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Newsletter 12.1.2011 

Happy New Year!
Happy 2011!
Happy New Res Artis Website!

Call for Participation, Join us in Lima!

Following up on the productive meetings and exchanges we held in Montreal with some of our colleagues from Latin America, we would like to invite you to join us in Lima, Peru for a meeting of residencies from the region. residencias_en_red [iberoamerica] – a new network of residencies in Latin America—will be holding a meeting between March 23rd and 27th of this year at which Res Artis has been invited to participate.

This is an excellent opportunity to exchange perspectives with our colleagues in this part of the world. It’s also an optimum opportunity for our members to participate in the continual development of our ResSupport program. An important part of this program is our ResSupport Fellowship, which provides opportunities for members of emerging residencies to spend time at a host institution learning about the field of residencies from the inside. As we announced in Montreal, our first fellowship is being sponsored by Akademie Schloss Solitude. We hope you will decide to join us by also sponsoring a fellowship.

Please let us know by February 1st if you would like to participate.

New Res Artis Website

Our new website was launched last month with many changes and improvements.

Res Artis Member Organisations

Please take a moment and update your profile information, it is significantly different than the old system. Some of your information has been transferred for you, but there are many new categories, more multiple-choice, additional details. Thank you! For more information, please see the tutorial here.
The new member’s section will be an archive of case studies, funding information and tools specifically especially for residencies.
Join our forums to start an active online discussion
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Artists, newsletter subscribers, friends

You’ll find our improved residency search tool here (note: thanks for your patience, the search will be more effective as the residencies update their information)
Our website is a portal to additional information about residencies, events and funding possibilities.
Check our upcoming deadlines list for the latest residency opportunities.

Please write to with any problems, suggestions or comments.

Goodbyes and new beginnings

A letter from Irene Saddal, Res Artis project manager

Do I have everything? What will the people be like? Will there be language and cultural issues? And perhaps most importantly what will the food be like?

These are questions one has when traveling to a different country, either going to a residency, or like me, organizing Res Artis meetings or attending other conferences and network events.

During the recent years I have worked with much enjoyment at the Res Artis office. It has been an exciting time, in which I learned a lot. This is largely because of all the people I met along the way who shared their experience and knowledge.

After working for almost four years at Res Artis, I feel that it is time for me to move on to other challenges. Starting February a new team, together with the board, will take over running the office and daily operations of Res Artis, and they will do this with much enthusiasm and drive, I am sure.

I’ve traveled the globe and had wonderful experiences representing Res Artis. It was an opportunity to meet old acquaintances and new friends. And I made great friends! I want to thank you all and wish you well.

My bags are almost packed. So I’ll be off to new adventures.

All the best and till we meet again,
Irene Saddal

The ‘PAiR’ Initiative – Performing Arts in Residence

Traditionally, we find Artist in Residence programmes as individual scholarships mostly in the field of visual arts, literature, and music. During the last meetings of the networks Res Artis and ACCR, Schloss Broellin (Germany) started informally the discussion around residencies for artists of the Performing Arts, articulating the rising needs for European/international ensembles to meet and work at appropriate places.

Following a work meeting in September, PAiR was formed, continuing discussions at the recent Res Artis General meeting in Montreal. The objective – To strengthen existing and support the development of new residencies for performing artists.


Cooperation Case Study : Fokus Korea

The Berlin-Seoul Korean Performing Arts Residency Program

Cooperation between a governmental agency, two performing arts groups and a residency program.
– Ufa Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
– Creative Group Noni, Seoul, Korea
– SU group, Seoul, Korea
The program
Two groups of Korean performers traveled from Korea to Germany, for a period of several months. giving workshops and working at the Ufa Fabrik in Berlin. The group of artists work together will local artists and carry out performances until the end of January, presenting the European premiere of their play RIN, using puppetry, masks and shadow theatre with a particular music composition. Fokus Korea also includes a film program including two documentary films dealing with Korean traditional music and spiritual roots.
Supported by
The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Arts Management Service

New Residency: Ateliers Topaz, Canada

Where is it?
Ateliers Topaz is halfway in between the Atlantic and the Pacific on the TransCanada Highway's northern segment in Northern Ontario in a 60s building reminiscent of "Route 66".
What is it?
Ateliers Topaz is privately own by Laurent Vaillancourt, a sculptor. His idea is to host artists that wish to work in remote area surrounded by the Boreal Forest. Due to heating cost Ateliers Topaz are available only from late April to October. Spaces available are versatile and are open to all disciplines.
Whats going on now?
Currently it is Laurent's workshop. A store of found objects, or 'Topazian material' is developing and from that Laurent is starting a new body of work called "Minute, small things of life". The Topazian material store is open to visiting artists only.
Ateliers Topaz on the Res Arits Website


