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ICAN Border & Boundaries Conference update‏

Borders & Boundaries

Two-day conference examining the integration and ethics of socially engaged arts practice.


Conference Dates:          19th & 20th May 2011 Time: 9.30AM – 5.00PM plus evening programme

Venue:                                 An Grianan Theatre & Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny,

                                                County                 Donegal, Ireland

Hotel:                                    Radisson Blu, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

Structure:                            Presentations I Discussions I Workshops I Performances I Exhibitions

Exhibition 1:                      Photographic Exhibition by Don Mullan

Exhibition 2:                      Conflict as you see it? – ICAN International photographic competition

Daytime Performances: Cutting & Chopping by James Thompson


                                                Galliagh Stories, An ICAN production

Evening Performances: Star Men, A Playhouse & ICAN production



The Borders & Boundaries conference is building upon the success of the inaugural ICAN conference program 2010 entitled EXCHANGE I CONNECT, whereby we brought cutting edge international practitioners from all over the world, to showcase and discuss the role of the arts in conflict / post-conflict areas. We hosted two conferences in four days, bringing eighteen delegates and three-hundred guests to the Playhouse Derry-Londonderry. This gave us the opportunity to discuss, exchange and connect on a local and international level and we hope this energy will intensify over the coming years.


The Borders & Boundaries Conference Programme is hosted by the International Cultural Arts Network ICAN, a project devised by the Playhouse Derry-Londonderry. We are delighted to announce that the Borders & Boundaries Conference is in collaboration with Arts in One World, Rhode Island, USA who are hosting a conference in April 2011 entitled Radicalizing Peace: The lines we will cross.



Conference Theme

Borders & Boundaries conference aims to bring artists, practitioners, community members, health workers and educationalists together to discuss the ethics of socially engaged arts practice. This conference will provide a space for a diverse group to share and discuss the trials and tribulations of arts practice in the community setting. This forum will give an international and local perspective on the issues of delivering this type of work and will access the outcomes in search of best practice.


Arts practice now takes place in multiple contexts, each of which present specific challenges. Facilitators and practitioners, supported by a benefactor, work with so called marginalized or deprived communities. Louise La Chapelle says that "ethics is not only an attitude of questioning, a disposition, and intention, but a project – a fallible and perishable project – that exists in tension with (and therefore bound to), a setting, history, tradition and language".


Borders and Boundaries will
create a space for discussion whereby we can collectively discuss the setting, tradition, agenda,
beneficiary and benefactor of socially engaged practice. The conference will look at various models and approaches which we can learn from and implement in future work. The conference will enable practitioners, community workers, health workers and educationalists to gain national and international perspectives on the ethics and trends of socially engaged arts practice with the aim of benefiting our local communities.


The conference is aimed at people interested in the power of the arts to advance conflict resolution and social change – community development workers, youth workers, arts practitioners, arts/cultural outreach workers, educationalists and policy-makers. The conferences will draw together a group of community development organisations with particular experience and commitment in this area of work.




Erik Ehn


Erik is Head of Playwriting at Brown University (Providence). Prior to this he was Dean of California Institute of the Arts (Valencia). Over the years he has also taught at Iowa University (Ames), Naropa University (Denver), University of California (San Diego), University of Texas (Dallas), University of California (San Francisco), California State University (San Francisco) Santa Clara University (Silicon Valley), and Skidmore University (Sarasota Springs) and has just completed a writing workshop with the Belarus Free Theater (Minsk).

Erik conducts annual trips to Rwanda/Uganda, taking students and professionals to study and explore ways The Arts may be used as a vehicle to help both victim and perpetrator recover from the genocide of 1984. Each visit culminates with an annual Arts in the One World conference that explores the themes of art and social change around the globe.

 He earned an Artistic Associate at the Theatre of Yugen (San Francisco), and is a graduate and member of New Dramatists (New York City).

