TWB Digest #342

TWB Digest #342
March 27th,  was International Theatre Day.
Our own Roberta Levitow, together with her friends Julie Hébert & Jill Klein created a series of short videos where women talk about women who have inspired them.
They called the videos “LOOK WHAT SHE DID.”
Roberta talks about a resilient theatre practitioner from Uganda,  the Late Rose Mbowa. Rose Mbowa’s artistry persevered under precarious political circumstances. 

Quote for the week 
“My dream is that The Freedom Theatre will be the major force, cooperating with others in generating cultural resistance, carrying on it’s shoulders universal values of freedom and justice.” Juliano Mer Khamis.
Cultural Resistance Festical of Palestinian Theatre starts this week April 4- 7.

La MaMa Umbria International
Summer, 2018 – Spoleto, Italy
Symposium for Directors: Experiments in Performance Creation
(July 16 – 30, 2018)
Playwright Retreat: Migdalia Cruz
(August 2-12, 2018
This year, we explore cutting-edge experimental theatre that crosses boundaries and intersects with other disciplines. During the 2-week session, you will engage in participatory workshops with all of the following artists.
Semion Aleksanderovskiy (Russia)
This workshop will be devoted to analyze and experience the technology of building relationships between artist and text in the post-dramatic theater. The text loses its status as a subject and turns to be an object. How do we create a character in this circumstances?
Semion Aleksanderovskiy studeied with Lev Dodin at St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, one of the most rooted schools in the tradition of Stanislavsky. His search is also a dispute with the academic school and an attempt to find new ways for development and searching for one’s own system.
Stefanie Batten Bland (USA)
This workshop will explore and increase creativity for makers looking to frame and support alternative productions. This workshop enables action and reaction to learnt and improvised material. Participants will leave with concrete scenic tools and articulate theories to address social and communal issues within work and explore their skills and limits.
Stefanie Batten Bland is a Jerome Robbins Award honoree. Her interdisciplinary creative practice is embedded in human relationships, the communicative choices we make, and how we fit into space and place.
The Talking Band (USA)
In this workshop, Artistic Director Paul Zimet and Founding Member Ellen Maddow will share exercises and techniques -integrating text, image, music, and movement- that Talking Band has developed for creating its distinctive form of music-theater.  The goal is to discover ways to illuminate the extraordinary dimensions of ordinary life, and to find theatrical frames that enable our audiences to see them anew.
Talking Band: Art functions to break our habitual ways of experiencing and perceiving. Talking Band’s original interdisciplinary performance work has been a cornerstone of New York City’s avant-garde theater community for 44 years.
Krzysztof Garbaczewski (Poland)
In our workshop we we will engage in a process of how to work with actors when developing productions that incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We will discuss our process in a context of political and ecological paradigms present in the critical writings of Jerzy Grotowski.
Krzysztof Garbaczewski is a Polish theatre director and set designer known for his elaborate sets and innovative adaptations that cross the boundaries between theatre, film, dance, visual arts, and music. His upcoming project will be presented at The Wooster Group in New York City.
MIGDALIA CRUZ is a Bronx-born, award-winning playwright, lyricist, translator, and librettist of more than 60 works including: Miriam’s FlowersEl Grito Del BronxSaltFrida, Satyricoño,  & FUR, produced in venues—across the U.S. and abroad—including INTAR, Latino Chicago, BAM, Mabou Mines, National Theater of Greece, Houston Grand Opera, & Ateneo Puertorriqueño, An alumna of New Dramatists, she was named the 2013 Helen Merrill Distinguished Playwright, and was awarded a 2016 NYFA grant.  Current commissions: OSF’s PlayON! & Princeton University. In June 2018, Migdalia will teach her third Fornés Playwriting Workshop at University of Notre Dame (Chicago campus).

The Magdalena Project
Read the 5 short pieces about culture and Theatre by Culture 360. ASEF
Funding Arts and Sustainability 
Public Art in Urban Spaces
Culture and Migrations
Cities and Cultures

Kampala Public Art Festival (call for applications)
International Community Arts Festival(Look out for a detailed call for applications.)

Vrede Van Utrecht celebrates peace with Community Arts research festival (20-21 June)

On 20 and 21 June 2013 we shall examine and celebrate the role of art in peace and reconciliation processes.

