Beralus Free Theatre 2014

Beralus Free Theatre 2014

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“I feel privileged to be here, to begin to understand by seeing, meeting and listening.” Bridget Fiske 

Red Foresis devised from material gathered on a global research expedition. Our researchers delved into the relationship between climate change and forced migration to raise awareness on the plight of climate refugees around the world.

Natalia Kaliada, Nicolai Khalezin, Bridget Fiske and Andrew Crofts travelled to Morocco, Brazil, India,  Bangladesh and Nigeria, where they met with locals and members of NGOs. Throughout their journey Andrew Crofts and Bridget Fiske documented their experiences in a blog, which you can read on our website. 

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House an Actor

Do you have a spare room? Do you live in London? If so you could help us!

Giving one actor accommodation for a week is the equivalent of a £500 donation. In return we would offer you two tickets to the show as well as thanks in the programme.

We need accommodation from:

7- 11 of June, to perform Red Forest at The Young Vic.

13-21 September, to perform Price of Money at The Albany

News from Belarus 

We lost our home in Belarus

In 2013 the authorities forced us out of the space where we performed for almost six years. In the face of threats, blackmail and harassment from the KGB we still managed to conduct a hugely successful underground tour, and have been performing every week in the woods, peoples living rooms and secret venues. However, not having a permanent home for our theatre has caused a tremendous strain on the company, finding rehearsal space is difficult and expensive.

The KGB are still threatening our company. Our General Manager, Svetlana Sugako, may face a jail sentence, Kirill Konstantinov and Sergey Kvachonok are wanted for investigation by the police for a controversial art project. The KGB also shut down our adaptation of Chekhov's 'The Seagull'  by Maria Saznova, on the grounds that anti—governmental theatre is prohibited. 

Despite prohibitions against our company we are able to work with our actors, across borders, on Skype. Nicolai and Natalia worked  with students in Belarus via Skype, on a new urban art project called "Colour Gait Over the Gray" , and Vladimir Shcherban directed "Elizabeth Bath at Ivanov’s Christmas Tree" on Skype.


The Belarusian authorities need to realise the more they take away our freedom to perform, the more we will fight and continue to use our theatre as a tool to incite change.

Supporting Undiscovered Artists


The International Contest of Contemporary Theatre (ICCD) was created by BFT to encourage new writing and promote Belarusian cultural identity on an international stage. In previous years it has been held underground in Belarus. 2014 will be the first time the ICCD will be held in a free country.The prizes were presented by Laura Wade at The Young Vic on the 3rd of March. The winning plays are now available to buy from Oberon Books,

 Crossing the Borders

We have chosen four talented theatre makers to take part in our participatory programme, and learn the unique methodology  behind Belarus Free Theatre. We will work with these participants over one year to help them become Universal Artists. For more information on our artistic method and the Universal Artist click HERE.

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Congratulations to Patricia Ariza who has been honoured by The League of Professional Theater Women with the Gilder/Coigney International
Theatre Award
. Congratulations also to Jill Greenhalgh, who was one of the 21 nominees from around the world.

Belarusian Dream Theater – Call for Submissions

8 June 2013 – Ensemble Free Theater Norway´s Artistic Director Brendan McCall announces the launch of Belarusian Dream Theater – an international theater action supporting freedom of expression in Belarus.


In 2011, the Solidarity with Belarus Information Office held their first international journalism competition, Belarus In Focus.  Awarded as one of the winners in the competition for his essay “When Theatre is ´Thoughtcrime´,” about the work of Belarus Free Theatre, McCall was inspired by SBIO´s international competition for journalists.  Why not do something similarly through theater & dramatic literature? 

Theater artists have organized similar international projects in recent years, using creativity and drama to capture a global audience´s attention towards a specific issue, cause, or subject.  McCall is indebted to two in particular: Theatre Communications Group´s Shinsai: Theaters for Japan and Gun Control Theatre Action, organized by NoPassport Theatre Alliance & The Vicious Circle. 

Belarusian Dream Theater aims to increase awareness about contemporary Belarus through culture, storytelling, and theater.  Playwrights of all nationalities are invited to give voice to those subjects current undiscovered in our news media on Belarus, so that local and foreign audiences may more deeply engage with the country and its people.

