Czech Theatre Showcase 2010

Dear Colleagues,


The Arts and Theatre Institute is planning the second Czech Theatre Showcase 2010 in cooperation with some other cultural and art centres, institutions and associations in the Czech Republic. The primary objective of Czech Theatre Showcase 2010 is to introduce not only the best of Czech theatre for the past two years but also present content and genre varieties of Czech theatre.

The Showcase of Czech theatre consists of two parts. The first one will be created by the Czech programme of the Divadlo festival in Pilsen from September 15 to 19, 2010. The second part will take place from September 19 to 22, 2010 in Prague. All Czech stagings of both parts will be interpreted into English.

More information about the Showcase and a complete programme will be posted on the new web sites in the very near future (available since June 21, 2010). In the meantime, mark these dates on your calendar, and get ready to experience Czech drama in a way like you have never before. Feel free to contact in the meantime if you have any questions regarding the Showcase.


We are looking forward to meet you in Prague and Pilsen.



Arts and Theatre Institute

Martina Černá, Pavel Štorek


International Cooperation and External Relations Department

Celetná 17 | 110 00  Praha 1


T +420 224 809 169 / 116



news from Czech Theatre Today


2010/N-1 Now On-line

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance
Published by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague




Achievements of the Comedy Theatre

The Comedy Theatre in Prague earned the reputation being one of the most progressive theatre scenes. It has received the Alfréd Radok Award for the Theatre of the Year for the second time (in 2007 and 2009).more…


The Man Without a Past

Czech theatre has been recently splashed with a wave of stage adaptations of famous movies. more…





The turn of 2009 and 2010 summarized in this spring e-magazine comprised several important events for Czech dance. Independent dance still strives for becoming professional and reaching emancipated position to other fields of art. more…



Two significant but controversial premieres have taken place at Czech ballet scene. more…



Autumn and winter seasons brought one traditional New Europe Festival connected with Jarmila Jeřábková Award and one brand new festival that did not take place on a stage but on a screen – it is the first Festival of Dance Films. more…


New Scene

Important news for Czech dance life was a start of the New Scene building with new dramaturgic profile. more…




What are Czech opera theatres and how to stage Bohuslav Martinů?

The Newsletter readers have not had many opportunities to meet Czech opera productions and learn about opera in the Czech Republic as such. Let' s have an introduction at the beginning. more…


The National Theatre in Prague celebrated Bohuslav Martinů

On the occasion of Bohuslav Martinů's double anniversary and project Martinů Revisited, the opera company of the National Theatre in Prague performed The Miracle of Mary as the first premiere of the 2009/2010 season.




Experiment Not Only With a Word

Four stagings in Prague and one in Brno allow us to have a look at Czech experimental production. Starting points of the authors are often very different. more…


Švejda In Plastic

Vojta Švejda is an original and very talented performer whose stagings cannot be overlooked in the Alfred ve dvoře theatre. He sank in the modern eco-field in his recent piece called Siphon. more…


Ioana Mona Popovici about silence and oblivion

The collaboration of choreographer Ioana Mona Popovici and clownery students in Brno gave a birth to a disturbing staging in Brno. About bodies – automats, people without emotions and general amnesia. more…




CZECH PUPPET News I – 2010

In 2010, several Czech professional puppet theatres that originated after 1945 in relation to the project of building a new theatre network celebrate their 60th anniversary. more…


My name is Blond. James Blond

Transposition of a classic Bond story was staged right before Christmas in the Alfa Theatre, Pilsen. The clever and lovely parody-play James Blond was written by Vítek Peřina and directed by Tomáš Dvořák. more…


The Swan Song of Iva Peřinová

The staging inspired by The Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky premiered in the Liberec Naive Theatre in autumn last year. more…





12th Prague Quadrennial of Perfomance Design and Space /PQ/

The time and place have been set for the next Prague Quadrennial of Perfomance Design and Space (PQ). The 12th PQ will take place from June 16th to June 26th, 2011 in several different central areas of Prague.more…