During a two-day Community Arts symposium and festival, we look at how art brings communities together, not only here in the Netherlands but in places which have seen significantly greater problems, such as Peru, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Israel, Palestine, Guatemala and Afghanistan. There will be presentations, workshops and performances highlighting the impressive work that community artists have done in various parts of the world. Registration starts the 30th of March.
For further details, see 

20 June: Community Arts research festival

Day 1: The focus of the first day is on artists who work in conflict zones, often at great personal risk, attempting to achieve reconciliation and to rebuild society through the medium of art.

What motivates them? What is special about the art they create in this exceptional setting? What can we say about western artists who believe that they, as neutral observers, can help to secure peace in former war zones? What contribution do they make, and what is their reward?

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CAL Utrecht

The Community Arts Lab Utrecht (CAL Utrecht) has been actively collecting knowledge about community arts projects since 2006. On 20 and 21 June 2013, CAL Utrecht will hold its grand finale with a conference tying in with the festival, an international programme of public events and the publication of a book and DVD about its research. Activities will include participatory workshops, inspiring lectures and special performances.

Established with the primary aim of anchoring, expanding and fleshing out art projects for and in coordination with people who normally have little exposure to such activities, CAL Utrecht supports artists, art projects and gatherings and publishes its own newsletter and other publications. To sign up for CAL Utrecht programme updates, please send an email to Margreet Bouwman.

Connecting with the community

Community art is all about accessibility, taking shape literally around the corner and keyed to the participants and local context of the particular project. Invariably, the artist depends to a greater or lesser extent on the surrounding community in which he or she is working. In 2012 and 2013 we will be offering various talented artists and organizations that have captured our interest in recent years a stage to develop additional projects. Click here to consult an overview of projects.


In the autumn of 2010, CAL Utrecht kicked off CAL XL, a national platform designed specifically to improve the production climate for community arts projects in the Netherlands.

Community Arts Lab Newsletter: October 2012

Lanterns for wind 11 to 11

Saturday, November 10 is the Utrecht Sint Maarten Parade.

The musical and visual journey starts with a lantern festival on the promenade and ends with a spectacular finale at the Cathedral Square. In the week prior to the parade-11 Fanfare11 organizes a mini course for artists, students and other interested parties: the Fight Club is led by the English community artist Dan Fox worked on lanterns and life-size sculptures. His name has become associated with many light lantern parades and festivals. For the students the possibility to also workshops with children to accompany. Participation is free. More information and registration through

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Expected: premiere of the Strut Choir on Friday, October 26

international inspiration: E-Motive Day

What can we learn from countries without a 'caring' government?

The National E-motive day shows an array of sample projects and workshops in which citizens take responsibility for urgent issues on the agenda. On November 1, ao tells Catalina Garcia, who in collaboration with CAL Utrecht, The Rest Theaterwerkplaats and Anouk de Bruijn Hidden War makes the Caja Lúdica Guatemala operates.

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Praise of Visibility: a critical dialogue

The society provides people with a psychiatric background less opportunity for social integration and participation.

Doortje Kal (lecturer Quarter Making at the Hogeschool Utrecht) suggests that at issue in the critical dialogue "Praise of Visibility" with students and professionals from Margreet Bouwman CAL Utrecht. How does the art worlds of people with and without disabilities closer together? October 2, starting at 14:30. Click 'read more' for details and registration.

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The 8th Continent

It is 34 times as large as the Netherlands and we all contribute enthusiastically joined.

Meanwhile drives some 100 billion pounds of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. From 5 to 7 October, theater, visual and bio artists, landscape artists, architects, biologists, engineers and scientists to work with the phenomenon of " Plastic Soup ". Come see the Plastic Lab of Metal Cathedral!

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Experience the Steef: Opening renewed Culture Stephen

The roof is done. The old courtyard is transformed into a special lobby.

Hall ZIMIHC Theatre Stephen has been converted into multipurpose space for arts, events and conferences. Reason for a party! Come during the opening look, listen and enjoy performances of Strut & Café Ed Sanders in the new Culture Stephen. Experience the Steef!

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Film project: I'm Here

The boys playing football on the playground yelling does not come on to that ball! " but with heavy accent: "Can I have a loaf of you?" The whole team is to double that exclamation.

