NEA TRANSLATION GRANTS: Chantal Bilodeau translating Koffi Kwahulé


Chantal Bilodeau translating works by French-African playwright KOFFI KWAHULÉ

To support the translation from French of plays by French-African playwright Koffi KwahuléKwahulé is a Paris-based playwright and novelist originally from Côte d'Ivoire. He received his doctorate in theater studies from the Sorbonne, and has written more than 20 plays, which have been produced internationally and translated into several languages. His work explores the dynamics of power and oppression of disenfranchised individuals, the search for identity, and the isolation of contemporary life in urban settings. This fellowship will support the translation of three plays — That Old Black Magic, Blue-S-cat, and The Melancholy of Barbarians — completeing Bilodeau's seven-play anthology of Kwahulé's work. The anthology will trace the evolution of his aesthetic, reflecting the influence of Hollywood films, rhythm and blues, and jazz.

Chantal Bilodeau is a playwright and translator whose work focuses on Franco-African theater. Her previous translations of Kwahulé's work have been presented by the Lark Play Development Center in New York City, and her own original plays include Pleasure & Pain, produced by San Francisco's Magic Theatre in 2007. She received her MFA in film and MFA in playwriting from Ohio University.

International Residence at Recollets, France


  The City Hall of Paris and the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs offer a residents' programme at Récollets International Accomodation and Exchange Center, a prestigious building inaugurated in 2003, on the banks of Saint Martin Canal, in the heart of Paris, to foreign artists specialized in any discipline.


Recollets Laureates 2009 
Lauréats Recollets 2009 



            Antunes, Leonor | Portugal | October – December – 2009 |  Visual arts
            Baniahmadi, Baharan | Iran | January – March – 2009 | Performing arts
            Batista, Helmut | Brazil | October – December – 2009 | Visual arts
            Bergjord, Geir Egil | Norway | April – June – 2009 | Visual arts
            Coleman, et Goldkrand | U.S.A. | July – September – 2009 | Visual arts
            Deb, Hindol | India | April – June – 2009 | Performing arts
            Dekyndt, Edith | Belgium | January – March – 2009 | Visual arts
            Edwards, Gisele | U.K. | January – March – 2009 | Performing arts
            Festa, Paul | U.S.A. | January – March – 2009 | Visual arts
            Garcia de Zuniga, Alvaro | Portugal | April – June – 2009 | Performing arts
            Iarisoa, Julie | Madagascar | January – March – 2009 | Performing arts
            Ibn Conner, Ismail | U.S.A. | July – September – 2009 | Performing arts
            Ivekovic, Sanja | Croatia | October – December – 2009 | Visual arts
            Mansour, Karima | Egypt | July – September – 2009 | Performing arts
            Montero, Reinaldo | Cuba | July – September – 2009 | Literature
            Perjovschi, Dan Sorin | Roumania | April – June – 2009 | Visual arts
            Portella Celina et Pessoa, Elisa | Brazil | July – September – 2009 | Visual arts
            Rhodes-Pitts, Shafira | U.S.A. | October – December – 2009 | Literature
            Rocha, Felipe | Brazil | October – December – 2009 | Performing arts
            Sekula, Allan | U.S.A. | April – June – 2009 | Visual arts
            Steger, Ales | Slovenia | July – August – 2009 | Literature

            Van Hove, Eric | Belgium | October – December – 2009 | Visual arts 

The US Koltès Project

Inaugural Issue of Koltès Community Newsletter December 18, 2008
A Ten-Year Commissioning and Development Project
Based on six plays by Bernard-Marie Kolt

International Residency at Récollets

BLACK BATTLES WITH DOGS gets reprise in Belgium, January 2009

A Ten-Year Commissioning and Development Project
Based on six plays by Bernard-Marie Kolt
Courtesy of Eliza Ruiz
Courtesy of Eliza Ruiz

In 2001, Atlanta’s 7 Stages produced Black Battles with Dogs (Combat de negre et de chiens), by Bernard-Marie Koltès, directed by Arthur Nauzyciel.  The performance was subsequently invited to Lorient, France and eventually to several theatres in Europe, the prestigious Festival d’Avignon and elsewhere.  Excitingly, this prompted extremely favorable critical and audience responses and encouraged an interest in the plays of Koltès among the artists at 7 Stages.

