentary filmmaking.
Photo: Loulou Cherinet

Ambassador in Focus: Sandy Fitzgerald
TEH Ambassador Sandy Fitzgerald is a bit of a legend in Trans Europe Halles, with more than 20 years in the network. He is the former TEH Delegate of City Arts (Dublin, Ireland) who now works as a freelancer in various cultural projects, and who has a secret wish of being the Pope…

Fabryka Trzciny leaves Trans Europe Halles
Fabryka Trzciny (Warsaw, Poland) has decided to end their membership in TEH. We would like to thank everyone at Fabryka Trzciny for their involvement in the network and wish them good luck with their future projects!


Cultural Cooperation Placements in Moldova & Ukraine – Tandem Project. Deadline: 15th February.

International Symposium: The Language of Art and Music, Berlin, 17-20th February

Art as Cultural Diplomacy: Forum for Young Leaders, Berlin, 14-20th February

Residency at Lake Victoria Residence Arts Centre Kenya. Application is ongoing.

Open call to artists above 45 – Jeune Creation. Deadline: March 1st

Call for X-OP Residencies at Association for Culture and Education KIBLA

Call for artists to create mural designs/sculptures/installations in Noyant Gravoyére. Deadline: March 1st

From On-The-Move: Stockholm Fringe Festival is looking for talent! Deadline: 22nd March.

From On-The Move: 2011 Application deadlines from the Nordic-Baltic Culture Mobility Fund

TEH supports we are more
we are more (2010-2013) is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe.

50 members in 26 countries
Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 50 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries.

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on the move Newsflash 11/2010‏

November 17, 2010 is a cultural mobility information network that aims to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide. On-the-Move provides international cultural mobility information, engages in research, capacity building and advocacy mediating between the network members, other grassroots organisations and policy makers.

Please send your mobility news and opportunities to the Editor:

News from On the Move

La lettre d'information mensuelle est disponible aussi en Français! Monthly newsletter is also available in French!Grâce au soutien du Ministère Français de la Culture et Communication, la Newsflash est maintenant traduite en Français chaque mois et envoyée quelques jours après la version originale en Anglais.

Grants for Mobility

Joint Mobility Fund Roberto Cimetta and Marseille-Provence 2013 new dates (deadlines: 30 Nov, 25 Feb, 22 Apr, 26 Aug)The Cimetta Fund, Euro-Mediterranean arts mobility programme and Marseille-Provence 2013 – European capital of culture announce new dates for their joint Mobility Fund in 2010 and 2011. This Fund supports artistic creation in the Euro-Med region in the contemporary performing arts (theatre, dance, circus/street/puppet art) music, visual arts, digital arts, photography, film, new writing, playwriting, storytelling, poetry, transdisciplinary projects.

Calls for participation

Call for proposals for the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, 28 June – 4 July, Bytom and Krakow, Poland (deadline: 28 February)The Silesian Dance Theatre in cooperation with EUNIC-European Union National Institutes of Culture are seeking emerging, young artists from all over EU with dance works to be presented as part of the European Festival of Contemporary Dance, Bytom and Kraków, June 28th – July 4th, 2011.CASCAS call for applications for a 6-day tour of the street arts and circus context of Sweden, Belgium, Finland or UK (deadline: 30 November)CASCAS is a European project led by organisations who provide information and advice on the circus and street arts at a national level. By offering facilitated tours of the circus and street arts context within Sweden, Belgium, Finland and UK, CASCAS will encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe, with the aim of assisting people in the circus and street arts sectors to further develop their working knowledge.Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes call for emerging creation video cinema FIPA 2011, Biarritz, France (deadline: 30 November)The Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes in partnership with the emerging creation programme of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes – FIPA – of Biarritz launch a new call for applications.


Summer International Fellowship Programme for art managers at the Ken
nedy Center, Washington, D.C., USA (deadline: 1 December)
The Devos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts announces a Summer International Fellowship Programme to provide practical experience to 20 mid-to-high level arts leaders currently working in international nonprofit performing arts organisations outside the USA.EFA Atelier for Young Festival Managers – Open Call for Application, May-Singapore and October-Izmir-Turkey (deadlines: 17 December and 7 February)The European Festivals Association (EFA) announces the launch of the Open Call for Application for two editions of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in 2011: SINGAPORE from 14-21 May 2011, and IZMIR/Turkey 2011 from 24-31 October 2011.