At the International Bridging in Utrecht Dutch still something that must be conquered – football, they can al The class of Fawas, Vivi and Yasir participates in the project I'm Here by filmmakers Femke Stroomer and Sanne Sprenger. In twenty weeks, the class a film about their own lives. The project falls under Community Arts Lab of Peace of Utrecht. Follow a report of the youth through the Cultural News Agency, created by Jowi Schmitz.

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Artist in Residency: Calling Africa's Artists


Artists in Residency Programme (AIR)

Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world. Click here to apply for AIR2012

The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and the United States of America have partnered to create the Artist in Residency (AIR) 2012 programme.  The programme has been conceived to support artists from Africa who are provocative, innovative, relevant and highly engaged with both social issues and their art forms. 

AIR manifests through existing artist in residency partnerships around the world that are prepared to select an artist from a short list provided by the Africa Centre, created from a Continental search, for one of their 2012 or 2013 residencies.
The costs of the residency and roundtrip airfare are included in each residency award made as part of this programme.

The residencies are available to all types of artists, but each residency on offer has different durations, structures and requirements. We are taking applications between 1 April and 15 June 2012. 

To apply or to find out more about the ten residencies available, please Click here. If you have any queries please

 The following artists have been awarded AIR 2011 residencies. Mouse over the artist’s name to find out more about the artist and what they have done or plan to do at the residency they’ve been awarded.

Bundanon Trust – Australia
 – Brazil
Zoma Contemp. Art Centre – Ethiopia
KulttuuriKauppila – Finland
Thamgidi Foundation – Netherlands
Caravansarai – Turkey
18th Street – United States of America
The Substation – South Africa

Yonamine Miguel – Angola
Damien Schumann – South Africa
Maurice Mbikayi – Democratic Rep. of Congo
Olivier Serge Fokou – Cameroon
Kiripi Katembo Siku – Democratic Rep. of Congo
Nina Liebenberg – South Africa
Nadine Hutton – South Africa
Ezra Wube – Ethiopia

Cultural Exchange International program from the Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles Artist,

I’d like to inform you about the Cultural Exchange International program from the Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles. You might already be familiar with this program that enables funding for cultural residency exchanges for artists and cultural organizations in Los Angeles.

 I specifically wanted to point out that, in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Dutch Consulate in New York, Theater Institute Netherlands (TIN), Music Center Netherlands (MCN) and the Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities (SICA), extra funds have been made available for exchanges between artists and cultural organizations from Los Angeles and the Netherlands (including the Dutch Caribbean).

The residencies are meant to connect artists and organizations in the performing arts and/or make already existing connections stronger. Internships and research projects cannot be applied for. The DCA strongly encourages applications that show the added value of the project for the greater LA community (such as workshops, master classes, outreach, etc.)

Application deadline 16 December 2011Residencies (no shorter than 3 weeks up to no longer than 3 months) can be applied for.

Projects need to take place between July 1st 2012 and June 30th 2013.

The deadline for the application is December 16th 2011 and only the Los Angeles exchange partner can apply for the project.

Available grants for LA-Dutch exchange projects range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Individuals or groups (up to 4 people) can apply. Exchange projects between LA and the Netherlands that were funded last year:

Theater:   Poor Dog Group => Wunderbaum ($12,000)

LA Poverty Department => PEER Group ($15,000)

Music:  Staalplaat => LA Contemporary Exhibitions ($10,000)                             

 Nieuw Ensemble => SW Chamber Music Society ($12,000)                           

 Thomas Ankersmit => CalArts Musci Department ($10,000)


 For application forms and guidelines and for more information please visit:

For any questions regarding Dutch artists, groups or cultural organizations please contact Gabri Christa-Reid ( or Erwin Maas ( more information on Dutch performing arts also check &

Erwin Maas

Performing Arts – Specialist for Theater, Contemporary & Classical Musicerwin.maas@minbuza.nlPhone: (+1) 646-557-2217 (Mondays thru Wednesdays)Fax: (+1) 212-581-6594 Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Department for Cultural AffairsOne Rockefeller Plaza, 11th floor | New York, NY, 10020-2094

Follow us on twitter@DutchCGNY

Victor Leiva berooft van het leven, nieuw community arts boek, bekijk filmpje van El Army Expo!, de agenda in april..‏

Wordt deze nieuwsbrief niet goed getoond, klik hier.