THEATRE AND REVOLUTION: exhibition – discussion – conference – theatre

In 2009, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the so-called Velvet Revolution that started in Czech and Slovak theatres. more…


"Exhibition Josef Svoboda – Czech Stage Designer With a World-Known Name in Buenos Aires"

The Arts and Theatre Institute in cooperation with the Czech Centre in Buenos Aires and Teatro San Martín realized an exhibition about Josef Svoboda as a part of the prestigious international FIBA festival. more…


Havel's Leaving is heading to Soul

The staging of the most recent Václav Havel's play Leaving directed by David Radok belonged to the most followed 2008 premieres and there have been almost fifty sold performances. more…


Otomar Krejča – a theatremaker whose name overreached the border of the Czech Republic

Significant theatre director Otomar Krejča died on 6th November 2009 in the age of 87. more…



Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Kamila Černá, Jan Kerbr: Theatre / Drama

Kateřina Řeháková, Barbora Dolejšová: Opera & Musical Theatre 
Nina Malíková,
Kateřina Lešková, Marie Reslová
 – Dolenská: Puppet Theatre

Jana Bohutínská: Experimental & New Forms Theatre

Nathalie Frank: Prague Quadrennial
Martina Černá: News of ATI bulletin is published four times annually, CArts and Theatre Institute – Prague, 2010.

Back issues of the bulletin can be downloaded from BULLETIN SECTION of

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Published by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague

Arts and Theatre Institute

Celetná 17 | 110 00  Praha 1



INTERSECTION: Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic, Invitation & Call for Papers


Scenography Expanding

Symposia 1-3

Riga – Belgrade – Evora 2010


Scenography Expanding

Invitation and Call for Papers


Throughout the past decade, scenographic practice and performance design have continuously moved beyond the black box of the theatre toward a hybrid terrain located at the intersections of theatre, architecture, exhibition, visual arts, and media. This terrain and its spaces are constructed from action and interaction. They are defined by individual and group behavior, and are contrasted by distinct behavioral patterns.


It is proposed here that spaces that are staged in such a way –  spaces that are at the same time hybrid, mediated, narrative, and transformative – result from a trans-disciplinary understanding of space and a distinct awareness of social agency. These two factors of “expansion” are seen as the central driving forces in contemporary scenographic practice and thought.




With the aim of initiating and hosting an active and trans-disciplinary discourse on the notion of an expanding scenography, the  Prague Quadrennial for Performance Design and Space issues an invitation for participation and a Call for Papers for the symposia and workshop sessions, Scenography Expanding 1-3 in 2010. Grouped under the overriding and programmatic title of Scenography Expanding, invited academic papers, artist’s presentations and expert workshop sessions will be looking to engage with notions of spectatorship, artists/authors, and curating in relation to the diverse artistic positions in contemporary spatial design.    


In preparation for the Intersection Project of the Prague Quadrennial in June, 2011, we invite researchers in practice and theory (artists, curators, programers, directors, dramaturgs, critics, and theorists) to participate in 3 international scenography symposia held in RigaBelgrade and Évora during 2010. The overall aim of these symposia is to unfold the wide range of disciplines, genres, theoretical, and artistic positions that comprise the relationships between spectator, artist/author and curator in contemporary scenographic/performance design practice. 


Scenography Expanding 1-3 will be followed up by a peer-reviewed publication comprised of selected speakers` contributions in the form of academic papers and visual essays.  Guidelines for authors will be available shortly via download



Scenography Expanding 1: On Spectatorship

February 25 – 27, 2010

New Theatre Institute of LatviaRigaLatvia


Speaker presentations, panel discussions, and workshop sessions engage with effects of the proposed “scenographic turn” on notions of spectatorship in performance design and space.   

How are contemporary theories of spectatorship expanding by the increasingly hybrid spaces that we inhabit – in theatre (performance), architecture, exhibition, and media?  Is “space” becoming a governing factor in the negotiation between performers and spectators?