Workshop Foundation call for applications RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN – improvisational laboratory, 28 Feb-9 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary (deadline: 20 December)Artist-in-residence programme in Budapest, Hungary, taking place between 28th February to 9th May, 2011, organised by the Workshop Foundation and proposing to explore "Improvisation in dance and other artforms, and its relation to awareness and perception of performer and audience".Call for Entries for the PACT Zollverein residencies from August to December 2011, Germany (deadline: 13 December)From August to December 2011 PACT Zollverein is offering a residency programme for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from both Germany and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance, media art or music.Caravansarai announces two residencies periods in 2011, Istanbul, Turkey (deadline for summer residencies: 15 January)Caravansarai proposes seasonal live/work programmes open to artists, creators and researchers interested in living and working in Istanbul, Turkey for periods of a few weeks to a few months. In addition to the one-month residencies available for the months of May – August, 2011, it has short 2-week residencies available from February 1-13th and March 15-31st, 2011.


7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation, 30 November-3 December, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, SpainThe 7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation will take place from 30 November to 3 December in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain) under the general theme of “Culture, Cooperation and Local Development”. The Campus main focus will be on cultural practice and the promotion of a clearer and deeper vision of the cultural dimension of development at local level.Sharjah Art Foundation March Meeting 2011 Call for Presentation Proposals, 13-15 March, Sharjat, United Arab Emirates (deadline: 29 November)Artists, art practitioners and institutions based or active in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia are invited to apply for the opportunity to make a formal presentation on a current or future art project at the 4th edition of the March Meeting organised by Sharjah Art Foundation, taking place from March 13th to 15th in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award For Cultural Management Studies (deadline: 1 April 2011)With the aim of contributing to the development of dissemination of research in the field of cultural management at the European level, Ros Roca Group and FiraTàrrega have launched the Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award for Cultural Management Studies. Prize: €6,000.

Regional focus: Asia

Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) & IETM Satellite Meeting, 14th – 20th February 2011,Yokohama, JapanIETM members are warmly invited to attend the next Asia Satellite meeting in Yokohama (Japan) from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th February 2011 and to stay on for a renewed-concept TPAM Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th February.Korea Arts Management Service call for “Funding for International Collaborative Project” (deadline: 30 November)The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) are accepting applications for financial support under the “Funding for International Collaborative Project”. Please bear in mind that only the Korean partner can apply to the open call.

Regional Focus: Euro-Mediterranean

Fondation Marc de Montalembert call for applications from the Mediterranean region for young people under 30 years old (deadline: 31 December)The Marc de Montalembert Grant (7,000 EUR) helps young people from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea and below 30 years of age, to implement projects dedicated to the knowledge of the cultures or arts and crafts in this region.

Mobility project space

Re-tooling residencies: International Conference on Artistic Residencies followed by exchange programme for emerging professionalsRe-tooling residencies aims at creating an exchange programme for eight cultural professionals who want to start a new residency programme in a south eastern European country where residencies are less established.HALMA grants programme for writersHALMA grants programme for writers aims at organising a broad writers’ exchange programme among literary centres from all over Europe.Rendez-VousRendez-Vous is a multidisciplinary mobility programme that makes use of eight European artist residency centres which cross Europe east to west and aims at giving rise to a mobility model which can be transposed to all artistic disciplines.

Partner search

The Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking for partnersThe Delta Ensemble's European Project is looking both for cultural organisations and for performers and creative artists, in order to form an international artistic team that would be able to appropriate and to increase the Delta Ensemble's creative know-how and make up a network of operators – co-organisers and associated partners – that would like to build together with the EU this project of cultural cooperation.


Moving Arts: managing the carbon impacts of our touring by Julie´s BicycleMoving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally. The research, in three volumes, is led by a detailed set of recommendations and a new online tool for measuring carbon emissions before and after a tour. The author is Julie’s Bicycle, a broad coalition of music, theatre and scientific experts committed to delivering a concerted response to climate change.Artists Mov
ing & Learning national reports
The “Artists Moving & learning” two year research project analysed the impact of mobility of artists in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective. The first outcomes have been published: ten national monographs with interviews of artists from the performing and visual arts in 10 EU member states.

