3rd Fitzmaurice Freedom and Focus Conference

July 14th-19th 2014 in Bogota, Columbia


Encuentro de Voz – Gathering of Voices

Encuentro/ Encounter: Carrying on the Tradition of Gathering Together to Explore and Celebrate the Fitzmaurice Voicework

 The Fitzmaurice Freedom and Focus Conference in Bogota Columbia will be hosting an Encuentro/ Gathering—part intensive, part performance festival.  Fostering experimentation, dialogue, and collaboration, with Fitzmaurice Voicework.

 The Encuentro will bring together artists, activists, and students to take part in a five-day program of workshops, work groups, roundtable discussions, and performances with the aim to contribute and explore the relationship between breath, body, voice,  imagination, language, and expressive culture. Knowing the challenges that face human communication in the globalized world we aim to seek connections, linkages, partnerships, and community.

 Activities include :

 ·     Daily training in the basic principles of the Destructuring and Restructuring exercises with the creator Catherine Fitzmaurice and the Fitzmaurice Institute director, Saul Kotzubei.

 ·     Specific sessions on the technique applications in multiple planes: artistic, communicative, medical, social, educational and personal growth, with international teachers certified in Fitzmaurice Voicework.

 ·     Performances and works in progress inspired in Fitzmaurice Voicework ®

 ·     Work demonstrations and Performances by Latin American special guests.

 ·     Opportunities for collaboration and exchange withsocial and artistic projects.

 ·     Spaces for discussion of relevant topics on voice, speech, language and diversity.

We encourage proposals and performances that build on Fitzmaurice Voicework. Teachers should look to explore artfully the hybridity and universal themes of the practice we study and to encourage collaborations with artist through the work beyond the conference. We challenge our colleagues to open the circle of work as wide and deep as possible to themselves, their collaborators, and the participants.

 Share your voice at Freedom and Focus, Bogotá 2014.


 Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a whole-body approach to vocal training that helps you communicate yourthoughts, intentions, and feelings with a free, flexible, and potent voice. The work combines classical voice  training with adaptations of yoga, shiatsu, Reichian bodywork and other body-based/meditative practices.

It aims to increase freedom of breath, resonance, power, spontaneity and emotional connection – the full range of humanity that can be expressed in the voice.

 The Destructuring phase of the work involves freeing body and breath from chronic tensions and unhelpful habits, to allow deep spontaneity and presence. In Restructuring one harmonizes and synthesizes ones discoveries while Destructuring with his or her intent to communicate.

 Fitzmaurice Voicework® is taught in the MFA performance programs at Yale, Harvard, NYU Studios, the Moscow Art Theatre School, and many other institutions all over the world.


 Actors, singers, poets, storytellers, teachers & coaches, broadcast journalists, public speakers,…and anyone interested in exploring the voice.

Panamerican Routes: Transplanting Latin political theatre in Toronto

Toronto actor/director/playwright Beatriz Pizano has had no problem finding stereotypical commercial roles as a Latina maid, wife of a drug cartel leader or mother of a son killed in gang wars.

But the Colombian native has preferred to spend the past decade telling heart-wrenching stories about civil conflict, massacres and child soldiers on a live stage — a tradition she has transplanted from Latin America, where political theatre against authoritarian regimes is very much alive.

Through productions at the Aluna Theatre, which she founded in 2002, Pizano hopes to bring all these global issues to her Canadian audiences’ awareness — and consciousness.

From Thursday to Saturday this week, Pizano is hosting an international conference in Toronto to explore theatre and human rights as part of the two-week Panamerican Routes festival that features innovative Canadian and Latin American voices through mainstage performances, professional development workshops and a photo exhibit.

“I don’t think I’m political. I just explore stories that grab my guts,” said Pizano, whose company has been honoured with multiple Dora Awards, the Oscars of Canadian performing arts.

“It’s important that we talk about the world outside and around us, to make that connection,” she added. “Arts always come first, but we have to challenge ourselves and produce something that matters.”