New Residency: Spark Box Studio, Canada

Where is it?
Spark Box Studio is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, a vibrant rural community full of artists, great food and wine and scenic provincial parks.
What is it?
Spark Box Studio offers many programs for both the community and visiting artists. Their Residency Program provides visiting artists living accommodations and access to our professional studio and resources, which includes equipment for silkscreen, etching, relief printing and photography. The Residency Program affords artists the space and uninterrupted work time needed to support the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice. The studio also has an Open Studio program to local artists, publishes an arts magazine called Square2 and offers career development guides to emerging artists.
Whats going on now?
Spark Box Studio is currently updating its Emerging Artist Guide website, finishing its third issue of Square2 Magazine and accepting applications for their 2011 round of Artists in Residence.
Spark Box Studio on the Res Artis Website

Upcoming Residency Deadlines

The complete listing of upcoming deadlines is listed on our website here:

Upcoming Res Artis meetings

March 23-27, 2011 – Res Artis Regional Meeting, Lima, Peru
as part of residencias_en_red [iberoamerica], a new network of residencies in Latin America
May 23-27 2011 – Res Artis Regional Meeting, Debrecen, Hungary

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Call for Participation, Join us in Lima!
New Res Artis Website
Goodbyes and new beginnings
The ‘PAiR’ Initiative – Performing Arts in Residence
Cooperation Case Study : Fokus Korea
New Residency: Ateliers Topaz, Canada
New Residency: Spark Box Studio, Canada
Upcoming Residency Deadlines
Upcoming Res Artis meetings
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Winterse Italiaanse optocht, Praat en denk mee op 22 februari, doe mee aan de cursus Partners in Community Art 2011…

Wordt deze nieuwsbrief niet goed getoond, klik hier.
Winterse Italiaanse optocht
Ondanks het koude winterweer was de Italiaanse optocht tijdens de Italiaanse Culturele Zondag (19 dec) een groot succes. Met honderden muzikanten, vaandels en een metershoog beeld als slotstuk, verraste de processie menig voorbijganger in de stille besneeuwde binnenstad.  
Bekijk de foto’s
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Leven met Verschillen publicatie
Na de afronding van het driejarige traject Leven met Verschillen, hebben we hard gewerkt aan een publicatie. En die is nu af! Lees o.a. waar community art makers tegenaan liepen bij projecten en welke ondersteuning ze kregen of misten. Bestel vanaf 20 januari het boek via International Theatre and Film Books a 17,50 euro
Bestel boek via International Theatre and Film Books
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El Army Expo en Spinoza Presenteert!
Sinds september 2009 werken vier community arts kunstenaars aan projecten in de stad en regio. CAL-Utrecht ondersteunt deze makers en onderzoekt hun projecten. Twee van de projecten zijn al lekker op weg: El Army Expo! in de Vrijstaat in Leidsche Rijn en Spinoza Presenteert! in Lombok.
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Praat en denk mee op 22 februari
Na een geslaagde eerste intervisie bijeenkomst voor Utrechtse (stad en regio) community arts makers of toekomstige makers, zijn we druk bezig met een tweede editie. Op 22 februari 2011 hopen we weer een gevarieerde groep betrokkenen te ontvangen om kennis en ervaringen uit te wisselen. Thema is deze keer: dilemma’s en moeilijkheden bij community-art projecten.
Meedoen? Stuur dan een mail
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Win prijzen met je project
Heb jij een goed of origineel filmpje van jouw community arts project? Stuur ‘m op voor de tweede editie van het Kunst en Cultuur voor je wijk festival van Movisie. Wie weet wordt jouw project verkozen door jury of publiek. De uitslag wordt bekend gemaakt tijdens het Internationaal Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam.
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Meer inzicht in de praktijk
Meer inzicht verkrijgen in de praktijk van community arts projecten? Schrijf je in voor de Cursus Partners in Community Art 2011. Bedoeld voor alle betrokkenen bij community arts projecten.
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The Gaza Monologues at the UN‏

The Gaza Mono-Logues

On November 20, 2010, twenty-six young actors representing twenty-one countries arrive in New York City to perform The Gaza Mono-Logues. 

(Italy-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-UK-Germany-Swiss-Hungary-Norway-Sweden-Greece-

Palestine-Lebanon-Tunisia-Jordan-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe-Gambia-Trinidad-USA)

Directors Iman Aoun (ASHTAR Theatre, Palestine) and Shauna Kanter (VOICETheatre, NYC) will create with them a performance of these texts in all their different languages.

A public performance is hosted by La MaMa E.T.C on Sunday 28th at 8PM in The Club.

Two performances will take place in the United Nations for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, November 29th at 12:30PM in Conference Hall 2 right after the Special Meeting, and in the evening at 6.30PM in the public lobby around the opening exhibition of UNRWA, Summer Games in Gaza.

Olivia Magnan de Bornier: 718 974 1240
Interviews available in English, French, Arabic.

On The Move – Newsflash 10/2010‏

October 25, 2010 is a cultural mobility information network that aims to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide. On-the-Move provides international cultural mobility information, engages in research, capacity building and advocacy mediating between the network members, other grassroots organisations and policy makers.

