The journal Mercurian Translation Studies and Translation Practice, Call for Abstracts. DEADLINE: June 30, 2014- Austria

The journal Mercurian Translation Studies and Translation Practice, Call for Abstracts. DEADLINE: June 30, 2014- Austria

Deadline extended:  "TRANSLATA II: Translation Studies and Translation Practice"

New deadline for proposals: 30 June 2014.

30 October – 1 November 2014

University of Innsbruck, Austria

TRANSLATA II is the second in a series of triennial conferences on Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Due to the overwhelming response from participants across the world when it was launched in 2011, TRANSLATA has already emerged as one of the largest international conferences in its field. The proceedings of TRANSLATA I were published by Peter Lang in the series “Forum Translationswissenschaft” (vols. 15 & 16). TRANSLATA is conceptualized as a forum for basic research in translatology, whose aim it is to refocus on translation proper (= professional translation and interpreting) as the core object of study.

In this age of constant paradigmatic changes, research in Translation Studies has tended to deal with anything but translation. Accordingly, TRANSLATA – openness to interdisciplinary perspectives notwithstanding – seeks to retrieve translation proper as the main object of study within Translation Studies. TRANSLATA is an emphatically multilingual event: rather than subscribing to the uniformity of

“English only” gatherings, this conference is open to a wide variety of working languages and presentations.

By organising the TRANSLATA II, entitled “Translation in Theory and Practice”, the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck wishes to offer all those who deal with translation theoretically, practically, didactically and commercially a shared forum for exchange on the following questions and problems:

– New developments regarding the practice of translation and its markets

– What are the main challenges and problems that arise from these new developments?

– Should translation theory take account of the practice of translation at all? What is the actual

relationship between theory and practice?

– The ALPAC report and the present-day increasing use machine translation

– The role of new information and communication technologies and digital humanities in

Translation Studies and translation practice

– Has translator and interpreter training missed the boat on the digital age?

– What characterises the development of Translation Studies in recent decades?

– What are the core questions, main concepts and the object of study in Translation Studies?

– Translation quality and its definition within the triad of translation practice – translation

theory – translation quality

– How can the core subject of Translation Studies, i.e. translation, be defined? What role does

equivalence play in this context?

– Differences and similarities between different types of translation

– New approaches and so-called paradigmatic shifts in Translation Studies

– What role does interdisciplinarity play in Translation Studies?

– Which disciplines are the main (inter)disciplinary allies of Translation Studies?

– Are linguistics-based Translation Studies outdated? If so, why?

Apart from parallel sessions, TRANSLATA II also hosts two workshops, for which a separate Call for Participants will be issued:

1. And yet it translates! Human-Machine Interaction in Translation in the 21st Century

2. Legal Translation: Challenges in Theory and Practice

For the first time TRANSLATA II is going to award a prize for the best three presentations by PhD students. Applicants are requested to give notice of their wish to take part in the competition when registering for the conference. Also for the first time, TRANSLATA II is going to be accompanied by presentations by noted providers from the translation industry who will demonstrate their latest developments in the field of machine translation and other translation technologies.

The presentation and exchange of new ideas and research outcomes aims to deepen our understanding of translation, to optimise translator and interpreter training, to improve translation management as well as to enhance the available conceptual tools for assessing translation quality. After the great success of TRANSLATA I, the University of Innsbruck is now hosting TRANSLATA II in order to further advance basic research into translation and interpreting by creating a broad international discussion forum for experienced and emerging researchers, teachers, as well as professional translators and interpreters. As was the case with TRANSLATA I, the proceedings of TRANSLATA II including the workshops, will be published in the Peter Lang series, “Forum Translationswissenschaft”. The working langua
ge of the conference will be German, but papers are also welcome in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Participation is open to scholars, students and teachers in the

field of Translation Studies, as well as to translators, translation companies, interpreters, linguists, terminologists, publishers, etc.


Abstracts for papers in parallel sessions (300 words max., see template) dealing with one or more of the issues identified above should be sent by 31st May 2014. Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent by 15th June 2014. Papers are allotted 20 minutes for presentation followed by 10 minutes for discussion. The organisers will issue a separate call for participants for the workshops.

Registration fee: € 90

Early bird registration fee (deadline 15th July 2014): € 70

Student registration fee: € 50

Fee includes: programme, list of participants, book of abstracts; coffee, tea, juice and biscuits during panel breaks; conference dinner.