EriK has an extensive body of work that have been produced in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York, San Diego, Chicago Atlanta, Los Angeles, Belgrade, and elsewhere. He is currently completing a series of sixteen plays about the history of genocide in the United States for the Soulographie Project which is akin to looking at the topic as with a pin-hole camera. Soulographie is a durational performance examining genocide around the world in the 20th Century focusing on those in the United States (Tulsa Race Riot), in East Africa (Rwanda / Uganda), and Central America (Guatemala / El Salvador). Four of Eric’s plays in this series; Maria Kizito, Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling, Yermedea, and Drunk Still Drinking are intended for production in New York City in April 2012.


Barbara Love  

Dr. Love is Professor Emerita of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She is a member of the National Training Laboratories (NTL Institute), and is a member of the National Black Women's Health Project. She has worked with a variety of organizations in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa on issues of diversity and inclusion. She works from a unique set of assumptions about the nature of humans and the process of personal, organizational and social change which participants have found empowering, enabling and effectively motivating. Dr. Love's recent research and publications examine processes of personal and organizational transformation. Her focus is on (1) assisting individual empowerment, and (2) facilitating organizations to understand and manage for diversity.

James Thompson – In Place of War

Professor of Applied and Social Theatre at the Centre for Applied Theatre Research, University of Manchester. He is currently the director of 'In Place of War' – a research and practice based project exploring performance and theatre in war zones. He is author of a number of books including recently 'Performance Affects' (Palgrave, 2009) and with colleagues 'Performance in Place of War' (Seagull, 2009). James set up the Theatre in Prisons and Probation Centre (TiPP) in 1992 and worked as its director until 1999, when he started working in theatre projects in war and conflict zones.  He has run projects with refugee communities in the UK as well as working on projects in eastern DR Congo, Indonesia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka. He is currently Director of Research in the School of Arts Histories and Cultures at the University of Manchester and Director of Research at the new Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University. He is currently working on a new book called 'Humanitarian Performance'.

Case Studies

Eugene van Erven

Eugene van Erven holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Vanderbilt University in the U.S. (1985). Between ’85 and ’88 he researched political theatre in Asian dictatorships. Since 1988 he has been working at Utrecht University in American Studies and as a theatre practitioner making group-devised performances with young people. He is currently Associate Professor of Theatre. He also remains active in the cultural field. He coordinates the Community Art Lab for the city and province of Utrecht and he is director of the 2011 International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam. He serves on the board of Holland’s oldest community-based theatre company, Stut, and of Peer Groep, a site-specific performance company working in rural areas. He is the author of numerous publications, including Radical People’s Theatre (Indiana University Press, 1988), The Playful Revolution: Theatre and Liberation in Asia (Indiana 1992) and the book and film package Community Theatre: Global Perspectives (Routledge, 2001).

Dijana Milošević Director and Co-Founder, DAH Theatre

In 1991, Milosevic and four other women decided to start a small theatre company. As they were preparing for their first production, Slobodan Milosevic began moving forces into Bosnia. The members of Dah Theatre, all avidly against the impending conflict, refocused their efforts to protest the war and took their production to the streets of Belgrade. Ms. Milosevic will be speaking about her company's motivations and discoveries during the Serbia-Bosnia conflict and suggest how art can effect society. Dah Theatre does not work on the fringes of society because it has been relegated there but rather because it has chosen the fringe as a place of freedom, a place without ideology. Dah chose the fringe because there is a better view from there. For the last two years, Ms. Milosevic has also served as artistic director for the International Meeting of Theatre Workshops in Belgrade and has collaborated with the Magdalena Project, an international network of women in contemporary theatre.  She is also the founder and artistic director of Art Saves Lives, a theatre-in-education project that serves at-risk youth throughout Southeastern Europe. During the bombing of Belgrade by native forces, she used it to discuss personal issues that arrive in wartime–causing a therapeutic as well as political effect. Through this project, Dijana has worked with both children and adults who have been personally affected by the war.  Dijana Milosevic, director, co- founded DAH Theatre in Belgrade, the first theatre laboratory in her country and has been actively involved in it through directing and devising it s performances and different projects, serving also as Artistic Director. In 1993, DAH Theatre expanded its activities and became DAH Theatre Research Center. In 1992, she co-founded the NATASHA Project, an international theatre network and ANET –  Association  of Independent Theatre Groups in Belgrade. She collaborates with The Magdalena Project, an international network of women in contemporary theatre.  She co- runs International School for Actors and Directors. Milosevic also writes articles about theatre, gives lectures and workshops and tours with her company round the world.