Please send your mobility news and opportunities to the Editor:

You are welcome to use this information for non-profit purposes.

EU News

Call for proposals and info sessions: "Strengthening capacities in the cultural sector" – People and Eastern Partnership Culture programme, 21 Oct/Brussels and 25 Oct/Kiev (deadline: 19 November)The objective of this call for proposals is to contribute to the creation of a political, regulatory, institutional and economic environment conducive to the strengthening of the cultural sectors and their actors as a vector for sustainable economic, social and human development.Call for proposals for flagship projects – European Year of Volunteering 2011 (deadline: 12 November)The purpose of this call is to support one or two flagship projects per Member State, which will receive a grant from the European Commission, in order to test and develop new and innovative schemes and approaches with a view to build long-term partnerships between civil society organisations operating in the area of volunteering. 

Grants for Mobility

danceWEB scholarship programme 2011, 13 July to 17 August 2011, Vienna, Austria (deadline: 15 December)The Scholarship Programme is a 5 week residency taking place every year in July – August in Vienna within the frame of ImPulsTanz festival. It offers around 65 young professional dancers and choreographers from mainly European but also from non European countries the possibility to take part in an intense multinational further training programme. 

Calls for participation

Studio 303 performances opportunities "In the Round" and "Mobilise", Montreal, Canada (deadlines: 15 November)Studio 303, a network of intersecting support and resource activities, providing a nurturing home base for independent artists proposes two calls for submissions for short works for shared programmes to take place in 2011.Salzburger Performance Tage 2011, 16 April, Austria (deadline: 15 December)Lange Nacht des Tanzes, a cooperation of ARGEkultur and Tanzimpulse Salzburg calls for productions for this event to take place on the 16th April 2011 in Salzburg, Austria.Open call for INVISIBLE CITY, May 2011, Schiedam, Netherlands (deadline: 8 November)Invisible City will take place in the beginning of May 2011. Artists and non-artists from all disciplines can apply with plans for new work or existing work. Working period: 10 days maximum on location.Call for entries danubeVIDEOARTfestival, March 2011, Grein, Austria (deadline: 1 December)Media and video artists from all over the world are invited to submit their works for the danubeVIDEOARTfestival #1 that will be held in March 2011 in Stadtkino Grein (Upper Austria). 


Social protection of performing artists, 26 November, Brussel, BelgiumTraining session addressing the social protection of performing artists in Belgium from both an academic as well as a more practical perspective organised by the Faculty of Law – Clinics on EU Law 2010-2011, Leuven. Open Calls – Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, 16-26 June 2011, Czech Republic (deadlines: 30 October, 30 November, 15 January)The next Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, taking place in June 2011, 16-26, proposes several labs and workshops in a variety of performance design disciplines and genres – costume, stage, light, sound design, and theatre architecture for dance, opera, drama, site specific, multi-media performances, and performance art. 


Community Arts Project Residency, Nka Foundation, Ashanti, Ghana (deadline: ongoing)Foundation Nka seeks submissions of creative projects designed to accomplish community ends. The Community Arts Residency project is a part of Nka Foundation’s Arts Village at Abetenim in the Ashanti Region (about 20 km from Kumasi), Ghana. 


How to promote the mobility and internationalisation of cultural operators?, 23 November, Lisboa, PortugalThe International office of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture (GPEARI/MC) is organizing a seminar on the 23 of November in Lisbon to promote reflection on the main issues involving the mobility of artists and cultural operators as well as to disseminate among the Portuguese culture sector some of the networks, organisations and tools available to support internationalisation.Re:Imagining Cultural Space 17-19 November, Stockholm, Sweden (deadline for registration: 29 October)International conference and lab on the policy and practice of flexible art spaces and cultural organisations in Europe, organised by Intercult and Black/North Seas in collaboration with Culture Action Europe and Orionteatern (SE).Dance and Theatre from Europe. New impetus from the East, 5-6 November, Leipzig, GermanyIn the course of the 20th edition of the festival euro-scene Leipzig, this symposium plans to enrich the Europe-wide debate about artistic mobility and its disbalances stimuli and questions.International Conference on Creative Tourism, 9-10 December, Barcelona, SpainThe aim of this conference is to bring together researchers, urban planners, policy designers, artists, cultural activists and tourist professionals to assess the benefits of international collaboration in the rapidly developing field of creative tourism.Arts Funding – Artistic Freedom, European Council of Artists (ECA), 5-7 November, Zagreb, Croatia (deadline for registration: 14 October)ECA's annual conference 2010 to take place in Zagreb 5-7 November proposes to address fundamental questions such as: Is public funding a guarantee for a free and diverse arts scene? Is the market a possible way towards independent arts and artists? 