Scientific Committee

Lew Zybatow, Edwin Gentzler, Wolfgang Pöckl, Alessandra Riccardi, Pius ten Hacken, Gyde Hansen,

Peter Sandrini, Stefanos Vlachopoulos, Alena Petrova, Anna Malgorzewicz, Michael Ustaszewski, Andy Stauder

Organising Committee

Lew Zybatow, Alena Petrova, Michael Ustaszewski, Andy Stauder, Astrid Schmidhofer, David Galvin,

Katharina Walter, Verena Falkner-Schumacher

For more information, please contact Lew Zybatow at

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lew Zybatow


Präsident der IATI (International Academy for Translation and Interpreting)

Vizepräsident der DGÜD (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Übersetzungs- und 


Professor für Translationswissenschaft

Institut für Translationswissenschaft

Universität Innsbruck

Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15

A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.0043 512 5074252


Austria's Theatre Irrwisch: Announcing Summer events.

Austria's Theatre Irrwisch: Announcing Summer events. 


Theatre Irrwisch brings laughter

"They are really crazy, these Austrians, this is sure. But they are it in a very exciting, smart, buffoon way…"  Südkurier


Dear IRRWISCH friends, dear theatre programers!

Possibly you are looking for a spectacular, funny & charming and a little bitcrazy street theatre program for the next edition of your festival or theatre event?

Theatre IRRWISCH repertoire includes: clownesque Stilt Theatre, Comedy Streettheatre and Comedy Firetheatre.

All the performances are mainly non-verbal, extremely funny and are eligible for a general audience of all ages.

With the enclosed informations about the various performances and acts offered for the season 2014/2015

we hope to meet your interest and curiousity.

For Indoor events see also our clownesque Stage performance "hops!"

Or watch out here where to meet us this summer!

greetings from Vienna!

your Isabella Heugl

Quirk, crazy, kooky and comic. These are the best words to describe the Austrian trio known as Theatre Irrwisch. The performers combine theatricality with physical performance, and an offbeat sense of humour to deliver a witty and intelligent performance. HIFA Review

When acrobatics becomes poetry

Everywhere the crazy figures in tails and on stilts appear the public is full of enthusiasm. They don’t talk, but they communicate a great deal. They find everything new and every reaction astounding. They are artists on their stilts and poets in their hearts. They don’t stop at anything or anyone – they climb into other people’s apartments on the first floor, exchange a bicycle for a piece of furniture, hi-jack busses and trams. But they give everything back – usually to someone else, just to give pleasure and that, amidst the chaos they create – the nicest since fear of it began – seems to be their only aim.

Three Irrwischs turned yesterday the pedestrian precinct upside down. The group showed improvisation theatre of first-rate, they amazed with acrobatics, spontaneity and funny jokes." Neue Zeit

With the the production Wegenstreits Guests Irrwisch belonged this year to the clear public favourite of the Festival!” Viathea Görlitz“

Headlining the four hours of fun were Austrian Group Irrwisch who brought their unique take on stilt-walking to the town, wowing the adults and amazing the youngsters on the market place” City Life, Ashton

International Conference :"Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity" 2013 Austria

Call for Participants and Observers

Performing Arts Management Today 

Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations

Performing Arts Training Today 

December 17-21 in the green heart of Austria, Styria Region

The annual conference programme brings together performers, practising performing arts academics and artists from various artistic disciplines from all continents. The conference mission is to create the international meeting point for performers, teachers and researchers creating in various genres, techniques and forms – theatre, dance, music, visual, multimedia art, as well as working in arts administration, arts management, producing and fundraising. Meet potential collaborators and creative partners from all over the world!

The conference working language is English.

There are several partial scholarships available. 

Special registration conditions for groups of three and more persons; discounts for students. 

Comfortable accommodation and meals are organized for reasonable prices – shared twin and single rooms with three meals per day.

The conference will take place in the international arts centre – converted Styrian castle of the 15th century.

Programme, registration, contact details:

Scholarship for dancers and actors – International Physical Theatre Lab

May 13 – 17  Tuscany, Italy

May 27 – 31  Styria, Austria

The Lab is open to experienced dancers, actors of physical theatre, contemporary circus performers, choreographers and directors with professional stage experience working in various genres, techniques and styles. There are two different groups in Italy and Austria. Participants may choose one of the Labs.