Adalet Garmiany, Art Role

Adalet R. Garmiany is a Kurdish Iraqi artist, curator and Chief Executive of ArtRole, a UK and Iraqi based contemporary arts organization developing international cultural exchanges with the Middle East. Adalet has been forging important cultural and artistic relationships between Iraq, UK, USA, and other countries facilitating artistic dialogue, exchange and mutual support.

Adalet has inspired a number of artists including Richard Wilson, Anne Bean, the US Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas, to work with him on his intercultural projects and introduced them to Iraqi Kurdistan by organizing cross cultural visits, dialogues and exhibitions. Richard Wilson’s seminal installation 20:50 was shown as part of the Kurdish region’s first ever international event Post-War Art & Culture Festival 7-9 November 2009. See  Adalet’s vision is to develop greater cultural understanding, debate and co-operation between the West and Iraq with a determination to bring about social change through art. Adalet, an internationally practicing artist in performance, installation and experimental/music is based in the UK and Iraq where he delivers presentations and workshops highlighting the value of cultural exchange particularly with the Middle East. In Iraqi Kurdistan he was a painter, sculptor, lecturer in art and art criticism as well as contributing to different local and international arts and human rights groups, NGO’s and other cultural organisations. He performed in a Qadri Sufi group as a Dervish Def (Kurdish drum) player, seeking spirituality through Sufi music and activities, which have influenced his current performance and installation practice.  Adalet has worked with a number of renowned international artists such us Mona Hatoum, Paula Rego, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Fakir Musafa, Susan Meiselas, Anne Bean and Richard Wilson.

Judith Marcuse

 Founder and Co-Director, ICASC
Founder and Artistic Producer, Judith Marcuse Projects
Adjunct Professor, SFU Faculty of Education

Judith Marcuse is one of Canada’s senior artist/producers with a career that spans over 40 years of professional work as a dancer, choreographer
, director, producer, teacher, writer and lecturer in Canada and abroad. She has created over 100 original works for live performance by dance, theatre and opera companies; many projects for film and television; and has produced seven large-scale arts festivals. Her repertory contemporary dance company toured nationally and internationally for more than 15 years, while also creating innovative community and youth programs.

A pioneer in the field of arts for social change, her work is internationally-recognized. The youth-centred, issue-based ICE, FIRE and EARTH projects, each five years long, included workshops, live touring and film productions, and extensive community outreach work. In 2006, Judith Marcuse produced EARTH: The World Urban Festival during the U.N.’s World Urban Forum, hosting performances and exhibitions of socially-engaged artists from around the world and audiences of some 20,000 people.

Marcuse teaches and presents in university and other settings in Canada and abroad. She has received many honours, including Canada’s two major choreographic awards, the Chalmers and the Clifford E. Lee, and an honourary doctorate from Simon Fraser University.

ICAN is a three year project which has been part-financed by the European Union’s Regional Development fund through EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (Peace III) managed through Special EU Programmes Body.


hotINK at the LARK, March 24-28‏

Dear International Collaborations Task Force colleagues:

If you are familiar with the hotINK festival, you may know that the festival has moved to the Lark Play Development Center and will be presented in their new home on West 43rd St—if you are in NY, or find yourself here between March 24 and 28, I hope you will join us–

We’ll be presenting nine exciting new plays by Geert Genbrugge  (Belgium), Georgi Gospodinov (Bulgaria),  Elmar Maripuu (Canada), Marius von Mayenburg (Germany),  Siddharth Kumar (India), Jessica Cooke (Ireland),  Marjolein Bierens (The Netherland),  Zainabu Jallo (Nigeria) and Mixkaela Villalon (The Philippines)…

Outstanding directors May Adrales, Rachel Chavkin, Joe Grifasi, , Josh Hecht, Kevin Kuhlke, Ian Morgan,  Elinor Renfield, Lisa Rothe and Giovanna Sardelli…