Call for Submissions:

Ensemble Free Theater Norway is now accepting submissions of plays for inclusion in Belarusian Dream Theater.  The deadline for entry is 1 October 2013.

-Each play must be no longer than 10 pages in length, or approximately 10 minutes in length.  -Plays may be written in any genre, style, or aesthetic. 

-Plays must relate to Belarus in some way (ie the country´s politics, people, language, history, art, economy, etc), and may be inspired by anything from a news article to an interview, or a play based on personal experience to theater based on imagination and research.

-Entries by dramatists of every nationality are welcome to apply, including students.  

-Plays by Belarusian writers are particularly welcome.

For submission details, please contact us here.


The Belarusian Dream Theater plays will be presented by a team of international partner-theaters from around the world on 25 March 2014 – Belarusian Freedom Day.  Each group may stage as many of these plays as they wish, either as readings and/or performances; and are responsible for their own casting, rehearsal, and other production-related responsibilities.  We ask that all performances be free and open to the public.

The following groups are confirmed as partner-theaters in Belarusian Dream Theater:

Bennington College – Bennington, VT, USA

Cummins Theatre – Merredin, WA, Australia

Florence International Theatre Company – Florence, Italy

Global Theatre Project – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Korniag Theatre – Minsk, Belarus

Maladype Theater – Budapest, Hungary

Memento Teaterkompani – Oslo, Norway

Out Of Balanz – Copenhagen, Denmark

Square Theatre Company – Athens, Greece

Strefna WolnaSlowa – Warsaw, Poland

TLS Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany

TRESS Teaterkompani – Oslo, Norway

Maybe you would like to submit an entry? What to become a partner-theatre?  Please email us for details.


Polskie Radio

The Nordic Page

Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you wish.  The more people we can get involved as playwrights and/or partner-theatres, the better.

Email if you have any questions!

Brendan McCall

Belarus Free Theatre: some news and an appeal

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m writing with a short update and an appeal, on behalf of the Belarus Free Theatre and its co-founders, Natalia Kaliada and Nikolai Khalezin.  So many of you were instrumental in, or were present for, their successful run in New York last winter, co-produced by LaMama and The Public Theater following the Under the Radar Festival; or worked with the company on previous trips; or were generous enough to offer your homes to them when we reached out to you.

And some of you may already know that Natalia and Nikolai, and several BFT company members applied for and won political asylum in the United Kingdom—their many friends and supporters in London were instrumental in bringing that about.  Circumstances in Belarus continue to be dangerous, and Natalia and Nikolai are tireless in their efforts to focus awareness on the abuses of power and human rights violations that are taking place there.  They are frequently traveling abroad to meet with diplomats and politicians who will hopefully apply pressure on the Belarusian government to release political prisoners and bring an end to enforced disappearances.

The BFT are also busy creating new pieces they hope will make a difference, one of which,  A Reply to Kathy Acker: Minsk 2011 was presented at the Edinburgh Festival.  Kathy Acker received a top award of the festival, "The Scotsman Fringe First 2011" Award for "Innovation and Outstanding New Writing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe", as well as The Guardian’s  "The Very Weighty Topics Award.”

In establishing their new home in the U.K., BFT  are in the process of officially registering "Belarus Free Theatre" for charitable status (not-for-profit).  They have started an online fundraising campaign to raise the money to employ a UK staff member and kick-start a tiny office in London—and to provide some means for the BFT to survive.  The goal of the first leg of this campaign is £9,000 (approximately $14,000) and they are half way towards that goal.  The deadline for the campaign is December 12th—and as any of you who’ve done an online fundraising campaign will appreciate, if they don’t reach the goal by that time, they will be liable for a high penalty—

As a number of you have asked how you might help the Belarus Free Theatre, I’m reaching out in the hope that you will click on the link below and donate—whatever you can– to the company’s efforts to establish themselves in their new country, and continue their  brilliant and very important work.   You’ve heard this before, but it’s true: every little bit counts…

To donate, click on

Catherine Coray, Associate Arts Professor
TSOA Dept of Drama, Experimental Theatre Wing
NYU Abu Dhabi Affiliated Faculty
October 21-December 21, 2011:
+971 2 628 4498

Director and Curator,
hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world

Cry freedom: how theatre helps us fight for human rights in Belarus – Belarus Free Theatre

After six defiant years, the Belarus Free Theatre has been forced into exile abroad. But our campaign will go on.