There is a lot in the program that features New York-based puppet theatre company Loco7, which originally came from Bogota; San Francisco-based actor Violeta Luna, who hails from Mexico; and renowned Colombian artist/activist Patricia Ariza.

Their stage performances, along with their Canadian counterparts’, will shed light on issues from the violence in Colombia to the life of an underground revolutionary in Chile, the pursuit of a migrant’s American dream, the Mayan genocide in Guatemala, environmentalism and feminism.

The Panamerican festival is refreshing for Roberto Gutierrez-Varea, a founding professor of the University of San Francisco’s performing arts and social justice program.

Political theatres are unique in Latin America, where artists often take on the task of challenging and criticizing the established regimes, the Argentine said.

“They keep the humanities alive among the repressed people, the lives lost, disappeared and into exile,” noted Gutierrez-Varea, who studied architecture and psychology in university because all theatre schools were closed by the military dictatorship then.

“There are productions on different topics, often taboo topics,” he said. “For the artists and the audience, theatre is a way to engage, not to escape.”

Gutierrez-Varea said he was shocked when he arrived in California on a scholarship in 1987 and realized how “depoliticized” education was in North America.

Not only did he initiate the theatre and social justice program in San Francisco, long a sanctuary city for migrants, he also founded community-based performance groups such as Soapstone Theatre Company and El Teatro Jornalero to give a voice and space for American Latinos.

These productions validate the community’s own existence and values based on issues they can relate to and care about, he said. “You are creating safe spaces for the unsafe,” he added.

Themes they explored are borderless, Gutierrez said, because they ultimately touch on the universal values of love, fairness, security and loss that a North American audience can identify with.

Ariza founded la Corporacion Colombiana de Teatro, the first independent theatre in Colombia, in 1966, with a mission to “express the moment in the time we’re living.”

The theatre’s productions tackled political and social issues such as peasants’ revolts, the fight for housing, the history of guerrillas and most recently, the issue of feminism.

“We started the national theatre movement. And we are the (unofficial) spokespersons for the people to relate their issues to the government,” said Ariza, who inspired the Panamerican Routes festival.

The movement was so strong that “the elites were left without theatres because theatres were now the theatres of the mass and the poor.” The government, instead, pumped in money into commercial theatres to counteract the popularity of the independent theatres.

However, the controversial and sensitive issues her theatre highlighted — often involving the political regimes and paramilitaries — have also landed Ariza into trouble.

Thugs would come in to destroy the theatre and threats were uttered. Her name even came up on a 1987 hit list; eight of those on the list were killed.

“I’m not afraid,” said Ariza, “because of my legacy of so many years of work and I have so many people who support and protect me.”

When asked what Canadian activists can learn to engage and mobilize the public in social activism, Ariza paused.

The theatre movement in Colombia — and in other Latin American countries — is organic, Ariza said.

“It’s born out of the reality of each place,” she added. “The exchanges of knowledge and experience through events such as the Panamerican Routes will be a good start.”

2° Festival Internacional de Teatro en la Gran Carpa de la Paz


The festival of drama brings together scholars and theatre groups for experimental theatre exchange and to share cultural understanding in the name of peace. The programming includes workshops, lectures, presentations and participatory development. The festival’s aim is to take place in a large tent where the festival occupies its own space and will move to different cities each year with the same format. The tent serves as the symbolic place of reconciliation and sharing among participants. All the work of the artists is to build peaceful stages. With the workshops and the performances we expect that our people take the artistic life as a peaceful way to share with others.

It takes place in Barrancabermeja – Santander (Colombia) on March 26 – June 3, 2012.

This is our website http://www.etpbarranca.org/comunicacion/festival/index.html for more information.