Distinguished actors, such as Michael Chernus, Lynn Cohen, Edward Hibbert, Roxanna Hope, Florencia Lozano, Darren Pettie, Laila Robins, Heidi Schreck and Rocco Sisto,  to name just a few…

hotINK at the LARK

March 24-28, 2011

Readings at 4 pm and 7:30 pm

Reservations open March 3rd:

To learn more about the plays and their authors, visit


Catherine Coray, Associate Arts Professor
TSOA Dept of Drama
Experimental Theatre Wing
Director and Curator,
hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world

TEH Newsletter #1 2011: Welcome to the new year with TEH! (And check out the new videos on TEH TV!)‏

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TEH Picture of the month
This is what it looked like when Mains D'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) celebrated their 10th Anniversary on December 18th, 2010. Happy Anniversary Mains D'Oeuvres!
Photo: Vinciane Verguethen

Dear readers,

Welcome to TEH Newsletter #1 2011, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

2011 has a lot in store for TEH. As usual two network meetings are on the agenda, the first one in Tartu, Estonia on the 14-17th of April. New projects are starting, other ones are being wrapped up. TEH Members are presenting their fantastic spring programmes. And the days are finally getting longer and lighter outside our windows.

As written about in Newsletter #11 2010, TEH has set up a Solidarity Fund to support our friends in Belarus Free Theatre, who were arrested during the protests against the presidential elections in Belarus in December. Please read more about the situation below, and consider making a contribution – big or small – to the fund.

You will find the new feature "Picture of the month" starting from this issue. We will gladly receive photos from your centres each month (send them to marian[at] It's great to see what's going on all around Europe! Also in this Newsletter, there are a bunch calls for artistic grants and residencies just waiting for your applications.

Enjoy the read!
Marian Söderholm, Office Manager and
Anna Weitz, Marketing & Communication Manager

Celebrate Music Freedom Day with TEH!
On 3rd March 2011, several TEH centres will participate in the global campaign Music Freedom Day.

At ufaFabrik (Berlin, Germany), plans for Music Freedom Day are going well. The day wil
l focus on Cambodia, including a collage with live music, documentary films and delicious food. The idea is to highlight the situation of musicians and artists in past and present-day Cambodia.

Registration for TEH Meeting 71 has opened!
TEH Members, Friends and invited Guests are now warmly welcome to register for TEH Meeting 71 at Creative Center Carnation (Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus in Estonian) in Tartu, Estonia. The Meeting will take place between 14-17th April 2011 and the theme is "Shifting Gears".

Platform Art Project at Tabacka
In November last year Tabacka Kulturfabrik (Kosice, Slovakia) hosted four presentations of centres from Trans Europe Halles. Platform Art is a project focused on propagation of independent cultural centres from around Europe. See the video from Platform Art in Kosice on TEH TV!

NEXT Festival at A4
In December 2010, A4 (Bratislava, Slovakia) was the scene of the 11th edition of NEXT Festival for Advanced Music. "Maybe the best experience of the festival", says Lenka Bednárová at A4, "was the energetic music performance of the acoustic trio The Thing from Sweden and Norway" (Paal Nilssen-Love from The Thing pictured above).

New videos on TEH TV
you can watch videos from the CHANGING ROOM workshop "The Art of Sustainability" in Paris in June 2010, and the Platform Art workshop in Kosice that took place in December. Enjoy!

Help us support Belarus Free Theatre fight for freedom and justice
– TEH Solidarity Fund open for contributions

Following the Belarus post-election crackdown on opposition candidates and protesters in December 2010, TEH set up a solidarity fund to support the TEH Friend organisation Belarus Free Theatre in their fight for freedom and justice in Belarus.

We believe that an economic help can make a small relief in their struggle. Help us support their fight for a democratic Belarus by making a contribution to the TEH Solidarity Fund for Belarus Free Theatre.

On the TEH website there is a list of the donations that have reached the fund as of today. Thank you all for taking action against Europe’s last dictatorship!