Belarus Free theatre perform Being Harold Pinter in Belarus in 2007. Rend-game … members of the Belarus Free theatre perform Being Harold Pinter in Belarus in 2007. Photograph: Ho/Reuters

When I was 16 years old I wanted to become an actor, but because my father was vice-president of the Academy of Arts it wasn't possible: children of top officials weren't admitted. My elder brother Yuriy told me that I could become a diplomat – practically the same as being an actress but with the benefit of foreign languages. Today, he lives in the US and is a political refugee. My parents have not seen him for 10 years.

On 31 December, my dad was standing at a crossroads attempting to wave in a way that would not draw attention to me. I was sitting in the car, crying and wondering whether it was the last time I'd ever see him. We were on the road for three months. The apartments of my parents and my husband's parents were raided and neighbours were instructed to report to the police if they saw us. We were called "public enemies". And yet all of this is nothing compared to what happens to those who are in prison or under house arrest. Today, 56 people face between three and 15 years in jail. Among them are friends of ours: 2010 presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and his wife, Irina Khalip; anthrolopologist Dmitriy Bondarenko and activist Alexander Atroschenkov; and Natalia Radina, the editor-in-chief of human-rights group Charter'97.

Why? Because between 30 March 2005 and 19 December 2010, we ran the Belarus Free Theatre. We gathered together to make drama, and to say whatever we thought, wherever and whenever we felt like, performing in front of anyone we cared to. We wanted our spectators to think – this, of course, is the most terrifying part for any dictatorship. As Vladimir Shcherban, the BFT's director, says: "We speak the issues that the audience keeps silent on." We've played in cafes, restaurants, apartments, and private houses – even in the woods. We've performed under cover of weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties. (Can you imagine a wedding where the "bride" and "groom" have just met each other, and where the bride has a three-year-old son in tow? Well, that was the kind of wedding we organised.)

The first foreign writer who came to visit us was Tom Stoppard; from the first moment we had an enormous personal connection. Since that time, we feel like we're part of one family. Tom spent five days with writers, directors, journalists and met with those who are now in jail. It was Tom's advice to us to read the plays of Harold Pinter, which led to our most-performed show, Being Harold Pinter, directed by Vladimir. The theatre has now existed for six years, and as I write this it's four months since it left Belarus. We've performed in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong and are now back in London, being looked after by our friend Irina Bogdanova, who joined with Tom to set up the Free Belarus Now movement. Our friends from the Public theatre in New York are having us back to perform in April, and after that we've been invited by our friends at London's Almeida theatre to perform here once more.

I'm waiting for the moment when we start rehearsals again (Kevin Spacey kindly offered us space at the Old Vic), and I'm keen to see how our new piece is created and how the public responds. But today we understand that it's not enough to be just theatre-makerss. And it's important to refer, every day of our lives, to what our patron and friend Harold Pinter said in his Nobel speech:

"A writer has to smash the mirror – for it is on the other side of that mirror that the truth stares at us … Despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision, we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us – the dignity of man."

BELARUS FREE THEATRE returns to New York‏

Photo courtesy of the Belarus Free Theatre  Photo courtesy of the Belarus Free Theatre

"TRULY PASSIONATE, TRULY POLITICAL THEATER… Being Harold Pinter isn't just admirable, it has virtues beyond its relevance and bravery." – Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Being Harold Pinter is a work that straddles political theater and actual activism." – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"This simple, objective re-creation of a terrifying reality makes for powerful political theater." – David Sheward, Backstage

The Public Theater and La MaMa present the return of

April 13 – May 15
In repertory at The Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa
Following their sold out performances this January as part of the Under the Radar Festival, the award-winning Belarusian company — now outlawed at home for speaking out against "Europe's last dictatorship" — returns to New York to stage three shows in repertory.

A poignant contemporary commentary on violence, oppression, freedom and human dignity.

A haunting exploration of contemporary life in Belarus.

A drama based on the true story of dissident Irina Krasovskaya and her husband.

CLICK HERE for more information.


Call 212-475-7710, CLICK HERE, or visit The La MaMa Box Office, 74A East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Avenue).