5th International Art Prize Arte Laguna, March 2011, Venice, Italy (deadline: 16 November by mail or 10 December online)The International Prize Arte Laguna continues its course as "incubator of Italian and international young art", with the will to discover new talent, to support emerging artists in promoting their creativity and to develop their careers.18th Jeunesses International FLUTE Competition, 7-13 May 2011, Bucharest, Romania (deadline: 1 March 2011)The 18th Jeunesses International Flute Competition, 7 – 13 May 2011 is targeted at two age categories: up to 18 and 30 years old.The FutureEverything Award (deadline: 31 October)The FutureEverything Award recognises outstanding achievement for innovation in art, society & technology. It celebrates creative projects in any medium that offer a new and unique way to experience or see the world and help to bring the future into the present. 

Regional focus: Asia

Japan Foundation arts and cultural exchange programme 2011-2012 guidelines announced (various deadlines)The Japan Foundation supports exchange projects between Japan and other nations in three art genres: visual arts, performing arts and audio-visual arts as well as in publications and, in segments that enhance understanding of Japan through culture, cultural cooperation and civic/youth exchange. 

Mobility project space

Writers on the move, mobile traning programme (deadline: 7 November)The SPACE mobility project is providing a mobile European training programme for critics, journalists, theoreticians, who are writing about performing arts and who want to deepen their knowledge base and analyse and improve their work within an international context.Mobility Infopoint Mapping in ItalyThe study was carried out by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, the Italian partner of PRACTICS, between 2009 and 2010.House for Open Mobility Exchange (H.O.M.E.)H.O.M.E. is a platform for self-organised non-formal exchange of artists working in public spaces.MusXchangeMusXchange aims at reducing a deficit in the training of young musicians resulting from a lack of support to short-term mobility programmes in professional orchestra and ensemble training.Artistic companionship throughout EuropeCompagnonnage artistique á travers l'Europe main goal is to create a network to provide structures for the spontaneous movement of artists and cultural workers and to improving their practices by encouraging them to acquire new skills through exchange. 


Artist Visa Applications: Arguments for SuccessHow do you argue when visa issuing offices and embassies continue to violate international recommendations and conventions? This Freemuse Quick Guide tackles various points set out in international conventions and recommendations to help you argue for smooth visa handling.Encouraging Collections Mobility – A Way Forward for Museums in EuropeEncouraging Collections Mobility is the ideal text for museum professionals, researchers and students who are determined to explore and research collections in order to open collection resources and learn more about European heritage.  

Don't forget …

The News and Announcements section is constantly being updated. This Newsflash offers a selection of current items. If you are looking for opportunities for professional mobility, check the site regularly so you don't miss any deadlines.

New links and updates

WE ARE MORE! Act for Culture in Europewe are more, a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign (2010-2013) has been launched by Culture Action Europe this October.Crossing Borders: The state of artists mobilityA compilation of cases on the hurdles of artists mobility put together by three intersecting networks: Res Artis, freeDimensional and The Upgrade.

NewsFlash archive

OTM NewsFlash ArchiveIf you missed a newsletter or are looking for an item we featured some weeks or months ago, you can find previous copies of the NewsFlash here. These are presented for reference.

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On-the-Move was set up by IETM in 2002. It is now an independent international association, aisbl. 

German Centre of the International Theathre Insititute
German Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Finnish MinistryMinistry of Education – Finland
German MinistryFederal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media – Germany

Roberta Levitow

Trans Europe Halles – TEH Newsletter #9 2010: TEH releases Open Source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker!

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Dear readers,

Welcome to TEH Newsletter #9 2010, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

TEH's mobility pilot project CHANGING ROOM is approaching its final exciting steps. The Sibelius Academy has made their conclusions of the CHANGING ROOM Study, and the publication is now being edited and designed. Next week cultural operators from 11 different organisations working with community filmmaking will get together at Subtopia (Stockholm, Sweden) for the last training within the project. The Staff Exchange programme was, as reported in the last newsletter, concluded by the Summer Camp in Amsterdam earlier this autumn and we are now presenting a series of video interviews that was made with the participants and the organisers during the camp. Watch them all on TEH TV.
Finally, in this newsletter, we are happy to announce that TEH has decided to release the open source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker which is the part of the Toolkit that until today has been tested exclusively inside of TEH.

Keep on reading to find out what else is happening in the network.

Best wishes,
Anna Weitz, Marketing & Communications Manager and
Marian Söderholm, Communications & Office Assistant

Culture Action Europe launches the campaign
we are more

On October 7th in Brussels, Culture Action Europe launched the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign we are more. As a founding member of Culture Action Europe, TEH intends to work closely with our members and Culture Action Europe to support the campaign.

The campaign will run until 2013 and concrete campaign activities for Trans Europe Halles members will be planned starting from 2011. As well as mobilising Culture Action Europe’s membership, we are more will seek to mobilise everyone who cares about culture in Europe. In order to increase the chances of the campaign demands to be successful, Trans Europe Halles members are encouraged to already now start to give visibility to the campaign. Simple tools for doing so can be found on the "join" section of the campaign website.