Subcase Circus Fair at Subtopia
Swedish circus, variety and street art are part of a growing movement. Audience interest is increasing and more and more venues and festivals present shows of these art forms. On the 17th -18th of February 2011, the third edition of Subcase Circus Fair will take place at Subtopia (Botkyrka, Sweden).
Photo: Ludvig Duregård / 2funny

New premieres at Łaźnia Nowa
Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Cracow, Poland) present two new premieres within the framework of a project dedicated to Sławomir Mrożek. The two stage productions – “Mrożek Performance” and “The Fall of the Eagle’s Nest” (Polish: “Upadek orlego gniazda”) will be shown on 27th-29th January.

Röda Sten presents: Testaments Betrayed
Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) is proud to present “Testaments Betrayed” – the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Loulou Cherinet in Sweden. Cherinet's photographic and video based work is rich with references to cinema and documentary filmmaking.
Photo: Loulou Cherinet

Ambassador in Focus: Sandy Fitzgerald
TEH Ambassador Sandy Fitzgerald is a bit of a legend in Trans Europe Halles, with more than 20 years in the network. He is the former TEH Delegate of City Arts (Dublin, Ireland) who now works as a freelancer in various cultural projects, and who has a secret wish of being the Pope…

Fabryka Trzciny leaves Trans Europe Halles
Fabryka Trzciny (Warsaw, Poland) has decided to end their membership in TEH. We would like to thank everyone at Fabryka Trzciny for their involvement in the network and wish them good luck with their future projects!


Cultural Cooperation Placements in Moldova & Ukraine – Tandem Project. Deadline: 15th February.

International Symposium: The Language of Art and Music, Berlin, 17-20th February

Art as Cultural Diplomacy: Forum for Young Leaders, Berlin, 14-20th February

Residency at Lake Victoria Residence Arts Centre Kenya. Application is ongoing.

Open call to artists above 45 – Jeune Creation. Deadline: March 1st

Call for X-OP Residencies at Association for Culture and Education KIBLA

Call for artists to create mural designs/sculptures/installations in Noyant Gravoyére. Deadline: March 1st

From On-The-Move: Stockholm Fringe Festival is looking for talent! Deadline: 22nd March.

From On-The Move: 2011 Application deadlines from the Nordic-Baltic Culture Mobility Fund

TEH supports we are more
we are more (2010-2013) is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe.

50 members in 26 countries
Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 50 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries.

***Follow and interact with TEH on Facebook and Twitter***
Help raising the visibility of TEH by suggesting our fan page to your Facebook friends. We now have over 1,300 fans – thanks for your precious support!

Also, check out and upload your own photos to the TEH Flickr photo pool!

Announcing hotINK at the LARK: Selected Plays‏

Festival Director & Curator Catherine Coray and The Lark Play Development Center are thrilled to announce the selected plays and authors for the upcoming hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world. This will be the first festival presented at the Lark Play Development Center’s new home on West 43rd Street.

Save the dates:
Thursday – Monday March 24-28, 2011

Please join us for readings of these plays featuring the work of distinguished New York actors and directors, meet the writers and celebrate international collaboration!

The selected plays for 2011 are:

from Nigeria: Onions Make Us Cry by Zainabu Jallo
from Belgium
: Suitcases on the Road by Geert Genbrugge
from Canada
: Forever by Elmar Maripuu
from India
: The Interview by Siddharth Kumar
from The Netherlands
: Motel Texel by Marjolein Bierens
from Ireland
: The Importance of Being Orson by Jessica Cooke
from Bulgaria
: The Apocalypse Comes by Georgi Gospodinov
from Germany
: The Stone by Marius von Mayenburg
from The Philippines
: Streetlight Manifesto at 6pm by Mixkaela Villalon

More information about the participating artists, plus a sneak peak at each of the plays coming soon!

hotINK is a unique program that provides New Yorkers with an opportunity to experience new plays from abroad and fosters inter-cultural exchange. We ask that you consider making a donation to help support our move to the Lark. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and any gift will greatly impact the success of the festival, which will remain free and open to the public.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.*

(Make sure to indicate "hotINK"
All designated contributions will be acknowledged in the Festival program.