Do hybrid spaces invite new agendas to be explored, performed, exhibited, and constructed? Does an expanding notion of scenography challenge/confirm established notions of live-ness and re-mediation?


Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts (please download the application form at 15.12.2009




Scenography Expanding 2: On Artists/Authors

July 9 – 11, 2010

BELEF Center and Festival, BelgradeSerbia


Speaker presentations, panel discussions, and workshop sessions investigate the question of the identity of the artist/author in the conceptualization, construction and participation in hybrid scenographic and performance design spaces.  

Who are the artists and teams responsible for creating contemporary scenographies in theatre, performance, architecture, exhibition, installation, and media? Is and/or how is the trans-disciplinary nature of scenographic teams reflected in the theoretical discourse on scenography? When does audience become a co-creator? When does a curator become a co-creator?     


Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts (please download the application form at 15.3.2010 




Scenography Expanding 3: On Curating

September 27 – 29, 2010

Festival Escrita na Paisagem and Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística (CHAIA), Évora, Portugal


Speaker presentations, panel discussions, and workshop sessions are concerned with the complex role of the curator in exhibiting spatial practice. A range of models, examples, and future perspectives are introduced and discussed. How is scenographic practice in theatre (performance), architecture, exhibition, installation, and media framed in order to curate, program, communicate, display and reflect? When does an artist become a curator? Who is the author of the space? What are contemporary perspectives on the display of ephemeral practice? Between Badious’ call for “decidedness” (2005) and Bourriauds’ relational aesthetics (2002) – where do we stand?

Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts (please download the application form at 15.6.2010



Symposia Conveners

Sodja Lotker, Prague Quadrennial Artistic Director

Thea Brejzek, Prague Quadrennial Curator for Theory 

Please send abstracts of 300 words max, and a short bio to: and (please download the application form at

We will inform you within two weeks of the submission deadline whether your proposal

has been accepted. 


More information, including registration forms and the full program (keynote speakers and speakers, publication details, etc.), will be updated on:


Join our mailing list to get the latest information:



The symposia are part of the Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle – a special international project of the Prague Quadrennial that explores performance and performativity as important elements of diverse art and cultural disciplines, focusing on performance design and scenography as interdisciplinary fields.  The project will consist of two central parts: research symposia as well as interactive installations/performance that will take place in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Latvia, Ireland, Great Britain, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Portugal during 2011 and 2012.


Intersection project is organized by the Prague Quadrennial (CZ) in co-operation with the New Theatre Institute of Latvia (LAT); the Irish Theatre Institute (IE); the Victoria and Albert Museum (GB); the BELEF Festival (RS); the Kretakör Theatre Company (HU); the National Theatre Prague (CZ); Ente Teatrale Italiano (IT); Kiasma Theatre, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (FI);as well as the Institute of Design & Technology, Design Department, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK (CH); the Escrita na Paisagem’s Festival de Performance e Artes da Terra (PT); the Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística (PT).


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. 


The Prague Quadrennial is organized by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Arts and Theatre Institute.





Sodja Zupanc Lotker

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space
Artistic Director

Celetna 17, 110 00 Prague 1 
Czech Republic 
Phone: +420 224 809 176 
Fax: +420 224 810 278 
Cell phone: +420 777 303 286 
Skype: sodja.lotker 


news from – Summer reflection 03/09 Now On-line

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance
Published by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague




Radúz and Mahulena – a new staging of J.A. Pitínský in the National Theatre in Prague

J.A. Pitínský is a frequent visiting director in the National Theatre, his stagings in the Czech major theatre are very ambiguous in reception with critics and viewers and they are mostly a reason for arguments. more…


Three Times Daniel Špinar – THEATRE

Daniel Špinar (1979) belongs to a rising generation of young directors who have won recognition on Czech scenes in recent years. Špinar drew attention of critics by three stagings in the past season. more…


Ještěři/Saurians – THEATRE

A new musical by playwright, director and artistic director of Klicpera's Theatre David Drábek and his co-workers – musician Darek Král and lyric writer of the Sto Zvířat/One Hundred Animals group Tomáš Belko more…





La Putyka – from dance to acrobatics, from cabaret to circus

The performance is about a typical Czech pub where young and old drinkers meet the accidental passers-by. more.