In 2006, Isma`il ibn Conner, one of the principal actors in this production and an Artistic Associate at 7 Stages, engaged with François Koltès, the author’s surviving brother who also manages matters connected to the Koltès plays.  François responded very positively to the U.S. production and agreed to pursue new translations of other plays by his brother. 

Mr. Conner and François Koltès agreed that new American translations of six Koltès plays should be developed and produced at 7 Stages. Over a ten-year period, these six Koltès plays will be translated into what one may call American English while working with François Koltès  to translate accurately while adhering to Koltès’ singular writing style. Each play will then be developed under the careful guidance of 7 Stages, which has considerable experience developing new work. Finally, each play will be premiered in Atlanta approximately every other year between 2008 – 2016. The project has now grown to include not just the translations of six Koltès plays and premieres at 7 Stages, but also an Emory University/7 Stages artistic residency, tours to American and French theatres, publications of the translations, a documentary of the U.S. KOLTÈS PROJECT, as well as French research and development residencies. With this support from Francois Koltès, 7 Stages intends to become the American home of Koltès’ works.

This project was created out of the desire to intensify the already rich relationship between French and American artists with the following plays: Dans la solitude des champs de coton (In the Solitude of Cottonfields, dir. Eric Vigner, 2008), Le Jour des meurtres dans l’histoire d’Hamlet(The Day of Murders in the History of Hamlet, dir. Thierry de Peretti, 2010), Sallinger (Salinger, directed by le CDN d'Orléans Artistic Director, Arthur Nauzyciel, 2012), La Nuit juste avant les forets (The Night just befre the Forests, 2014), Tabataba (Tabataba, dir. Philip Boulay, 2014) and Quai Ouest (Key West, 2016). These six plays all speak of intense isolation, fear of the 'Other', deal-making, senseless war, misplaced national loyalty, and dysfunctional familial love/hate.

Click here for more information on the US Koltes Project and how to stay involved! 

International Residency at Récollets

7 Stages Theatre’s, Artistic Associate, Ismail ibn Conner, has been awarded a three-month Artistic Residency, to continue translation and acting work on A Day of Murders in the History of Hamlet, by Bernard-Marie Kolès, the second play in the U.S. Koltès Project. This residency is for July-September, 2009.

The City Hall of Paris and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer a residents' program at Récollets International Accomodation and Exchange Center, a prestigious building inaugurated in 2003, on the banks of Saint Martin Canal, in the heart of Paris, to foreign artists specialized in any discipline.

BLACK BATTLES WITH DOGS gets reprise in Belgium, January 2009

Black Battles with Dogs, by Bernard-Marie Koltès, directed and adapted by Arthur Nauzyciel, will be performed in Antwerp, Belgium at deSingel International Arts Campus, January 2009.

Black Battles with Dogs is described by deSingel International Arts Campus as the following: 
Art in the age of globalisation! This is a story, written by a French author who died at an early age, about a racial issue in Africa, performed by American actors from Atlanta and directed by a young French director. 'The curse of the negro race comes from God, but the curse of the white race comes from the black man, who will for ever be God's chosen one because God once cursed him.' The French writer Bernard-Marie Koltès mentions this quotation by William Faulkner in a letter he wrote to a friend when he was visiting New York in 1983. He is passionate about America and its socially critical literature. Four years previously, he had written 'Combat de nègre et de chiens', a story set on a French building site in Africa. When the body of a black worker disappears, it changes the lives of four of the characters. The French director Arthur Nauzyciel was a pupil of Antoine Vitez at the Chaillot school of drama until Vitez' death in 1989. After he had worked for ten years under various directors he gradually took his first steps as a director. Black Battles with Dogs breathes the stifling atmosphere of the southern United States. And reminds us of the racial segregation that existed there in a not too distant past."

Black Battles with Dogs has been performed in France (Lorient, Clermont-Ferrand, Creteil, Festival d'Avignon), Greece, and in the United States (Atlanta and Chicago), featuring four Atlanta actors (Janice Akers, Daniel Pettrow, Del Hamilton (Tim McDonough later replacing Mr. Hamilton), and directed by rising French star, Arthur Nauzyciel.

Click here for more information on this performance!

Thank you for supporting the Koltès Project.

The US. Koltès Project is made possible through support from François Koltès, CDDB – Théâtre de Lorient, Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in Atlanta, Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in New York, CulturesFrance, Festival d'Avignon, Alliance Francais in Atlanta and French Institute – Alliance Française in New York.