We look forward to seeing you in March 2011 for hotINK at the Lark!

With best wishes for the New Year,

Catherine Coray, Festival Director and Curator
Arwen Lowbridge, Festival Producer

*The Lark Play Development Center is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

From our friends at Ars Nova!

The Wii Plays

Game Night
Ars Nova Style


February 1 – 12, 2011

Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm

New York’s hottest emerging playwrights springboard off the wild titles of Nintendo Wii games to create a night of short plays with an arcade spin. Joined by a killer live band, it's game night Ars Nova style!

Chad Beckim, Jenny Connell, Kara Lee Corthron, Kristoffer Diaz, Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Amy Herzog, Samuel D. Hunter, Matthew Lopez, Molly Smith Metzler, Gregory Moss, Janine Nabers, Joe Tracz

Stephen Brackett, Portia Krieger, Lila Neugebauer, Laura Savia

Jenni Barber*, Andrew Garman*, Donnetta Lavinia Grays*, Christopher Jackson*, Zach Shaffer*, Robbie Sublett*

Super Mirage


Click here for tix and info and use the code LARK!

Ars Nova
511 West 54th St.
New York, New York

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

*The Wii Plays is an Equity approved Showcase. Names designated by an asterisk (*) are members of Actors' Equity.

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Kabosh Newsletter #1‏

Kabosh Logo
November 2010

Welcome to the first Kabosh monthly newsletter: updating you on the work of Kabosh, news on the world of theatre and the arts in general. Kabosh are Northern Ireland's only site-specific theatre company, dedicated to exploring the stories of all our people in unusual and revealing spaces.
Minister Macausland and cast
Minister for Culture, Arts & Leisure Nelson McCausland with the cast of This Is What We Sang




Kabosh took their critically acclaimed production  This Is What We Sang by Gavin Kostick to New York City in September. The atmospheric surroundings of The Synagogue for the Arts in Tribeca, played host to the cast and crew for two weeks. The show was well received in the Big Apple, with commenting that the '…piece shines in its performances' while the New York Jewish Standard asked, 'Who would think that one of the better Jewish-themed plays this season would be imported from Ireland?' 
Kabosh accept the award for 'Best Production'
Paul Kennedy, Jo Donnelly and Monica McNally accept the award for 'Best Production'
At the award ceremony cast members Jo Donnelly, Paul Kennedy and stage manager Monica McNally collected the award for 'Best Production' on behalf of the company, rounding off a successful first trip to the US for Kabosh.


We are currently in negotiations with a US theatre producer to create a full tour of the east coast in 2011/12.




Whilst in NYC, Kabosh took part in Experience Northern Ireland, Titanic & More in the opulent surroundings of the Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station. Kabosh were brought on board to produce a series of our small scale work which has been seen in NI over the last number of years. This Is What We Sang cast members Lalor Roddy, Ali White, Jo Donnelly, Alan Burke and Paul Kennedy were joined by Vincent Higgins and Fra Gun in entertaining the crowds and dignitaries visiting the conference to learn about the delights on offer in Northern Ireland.


Performed in the station were Titanic Quarters by Miche Doherty, RMS Titanic by Rosemary Jenkinson, The Schedule and Agency  by Patrick Sanders and Belfast Bred by Seth Linder. The plays were performed a total of 42 times, to an audience including Sir Reg Empey, Minister for Employment and Learning and Arlene Foster, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

Fra Gunn Titanic
Fra Gunn as Thomas Partick Dillon stepping from the bows of the Titanic to entertain the crowds at Grand Central Station




Belfast Bred was a stunning success this summer. The story of Barney, written by  Seth Linder and played by Fra Gunn, a SousChef de Cuisine on the Titanic, unfrozen from the fatal iceberg 98 years later who must gather the ingredients for a centenary dinner in 1912.


The project developed in tandem with the Belfast City Council Culture and Tourism Unit, involved the partnership of five food outlets in the historic centre of Belfast: Sawers, Mourne Seafood, The John Hewitt, Nick's Warehouse and the Kitchen Bar finishing at St Georges Market. Audiences learned about the impressive range and quality of local produce as well as the history of food in Belfast. After the success of this years run, Kabosh are working hard to bring the show back next year.