Czech puppet theatre

Detailed information about contemporary Czech puppet theatre more…


Celebrations of the 80th anniversary of UNIMA

The exhibition "80 Years of the International Puppet Organization UNIMA" was launched on 6th May in the Museum of Puppet Cultures more…





Dance for Children

This year's anniversary of the death of Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů has brought many projects ranked in the group "Martinů Revisited".This year's international festival Tanec Praha was focused on works for and with children. more…


The Sazka award went to a young choreographer

The prestigious Sazka Award was announced during the closing evening of the international festival Tanec Praha 2009. Prestige of the award is determined by relatively high financial reward which the author must invest to their new piece of work. more…


Coppélia without Coppélia

The National Theatre
in Brno staged a non-traditional version of classical ballet Coppélia (premiere on 22nd May). The author of the staging is Youri Vámos. more…


EXTREME premiere in the National Theatre

After sixteen years, the National Theatre Ballet returned to the New Scene that is still occupied by Laterna Magika. more…


Bubeníček brothers and Jiří Kylián visiting Prague

Two exceptional performances where famous Czechs working abroad appeared were staged in Prague in May. more…



Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance / Ballet
Kamila Černá: Theatre / Drama
Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre bulletin is published four times annually, CArts and Theatre Institute – Prague, 2009.

Back issues of the bulletin can be downloaded from BULLETIN SECTION of

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Institut umění – Divadelní ústav

Arts and Theatre Institute

Celetná 17 | 110 00  Praha 1



Agentura Dell'Arte – Theatre in Prague


we are an international artistic agency founded in 2005 by Pavel Dobrusky and seated in Prague, the Czech Republic.
During the years of our existence we have been constantly asked about any cultural oriented tours through Prague's theatres and galleries or Performing Arts Festivals in Central Europe.

So, here we are with our new offer of THEATRE BACKSTAGE TOURS designed to your needs.


through theatres in Prague, the Czech Republic and all over Central EU

for active and future professionals, educators, students

and supporters of the performing arts

Do you write, produce, perform, teach or study theatre?

Are you interested in establishing a professional international contact / co-operation with

European theatre, art centre, university / academy?

Are you interested in discovering the magic of creating a theater performance today?…

in the last century?… during the last 500 years?

ADA can book professional tours through theaters from Baroque

to The Contemporary for you.

Have you ever wondered how simple marionettes and puppets can so easily seduce

audiences of all ages?

ADA offers workshops with top Czech artists (both creators and performers).

Have you heard of all those (hundreds of) popular art festivals around Central Europe

and don't know where to start?

ADA has the recommendations and suggestions for you.

We , AGENTURA DELL'ARTE (ADA), are an international agency producing own independent

projects based on creation of international artistic teams since 2005.

We have been constantly asked about any culturally oriented tours through theatres,

galleries and performing arts festivals in the Czech Republic, architectural and other

points of artistic interest including cultural events that are so frequent and plentiful

in the whole Central European region.

That´s why we have decided to extend our activity in this direction.

AGENTURA DELLÅLARTE, s.r.o.,MakovskeÅLho 1206/29, 163 00 Praha 6, IČ: 27398943, DIČ:CZ 27398943 , b.uÅL.198922392/0300, ČSOB Praha 6.

Mailing address: ŘiÅLmskaÅL 42, 120 00 Praha 2, tel. +420 774 078 716, e-mail:,

We, AGENTURA DELL´ARTE, offer our clients visits with carefully selected programs to fit

your needs and interests in the following areas:

• backstage tours around all types of theatre (historic, modern, representative buildings,

alternative and „small forms“ performing spaces, multi-functional institutions, etc.).