TEH releases the Open Source code for the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker: Facebook4org
Does your organisation need a tool for online communication and matchmaking? Are many of your members on Facebook? Then we have good news for you! Following requests from several cultural associations, TEH has decided to release the open-source code with which the CHANGING ROOM MatchMaker was created: the Facebook4org application code. This means that any developer can customize and install the application for any organisation, for free.

Find out how the application works by entering the demo version here. Read more and download the Facebook4org code for developers here

Civil Societies Connect at ASEM 8 Summit in Brussels
Trans Europe Halles was invited to the Asia-Europe Foundation’s 4th Connecting Civil Societies of Asia and Europe Conference, “Challenging Challenges, New Ideas” in Brussels, Belgium on the 1st-3rd of October. Camille Dumas from Mains d'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) represented TEH at the workshop “Sustainable Creative Cities: The role of the arts in globalized urban context”.

TEH visits École de Cirque in Brussels, Belgium
During their recent stay in Brussels, Birgitta Persson and Marian Söderholm from the TEH Coordination Office visited Ècole de Cirque, a school for circus performers of all ages, hosted in a beautiful 19th Century former train station in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean district. It also hosts the office of the European Youth Circus and Education Network Caravan.

Tabačka Kuturfabrik attends GOGOLFEST Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine
The conference, entitled "The project of cultural transformation of post-industrial Kyiv district Vydubychi and creation of GOGOLFEST cultural center", took place on the 8th of October in Ukraine's capital. GOGOLFEST is a pilot social-cultural project which aims to create a place for cultural education and production, and will open in 2012 in Kyiv. Lukas Berberich from Tabačka Kulturfabrik (Košice, Slovakia) reports from the conference.

Interzona at the ArtVerona Art Fair
On 14th – 18th October, TEH Member Interzona (Verona, Italy) was invited to INDEPENDENTS, a section of the ArtVerona Contemporary Art Fair created by Fuoribiennale, where independent cultural centres and non-profit spaces had the chance to show how they work and experiment with contemporary arts.
Photo: Dea Longo

Röda Sten seminar discussed cultural volunteering
Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) held a seminar on the 18th of October to present their pilot study on volunteers in the cultural sector, and the recently published report ”Volunteers, commitment and cultural organisations”.

Photo: Marian Söderholm

Łaźnia Nowa present new repertoir in revamped building
On the 15th and 16th of October, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Cracow, Poland) re-opened after an extensive renovation. The new repertoir is full of exciting performances and premieres, including a one-year project dedicated to the Polish dramatist and writer Sławomir Mrożek.

Member in Focus: CuLTUREN
CuLTUREN (Västerås, Sweden) is a multi-disciplinary centre where cinemas, theatre groups, experimental music collectives, local radio producers, art exhibitions, conferences, café visitors, college students, circus performers and many more all share the same roof.

Ambassador in Focus: Philippe Grombeer
This month's Ambassador in Focus is TEH's founder Philippe Grombeer, who now works at Théâtre des Doms in Avignon. In this interview he tells us about the birth of Trans Europe Halles in 1983, and how he envisions the network's 30th anniversary.

CHANGING ROOM Staff Exchange interviews on TEH TV
Several video interviews with participants in the CHANGING ROOM Staff Exchange Programme have now been uploaded to TEH TV. The interviews were done during the CHANGING ROOM Summer Camp in Amsterdam this summer. There is also a video report from the camp including interviews with the CHANGING ROOM Project Manager Paul Bogen and Staff Exchange Programme Manager Annette Wolfsberger. A big thanks to Linda Konone (NOASS, Riga) who made the videos!

Register now for Re:imagining Cultural Space Conference in Stockholm
Intercult in collaboration with Culture Action Europe and Orionteatern presents Re:Imagining Cultural Space on 17th – 19th November at Orionteatern in Stockholm, Sweden – an international conference and lab on the policy and practice of flexible art spaces and cultural organisations in Europe.

YEAH! Award – First European award for music education and outreach projects
YEAH! Young EARopean Award 2011 is the new European competition for creative minds and musical ideas that arouse their audience’s enthusiasm for music with imaginative and innovative productions.
The first award ceremony will be held on November 19th 2011.

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Help raising the visibility of TEH by suggesting our fan page to your Facebook friends. We now have over 1100 fans – thanks for your precious support!

Also, check out and upload your own photos to the TEH Flickr photo pool!

51 members
in 26 countries

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 51 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries. CHANGING ROOM is the biggest project of TEH today.

CHANGING ROOM – what is it?
CHANGING ROOM is a pilot project looking for new ways enhancing the cross-border mobility of cultural operators in Europe. It includes workshops, staff exchanges, an academic study and an online toolkit.