There are several Scholarships available supported by ArtUniverse. 

Each scholarship amount up to 300 EUR and covers the part of the participation fee. 

Programme and registration details: 




Photo gallery:

Performing Arts Management 2013 – Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations

Performing Arts Management Today
December 17 – 21, 2013

Retzhof Castle Educational Institute – Austria

International conference open to arts managers, arts administrators, arts management educators and consultants, arts entrepreneurs, fundraisers,  producers, arts agents and talent managers  interested to  meet potential collaborators and partners – performers from different creative genres and techniques – actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, musicians; performing arts educators and researchers, casting directors, artists, authors, theatre managers, festival organizers and arts publishers from from different countries. 

The conference language is English.
You are welcome to take part in the conference as a Speaker, Presenter, Participant, Observer! 

Present your research and demonstrate your method of work to the international audience. 
At the moment we are accepting presentation proposals! 

Presentation formats: practical workshop/master class, interactive lecture, paper presentation, other way of demonstration offered by Speaker/Presenter can be considered.

Submission guidelines and registration details:

Welcome to the Photo Gallery of the past events: 
and Facebook page

We appreciate in advance if you could spread the word among your colleagues. 
Thank you very much, and have a great creative work in your field!

Biomechanics. Psychological Gesture. Physical Action – Russian Theatre Tradition

May 27 – 31, 2013 – Austria

Intensive practical workshop for dancers, actors, contemporary circus performers, choreographers and directors focused on the practical exploration of performer's psycho-physical instrument in the teachings of the Russian outstanding theatrical innovators – Vs. Meyerhold, M. Chekhov and K. Stanislavsky. Participants will explore the principles of Biomechanics, the Psychological Gesture, the Physical Action and the Method of Active Analysis, gain a deeper understanding of psycho-physical approach in contemporary performer's training and its application in practical work – rehearsal process, performance and teaching. 

More details Several scholarships available. 

The workshop language is English. Participants receive the Certificate. Accommodation and meals  are organized. 

Past events:

Scholarship for dancers, choreographers, actors

International Physical Theatre Lab    July 1 – 6, 2013

Performers of different techniques and genres from different countries are welcome to apply for participation. 

Participants can receive the Certificate. The Lab language is English.

Accommodation and meals are organized for the group. Nearest international airports: Graz and Vienna.

Lab programme & registration



We appreciate if you could spread the word among your colleagues. 
Thank you very much, and have a great creative work in your field!

International Directing Workshop 2013

International Directing Workshop 2013 –  May 27-31, 2013

This intensive practical program is designed for those who already are directors, or experienced dancers and choreographers beginning a career as a director – performing arts practitioners working in various genres, techniques and styles. If you are at the start of your directing career or need to refresh your professional arsenals, this intensive offers a great chance to gain new practical tools, exchange ideas with colleagues from different countries and to find new international network opportunities.

The workshop language is English. Participants can receive the Certificate. 

Nearest airports: Graz and Vienna. Accommodation and meals are organized. 

The workshop will take place in Styria region in the southeast of Austria. 

Programme and registration

Several scholarships are available. 

Welcome to our Facebook page and Photo Gallery 

Thank you very much, and have a great creative work in your field!

Scholarship for actors, dancers, directors, choreographers – 2012

Dear Colleagues, 
IUGTE and ArtUniverse have announced five scholarships for the December programme 2012: 

International Physical Theatre Lab and International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity"

The scholarship amount is 300 EUR and it partially covers the participation fee.

To apply for the scholarship, candidates should send CV/resume with photo and a brief cover letter to

Performers of different genres and techniques, actors, dancers, directors and instructors from different countries are welcome to apply for participation. The programme includes intensive practical training with the Russian theatre director and teacher Sergei Ostrenko, and workshops, presentations, lectures, performances, works-in-progress and discussions with performing arts experts and teachers from different countries. Participants can receive the Certificate of Participation. The working language is English.

Accommodation and meals are organized for the group. The Lab will take place at the 15th century castle, the international educational centre in Styria, Austria. Nearest international airports – Graz and Vienna.

Programme details
Gallery of past events

We appreciate if you could spread the word among your colleagues. Thank you very much, and have a great creative work in your field!