To watch a filmed version of the tour click here 
The Belfast Bred tours are supported by the European Regional Development Fund, under the European Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland, administered by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB).


Kabosh have joined forces with Slide Away productions to produce Hostel in 2011. Written and directed by Kabosh's administrator Fionnuala Kennedy, Hostel was a big hit in the Belfast Fringe Festival 2010. We'll be announcing details of our plans in the New Year, but until then you can read a review of the play by clicking here



Audiences NI, Community Arts Forum, Culture Northern Ireland and Voluntary Arts Ireland have teamed up to create an NI branch of I Value the Arts, the campaign run by the National Campaign for the Arts.
If you haven't already done so, you can pledge your support by visiting the website.  Click here for more information… 

I Value The Arts



In September of this year, Kabosh's Artistic Director Paula McFetridge was invited to become a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW).  The LPTW is an advocacy organisation for reinforcing the positive image of, and increasing the opportunities for women in the arts and entertainment industries.


For more information on the LPTW click here

In This Issue
New York, New York
Belfast Bred
Value the Arts? Kabosh do…


Site Specific News


There are many companies producing theatre in unusual spaces.  This month we would like to highlight the work of PunchDrunk Theatre Company.  Click here to listen to a PodCast featuring Felix Barrett and Adam Curtis talking about last year's production of It Felt Like a Kiss. 


New members on the Kabosh Board of Directors
Kabosh are proud to announce the recuritment of Sonya Cassidy and Barry Mulqueen. Sonya is Managing Director of Webber Shandwick Belfast and  
has worked in the field of communications for over fifteen years. Barry  Mulqueen is is a Barrister-at-Law (BL) who practices mainly in the areas of employment and commercial law.


Kabosh welcome both Barry and Sonya's commitment to the company and look forward to working with them to develop and expand the work we do.
For more information on Kabosh's Board of Directors go to the Kabosh Website


Kabosh are always keen to hear from you to suggest ideas or give us feedback on our work so far. Do contact us on
For further information on all our past productions please visit our website


Kabosh are proud to be members of the Northern Ireland Theatre Association




Join Our Mailing List

Did You Know…


Underneath Grand Central Terminal, there are secret networks of underground tracks, steam-pipe tunnels, and storage areas.
Hidden in these underground depths is a train platform with a secret entrance and an elevator straight up to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Arts Council NI LogoBelfast City Council Logo

ICAN Conference 2010 – EXCHANGE: Collaborative Arts/Conflict Transformation

Collaborative Arts / Conflict Transformation              
Conference 1:  Visual art & Culture 
21st & 22nd October       
Conference 2:  Performing Arts 
25th & 26th October

ICAN is an international network devised by the Playhouse in partnership with North 55. These inaugural conferences will seek to examine and share experiences of arts and cultural work in International conflict, post-conflict and socially disadvantaged community contexts. 
The conferences will consist of presentations given by key international and local curators, artists and practitioners who will provide creative models and innovative approaches to socially engaged arts practice. International speakers will include Mary Jane Jacob (Curator) Culture in Action, Chicago), Bonita Bennett District 6 Museum South Africa, Ursula Biemann Artist, Cynthia Cohen Brandeis University, Erik Ehn Playwright and Mike Moloney Prison Arts Foundation. 
The conferences are aimed at people interested in the power of the arts to advance conflict resolution, reconciliation and social change and are from the arts, culture, education, health and community setting. 

Conference Venue: The Playhouse, Derry / Londonderry
Conference Hotel: The Tower Hotel 
Cost: Free
Pre Conference Launch – Wednesday 20th October which includes ICAN exhibition opening followed by dinner. 
To attend either conference or for additional information contact Edel Hargan or Elaine Forde on T. 02871 268027 or email or download information from

ICAN is a three year project which has been part-financed by the European Union’s Regional Development fund through EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (PEACE III) managed through Special EU Programmes Body.