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren 
22° Laboratorio Internazionale, Teatro delle Radici, 21 agosto – 4 settembre
TeatroNatura, Italia, Agosto 2010
Rapsodia per giganti, Trickster Teatro, Italia, 21 agosto
Breaking the Surface, Susana Lei'ataua, NZ, August 22 & 26
Pantheatre Workshops, Sept-November, France
Laboratorio Teatral del Teatro delle Radici, Lima Peru, enero-feb 2011
(*inscripción – 15 de septiembre 2010*)
Taller de Melodrama, Buenos Aires, de 14 a 17 Septiembre
Sneaking In, Somehow 8th till 18th Sept. Amsterdam, Holland

Boletín Magdalena 2ªgeneración agosto 2010 – Ana Woolf escribe sobre VÉRTICE 2010, Festival Magdalena en Florianópolis
Creation du choeur féminin "La belle équipe"
Physical Theatre Courses, Birmingham, Autumn 2010
Performers Exchange Project at NACL, USA, 18 Sept
"Mierda!!! me enamoré", Nadia Marillo, Peru
Short & Girlie Productions August News
Biblioteca Torgeir Wethal

"Art & Practice" Magdalena Aotearoa Gathering, 29 August, NZ
Vértice Brasil – reports and photos
"Women Behind Bars", until Sept 11, USA

Choreographic Marathon, Dec 17-19, Toronto (proposal deadline mid-October)
Taller de Josefina Baez, 12-21 abril 2011, Peru

Call to everyone: 25th anniversary Magdalena Project book
"The Threat of Silence", Wales, 9-27 September
The Childhood Path Project, Buenos Aires, 12-16 septiembre
Workshop Pilates-physical theatre in Barcelona, 15-17 Sept
Se estrenó Corazón Verde tatuado

GORDAS en Peru, 11, 18, 25 de setiembre

Eventi O Thiasos, Settembre 2010, Italia

Magdalena Segundo Generacíon encuentro 2010, Buenos Aires

TWTP: Blind Spots by Colette Freedman, 19 Sept, USA

Laboratorio condotto da Cora Herrendorf, Ottobre 2010 Italia

101010 UpStage Festival, online, 10-11 October 2010

Seminaria con Lina Della Rocca, Bologna, 11-15 Nov.

S/HE: Turkish/American collaboration, premiering 2011

DAH Teater on tour in the USA, Sept-November 2010
Eventi O Thiasos Europarc 2010, Italia, 29-30 settembre
THERE IS A FIELD: A Global Call to Theatrical Action

"The Space Inside" – Maria Porter
New book on women who perform as men, by Diane Torr
Call for Partners – Theatre Training – Turkey, July 2011

GORDAS en Villa Gesell, 6-7 octubre, B.A.
Teatro delle Radici: 30° anniversario, 8-15 ottobre, Switzerland
City of Women, Ljubljana, 8-17 October
OBRA "MUJERES FEAS", Colombia, 8-9 October
101010 UpStage Festival schedule announced, 10-11 Oct, online
"No Door On Her Mouth", 11-12 October, Brisbane
TWTP: "Bridge & Tunnel", 14 Oct-7 Nov, USA
XIV Encuentro: mujeres Iberoamérica en las artes escénicas, 21-24 Octubre, Cadiz

Caridad Svich "The House of the Spirits" til 23 October, USA
Feministicki Kros(s), 26 oktobar, Beograd
Giving Voice 12, book now! 10-14 Nov. Pontedera Teatro Italy
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

Magdalenaproject mailing list

Institute for Crimes against Culture‏


October 2010

John Jay College's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre
Sextet of Young Women from Former Yugoslavia  
(Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Slovenia)

Primitive Voice Workshop
How you can participate



Fall has arrived and with it friends from across the pond.   Despite a sluggish economy we at ALATetc are forging ahead but we need your help to realize our ambitions. 
Please join us this month in inaugurating the Institute for Crimes against Culture, an organization devoted to cross cultural awareness and to producing international encounters for theater groups.  ICAC is the brain child of our literary director, Dr. Seth Baumrin and is being launched by the US premiere of Slovenia's GLEJ Theatre's SKRIP Orkestra (SCREECH Orchestra) hosted by ALATetc and in concert with the Art and Justice Series at John Jay College's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre.

 SKRIP Orkestra is a collective of women who were children during the wars in former Yugoslavia who went on to become successful advocates for justice and social services for the youth.  In their performance, stories of lost childhoods and survival in the aftermath of the wars of the 1990s, in which neighbor was pitted against neighbor during a period of ethnic cleansing, are told through powerful songs and visual imagery-relevant while playful.  
Also this month Actor, Director, and Master Voice Teacher Jean-René Toussaint of Stemwerk in the Netherlands, returns to New York City, offering the Primitive Voice Workshop, private sessions and a rare opportunity to audition and work with him.  Jean-René's unique voice work is the result of twenty five years of research and development and is informed by his work with deaf adults and children.  You do not need to be a performer to benefit from this work.   

As you can see we are up to big things but we need your help to achieve our goals.  We need you to attend, we need you to volunteer, we need you to help us spread the word, and we are also in need of your financial help.  Your gift of $5 or more is fully tax deductable through our fiscal sponsor The Field.  
Won't you please support our great adventure?  
Vernice P. Miller
Founding-Artistic Director
Please take a moment and scroll down for more specific information on all our October activities.