Special support has been provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Etant donnés: The French-American Fund for the performing arts, a program of FACE, the Centre National des Ecritures du Spectacle at La Chartreuse.


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International Theatre Conference and Performance Festival in India 2009

Natakam International Theatre Research lab In collaboration with Sopanam
performing arts centre and Actes Lies Theatre France-

International Theatre Conference and Performance Festival in India 2009.

The conference will take place in the beautiful tourist destination of
southern India, Kollam ,Kerala India.
The conference structure is in such a way like the presenter presents his
paper to the audience and conducts a practical oriented body x-ploration
related to his presentation in a working group.
The uniqueness of the theme is evolved out through this practical oriented

X-ploration which inturn is discussed by the participants and audience.

Natakam International Theatre Lab cordially welcomes theatre enthusiasts
from all over the world to participate in The First annual conference
Jan.2009 from Jan 18 to Jan 22 at Kollam, Kerala, India.

We believe this is also a strong platform to facilitate the growth of
Intercultural, Experimental and Ethnic performance potentialities around
the world. We look forward to work with the explorers of the new wave
theatre strengthened with the roots of the past journeying their way to
the futuristic performance. 
Please do inform about the conference to your friends and Theatre lovers!

v To gather a community of performance oriented group from all over India
and abroad.
v To explore the matriarchal point of view and the performance related to
it exploring with traditional lore’s .
v To provide opportunity for presentation and discussion on researches
among academic scholars and practitioners in the theatre and performance
studies in India.
v To theorize on the present state of Intercultural aspects related to
body images in Performance .Studies discourse through the series of
researches and / or presentations; v To exchange information among scholars and practitioners in the theatre
and performance studies regarding this traditional theatre form; and v To build networks among scholars and practitioners for future
collaboration in research, academic exchange and performance praxis.
v Performance Studies scholars interested and / or focused on Body
exploration /kinesis.
v Researchers, academics and consultants with research interests on
Theatre and Performance Studies (especially those who specialize in
intercultural studies)
v Theatre practitioners – actors, directors, artistic staff, production
staff and stage staff who specialize or perform. v Graduate and post-graduate students in theatre, performance studies and
related fields v Publishers of journals and / or academic textbooks in Theatre and
Intercultural Performance Studies v Students in theatre arts, art studies, art education, performance
studies and related disciplines.
1.Body kinesis in Intercultural performance.
2.Matriarchy- Performance of Motherhood
NOVEMBER 30-2008.
email contact :
india:                + 9109985073625        france:               +330146591153   TeleFax India :+91922537384 – 89

France in Los Angeles

April 10-12, 2008 at 8:30 pmApril 13, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Compagnie Julie Dossavi: P.I. (Pays) or Présentations intimes

Infusing contemporary African dance forms with jolts of high fashion and street culture, the mesmerizing French artist Julie Dossavi presents a collection of solos and duets accompanied by live African percussion, voice and electronics. The Benin-born dancer and choreographer draws on sources from electronic dance music and club culture to gymnastics and tribal ritual to shape distinctive works that are modern, ethnic, expressive and abstract—and always alive with a distillation of human experience. Dossavi has collaborated with influential choreographers Philippe Decouflé and Joseph Nadj while also crossing over into the worlds of video and fashion through projects with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nina Ricci and Angelique Kidjo. This project is made possible by Cultures France, a division of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. Location: RedCat
631 W. 2nd St. – Los Angeles, CA 90012



  April 9-11, 2008 at 8:00 pmApril 12, 2008 at 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

Aurelia's Oratorio

Welcome to a ravishing world of adventure in which dreams come to life and the miraculous unfolds before your very eyes. A brilliant display of physical theater, acrobatics and dazzling stage invention, Aurélia’s Oratorio is inspired by the magic of the music hall, variety show and circus to create an intoxicating concoction of illusion and fantasy. Sister of visionary ringmaster James Thierrée, who last dazzled UCLA Live audiences with his spellbinding Junebug Symphony, the elegant and waif-like French artist Aurélia Thierrée evokes a world of nostalgia and child-like wonder in this astonishing production created for her by her mother Victoria Thierrée Chaplin, a pioneering member of “new circus” troupes Cirque Invisible and Cirque Imaginaire.Location : UCLA Freud PlayhouseUCLA Campus – Los Angeles, CA 90024Info :


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