Thu-Sat 12-9; Mon-Wed 12-5; Sun 12-6

On the day of the performance, tickets may be purchased/picked up at the Ellen Stewart Theatre at 66 East 4th.

TEH Newsletter #2 2011: CHANGING ROOM Study published!‏

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TEH Picture of the month
TEH Delegate Petar Todorov in “Parallel Personalities", part of the project "Parallel Realities" by Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bostina, Bulgaria) in June/July 2010.
Photo: Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova

Dear readers,
Welcome to TEH Newsletter #2 2011, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

We are very happy to announce the publication of Changing Room – Mobility of Non-Artistic Cultural Professionals in Europe. It is a first-of-its-kind research study examining mobility issues in the European culture scene within the two-year pilot project CHANGING ROOM. Another recent publication from TEH is Nordic Perspectives on European Networking – 13 independent cultural centres in conversation. In this 20-page booklet, delegates from the Nordic TEH members reflect on the role of networking in a Nordic and European context. Both publications are available for free download from the TEH website.

TEH are concerned to hear about the assassination of Guatemalan artist Victor Leiva on February 2nd. There are around 3000 assassinations of artists, cultural actors and spiritual leaders in Guatemala yearly. The victims are killed merely because of the way they think, dress or express themselves, and TEH together with freeDimensional condemns these acts of violence and hope for the killings to cease immediately.

Also in this Newsletter, we urge you to sign the we are more manifesto to express your support for culture in Europe. Read more about the campaign and get involved below.

Enjoy the read!
Marian Söderholm, Office Manager
Anna Weitz, Communication Manager

CHANGING ROOM Study published!
Changing Room – Mobility of Non-Artistic Cultural Professionals in Europe is a first-of-its-kind research study by the Sibelius Academy examining mobility issues of the “backstage staff” of European culture within the Trans Europe Halles project CHANGING ROOM.

This study is an in-depth investigation of the possibilities for, and barriers to, mobility within the European independent cultural sector. Its outcomes include key learning points and concrete recommendations on how to develop mobility practices for non-artistic staff members in the future.

Trans Nordic Net presents Nordic views on networking
In the booklet Nordic Perspectives on European Networking delegates from the 13 Nordic TEH members are asked what it means to be part of an international network, and what they would like to use the network for in the future. The interviews have been carried out by Karl Hallberg, president of Not Quite in Fengersfors, Sweden.

"It is fantastic to meet all these super smart, cool and fun people who all want to make the world a little bit better", was one of the answers.

The publication rounds off the the three-year project Trans Nordic Net, which has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Register for TEH Meeting 71 this week for early bird prices!
This is the last week of early bird prices for TEH Meeting 71: "Shifting Gears" at Creative Center Carnation in Tartu, Estonia, 14 – 17th April 2011. The early bird deadline for cheaper registration is February 28th. So don't forget to go straight to the TEH website and register today!

TEH at To Culture With Love. Management in Potsdam
On February 13 – 16th, Marian Söderholm from the TEH Coordination Office participated in the second edition of To Culture With Love. Management workshop in Potsdam, Germany. TCWLM is an international workshop for European young professionals and students working in the field of arts and culture.

TEH at Culture in Motion conference in Brussels
Birgitta Persson, Secretary General of TEH, was invited to present the CHANGING ROOM project at the Culture in Motion conference in Brussels, Belgium on 15 – 16th February together with other projects grantees mostly from the Culture Programme. There was a lot of interest for CHANGING ROOM from other participants, especially the MatchMaker, which is now open source and open to everyone.

New videos from Stanica on TEH TV
Stanica (Zilina, Slovakia) have shared two new videos on TEH TV. One is an audio performance exploration of the urban legends of Bratislava by Mariek Piaček. The other is the third edition of Stanica's culture news broadcast. Enjoy!


ufaFabrik focus on Cambodia on Music Freedom Day
Focus Cambodia is going to be a collage with live music, information, film documentaries and talks. The idea is to highlight the situation of musicians and artists in the past as well as today's life in Cambodia. The event will take place at ufaFabrik (Berlin, Germany) during Music Freedom Day on 3rd March 2011.
Cultural centre REX (Belgrade, Serbia) will also participate, showing a concert with GRUBB – Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats.

