A Call for Arts Funding in Liberia

Liberia: Native Entertainer Calls for Government Support for the Arts
TheLiberianTimes.com, 8/23/2009
"Liberia’s foremost entertainer and producer Kekura Kamara, popularly known as Malawala Balawala, has been lamenting the plight of the arts and culture industry in Liberia and the painful struggle Liberian artists have to go through to gain relevance…He revealed that Liberian artists go through the creative process, including going to the studio, putting in time and resources to produce their albums, but at the end of the day, their efforts are not fairly rewarded. He said artists often go through a tough battle to gain some type of reward for their effort. '
Just coming out of war that destroyed all the fabric of our country, Liberian artists are coming back to contribute to the rebuilding process of the country. Many don’t have the capacity to produce themselves. Sometime they record one song in the studio passing around to see if anyone will be interested in investing in their talents,' Kamara sadly told the reporter."