North – 55

Elaine Forde
International Culture Arts Network
5 – 7 Artillery Street
Derry / Londonderry
Northern Ireland
BT48 6RG 
T. 02871 268027
F. 02871 261884

Origin: Where European Theatre Lives in NYC

Origin Theatre Company
Artistic Director George C Heslin

Geraldine Hughes
 in association with 
Firefly: Theater & Films,

Belfast Blues
written & performed by 
Geraldine Hughes

directed by Carol Kane
produced by Steven Klein & Nick Micozzi
set & lights by Jonathan Christman


Geraldine Hughes
Origin Artistic Director
George C. Heslin


ger hughes

Performance Schedule
Monday, March 8th @ 8PM
Monday, March 15th @ 8PM
Monday, March 22nd @ 8PM
Monday, March 29th @ 8PM
Monday, April 5th @ 8PM
Monday, April 12th @ 8PM
Monday, April 19th @ 8PM
Monday, April 26th @ 8PM

One wee girls story about family, war, Jesus, and Hollywood, 
Geraldine Hughes's one-woman BELFAST BLUES is a true story told from 
Hughes' perspective as a little girl coming of age in the warn-torn 
Belfast of the 1980s. Playwright and performer Hughes depicts 
over 20 characters in the multi-award-winning performance,
 which has
 played to rave reviews in Chicago, Los Angeles, 
Belfast, London, and New York

Ticket Prices
$65.00 Premium Seating
$40.00 Orchestra Seating
$25.00 Orchestra Partial View Seating

Click here to buy tickets to Belfast Blues via or call (212) 868-4444, 
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the Barrow Street Theatre box office located at 
27 Barrow Street and 7th Avenue South in the West Village,
 1 block south of Christopher Street.

Student Rush Policy: Student rush tickets are available 
to Belfast Blues 30-minutes prior to the show. Student rush tickets are $20 CASH ONLY and ONE ticket per valid student ID. Based on availability.

Group Sales: For groups of 10 or more please send request tobelfastbluesgroups@gmail
 for discounted group rates.

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Art made tongue-tied by Authority: Theatre Censorship around the World, Dublin 2010



‘Art made tongue-tied by Authority’:

Theatre Censorship around the World

Royal Irish Academy, Academy House, Dublin,

23rd – 25th September 2010



The study of censorship is vital to understanding the relationship between cultural production and the state, and theatre, as a medium with the potential to make direct and immediate connections with society, has often been subject to particularly severe control. Though censorship is often associated with authoritarian regimes, it has also been present – often in more insidious forms – in democratic states.


This major international conference offers scholars from various disciplines the opportunity to come together to compare experiences and studies of theatre censorship from various countries and periods. Participants will include academics, playwrights and other theatre professionals. The conference will be linked to the Dublin Theatre Festival (Sept-Oct 2010).


The playwrights Fernando Arrabal (Spain and France) and Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti (UK) have agreed to take part as key speakers.


This event is part of the AHRC-funded project on Theatre Censorship in Spain (1931-1985) Website:



Suggested thematic areas for papers include but are not limited to:


·      Religious censorship

·      Political censorship

·      Sexual morality and the stage

·      Cultural policy and the state

·      Censorship in democratic states

·      Censorship and authoritarian regimes

·      Performance and freedom of expression

·      The effects of censorship on writers, directors and performers

·      Censorship legislation

·      The legacy of censorship



Proposals (200-250 words) are invited for papers of 30 minutes, on any area of research relating to theatre censorship in any part of the world. Abstracts for papers should be submitted electronically to the Conference Organizer, Dr Catherine O’Leary, Dept of Spanish, National University of Ireland, Maynooth ( by 31st January 2010.


To facilitate communication we ask all contributors to write their abstracts and present their papers in English. (We may be able to arrange for Spanish-English interpreting, possibly with the help of the Instituto Cervantes: please let the organizer know if you would require this.) Please also supply a short bio-bibliographical statement and indicate your requirements for audio-visual eq


A selection of peer-reviewed essays based on papers given at the conference will be published.


Any queries may be addressed to:

Dr Catherine O’Leary, Dept of Spanish, National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM), Maynooth Co. Kildare, Ireland.  Phone: +353-(0)1 7086116