Milón Méla workshop at OZU this summer
This year, OZU (Monteleone Sabino, Italy) will host the Milòn Méla Source's Research Workshop between 30th June – 9th July.
Milòn Méla is an ongoing theatre project under the direction of Abani Biswas, active for the last 20 years in Europe and India, working mainly with traditional Indian techniques. The workshop focuses on body, voice, attention, concentration and on the work with nature and silence.

Exhibition about LGBT rights at REX
On 4 -11th February, REX (Belgrade, Serbia) and Swedish initiative Article One presented an exhibition showing the history and contemporary life of LGBT persons. Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights provides the basis for the exhibition with the same name.
Photo: Milica Mitic

Disturbing the public opinion at Röda Sten
The art event Disturbing the Public Opinion at Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) shows another possible image of Iran between 8th March – 3rd April 2011.

French theatre at Interzona
Et jamais je n'invente is a play by IΩ TEATRO from a text of Charlotte Delbo. It was performed on 27th January 2011 at Interzona (Verona, Italy).
Photo: Dea Longo

Wake and shake them – sign the we are more manifesto!
we are more, the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe, has now launched its manifesto online. With the manifesto, we who value and shape contemporary European cultures call on national governments and European decision-makers to strengthen the recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of European societies by increasing the support to culture in the next EU budget. Since the launch of the manifesto last week, more than 2000 people all over Europe have signed the manifesto. Put your name to the list and spread the manifesto in your country!

TEH condemns the assassination of Guatemalan artist Victor Leiva
Víctor Leiva, only 24 years of age, was a young artist who was a member of Colectivo Caja Lúdica for several years. As facilitator and activist dedicated to community arts, his work brought him the appreciation and love of his working partners. He was killed on February 2nd 2011 in Guatemala City.

Help us support Belarus Free Theatre fight for freedom and justice
– TEH Solidarity Fund open for contributions

Following the Belarus post-election crackdown on opposition candidates and protesters in December 2010, TEH set up a solidarity fund to support the TEH Friend organisation Belarus Free Theatre in their fight for freedom and justice in Belarus.

We believe that an economic help can make a small relief in their struggle. Help us support their fight for a democratic Belarus by making a contribution to the TEH Solidarity Fund for Belarus Free Theatre.

On the TEH website there is a list of the donations that have reached the fund as of today. Thank you all for taking action against Europe’s last dictatorship!


Apply now for short-term network funding with your Nordic/Baltic partners

From On-The-Move: Make Mobility Green!
Green Strategies for the Nordic Art Scene: Seminar at Wanås konsthall, Sweden, 13th April 2011

On-The-Move launch new website

TEH supports we are more
we are more (2010-2013) is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe.

50 members in 26 countries
Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 50 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries.

***Follow and interact with TEH on Facebook and Twitter***
Help raising the visibility of TEH by suggesting our fan page to your Facebook friends. We now have almost 1,400 fans – thanks for your precious support!

Also, check out and upload your own photos to the TEH Flickr photo pool!

Belarus Free Theater‏ Article

Post-gazette NOW
Belarus troupe getting exposure worldwide
Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko's efforts to silence the Belarus Free Theater Company have backfired. Now the exiled troupe is getting exposure around the world, said co-founder Natalia Koliada.

Reached in Chicago Tuesday where the company is performing at the Goodman Theater and Northwestern University, Ms. Koliada said she has scheduled appearances into 2012, with tours that will include Europe and South America.

"What we have tried to do for six years is create support for the people of Belarus with a global effort. It is working," she said.

The saga of Ms. Koliada's theater, which she co-founded in 2005, hit home in Pittsburgh Monday with a staged reading of its provocative "Being Harold Pinter" at Bricolage Production Company.

Ms. Koliada said 30 other cities including Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles are holding readings in support.

On Feb. 24, the cast of 12 actors, director Vladimir Shcherban and Ms. Koliada and husband Nikolai Khalezin leave for a Hong Kong festival, then return for a three-to-five- month residency at the Public Theater in San Francisco.

The company's repertoire includes 13 original plays, she said.

Ms. Koliada credited her brother Yuri, a Pittsburgh resident, with getting the ball rolling to pull the company out of Belarus and get it safely to New York.

"He got a text message that his sister was under arrest in Minsk, and he started a campaign to get us out of the country by contacting people he thought could help," she said.

The campaign grew to involve about 400 in the New York theater community, including actor Mandy Patinkin, who paved the way for the Belarusians to perform in Chicago.