NIEUWSBRIEF MAART 2011                                                                                       
Victor Leiva beroofd van het leven
Begin februari heeft het geweld in Guatemala het leven gekost van Victor Leiva, een jonge kunstenaar van de Guatemalteekse community arts organisatie Caja Lúdica
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Klinkers voor Terweijde boek
Eind maart komt het boek ‘Community Arts door de ogen van de maker’ uit. In het boek lees je over ontmoetingen met deelnemers, het harde werken, de invloed van de omgeving, grote en kleinere tegenslagen tijdens het projectKlinkers voor Terweijde van Marij Nielen. 
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Tentoonstelling El Army Expo!
Van 18 – 27 maart is de tentoonstelling van het project El Army Expo! te zien geweest in de Vrijstaat. De tentoonstelling is het resultaat van een lessenserie waarin jongeren onder leiding van een architect en een fotograaf reflecteren op hun (nieuwbouw) omgeving. Bekijk het filmpje van het werkproces. 
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Participatory Video
In het project Ken je mij – Ken ik joufilmen en interviewen vijf leerlingen van de Internationale Schakelklas in Overvecht elkaar. Bekijk het weblog van het project en leer de jongeren kennen. 
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Nog twee werkplekken in de Metaal Kathedraal
Een voormalige Neogotische kerk en metaalfabriek in De Meern, de Metaal Kathedraal, is voor anderhalf jaar beschikbaar voor professionele theatermakers, uitvinders, beeldend kunstenaars, media & installatie makers. Ook voor tijdelijke projecten.
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De Agenda
van 30 maart t/m 2 april, Rotterdam

I will have a beautiful Life/ Allstar Refjúdží Band 
Op 2 april Muziekhuis Utrecht

Big hART met Ngapartji Ngapartji – one in het Aboriginal Art Museum
Op 6 april, Aboriginal Art Museum 

Boven het water, een mini-opera voor en door inwoners uit Oudewater
Op 16 april, Oudewater

Spinoza Presenteert! 
Op 17 april, Spinozaplantsoen

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Wijzig uw gegevens of meld u af van de nieuwsbrief.

hotINK at the LARK, March 24-28‏

Dear International Collaborations Task Force colleagues:

If you are familiar with the hotINK festival, you may know that the festival has moved to the Lark Play Development Center and will be presented in their new home on West 43rd St—if you are in NY, or find yourself here between March 24 and 28, I hope you will join us–

We’ll be presenting nine exciting new plays by Geert Genbrugge  (Belgium), Georgi Gospodinov (Bulgaria),  Elmar Maripuu (Canada), Marius von Mayenburg (Germany),  Siddharth Kumar (India), Jessica Cooke (Ireland),  Marjolein Bierens (The Netherland),  Zainabu Jallo (Nigeria) and Mixkaela Villalon (The Philippines)…

Outstanding directors May Adrales, Rachel Chavkin, Joe Grifasi, , Josh Hecht, Kevin Kuhlke, Ian Morgan,  Elinor Renfield, Lisa Rothe and Giovanna Sardelli…

Distinguished actors, such as Michael Chernus, Lynn Cohen, Edward Hibbert, Roxanna Hope, Florencia Lozano, Darren Pettie, Laila Robins, Heidi Schreck and Rocco Sisto,  to name just a few…

hotINK at the LARK

March 24-28, 2011

Readings at 4 pm and 7:30 pm

Reservations open March 3rd:

To learn more about the plays and their authors, visit


Catherine Coray, Associate Arts Professor
TSOA Dept of Drama
Experimental Theatre Wing
Director and Curator,
hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren‏

COMMANDO SERENADE 5 Février Marseille
Visiones de la Cubanosofia, Cuba 12 de Febrero
Teatro Ridotto Stagione 2011 – Dedicata a Torgeir Wethal, Feb-May
ZID Mixes Sundays > World Fiesta, Amsterdam 13 February
Catadores de Sonhos, dir. Jadranka Andjelic, Rio de Janiero, Feb / Agosto
Double Edge Summer Training Intensive: June 1-22 USA
20 Years of DAH Theatre, June 11-July 9, Beograd
"La ausencia de todas las cosas", B.A.
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

Res Artis Newsletter, January 2011‏

Happy New Year!
Happy 2011!
Happy New Res Artis Website!