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New links and updates in English and FrenchThe Kunstenloket is a contact point for practical and legal advice on everything to do with working as an artist in Belgium. Since ever more foreign artists are using Kunstenloket services, the information on the artist’s status, reimbursements and foreign artists in Belgium is now available in English and French on the website.

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German Centre of the International Theathre Insititute
German Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Finnish MinistryMinistry

Trans Europe Halles – TEH Newsletter #9 2010: TEH releases Open Source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker!

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Dear readers,

Welcome to TEH Newsletter #9 2010, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

TEH's mobility pilot project CHANGING ROOM is approaching its final exciting steps. The Sibelius Academy has made their conclusions of the CHANGING ROOM Study, and the publication is now being edited and designed. Next week cultural operators from 11 different organisations working with community filmmaking will get together at Subtopia (Stockholm, Sweden) for the last training within the project. The Staff Exchange programme was, as reported in the last newsletter, concluded by the Summer Camp in Amsterdam earlier this autumn and we are now presenting a series of video interviews that was made with the participants and the organisers during the camp. Watch them all on TEH TV.
Finally, in this newsletter, we are happy to announce that TEH has decided to release the open source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker which is the part of the Toolkit that until today has been tested exclusively inside of TEH.

Keep on reading to find out what else is happening in the network.

Best wishes,
Anna Weitz, Marketing & Communications Manager and
Marian Söderholm, Communications & Office Assistant

Culture Action Europe launches the campaign
we are more

On October 7th in Brussels, Culture Action Europe launched the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign we are more. As a founding member of Culture Action Europe, TEH intends to work closely with our members and Culture Action Europe to support the campaign.

The campaign will run until 2013 and concrete campaign activities for Trans Europe Halles members will be planned starting from 2011. As well as mobilising Culture Action Europe’s membership, we are more will seek to mobilise everyone who cares about culture in Europe. In order to increase the chances of the campaign demands to be successful, Trans Europe Halles members are encouraged to already now start to give visibility to the campaign. Simple tools for doing so can be found on the "join" section of the campaign website.

TEH releases the Open Source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker: Facebook4org
Does your organisation need a tool for online communication and matchmaking? Are many of your members on Facebook? Then we have good news for you! Following requests from several cultural associations, TEH has decided to release the open-source code with which the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker was created: the Facebook4org application code. This means that any developer can customize and install the application for any organisation, for free.

Find out how the application works by entering the demo version here. Read more and download the Facebook4org code for developers here

Civil Societies Connect at ASEM 8 Summit in Brussels
Trans Europe Halles was invited to the Asia-Europe Foundation’s 4th Connecting Civil Societies of Asia and Europe Conference, “Challenging Challenges, New Ideas” in Brussels, Belgium on the 1st-3rd of October. Camille Dumas from Mains d'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) represented TEH at the workshop “Sustainable Creative Cities: The role of the arts in globalized urban context”.

TEH visits École de Cirque in Brussels, Belgium
During their recent stay in Brussels, Birgitta Persson and Marian Söderholm from the TEH Coordination Office visited Ècole de Cirque, a school for circus performers of all ages, hosted in a beautiful 19th Century former train station in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean district. It also hosts the office of the European Youth Circus and Education Network Caravan.

Tabačka Kuturfabrik attends GOGOLFEST Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine
The conference, entitled "The project of cultural transformation of post-industrial Kyiv district Vydubychi and creation of GOGOLFEST cultural center", took place on the 8th of October in Ukraine's capital. GOGOLFEST is a pilot social-cultural project which aims to create a place for cultural education and production, and will open in 2012 in Kyiv. Lukas Berberich from Tabačka Kulturfabrik (Košice, Slovakia) reports from the conference.

Interzona at the ArtVerona Art Fair
On 14th – 18th October, TEH Member Interzona (Verona, Italy) was invited to INDEPENDENTS, a section of the ArtVerona Contemporary Art Fair created by Fuoribiennale, where independent cultural centres and non-profit spaces had the chance to show how they work and experiment with contemporary arts.
Photo: Dea Longo

Röda Sten seminar discussed cultural volunteering
Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) held a seminar on the 18th of October to present their pilot study on volunteers in the cultural sector, and the recently published report ”Volunteers, commitment and cultural organisations”.