"The reaction is absolutely wonderful here. Lots of standing ovations. Mandy Patinkin knew Chicago was an amazing theater town with wonderful people," Ms. Koliada said.

Along with her husband, she is accompanied by her youngest daughter. Unfortunately, her older child remains in Belarus.

TEH Newsletter #1 2011: Welcome to the new year with TEH! (And check out the new videos on TEH TV!)‏

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TEH Picture of the month
This is what it looked like when Mains D'Oeuvres (St Ouen, France) celebrated their 10th Anniversary on December 18th, 2010. Happy Anniversary Mains D'Oeuvres!
Photo: Vinciane Verguethen

Dear readers,

Welcome to TEH Newsletter #1 2011, featuring the latest news from Trans Europe Halles – a European Network of Independent Cultural Centres. The TEH Newsletter is produced by the TEH Coordination Office in Lund, Sweden.

2011 has a lot in store for TEH. As usual two network meetings are on the agenda, the first one in Tartu, Estonia on the 14-17th of April. New projects are starting, other ones are being wrapped up. TEH Members are presenting their fantastic spring programmes. And the days are finally getting longer and lighter outside our windows.

As written about in Newsletter #11 2010, TEH has set up a Solidarity Fund to support our friends in Belarus Free Theatre, who were arrested during the protests against the presidential elections in Belarus in December. Please read more about the situation below, and consider making a contribution – big or small – to the fund.

You will find the new feature "Picture of the month" starting from this issue. We will gladly receive photos from your centres each month (send them to marian[at] It's great to see what's going on all around Europe! Also in this Newsletter, there are a bunch calls for artistic grants and residencies just waiting for your applications.

Enjoy the read!
Marian Söderholm, Office Manager and
Anna Weitz, Marketing & Communication Manager

Celebrate Music Freedom Day with TEH!
On 3rd March 2011, several TEH centres will participate in the global campaign Music Freedom Day.

At ufaFabrik (Berlin, Germany), plans for Music Freedom Day are going well. The day wil
l focus on Cambodia, including a collage with live music, documentary films and delicious food. The idea is to highlight the situation of musicians and artists in past and present-day Cambodia.

Registration for TEH Meeting 71 has opened!
TEH Members, Friends and invited Guests are now warmly welcome to register for TEH Meeting 71 at Creative Center Carnation (Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus in Estonian) in Tartu, Estonia. The Meeting will take place between 14-17th April 2011 and the theme is "Shifting Gears".

Platform Art Project at Tabacka
In November last year Tabacka Kulturfabrik (Kosice, Slovakia) hosted four presentations of centres from Trans Europe Halles. Platform Art is a project focused on propagation of independent cultural centres from around Europe. See the video from Platform Art in Kosice on TEH TV!

NEXT Festival at A4
In December 2010, A4 (Bratislava, Slovakia) was the scene of the 11th edition of NEXT Festival for Advanced Music. "Maybe the best experience of the festival", says Lenka Bednárová at A4, "was the energetic music performance of the acoustic trio The Thing from Sweden and Norway" (Paal Nilssen-Love from The Thing pictured above).

New videos on TEH TV
you can watch videos from the CHANGING ROOM workshop "The Art of Sustainability" in Paris in June 2010, and the Platform Art workshop in Kosice that took place in December. Enjoy!

Help us support Belarus Free Theatre fight for freedom and justice
– TEH Solidarity Fund open for contributions

Following the Belarus post-election crackdown on opposition candidates and protesters in December 2010, TEH set up a solidarity fund to support the TEH Friend organisation Belarus Free Theatre in their fight for freedom and justice in Belarus.

We believe that an economic help can make a small relief in their struggle. Help us support their fight for a democratic Belarus by making a contribution to the TEH Solidarity Fund for Belarus Free Theatre.

On the TEH website there is a list of the donations that have reached the fund as of today. Thank you all for taking action against Europe’s last dictatorship!

