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9 May 2014

DAH Theatre Summer Institute

DAH Theatre Summer InstituteEvery year DAH Theatre Research Centre offers an intensive two-week program of events and practical workshops designed for both actors and directors using contemporary theatre techniques. Dah Theatre Institute (originally named The International School for Actors and Directors)...

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26 Mar 2013

DAH Teatar & US Artists International

Dah Theatre's 12th Annual International Summer Institute for actors and directors, is a three-week program in physical and vocal training, creative process and performance, June 17 - July 5, 2013. More information can be found here; the deadline to apply is June 5, 2013. ...

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12 Feb 2013

DAH Theatre’s 12th International Summer Institute

Every year the DAH Theatre Research Centre offers an intense three-week program of events and practical workshops designed for both actors and directors using contemporary theatre techniques. Following ten editions the 2012 model will evolve the programe and rename into:...

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1 May 2011

DAH Theatre: Passing of Flame – Festival and Conference

Dah Teatar Centar za pozorišna istraživanja, Marulićeva 8, 11 000 Beograd, Srbija; PIB 102067389T.Račun 205 19342 68Passing of FlameFestival and Conference11 - 18. 06. 2011.In June 2011 DAH Theatre (founded by Jadranka Anđelic and DijanaMilosević) is celebrating a significant jubilee...

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22 Mar 2011

Passing the Flame Festival and Conference, Belgrade, June 11-18, 2011‏

Passing the FlameFestival and ConferenceJune 11 - 18, 2011In June 2011 DAH Theatre (founded by Jadranka Anđelic and Dijana Milosević) is celebrating a significant jubilee - 20 years since its founding. DAHTheatre is the only professional theatre group in Serbia...

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23 Feb 2011

TEH Newsletter #2 2011: CHANGING ROOM Study published!‏

Home | Forward | Subscribe | Unsubscribe TEH Picture of the month   TEH Delegate Petar Todorov in “Parallel Personalities", part of the project "Parallel Realities" by Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bostina, Bulgaria) in June/July 2010. Photo: Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova Dear readers,...

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5 Feb 2011

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren‏

COMMANDO SERENADE 5 Février Marseille Visiones de la Cubanosofia, Cuba 12 de Febrero Teatro Ridotto Stagione 2011 - Dedicata a Torgeir Wethal, Feb-May ZID Mixes Sundays > World Fiesta, Amsterdam 13 February Catadores de Sonhos, dir. Jadranka Andjelic, Rio de Janiero, Feb / Agosto Double...

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26 Nov 2010

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren‏

Dia de la No Violencia contra la Mujer, 25 Nov, ColombiaCOMMEDIA DELL´ARTE Taller intensivo en Medellín, Colombia, 27 Nov-4 Dec"Sea/Woman", Maja Mitic, Beograd, 3-4 Dec"make-shift", 5 Dec: Italy, UK & onlineA Arte Secreta do Ator: Odin Teatret, Brasilia, 10-15 dez.New...

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17 Oct 2010

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren 22° Laboratorio Internazionale, Teatro delle Radici, 21 agosto - 4 settembre TeatroNatura, Italia, Agosto 2010 Rapsodia per giganti, Trickster Teatro, Italia, 21 agosto Breaking the Surface, Susana Lei'ataua, NZ, August 22 & 26 Pantheatre Workshops, Sept-November, France Laboratorio Teatral del Teatro delle Radici, Lima Peru,...

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16 Oct 2010

Institute for Crimes against Culture‏

 October 2010  John Jay College's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre    Sextet of Young Women from Former Yugoslavia  (Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Slovenia)  Primitive Voice Workshop  How you can participate.Greetings!  Fall has arrived and with it friends from across the pond.   Despite...

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22 Oct 2009

Theatre of Yugen / DAH Teatr – DOGSBODY in San Francisco

THEATRE OF YUGEN Known for their use of poetic text set to contemporary music, San Francisco’s venerable Theatre of Yugen creates a unique and imaginative fusion of traditional Japanese theater with a western sensibility that is at once ancient and...

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