All tours are aimed at your specific requests of interest: technical equipment, lights,

architecture & design, history, acting / rehearsal spaces, genre of theatre, among others.

• 1-2 days theatre workshops (introduction to puppet-, mask- and material work, plus

introduction to differences in sound and light equipment compared to those of your

country of origin).

• visit to significant theatre / music / art festivals

• organization of the Prague Quadrennial visit in 2011 and every 4th year thereafter.

Please note:

We do not offer a complete trip – you will be responsible for your accomodation and transport to / from

destination(s). We offer our expertise and experience in recommending a hotel or a restaurant matching

your taste, especially in Prague and the Czec
h Republic.

Individually or in group, you will have the chance to explore what is usually hidden to regular visitors.

You will have an English speaking guide educated in the field/s you are interested in.

Should you have any other language request, please notify us in advance.

We do not organize city trips. Once you are in Prague, let´s say; we'll recommend, but you will make your

own sightseeing program which we will complete with art experience.

Contact and information:


Rimska 42, 120 00 Prague 2


MgA. Tereza Hofbauerová (Czech Republic)

+420 774 078 716

Pavel Dobrusky (USA)

+1 212 563 4510

AGENTURA DELLÅLARTE, s.r.o.,MakovskeÅLho 1206/29, 163 00 Praha 6, IČ: 27398943, DIČ:CZ 27398943 , b.uÅL.198922392/0300, ČSOB Praha 6.

Mailing address: ŘiÅLmskaÅL 42, 120 00 Praha 2, tel. +420 774 078 716, e-mail:,

Don´t hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.
 Please pass the offer on if you consider it useful.
We look forward to hearing from you!


Tereza Hofbauerova
Rimska 42
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic
GSM: +420 774 078 716
FAX: +1 212 563 4510

Pavel Dobrusky Multimedia LLC

Czech Plays: Seven New Works


Next Monday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Book Party: Czech Plays: Seven New Works
Co-edited by Marcy Arlin, Gwynn MacDonald, and Dr. Daniel Gerould

Please join us as we celebrate the publication of Czech Plays: Seven New Works, the first American anthology of Czech plays written after the 1989 Velvet Revolution. These plays were originally presented as part of Czech Plays in Translation, the New York series of readings produced by 2003 OBIE winner Immigrants' Theatre Project over the last eight years and presented at Henry Street Settlement, New York Theatre Workshop, The Public Theater, and the Bohemian National Hall.

Featured in Czech Plays are the award winning playwrights: Ivana Ruzickova, Egon Tobias, Iva Klestilova Volankova, Lenka Lagronova, David Drabek, Jiri Pokorny, and Petr Zelenka.

Participating in the evening's panel discussion and play excerpts will be playwrights Iva Klestilova Volankova andDavid Drabek, dramaturg Irena Kovarova, and Pavla Petrova and Martina Cerna from the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague, Czech Republic.

For details, visit our website.

Martin E. Segal Theatre, Graduate Center, CUNY 
365 Fifth Ave at 34th St. 
Free! First come, first served.

Supported by the Czech Center New York, Arts and Theatre Institute of Prague, Immigrants' Theatre Project, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Other Spring 2009 Publications for the Theatre events:

About the Segal Center Publications for the Theatre.

Supported by:
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Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

Marionette Theatre

"The Historye of Queen Esther, of King Ahasverus & of the Haughty Haman"

February 21 – March 7, 2009
The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, West Side Y, 10 W. 64th St., Manhattan
Presented by GOH Productions
Feb 21-22, Feb. 26-March 1, March 3-7. 
Tue – Sat evenings at 7:30; matinees Sat and Sun at 2:00 pm.
TICKETS: $19 general admission; $12 seniors and kids under 12. 
Box office: Telephone orders 866-811-4111.
Running time: 1 hr. 10 minutes; no intermission.