Call for Participation, Join us in Lima!

Following up on the productive meetings and exchanges we held in Montreal with some of our colleagues from Latin America, we would like to invite you to join us in Lima, Peru for a meeting of residencies from the region. residencias_en_red [iberoamerica] – a new network of residencies in Latin America—will be holding a meeting between March 23rd and 27th of this year at which Res Artis has been invited to participate.

This is an excellent opportunity to exchange perspectives with our colleagues in this part of the world. It’s also an optimum opportunity for our members to participate in the continual development of our ResSupport program. An important part of this program is our ResSupport Fellowship, which provides opportunities for members of emerging residencies to spend time at a host institution learning about the field of residencies from the inside. As we announced in Montreal, our first fellowship is being sponsored by Akademie Schloss Solitude. We hope you will decide to join us by also sponsoring a fellowship.

Please let us know by February 8th if you would like to participate.

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New Res Artis Website

Our new website was launched last month with many changes and improvements.

Res Artis Member Organisations

  • Please take a moment and update your profile information, it is significantly different than the old system. Some of your information has been transferred for you, but there are many new categories, more multiple-choice, additional details. Thank you! For more information, please see the tutorial here.
  • The new member’s section will be an archive of case studies, funding information and tools specifically especially for residencies.
  • Join our forums to start an active online discussion
  • Log in here

Artists, newsletter subscribers, friends

Please write to with any problems, suggestions or comments.

  read more

Goodbyes and new beginnings

A letter from Irene Saddal, Res Artis project manager

Do I have everything? What will the people be like? Will there be language and cultural issues? And perhaps most importantly what will the food be like?

These are questions one has when traveling to a different country, either going to a residency, or like me, organizing Res Artis meetings or attending other conferences and network events.

During the recent years I have worked with much enjoyment at the Res Artis office. It has been an exciting time, in which I learned a lot. This is largely because of all the people I met along the way who shared their experience and knowledge.

After working for almost four years at Res Artis, I feel that it is time for me to move on to other challenges. Starting February a new team, together with the board, will take over running the office and daily operations of Res Artis, and they will do this with much enthusiasm and drive, I am sure.

I’ve traveled the globe and had wonderful experiences representing Res Artis. It was an opportunity to meet old acquaintances and new friends. And I made great friends! I want to thank you all and wish you well.

My bags are almost packed. So I’ll be off to new adventures.

All the best and till we meet again,
Irene Saddal

The ‘PAiR’ Initiative – Performing Arts
in Residence

Traditionally, we find Artist in Residence programmes as individual scholarships mostly in the field of visual arts, literature, and music. During the last meetings of the networks Res Artis and ACCR, Schloss Broellin (Germany) started informally the discussion around residencies for artists of the Performing Arts, articulating the rising needs for European/international ensembles to meet and work at appropriate places.

Following a work meeting in September, PAiR was formed, continuing discussions at the recent Res Artis General meeting in Montreal. The objective – To strengthen existing and support the development of new residencies for performing artists.


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Cooperation Case Study : Fokus Korea

The Berlin-Seoul Korean Performing Arts Residency Program

  • What
    Cooperation between a governmental agency, two performing arts groups and a residency program.
  • Who
    Ufa Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
    Creative Group Noni, Seoul, Korea
    – SU group, Seoul, Korea
  • The program
    Two groups of Korean performers traveled from Korea to Germany, for a period of several months. giving workshops and working at the Ufa Fabrik in Berlin. The group of artists work together will local artists and carry out performances until the end of January, presenting the European premiere of their play RIN, using puppetry, masks and shadow theatre with a particular music composition. Fokus Korea also includes a film program including two documentary films dealing with Korean traditional music and spiritual roots.
  • Supported by
    The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Arts Management Service

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New Residency: Ateliers Topaz, Canada

  • Where is it?
    Ateliers Topaz is halfway in between the Atlantic and the Pacific on the TransCanada Highway's northern segment in Northern Ontario in a 60s building reminiscent of "Route 66".
  • What is it?
    Ateliers Topaz is privately own by Laurent Vaillancourt, a sculptor. His idea is to host artists that wish to work in remote area surrounded by the Boreal Forest. Due to heating cost Ateliers Topaz are available only from late April to October. Spaces available are versatile and are open to all disciplines.
  • Whats going on now?
    Currently it is Laurent's workshop. A store of found objects, or 'Topazian material' is developing and from that Laurent is starting a new body of work called "Minute, small things of life". The Topazian material store is open to visiting artists only.
  • Ateliers Topaz on the Res Arits Website

