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4 Apr 2014

Beralus Free Theatre 2014

Beralus Free Theatre 2014Current WorkGLOBAL RESEARCH EXPEDITIONMOROCCO - BRAZIL - INDIA - BANGLADESH - NIGERIA“I feel privileged to be here, to begin to understand by seeing, meeting and listening.” Bridget Fiske Red Forest is devised from material gathered on a global research expedition. Our...

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18 Jun 2013

Belarusian Dream Theater – Call for Submissions 8 June 2013 - Ensemble Free Theater Norway´s Artistic Director Brendan McCall announces the launch of Belarusian Dream Theater - an international theater action supporting freedom of expression in Belarus. History: In 2011, the Solidarity with Belarus Information Office...

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31 Jan 2012

Final Call for World University Theatre Conference!

IX WORLD CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY THEATRE ASSOCIATION (AITU-IUTA) Traditions; Research; Experimentation: The Essential Elements of Contemporary University Theatre Minsk, Belarus: July 2-6, 2012 Deadline for application : 15 February , 2012!   We  invite scholars, intellectuals, creative writers and artists to...

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29 Nov 2011

Belarus Free Theatre: some news and an appeal

Dear Friends and Colleagues,I’m writing with a short update and an appeal, on behalf of the Belarus Free Theatre and its co-founders, Natalia Kaliada and Nikolai Khalezin.  So many of you were instrumental in, or were present for, their successful...

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6 Apr 2011

Cry freedom: how theatre helps us fight for human rights in Belarus – Belarus Free Theatre

After six defiant years, the Belarus Free Theatre has been forced into exile abroad. But our campaign will go on. Rend-game ... members of the Belarus Free theatre perform Being Harold Pinter in Belarus in 2007. Photograph: Ho/Reuters When I...

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18 Mar 2011

BELARUS FREE THEATRE returns to New York‏

Photo courtesy of the Belarus Free Theatre "TRULY PASSIONATE, TRULY POLITICAL THEATER... Being Harold Pinter isn't just admirable, it has virtues beyond its relevance and bravery." - Ben Brantley, The New York Times"Being Harold Pinter is a work that straddles political...

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23 Feb 2011

TEH Newsletter #2 2011: CHANGING ROOM Study published!‏

Home | Forward | Subscribe | Unsubscribe TEH Picture of the month   TEH Delegate Petar Todorov in “Parallel Personalities", part of the project "Parallel Realities" by Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bostina, Bulgaria) in June/July 2010. Photo: Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova Dear readers,...

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11 Feb 2011

Belarus Free Theater‏ Article

Belarus troupe getting exposure worldwideWednesday, February 02, 2011By Bob Hoover, Pittsburgh Post-GazetteBelarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko's efforts to silence the Belarus Free Theater Company have backfired. Now the exiled troupe is getting exposure around the world, said co-founder Natalia Koliada.Reached in...

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27 Jan 2011

TEH Newsletter #1 2011: Welcome to the new year with TEH! (And check out the new videos on TEH TV!)‏

Home | Forward | Subscribe | Unsubscribe TEH Picture of the month   This is what it looked like when Mains D'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) celebrated their 10th Anniversary on December 18th, 2010. Happy Anniversary Mains D'Oeuvres! Photo: Vinciane Verguethen Dear...

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13 Jan 2011

Belarus Free Theater: two important events‏

The Public Theater and La MaMa presentAn Encore Benefit Performance of Belarus Free Theater's acclaimed "BEING HAROLD PINTER" Monday, January 17 at 7 PM at The Public TheaterHosted by Tom Stoppard and Tony KushnerFeaturing celebrity guests, inc. MANDY PATINKINTickets on...

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10 Jan 2011

Viva The Belarus Free Theater:

Two weeks ago, the members of the Belarus Free Theater were either in jail or in hiding. Now, miraculously, they are performing their play "Being Harold Pintor" as part of the Under the Radar Festival in New York . Soon...

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7 Jan 2011

Subversion on stage: can theatre change the world? | Stage |‏

"Then, as reported in yesterday's Noises Off, the education minister of Iraq has banned the study of theatre altogether in Baghdad's institute of fine arts." Sent to us at Theatre Without Borders by Prof. Waleed Shamil, Baghdad University.Subversion on stage: can theatre change the...

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6 Jan 2011


CANTATA FOR BELARUS is a special musical-theatrical response to the political oppression of artists. It is offered as part of an international showing of support for the Belarus Free Theatre, based on "Being Harold Pinter" as adapted by Becky Dale and Ben Krywosz (see...

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3 Jan 2011

Send for the Warden! | in support of a free Belarus

http://fbnow.wordpress.comAn effort to present as many public readings of Belarus Free Theater’s Being Harold Pinter in as many places as possible in January 2011 to help raise awareness and support for democracy in Belarus. 

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3 Jan 2011

Clampdown in Hungary | The Nation

When the nationalist party Fidesz swept into power in Hungary last April, one of its first acts was to cut funding for the country’s alternative theaters. One casualty was an annual independent theater festival that was to have taken place...

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3 Jan 2011

Statement from the Belarus Free Theatre

This a statement, an open letter, from Natasha Koliada, Nikolai Khalezin and Vladimir Scherban of the Belarus Free Theatre, to be shared with audiences before the readings of BEING HAROLD PINTER that are taking place all over the USA:30 December 2010  Dear friends...

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27 Dec 2010

TEH Newsletter #11 2010: TEH starts fund to support Belarus Free Theatre‏

Home | Forward | Subscribe | Unsubscribe Dear readers, Welcome to TEH Newsletter #11 2010, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles - a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination...

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22 Dec 2010 Theater Group in Belarus Is Forced Underground

THEATER   | December 22, 2010 Theater Group in Belarus Is Forced Underground By LARRY ROHTER The leaders of a Belarus dissident theatrical troupe have been arrested in Minsk shortly before a planned appearance in New York.  December 21, 2010Theater Group in Belarus Is Forced UndergroundBy LARRY...

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20 Dec 2010

Natalya Kolyada, co-founder of Free Theater Belarus was arrested today, during a protest against the elections there‏

Natalya Kolyada,co-founder of Free Theater Belarus was arrested today, during aprotest against the elections there: 

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19 Nov 2010

Fund Creative Resistance & Impossible Music Session – TONITE in NYC‏

Fund Creative Resistance! You can have an immediate impact on the safety and freedom of those who are using art to change the world. With your year-end donation, support freeDimensional's Creative Resistance Fund, which provides small distress grants to people...

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