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Magdalena Project 25th Anniversary Appeal

Finale: Arlecchino e il suo Doppio, 19 Feb, Pordenone, Italy
Nohayquiensepa, Aluna Theatre, Canada, 13-27 March
Convocatoria, 5 de julio al 5 de agosto, Colombia
Actors wanted, Kinetic Theatre, Sydney Australia
Anotaciones sobre el Magdalena Project de Santa Clara
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

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iADESiZ TAAHHÜTSÜZ, 19 Ocak 2011, Istanbul
Corti Scalzi, Thiasos Teatro Natura, Roma, 28 gennaio
La Mama Founder Ellen Stewart dies aged 91
La muerte de una valiente, Mexico
Centro Cultural Horizonte Ciudadela Educativa 2011
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

First International Theatre Festival for Peace – Colombia‏


Barrancabermeja-Colombia opens its doors to the first International Theatre Festival for Peace (From May 21 through May 29, 2011)


For 10 days, there will be a mutual exchange andunderstanding of national and international experiences of
Organizations that are working in Colombia inthe “Magdalena Medio, have seen the need to promote an exchange of local andinternational realities of peace building. Now we are inviting you toparticipate in this first International Peace Festival in Barrancabermeja-Colombia
During 10days, the participants will have theopportunity to share their personal realities through a corporal perspective.“The big tent for peace” will be a space for reflection, experimentation,exchange and mutual understanding among the participating groups.
The festivalwill put together two kinds of groups in the same space ( I) Youth Theatre Processes and / orlocal community) and National andInternational Theater Groups
I)                   Youth Theatre Processes and / or local community, (no need to demonstrate a high level stage)
 Alreadyconfirmed for their participation in the festival:  local groups from: Bogota – Manizales – Medellin – Barranquilla -Yondó – Puerto Berrio – Sabana de Torres – San Pablo – Monterrey – Cúcuta -Aguachica – Banco Magdalena – Valledupar – Mingueo – Santa Marta – Cartagena -Montes de María.
II)               National andInternational Theater groups with long distinguishedhistory:  Three groups from Colombia anda group from the following countries.
 Invited countries:
United States


* International groups that aredifferent from the countries mentioned above, who wish to join this initiative,can be invited by contacting us.


Mexico will be a special guest bringing more participant`s groups .Thisresponds to the growing similarity between Mexico and Colombia on issuesrelated to violence and armed conflict.

The International Festival will take place in “the big tent for Peace” andintegrated various activities such as:
Presentationsby national and international groups
Talks withspecial guests and experts in the fields of theater-(social transformation andema
ncipation, historical memory, peace and reconciliation)
·        The plays will also be presented in Barrancabermejaand the surrounding rural area.
·        In this way we expect to reach the public with worksof high esthetic and quality experience.
 El Centro Cultural Horizonte Ciudadela Educativa
• Development and PeaceProgram of Magdalena Medio
• Ecopetrol
• German Cooperation AgencyGTZ
• Municipality of Barrancabermeja.
If you wantfurther information or wish to join this initiative visit the website: www.festival.etpbarranca.orgor contact Guido Ripamonti (00 57 7) 321-234-0594


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Dia de la No Violencia contra la Mujer, 25 Nov, Colombia

COMMEDIA DELL´ARTE Taller intensivo en Medellín, Colombia, 27 Nov-4 Dec

"Sea/Woman", Maja Mitic, Beograd, 3-4 Dec

"make-shift", 5 Dec: Italy, UK & online

A Arte Secreta do Ator: Odin Teatret, Brasilia, 10-15 dez.

New dates: Ay Ombe Theatre Retreat, Pery, 2-12 May 2011

The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

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La Voz secreta de los pájaros, dir. Cristina Castrillo, Barcelona, 26 Nov

II Festival Internacional Teatro Mujeres Cali Pacífica 2010, 1-10 diciembre
Eventi O' Thiasos, 26 novembre, Roma
Foro de Mujer e Innovacion, Las Palmas, 27 de noviembre
Diane Torr – book presentations, NYC, 30 Nov – 3 Dec
Teatro Potlach – workshops, diciembre, Italia
Convocatoria para el Festival de Teatro, Colombia, 2011

Vocabolomacchia_teatro.studio – new video art
Things Beginning with M – Omidaze Productions
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

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Laboratori di Teatro-MAGFEST TORINO Re+Cycle 2010