Photo: Marian Söderholm

Łaźnia Nowa present new repertoir in revamped building
On the 15th and 16th of October, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Cracow, Poland) re-opened after an extensive renovation. The new repertoir is full of exciting performances and premieres, including a one-year project dedicated to the Polish dramatist and writer Sławomir Mrożek.

Member in Focus: CuLTUREN
CuLTUREN (Västerås, Sweden) is a multi-disciplinary centre where cinemas, theatre groups, experimental music collectives, local radio producers, art exhibitions, conferences, café visitors, college students, circus performers and many more all share the same roof.

Ambassador in Focus: Philippe Grombeer
This month's Ambassador in Focus is TEH's founder Philippe Grombeer, who now works at Théâtre des Doms in Avignon. In this interview he tells us about the birth of Trans Europe Halles in 1983, and how he envisions the network's 30th anniversary.

CHANGING ROOM Staff Exchange interviews on TEH TV
Several video interviews with participants in the CHANGING ROOM Staff Exchange Programme have now been uploaded to TEH TV. The interviews were done during the CHANGING ROOM Summer Camp in Amsterdam this summer. There is also a video report from the camp including interviews with the CHANGING ROOM Project Manager Paul Bogen and Staff Exchange Programme Manager Annette Wolfsberger. A big thanks to Linda Konone (NOASS, Riga) who made the videos!

Register now for Re:imagining Cultural Space Conference in Stockholm
Intercult in collaboration with Culture Action Europe and Orionteatern presents Re:Imagining Cultural Space on 17th – 19th November at Orionteatern in Stockholm, Sweden – an international conference and lab on the policy and practice of flexible art spaces and cultural organisations in Europe.

YEAH! Award – First European award for music education and outreach projects
YEAH! Young EARopean Award 2011 is the new European competition for creative minds and musical ideas that arouse their audience’s enthusiasm for music with imaginative and innovative productions.
The first award ceremony will be held on November 19th 2011.

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51 members
in 26 countries

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 51 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries. CHANGING ROOM is the biggest project of TEH today.

CHANGING ROOM – what is it?
CHANGING ROOM is a pilot project looking for new ways enhancing the cross-border mobility of cultural operators in Europe. It includes workshops, staff exchanges, an academic study and an online toolkit.

Polish Cultural Institute – No. 421: Bialystok Puppet Theatre plays Chopin at La MaMa

Press a button to get pictures
La MaMa E.T.C.
in association with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York

written by Leslaw Piecka and Wojciech Szelachowski
directed by Leslaw Piecka
set and puppet design by Joanna Braun
marionettes constructed by Zbigniew Romanyk

Absolutely every detail has been worked out. The puppet's fingers move precisely in the rhythm of the mazurkas, nocturnes and waltzes as played by Trzaskowski. At a certain moment, the audience stops paying attention to the puppeteers. It is just as if the marionette were moving completely by itself.
                                                                        – Anna Kopec, Kurier Poranny 

Chopin-An Impression, is a theatrical reflection on the life and work of the world's greatest composer for the piano, performed in perfect synchrony by a Polish virtuoso pianist and by marionettes representing the composer and the historical figures who surrounded him. The marionette pianist measures about a foot tall and seems to master the keyboard with the agility and genius of Chopin. This takes expert marionette technique, unusual mechanical design and skill. In preparation for this feat, the puppeteers trained for weeks watching a pianist's hands. With minimal narration and with silent manipulation of the marionette cast accompanied by selections from Chopin's works, they also enact his artistic friendships, musical impressions, and life experiences. These include his fascination with Paganini, his relationships with George Sand and with his fiancee Maria Wodzinska, his longings for Poland, the lost country of his childhood, his creative dilemmas, artistic visions, and moods that ranged from the joy of success to the pain of despair, from the poetic to the paranoid. 

The Bialystok Puppet Theatre is one of the leading puppet theaters in Europe and one of the oldest Polish theater companies to cultivate a puppet repertoire for adults. Since 1972, it has regularly produced works by such authors as Boccaccio, Calderon, Rostand, Gogol, Bernhard, Rozewicz, and Mrozek. 