Announcing The Institute for Crimes against Culture

John Jay College's  Gerald W. Lynch Theater 
Friday October 22 at 7:30pm Saturday October 23 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm and Sunday October 24 at 7:30pm

A.R.T./NY South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford Street

(Between Atlantic Ave and Fulton Street)


Friday October 29
7:30pm and Saturday, October 30 at 8:00pm

New York welcomes SKRIP ORKESTRA (SCREECH Orchestra)

SKRIP Orkestra (SCREECH Orchestra)

Inaugerating The Institute for Crimes against Culture with the U.S. premiere of Slovenia's SKRIP Orkestra, where pop rock meets kitsch-noir meets performance art.  Six women from all over the former Yugoslavia share stories of war-torn childhoods, drawing inspiration from folk songs, fairy tales, and uncompromising punk music.
First on Friday, October 22 at 7:30pm; Saturday, October 23 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm; and Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 7:30pm as part of the Art of Justice Series at theGerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, 899 Tenth Avenue, NYC. Tickets are $20 (free for CUNY students with valid ID) and may be purchased by callingTicket Central at 212-279-4200 or visiting ;
Next it's SKRIP Unplugged in Brooklyn! when on October 29th, 7:30pm at A.R.T./NY's South Oxford Space SKRIP Orkestra barters in cabaret performance with various New York personalities. 
Finally it all culminates in a night of riotous  fun on Halloween Eve, Saturday October 30th at 8:00pm when star of stage and screen comedienne Hazelle Goodman takes the stage. 
Scroll down for even more information on
SKRIP Unplugged in Brooklyn.

Contact Information

phone: 718-773-6803g>

Please visit our website
Facebook page  

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre – 2010 Summer Workshops

2010 Summer workshops in Blue Lake and Amsterdam…
Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre

LUME TEATRO: intense physical training from Brazil…
June 18 – July 1 with LUME’s Jesser de Souza

Dance & Theatre: At the Crossroads
June 21 – July 1
with Master Teacher Donlin Foreman

Fundamentals of Clown in Amsterdam
June 22 – 27
with Matt Chapman & Suzanne Bakker

June 28 – July 2
with James Peck

The DAI Intensive: “As Real As The Clowns”
July 5 – 30
with Ronlin Foreman, guest artists & resident faculty

Mask Making and Mask Performance
August 3 – 14
with Dell’Arte Instructor Bruce Marrs

Fees & info:

news from Vrede Van Utrecht

Dinsdag 24 november 2009

Kunst in mijn Buurt en Community Art

  Theaterwerkplaats DE REST in Peru

22 – 29 november, Nationaal Theater Festival, Peru

De Peruaanse theatergroep Arena y Esteras die eind april een bezoek bracht aan Utrecht, organiseert dit jaar het Nationale Theaterfestival van Peru (Muestra Nacional de Teatro Peruano).
Renée Fleuren en Jasper Hogenboom van Theaterwerkplaats DE REST uit Maarssen maakten kennis met de Peruaanse groep door in april een voorstelling met hen te maken. Nu reist De Rest af naar Villa el Salvador in Peru om daar de kunst af te kijken van hoe theater verbonden kan worden met haar omgeving, of zelfs hoe het leven op een plek verbonden is met theater. Op de website van het community art lab is in december hun reisverslag te lezen,
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  Bouam: De kracht van poppentheater in Afrika 

Donderdag 26 november, 16.00 – 18.30u, U-theater Studio T, Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Utrecht 
Why Theatre? Op 26 november is het Togolese vrouwenpoppentheaterzelschap Bouam te gast bij Why Theatre?op de Universiteit Utrecht. Why Theatre? bestaat uit een film over het werk van Bouam in Togo, zij zullen een een aantal poppenscènes spelen en aanwezigen uitnodigen om de poppen zelf uit te proberen. 

De toegang tot Why Theatre? is gratis, maar reserveren is gewenst. Stuur je reservering, onder vermelding van 'Why Theatre? Bouam', naar, Lees verder

  17 januari CD presentatie De Verborgen Stem

De Verborgen Stem vond op zondag 15 november voor de derde keer plaats in Overvecht. In Cultuurhuis Stefanus werd luidkeels gezongen door de Indische zanggroep 'de Huiskamer', de Griekse Zanggroep, Baha'i koor Qudrat en 'De Stem des Volks'.

CD presentatie
De Verborgen stem ging de afgelopen paar maanden  op zoek naar deze 'verborgen stemmen' in de wijken Lombok, Zuilen en Overvecht.
Op 17 januari wordt de compilatie cd van De Verborgen Stem gepresenteerd. De locatie is nog een verrassing en wordt binnenkort bekend gemaakt op,
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  Lombok bij de Kop

Ulu moskee Lombok, Kanaalstraat 36, tijdens openingsuren van de moskee, dagelijks van 10 uur tot 1,5 uur na zonsondergang 
Wie de Ulu moskee in Lombok betreedt, wacht meer dan een rij uitge
trapte schoenen. Sinds oktober 2009 zijn daar de portretten van een aantal Lombokkers te bekijken. In filmpjes van drie tot vier minuten vertellen zij over hun band met Lombok.
 Deze collectie moet in de loop van 2009 en 2010 uitgroeien tot een dertigtal korte films.
Een uitgebreid artikel hierover verschijnt woensdag 2 december op de Kunst in mijn buurt pagina in het Stadsblad. 