Ron Jones as Mordechai, Deborah Beshaw as Esther, Vit Horejs as Haman, with puppets by Jakub "Kuba" Krejci and Vaclav Krcal.
Deborah Beshaw and Esther puppet by Jakub "Kuba" Krejci.
Deborah Beshaw and Esther puppet by Jakub "Kuba" Krejci.
Ron Jones as Mordechai with Mordechai puppet by Jakub "Kuba" Krejci.
Ron Jones as Mordechai with Mordechai puppet by Jakub "Kuba" Krejci.
Director Vit Horejs as Haman, with Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.
Director Vit Horejs as Haman, with Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.
Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.
Haman puppet by Vaclav Krcal.

Theresa Linnihan and Kasparek puppet, made by Emily Wilson and Michelle Beshaw.

Theresa Linnihan and Kasparek puppet, made by Emily Wilson and Michelle Beshaw.

Just in time for the Purim season, Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre will perform its "The Historye of Queen Esther, of King Ahasverus & of the Haughty Haman." The production features modernist marionettes and those from the Czech Puppetry repertoire and is recommended for family audiences.

This production is based on the traditional script of itinerant Czech puppeteers. In 18th century Europe, "Queen Esther" was among the top "hits" of the Czech marionette repertoire.

In this production, downtown meets folk tradition. High and low, live performers and puppets of disparate sizes are blended for a startling comical and touching effect.

There are marionettes designed and constructed by Prague master carver Jakub Krejci, two marionettes composed from household and carpentry tools by Michelle Beshaw and Emily Wilson, and giant paper mache puppets made by CAMT's Associate Director Theresa Linnihan.

The actor/puppeteers are Deborah Beshaw, Vít Horejs, Ron Jones, Sarah Lafferty, Theresa Linnihan and Ronny Wasserstrom. Set and Costumes are by Theresa Linnihan. Puppets are by Jakub "Kuba" Krejcí, Václav Krcál (Haman), Michelle Beshaw and Emily Wilson (Kaspárek & Kalupinka).

This production is made possible in part with public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York City Councilmember Rosie Mendez, District 2 Manhattan, Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and with support from Materials for the Arts (A Program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs/NYC Department of Sanitation, 7 Loaves, Inc. and private contributors.

The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater at the West Side YMCA hosts affordable performances for all age groups, with an emphasis on inspiring youth and families to learn about and appreciate the theatrical arts. Having recently undergone $2-million in renovations, the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater boasts new raked seating with handicap accessibility and more.

Excerpts of Our Reviews

"The Very Sad Story of Ethel & Julius, Lovers and Spyes and about Their Untymelie End while Sitting in a Small Room at the Correctional Facility in Ossining, N.Y."
"Vit Horejs has written and directed a first-rate, thoroughly original production and made it look effortless. The cast gives charged, cohesive performances, and the staging is expert".
–Anita Gates, New York Times.

"The Golem"
"In a production which was as much dance performance as marionette theatre, the interaction between puppeteers and puppet was fascinating…The Golem was staged with sensitivity, dedication and tremendous energy."
Arthur Horowitz, Theatre Journal

"Golem is a wonderful blend of puppetry, dance, and music…Direc
tor Vit Horejs put together an extraordinary team to realize his conception…Golem is a joyful celebration of Jewish culture and resilience."
The Journal, Pasadena, California

Video by Federico Restrepo
Video by Katalina Guttierez

To UNSUBSCRIBE to these mailings, please reply to this email or send an email to <> with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject heading and your email address as the message.