The piece was originally commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the worldwide celebration of The Year of Chopin 2010, celebrating the bicentennial of the composer's birth in Zelazowa Wola, Poland. Created by The Bialystok Puppet Theatre, the production debuted in March 2010 in the Polish city that bears its name. In New York the play will be presented as a part of the The La MaMa Puppet Series IV–Built to Perform, an annual event that carries on La MaMa's long standing tradition of supporting puppet theater artists from all over the world. 

Chopin – An Impression
 is presented by La MaMa E.T.C. in association with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York. Additional support comes from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, The Jim Henson Foundation, and The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. 



Oct 21 – Nov 7, 2010

Performed in English

Thursdays Oct 21, 28 & Nov 4, 7:30 PM
Oct 22, 29 & Nov 5, 7:30 PM
Oct 23, 30 & Nov 6, 7:30 PM
Oct 24, 31 & Nov 7, 2:30 PM

Oct 21-31 with Karina Komendera, piano 
Nov 4-7 with Krzysztof Trzaskowski, piano 

La MaMa E.T.C.
The Ellen Stewart Theater

74A East 4th Street 
New York, NY

Tickets: $25;
Or box office:
tel. 212.475.7710
Tue – Sat 12:00 – 6:00 PM

    La MaMa BTL MKIDN Chopin 2010      

voicEncounters – Grotowski Institute, Poland

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Odzyskiwanie głosu / Reclaiming the Voice


 I session: 



After the great success of 2009’s 11th edition Giving Voice in Wroclaw, Teatr ZAR ensemble, in association with the Grotowski Institute, is opening in 2010-2011 the first season of a series of reflective voicEncounters, workshops and exchanges organized around the phenomenon of human voice and musicality and its various cultural realizations. 


The story of humankind engraved in music, and its oral transmission from generation to generation is a legacy that is slowly being eroded as cities expand and a different pace of modern life takes over. I often question what my musical heritage is, where it comes from. I wonder whether musicality ever existed in my own ancestral lineage, and I believe it must have, because I fundamentally believe that it was once an essential tool for expression throughout the world.

I have come to understand that it is a great gift to be able to observe and dialogue with one’s own musicality. Thanks to the work with Teatr ZAR I have been offered this opportunity through the reflection of my companions and the invaluable meetings with masters and people of music from around the world. Through voicEncounters I would like to open up the possibility to other people to share the individual quests of some of my colleagues in Teatr ZAR, and meet some of the wonderful people that we have already met and are still longing to meet. 

Ditte Berkeley, program coordinator of voicEncounters


The aim of voicEncounters is to provide a space in which the multifaceted components surrounding music can be brought together under one roof. The seed and the spine for each encounter is music, but what is touched on and engaged with will not only be the music. Each encounter will aim to recall the  microcosm of the world surrounding music from the particular theme and will be tailored to the needs of that subject.

voicEncounters aims to provide a flexible yet structured environment in which participants are not simply mesmerised by the virtuosity or knowledge of the musicians and speakers, but where they feel free to meet, explore and engage with the artists in a manner that is meaningful and personal to them. Participants will be able to drive their own enquiry through different channels : by practically engaging with the music; listening to performances; attending lectures; participating in debate and discussion and pursuing their individual research through access to the new and growing voice centre archive, which is part of Teatr ZAR.

Through voicEncounters we hope to provide a chance for individuals to reflect on the role music plays in their own life and culture and their own connection to voices and music of the past. 

voicEncounters will happen 3 times a year, with Na Grobli Studio of the Grotowski Institute  as its base. From this centre we will expand out into other spaces in and around Wroclaw, filling them with voices. Each session will be founded on a question or theme, connected with the researches and travels of Teatr ZAR and this subject will be engaged with by artists and academics from Poland and abroad. 


The first encounter will take place between 5-8 November 2010 and it will deal with The phenomenon of Latin Confraternities – symbol of an ideal society centered around the church with singing as a major vector of communion. We will be welcoming to Wroclaw the confraternity di a Pieve di a Serra from Corsica, the confraternity of Castelsardo from Sardinia, and guest researchers from the Museum of Corsica.

The second session, in early 2011, will be dedicated to the Armenian music at its climax before 1915, and the outlines of Komitas Vardapet’s works and life.


The impulse for the third session are the voices of women from the Middle East and it will touch on the theme of the silent/silenced voice.


We invite you to join us on our journey of voicEncounters!