'Lombok bij de Kop' is een project van filmmakers Ylonka van Es en Peter Dubois.
Meer info:,
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Vrijdag 8 januari, Stefanus Overvecht 
Inmiddels zijn er al twee Block Party's achter de rug in "de Steef" (Stefanus Cultuurhuis in Overvecht). Stichting Habek en Stichting Roots and Borders initiëren de eerste drie, waarna het stokje wordt overgedragen aan de Overvechtse jongeren zelf. In januari is de derde Block Party. Het credo luidt: hoe meer initiatieven, hoe vetter de party!

Op woensdag 2 december kan je een uitgebreid artikel lezenop de Kunst in mijn buurt pagina in het Stadsblad

Alvast benieuwd naar een van die buitengewone talenten? kijk dan op , Lees verder

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Community Art Lab – Utrecht, The Netherlands


Nederlandse website

Klik hier om naar de Nederlandse website van het Community Art Lab te gaan.

Informatie over lopende projecten in Nederland vindt u op de Nederlandstalige community-art website. Op deze site leest u verslagen van internationale makers, critici en onderzoekers over onderzoek naar community art.

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What We Are Up To (October 2009)

eus-op-spinoza2.jpgThe Community Art Lab continues to document and analyze projects in Utrecht town and province and beyond. Recently, we worked with a new initiative in the village of Haarzuilens, an old rural community that is under threat of being overrun by a new satellite town of Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn. We also documented the work of Merkx & Dansers, a contemporary dance company that worked with children from the ‘troubled’ neighbourhood of Overvecht and a middle-class children’s orchestra from downtown on a new production called ‘Kak & Couscous’. And then we were involved as consultants in a neighbourhood-based festival in the Utrecht area of Spinozaplantsoen.

Continuing projects of ours are:

  • Living with Difference, which is now working towards a concluding festival this coming January (2010);
  • Opera Flat, which will be performed on November 7
  • The Story Kitchen, which will conclude with a large site-specific performance in the Haarlem slaughterhouse neighbourhood in January 2010.

Over the next months we will continue to post photographs, videos and written documentation of these projects and more.  To get an idea of what else is going on in the Netherlands in terms of community art, please surf to a comprehensive listing of current projects.

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PROVE IT! In the Netherlands

boekcovers.jpgOn April 1, the Community Art Lab hosted a special meeting for researchers and funds. Over the past few years, several Dutch researchers have investigated the effects of community art projects. The work of Sandra Trienekens and of the Community Art Lab itself are examples, but also the ad-hoc evaluations of Wil Oud of the Kohnstamm Institute of the University of Amsterdam and of Peter Brouwer of Holland’s largest research institute, TNO.

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Is Dutch Carnaval Community Art?

Like in many other countries around the world, carnaval in the Netherlands is a cultural tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages, and some say even to pagan rituals to celebrate the end of winter. Whatever the roots, it is a vibrant cultural practice that manifests itself in the Catholic areas of the southern provinces. In big cities like Maastricht, Roermond, Helmond, Breda, Tilburg, Bergen op Zoom and ’s Hertogenbosch carnaval has become a big urban street party attracting lots of people from the North as well. But particularly in small rural villages, the festivities bring together virtually the entire community. High point of carnaval is the parade in which small performances alternate with impressive oversize floats, the product of many months of collective grassroots art making. The creative processes start as early as August and are conducted in secret in farm barns until the final carnaval weekend, right before Lent. In the video below you can see an impression of one such parade in the small village of Alphen, located just a few kilometres above the Belgian border south of Tilburg. An interesting aspect of this parade is that in economic terms it is fully community-supported through local sponsorship from families, shops and small businesses.

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François Matarasso gives feedback to Dutch community artists


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Community Art Lab research 2008-2011

In the years
2006 and 2007 activities of the Community Art Lab (CAL) were mostly of an exploratory nature with only occasional in-depth research, such as in the community theatre productions ‘Maxima Comes’ and ‘In the Name of the Fathers’ and the YO Opera productions ‘Kuil’ and ‘Opera Flat 2′. In this period, we organized two festivals and two working conferences. In 2008 CAL shifted its attention more towards documentation, research and exchanging experiences among community artists and researchers. We continue to investigate community art with an eye to social effect, artistic quality and the ethics of collaboration between professional artists and community participants. We have also launched an online community art database, which for the time being is still in Dutch, but should give foreign visitors a global idea of the quantity and diversity of projects currently in progress in the Netherlands.

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