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New Residency: Spark Box Studio, Canada

  • Where is it?
    Spark Box Studio is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, a vibrant rural community full of artists, great food and wine and scenic provincial parks.
  • What is it?
    Spark Box Studio offers many programs for both the community and visiting artists. Their Residency Program provides visiting artists living accommodations and access to our professional studio and resources, which includes equipment for silkscreen, etching, relief printing and photography. The Residency Program affords artists the space and uninterrupted work time needed to support the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice. The studio also has an Open Studio program to local artists, publishes an arts magazine called Square2
    and offers career development guides to emerging artists.
  • Whats going on now?
    Spark Box Studio is currently updating its Emerging Artist Guide website, finishing its third issue of Square2 Magazine and accepting applications for their 2011 round of Artists in Residence.
  • Spark Box Studio on the Res Artis Website

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Upcoming Residency Deadlines

The complete listing of upcoming deadlines is listed on our website here:

Upcoming Res Artis meetings

Contact information

Res Artis
Worldwide network of artist residencies

Arie Biemondstraat 105
1054 PD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 6126600
Fax: +31 20 6126600

Visit our website
Visit us on Facebook

Questions about our website or newsletter
please write to Julie in Istanbul:

Other questions
please write to Mark in Amsterdam:

Announcing hotINK at the LARK: Selected Plays‏

Festival Director & Curator Catherine Coray and The Lark Play Development Center are thrilled to announce the selected plays and authors for the upcoming hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world. This will be the first festival presented at the Lark Play Development Center’s new home on West 43rd Street.

Save the dates:
Thursday – Monday March 24-28, 2011

Please join us for readings of these plays featuring the work of distinguished New York actors and directors, meet the writers and celebrate international collaboration!

The selected plays for 2011 are:

from Nigeria: Onions Make Us Cry by Zainabu Jallo
from Belgium
: Suitcases on the Road by Geert Genbrugge
from Canada
: Forever by Elmar Maripuu
from India
: The Interview by Siddharth Kumar
from The Netherlands
: Motel Texel by Marjolein Bierens
from Ireland
: The Importance of Being Orson by Jessica Cooke
from Bulgaria
: The Apocalypse Comes by Georgi Gospodinov
from Germany
: The Stone by Marius von Mayenburg
from The Philippines
: Streetlight Manifesto at 6pm by Mixkaela Villalon

More information about the participating artists, plus a sneak peak at each of the plays coming soon!

hotINK is a unique program that provides New Yorkers with an opportunity to experience new plays from abroad and fosters inter-cultural exchange. We ask that you consider making a donation to help support our move to the Lark. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and any gift will greatly impact the success of the festival, which will remain free and open to the public.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.*

(Make sure to indicate "hotINK"
All designated contributions will be acknowledged in the Festival program.

We look forward to seeing you in March 2011 for hotINK at the Lark!

With best wishes for the New Year,

Catherine Coray, Festival Director and Curator
Arwen Lowbridge, Festival Producer

*The Lark Play Development Center is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

From our friends at Ars Nova!

The Wii Plays

Game Night
Ars Nova Style


February 1 – 12, 2011

Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm

New York’s hottest emerging playwrights springboard off the wild titles of Nintendo Wii games to create a night of short plays with an arcade spin. Joined by a killer live band, it's game night Ars Nova style!

Chad Beckim, Jenny Connell, Kara Lee Corthron, Kristoffer Diaz, Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Amy Herzog, Samuel D. Hunter, Matthew Lopez, Molly Smith Metzler, Gregory Moss, Janine Nabers, Joe Tracz

Stephen Brackett, Portia Krieger, Lila Neugebauer, Laura Savia

Jenni Barber*, Andrew Garman*, Donnetta Lavinia Grays*, Christopher Jackson*, Zach Shaffer*, Robbie Sublett*

Super Mirage


Click here for tix and info and use the code LARK!

Ars Nova
511 West 54th St.
New York, New York

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

*The Wii Plays is an Equity approved Showcase. Names designated by an asterisk (*) are members of Actors' Equity.

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