Subcase Circus Fair at Subtopia
Swedish circus, variety and street art are part of a growing movement. Audience interest is increasing and more and more venues and festivals present shows of these art forms. On the 17th -18th of February 2011, the third edition of Subcase Circus Fair will take place at Subtopia (Botkyrka, Sweden).
Photo: Ludvig Duregård / 2funny

New premieres at Łaźnia Nowa
Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Cracow, Poland) present two new premieres within the framework of a project dedicated to Sławomir Mrożek. The two stage productions – “Mrożek Performance” and “The Fall of the Eagle’s Nest” (Polish: “Upadek orlego gniazda”) will be shown on 27th-29th January.

Röda Sten presents: Testaments Betrayed
Röda Sten (Göteborg, Sweden) is proud to present “Testaments Betrayed” – the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Loulou Cherinet in Sweden. Cherinet's photographic and video based work is rich with references to cinema and documentary filmmaking.
Photo: Loulou Cherinet

Ambassador in Focus: Sandy Fitzgerald
TEH Ambassador Sandy Fitzgerald is a bit of a legend in Trans Europe Halles, with more than 20 years in the network. He is the former TEH Delegate of City Arts (Dublin, Ireland) who now works as a freelancer in various cultural projects, and who has a secret wish of being the Pope…

Fabryka Trzciny leaves Trans Europe Halles
Fabryka Trzciny (Warsaw, Poland) has decided to end their membership in TEH. We would like to thank everyone at Fabryka Trzciny for their involvement in the network and wish them good luck with their future projects!


Cultural Cooperation Placements in Moldova & Ukraine – Tandem Project. Deadline: 15th February.

International Symposium: The Language of Art and Music, Berlin, 17-20th February

Art as Cultural Diplomacy: Forum for Young Leaders, Berlin, 14-20th February

Residency at Lake Victoria Residence Arts Centre Kenya. Application is ongoing.

Open call to artists above 45 – Jeune Creation. Deadline: March 1st

Call for X-OP Residencies at Association for Culture and Education KIBLA

Call for artists to create mural designs/sculptures/installations in Noyant Gravoyére. Deadline: March 1st

From On-The-Move: Stockholm Fringe Festival is looking for talent! Deadline: 22nd March.

From On-The Move: 2011 Application deadlines from the Nordic-Baltic Culture Mobility Fund

TEH supports we are more
we are more (2010-2013) is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe.

50 members in 26 countries
Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centres. It was founded in 1983 and has 50 members and 13 Friend organisations in 26 countries.

***Follow and interact with TEH on Facebook and Twitter***
Help raising the visibility of TEH by suggesting our fan page to your Facebook friends. We now have over 1,300 fans – thanks for your precious support!

Also, check out and upload your own photos to the TEH Flickr photo pool!

Belarus Free Theater: two important events‏

The Public Theater and La MaMa present

An Encore Benefit Performance of Belarus Free Theater's acclaimed "BEING HAROLD PINTER"

Monday, January 17 at 7 PM at The Public Theater

Hosted by Tom Stoppard and Tony Kushner

Featuring celebrity guests, inc. MANDY PATINKIN

Tickets on sale now! $50, $100, $500. Call (212) 967-7555 or visit



Sponsored by The Public Theater and Amnesty International USA

Wednesday, January 19 from 12 PM to 1 PM

The Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the UN

136 East 67th Street

We are inviting theater artists in NYC to show support for the persecuted Belarus artists and activists. We will speak out against the arrests that followed the disputed elections in Belarus on December 19th, 2010 that imprisoned the Belarus Free Theater’s own Company Manager, Artiom Zhelezniak.  These artists have been beaten up and driven underground. We MUST call for an END to the government’s repressive actions against free speech and expression. 


TEXT the word “PROTEST” to 27138 to receive updates about exact meeting location.

Viva The Belarus Free Theater:

Two weeks ago, the members of the Belarus Free Theater were either in jail or in hiding. Now, miraculously, they are performing their play "Being Harold Pintor" as part of the Under the Radar Festival in New York . Soon they will be back in Belarus , where they will continue to risk the wrath of President Aleksandr Lukashenko, the man known as " Europe 's last dictator."

On the eve of their return to Minsk , the Belarus Free Theater joins internationally-acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard, PEN American Center , and a stellar supporting cast for an evening celebrating artistic freedom and the courage of hundreds of writers, artists, journalists, and intellectuals targeted in Lukashenko's latest crackdown. Tom Stoppard, Don DeLillo, and other surprise guests come together for a farewell gathering featuring literature, music, and cocktail conversation about the power of art and the future of Belarus.