Programa de Magdalena Sin Fronteras III, 8-18 enero 2011

"No Door On Her Mouth", 26 Oct-13 Nov, Perth WA

Seminarios Natalia Marcet, 3-6 Nov., Medellin Colombia

Taller de Melodrama, Buenos Aires, Noviembre

SUITE intermediale, Theater der Klänge, Germany

Cavallerizza Reale – Manica Corta, Torino, Italy 23-24 Nov

Laboratorio teatrale sulla narrazione orale, Roma, Nov-Feb

Venta especial de "Los Zangolotinos", Deborah Hunt

Yuyachkani 40 años – Convocatoria a Laboratorio Abierto 2011

LA NO PRESENCIA – artículo de Ana Correa

The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo
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22° Laboratorio Internazionale, Teatro delle Radici, 21 agosto – 4 settembre
TeatroNatura, Italia, Agosto 2010
Rapsodia per giganti, Trickster Teatro, Italia, 21 agosto
Breaking the Surface, Susana Lei'ataua, NZ, August 22 & 26
Pantheatre Workshops, Sept-November, France
Laboratorio Teatral del Teatro delle Radici, Lima Peru, enero-feb 2011
(*inscripción – 15 de septiembre 2010*)
Taller de Melodrama, Buenos Aires, de 14 a 17 Septiembre
Sneaking In, Somehow 8th till 18th Sept. Amsterdam, Holland

Boletín Magdalena 2ªgeneración agosto 2010 – Ana Woolf escribe sobre VÉRTICE 2010, Festival Magdalena en Florianópolis
Creation du choeur féminin "La belle équipe"
Physical Theatre Courses, Birmingham, Autumn 2010
Performers Exchange Project at NACL, USA, 18 Sept
"Mierda!!! me enamoré", Nadia Marillo, Peru
Short & Girlie Productions August News
Biblioteca Torgeir Wethal

"Art & Practice" Magdalena Aotearoa Gathering, 29 August, NZ
Vértice Brasil – reports and photos
"Women Behind Bars", until Sept 11, USA

Choreographic Marathon, Dec 17-19, Toronto (proposal deadline mid-October)
Taller de Josefina Baez, 12-21 abril 2011, Peru

Call to everyone: 25th anniversary Magdalena Project book
"The Threat of Silence", Wales, 9-27 September
The Childhood Path Project, Buenos Aires, 12-16 septiembre
Workshop Pilates-physical theatre in Barcelona, 15-17 Sept
Se estrenó Corazón Verde tatuado

GORDAS en Peru, 11, 18, 25 de setiembre

Eventi O Thiasos, Settembre 2010, Italia

Magdalena Segundo Generacíon encuentro 2010, Buenos Aires

TWTP: Blind Spots by Colette Freedman, 19 Sept, USA

Laboratorio condotto da Cora Herrendorf, Ottobre 2010 Italia

101010 UpStage Festival, online, 10-11 October 2010

Seminaria con Lina Della Rocca, Bologna, 11-15 Nov.

S/HE: Turkish/American collaboration, premiering 2011

DAH Teater on tour in the USA, Sept-November 2010
Eventi O Thiasos Europarc 2010, Italia, 29-30 settembre
THERE IS A FIELD: A Global Call to Theatrical Action

"The Space Inside" – Maria Porter
New book on women who perform as men, by Diane Torr
Call for Partners – Theatre Training – Turkey, July 2011

GORDAS en Villa Gesell, 6-7 octubre, B.A.
Teatro delle Radici: 30° anniversario, 8-15 ottobre, Switzerland
City of Women, Ljubljana, 8-17 October
OBRA "MUJERES FEAS", Colombia, 8-9 October
101010 UpStage Festival schedule announced, 10-11 Oct, online
"No Door On Her Mouth", 11-12 October, Brisbane
TWTP: "Bridge & Tunnel", 14 Oct-7 Nov, USA
XIV Encuentro: mujeres Iberoamérica en las artes escénicas, 21-24 Octubre, Cadiz

Caridad Svich "The House of the Spirits" til 23 October, USA
Feministicki Kros(s), 26 oktobar, Beograd
Giving Voice 12, book now! 10-14 Nov. Pontedera Teatro Italy
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

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