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October 2010

John Jay College's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre
Sextet of Young Women from Former Yugoslavia  
(Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Slovenia)

Primitive Voice Workshop
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Fall has arrived and with it friends from across the pond.   Despite a sluggish economy we at ALATetc are forging ahead but we need your help to realize our ambitions. 
Please join us this month in inaugurating the Institute for Crimes against Culture, an organization devoted to cross cultural awareness and to producing international encounters for theater groups.  ICAC is the brain child of our literary director, Dr. Seth Baumrin and is being launched by the US premiere of Slovenia's GLEJ Theatre's SKRIP Orkestra (SCREECH Orchestra) hosted by ALATetc and in concert with the Art and Justice Series at John Jay College's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre.

 SKRIP Orkestra is a collective of women who were children during the wars in former Yugoslavia who went on to become successful advocates for justice and social services for the youth.  In their performance, stories of lost childhoods and survival in the aftermath of the wars of the 1990s, in which neighbor was pitted against neighbor during a period of ethnic cleansing, are told through powerful songs and visual imagery-relevant while playful.  
Also this month Actor, Director, and Master Voice Teacher Jean-René Toussaint of Stemwerk in the Netherlands, returns to New York City, offering the Primitive Voice Workshop, private sessions and a rare opportunity to audition and work with him.  Jean-René's unique voice work is the result of twenty five years of research and development and is informed by his work with deaf adults and children.  You do not need to be a performer to benefit from this work.   

As you can see we are up to big things but we need your help to achieve our goals.  We need you to attend, we need you to volunteer, we need you to help us spread the word, and we are also in need of your financial help.  Your gift of $5 or more is fully tax deductable through our fiscal sponsor The Field.  
Won't you please support our great adventure?  
Vernice P. Miller
Founding-Artistic Director
Please take a moment and scroll down for more specific information on all our October activities.

Announcing The Institute for Crimes against Culture

John Jay College's  Gerald W. Lynch Theater 
Friday October 22 at 7:30pm Saturday October 23 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm and Sunday October 24 at 7:30pm

A.R.T./NY South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford Street

(Between Atlantic Ave and Fulton Street)


Friday October 29
7:30pm and Saturday, October 30 at 8:00pm

New York welcomes SKRIP ORKESTRA (SCREECH Orchestra)

SKRIP Orkestra (SCREECH Orchestra)

Inaugerating The Institute for Crimes against Culture with the U.S. premiere of Slovenia's SKRIP Orkestra, where pop rock meets kitsch-noir meets performance art.  Six women from all over the former Yugoslavia share stories of war-torn childhoods, drawing inspiration from folk songs, fairy tales, and uncompromising punk music.
First on Friday, October 22 at 7:30pm; Saturday, October 23 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm; and Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 7:30pm as part of the Art of Justice Series at theGerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, 899 Tenth Avenue, NYC. Tickets are $20 (free for CUNY students with valid ID) and may be purchased by callingTicket Central at 212-279-4200 or visiting ;
Next it's SKRIP Unplugged in Brooklyn! when on October 29th, 7:30pm at A.R.T./NY's South Oxford Space SKRIP Orkestra barters in cabaret performance with various New York personalities. 
Finally it all culminates in a night of riotous  fun on Halloween Eve, Saturday October 30th at 8:00pm when star of stage and screen comedienne Hazelle Goodman takes the stage. 
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SKRIP Unplugged in Brooklyn.

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TEATARFEST 2009 – Bosnia and Herzegovina


 TEATARFEST is an international meeting point of theater groups which have a special way to form their theatre expressions. TEATARFEST's aims are:-creative and alternative projects, research the directing, performing, speech, movements, costumes, music and other important elements of theatre expressions;-projects which research new spaces and media; 

TEATARFEST is a way of showing the technical possibilities in theatre; examination of gained experience, the cooperation of different theater visions and achievements; a meeting place, where artists can exchange their own theatre experiences which, in many ways, can enrich the artistic creations of others.