To sign up for our (infrequent, but very exciting) newsletter, please reply to this email or send an email to <> with SUBSCRIBE in the subject heading and your email address as the message.

news from – Winter 01/09 Now On-line

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance
Published by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague

Gipsies and skinheads, ballet and hip hop (2/9/2009)

The Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ústí nad Labem staged the ballet Gipsy roots/spice. more…


Queen Margot – a new ballet of Libor Vaculík (2/9/2009)

After the change in the management of the National Theater in Brno, the planned premiere of a new ballet of Libor Vaculík moved to near-by Olomouc. Vaculík's Queen Margot fits in choreographer's production of recent years in many aspects. more…


Kundera's comedy rediviva (2/9/2009)

Milan Kundera wrote his second play, the comedy, The Blunder, in 1966 but it was only staged as late as in 1969, that is after the August occupation. more…


News – Puppet theatre (2/9/2009)

Interesting projects and exhibitions more…


Circus Havel by Vladimír Morávek (2/9/2009)

Circus Havel directed by Vladimír Morávek, one of the most expressive directors of those born in the 50's and 60's, is a montage of several plays by Václav Havel and his non-dramatic textsmore…


News Dance Theatre (2/9/2009)

Dance Conferences – Festivals – Premieres – Magazine more…


Love by a Playlist A Dance Performance Unaccessible to Adolescents (2/9/2009)

The premiere of the company NANOHACH, choreography Love Me! at Ponec, was something extraordinary for the Czech dance community more…


A new play by Václav Havel (2/9/2009)

A new play by Václav Havel Leaving and its first production, directed by David Radok in the Archa Theatre in Prague, was the event of the year 2008. more…


A scenic and costume designer Luboš Hrůza died…. (2/9/2009)

A scenic and costume designer Luboš Hrůza died on 2nd December 2008, he was 75 years old more…


České nebe (the Czech Heaven) (2/3/2009)

Another successful staging of 2008 originated at the theatre that is a typical Czech phenomenon. more…

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Kamila Černá, Jan Kerbr, Jana Patočková: Theatre / Drama
Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre bulletin is published four times annually, CArts Institute – Theatre Institute Prague, 2009.

Back issues of the bulletin can be downloaded from BULLETIN SECTION of

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news from 03/08 Autumn Issue is Now On-line!

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance
Published by the Arts Institute – Theatre Institute in Prague

Czech modern puppetry TODAY (11/18/2008)

Czech puppet theater for teenagers and adults… more…


New Czech play at the Goose on a String Theatre (11/18/2008) 
Vladimír Morávek, a director and artistic director of the Goose on a String theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku) , has staged a contemporary Czech play My beautiful world (Můj krásný svět) by authors Pavel Trtílek and Jan Krupa. more…

The most anticipated event of the season: the premiere of Václav Havel's new play (11/18/2008)

The premiere of the play that made Václav Havel get back from the centre of political scene to a theatre one raised interest a long time ago. more…

In Search for Lost Feeling (11/18/2008)

The Comedy Theatre has a title "the theatre of the year" this year, its staging of Kafka's Trial became the best performance of the year 2007… more…

Regions – Drama of the South Bohemian Theatre (11/18/2008)

Drama of the South Bohemian Theatre (Jihočeské divadlo) in České Budějovice belongs among regional theatres with significant dramaturgy and numerous productions that were appreciated by critics. more…

Mats Ek in Prague for the first time (11/18/2008)

National Theater in Prague has staged Ek's ballet Carmen. The program called Causa Carmen! was accompanied by a premiere of Santa Says Cut It! by Johan Greben and Uri Ivgi. more…

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Jan Kerbr, Kamila Černá: Theatre / Drama
Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre bulletin is published four times annually, CArts Institute – Theatre Institute Prague, 2008.

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Prague Quadrennial Exhibition Space Fire

Prague Quadrennial information

We are sorry to inform you that the Left Wing of the Industrial Palace of the Exhibition Grounds Prague, where the Prague Quadrennial traditionally takes place, has burned down. The ceiling of the Left Wing has fallen down, due to serous fire, around 7.30 p.m. on October 16th, 2008.

The Right Wing as well as the Central Hall have not been on fire. Damage in these two spaces of the Industrial Palace is not yet known but will probably be quite serious considering the steel construction that was connecting all of the three main spaces.

At this point we are not sure what this will mean for the Prague Quadrennial 2011, as we have no information on the possible reconstruction of the Palace. The call for applications is still planned to be issued in February 2009.

You can see the photos at or video on or iDnes.