Activities during the festival:

 ROUND TABLE of the participants, audience and critics, which examines circumstances under which the shown productions were made, and explains the possibilities of how these experiences can be used in different social, economical and cultural surroundings. THEATRE WORKSHOPS, wich try to work out in details and explore some theatre achievements.  SEMINARS, where theatre experts will give their own experiences they have gained about different elements of theatre expression.  PROJECTION OF MOVIES, about the theatre. ART-THEATRE PERFORMANCES AND INSTALATIONS PERFORMANCES AT PLACES WHICH ARE NOT MEANT FOR THEATRE ACTIVITIES (streets, shopping centres, etc.).


       An obligation, to take part in the election process, is to APPLY PER APPLICATION FORM together with all the required material,      Send the material per standard mail (not e-mail),      Use English, Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian language,      After the announce conclusion, the commission responsible for selection will choose the plays which are going to participate in the official festival production, and the executive producer of the festival will make a playing schedule. The chosen plays will be informed until February, 29th 2008,      Theatre groups guarantee to be present and to participate on all shows and discussions during the festival (Round table),  ACCOMODATION       All of the participants have food, and three-day accommodation free of charge as well as free entrance at plays and programs organised by Teatarfest.      TEATARFEST does not pay for travel expenses or fees.Foreign groups will get a translator.     

DEADLINE FOR APPLYING IS December, 31, 2008.



Send to:

Fehim SerdarevicTEATARFESTPruščakova 12,71 000 SARAJEVOBosnia and Herzegowina



Time Out

by Zlatko Topčić

On a playground in Sarajevo, Bosnia, two basketball players are practicing for Olympiad, they consider themselves great talents and call themselves Pippin and MJ.  But our characters are very different from the great American basketball players from whom they borrowed the names – they lost their legs in the war and the Olympiad they are preparing for is for the disabled. During reversals they talk about life, how to handle it now – one believes that it would be better to be dead and another that there is a value even in this life as it is, and they are haunted by memories. The second part is in a bar in Germany, after they missed the most important shot at the Olympiad for handicapped. They meet a girl for entertainment there that is also from Bosnia and they finish together in the room – in a dream or in death?


Zlatko Topčić was born in Sarajevo on April 30, 1955. He graduated from Law School of the University of Sarajevo. Member PEN Center BiH I Association of writers of BiH.Director and art director Chamber theatar 55 Sarajevo. He has published the following collections of short stories: Životno pitanje (The Vital Question) (1981), Ptica iz drugog jata ( Bird From Another Flock, 1995), Bogumilske legende (Bogomil Legends) (1997)and Izabrane priče (Selected stories,2000); novels Čovjek niotkud (A Man From Nowhere, 1986), Kulin (1984), Košmar (Nightmare. 1997,1998,2000,2003.) and Gola koža (Bare skin,2004).The following collections of his plays have been published: Kolaps (Collapse) (1988), Izbjeglice (Refugees, 1998) Drame (Plays, 1995) and Time
out (2001). The following plays have been produced for the stage: Kolaps (Collapse, 1986), Kako Musa dere jarca (Musa and the Goat, 1993), Kulin ban (1995), Refugees (1999.) Plaza hotel (2000.) Time out (Bretton Holl,UK:Leeds,London-2002.) and Glavom kroz zid (MTM,2004.)
His stories and dramas have been translated to English, Polish, French, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Italian, Czech, Turkish and German, and they were included in several anthologies. He was also the scriptwriter for several documentary films: Odazivam Ti se, Bože (I Respond to You, God), Krv i mošus (Blood and Musk), Čudo u Bosni (Miracle in Bosnia), and U najboljim godinama (The Best Years Ever). Radio Sarajevo has produced seven of his radio plays.


He is the laureate of the most prestigious B&H literary award: THE B&H WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION ANNUAL AWARD FOR BEST BOOK PUBLISHED IN 1997, for his novel Košmar (Nightmare), first award at the anonymous concourse for film scenario awarded by Association of Film Makers of BH (Remake,1999.-World Premiere Rotterdam Film Festival 2003,directed Dino Mustafić),first award at the anonymous concourse for theatre plays (Time out,2000. and Glavom kroz zid, 2004). 

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