National Theatre Summit – REGISTRATIONS CLOSE SOON

In association with Young People in the Arts Australia (YPAA), Centenary of Canberra and the Australia Council for the Arts, Canberra Youth Theatre is proud to welcome the brightest emerging artists from across Australia to our national capital this April, for the 2013 Emerging Artist event of the year, watershed : National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists.

The National Theatre Summit is a biennial event, providing an immersive 3 days of professional development for emerging theatre artists and theatre makers across the country. CYT is proud to have been chosen to host this auspicious event – providing an opportunity to bring artists from across Australia to Canberra, as it celebrates its centenary with an epic year-long festival.

If you have the capacity to spread the word of this event to any young & emerging artists in your networks, that would be fantastic. We particularly want to ensure our artists from regional and remote Australia know about the event and can access this great opportunity too!

Thank you in advance for your support of our nation's emerging artists.

Warm regards,

The Watershed Team!
Ph: 02 6248 5057


watershed: National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists

Australia is overflowing with resources and potential for Young and Emerging Theatre Artists. We are amid the birth of the new ‘Gen C’ Generation Connected – but are we harnessing all the possibilities that our connectedness allows?

watershed is an inspiring 3 days of master classes, panel discussions, workshops and performances with interstate and international guest artists, to unlock untapped ideas, exploring new possibilities to connect locally, nationally and globally and to inspire innovative pathways for the future of the Australian Theatre Industry.

watershed will showcase challenging new works, including an after-hours city-walk performance from Canberra’s You Are Here Festival, Centenary’s NO NEED TO BE TOLD and more! Participants in the summit will also be the first to experience the World Premiere of 35° 17 SOUTH – A Multi-Reality, Location-based Game at the National Gallery of Australia (play on any Android phone/tablet with rear camera).

watershed provides networking opportunities with inspiring professional artists from across Australia, as well as keynote, master classes and performance by international guest artist, Baba Israel. Baba is a director/hip hop/ spoken word artist and former Artistic Director of Contact Manchester and Contacting the World Theatre Festival, coming all the way from New York for watershed.

watershed responds to the needs of Young and Emerging Theatre Artists to make critical personal and industry connections which support refined artistic practice, shared resourcing, professional networking, out-of-the-box ideas and the presentation of evocative new works.


Dates: 11 – 13 April 2013
Age Group: 16 – 30 yrs (Emerging Artists)

Registrations Close: 5 April, 2013
Register @:

Cost: $50 per participant (Includes 3 meals, ticket to 35ᵒ17South and You Are Here relaunch)
Venue: C Block Theatre | Gorman House Arts Centre | Braddon ACT

Accessibility: Please contact Canberra Youth Theatre to discuss your access needs on02 6248 5057

Background of The National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists:

The first National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists Totipotent, took place at St. Martins Youth Arts Centre, Melbourne in September of 2011.

Initiated by the Catapult team at St. Martins, and through the support of the Office for Youth and Young People And the Arts, the summit developed into a truly national event.

From the Pilbara to the ACT, Darwin to Tasmania, Adelaide to Townsville, Sydney to Toowoomba, and of course Melbourne – Over 60 young and emerging theatre artists from across Australia gathered to connect, share, debate the issues affecting them, develop ideas and create new networks that previously did not exist.

Against the backdrop of a national cultural policy discussion paper and the continued evolution of the Australian Theatre Forum, the National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists is now firmly established on the national arts calendar.

E-Rang – Fortnightly Theatre Journal Issue 61: Web Links and Bulletin Board


International Conference on Performing Arts Managament Today

A professional conference open to arts managers, arts administrators, arts management educators and consultants, arts entrepreneurs, fundraisers, producers, arts agents and talent managers working in various artistic disciplines from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts administration and training. The conference is scheduled for December 2013 in Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria.


Season of Voice Workshops in Mumbai

Another amazing season of workshops put together by Padma Damodaran, program head for Performance Training and Development of Theatre Professionals, Mumbai. Last quarter it was a season of Physical Theatre Workshops that explored Commedia, Clown, and Chorus. This season, we address a much needed aspect of performance, the Voice and we do it through three highly interesting approaches.

Dr Sadhna Naik, who trained at the NYU Tisch School amongst other places explores Voice and the Actor (11 to 16 February 2013), Sunil Shanbag, who needs little introduction, looks at the Voice and the Scene (4 to 9 March), and finally Deshik Vansadia, who trained with Kristian Linklater and worked at Shakespeare and Co in the US, looks at Voice and Shakespeare (25 to 30 March).

Click here for further details, application procedure and workshop fees

Applications for Australia-India Council (AIC) Grant Round

The Australia-India Council (AIC) welcomes funding applications from individuals and organisations in Australia for projects which are likely to promote long-term contact and cooperation between Australia and India. AIC grants are intended to provide seed funds for innovative proposals relevant to the mission and goals of the Council. The next grant round for the AIC is opened. Click here for details.

The closing time for the lodgement of applications is midnight (AEDST) Tuesday 12 Feb 2013. No late applications will be accepted. Applications must be submitted online through the link above. For this grant round – the Council will give priority to projects in the following areas (listed in order): Public Policy Activities (including media links) Science/Technology/Environment Social initiatives (including public health and sport) Education The Arts (including literature and film)

Also please note that
"Individual applicants must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents. Individuals and organisations from India are not generally permitted to apply funding assistance. If the project has an Australian partner, that partner should apply for the funding assistance. Individuals or organisations from India who do not have an Australian partner must contact AIC India to discuss their proposal".

Artist in Residency: Calling Africa's Artists


Artists in Residency Programme (AIR)

Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world. Click here to apply for AIR2012

The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and the United States of America have partnered to create the Artist in Residency (AIR) 2012 programme.  The programme has been conceived to support artists from Africa who are provocative, innovative, relevant and highly engaged with both social issues and their art forms. 

AIR manifests through existing artist in residency partnerships around the world that are prepared to select an artist from a short list provided by the Africa Centre, created from a Continental search, for one of their 2012 or 2013 residencies.
The costs of the residency and roundtrip airfare are included in each residency award made as part of this programme.

The residencies are available to all types of artists, but each residency on offer has different durations, structures and requirements. We are taking applications between 1 April and 15 June 2012. 

To apply or to find out more about the ten residencies available, please Click here. If you have any queries please

 The following artists have been awarded AIR 2011 residencies. Mouse over the artist’s name to find out more about the artist and what they have done or plan to do at the residency they’ve been awarded.

Bundanon Trust – Australia
 – Brazil
Zoma Contemp. Art Centre – Ethiopia
KulttuuriKauppila – Finland
Thamgidi Foundation – Netherlands
Caravansarai – Turkey
18th Street – United States of America
The Substation – South Africa

Yonamine Miguel – Angola
Damien Schumann – South Africa
Maurice Mbikayi – Democratic Rep. of Congo
Olivier Serge Fokou – Cameroon
Kiripi Katembo Siku – Democratic Rep. of Congo
Nina Liebenberg – South Africa
Nadine Hutton – South Africa
Ezra Wube – Ethiopia

Arterial Network at the World Summit on Arts and Culture in Melbourne, Australia

Arterial Network members attended the World Summit on Arts and Culture in Melbourne, Australia from the 3rd to 6th October. The Secretary General of Arterial Network, Mike van Graan spoke on the theme: “Where the Arts Intersect with real Danger”. Another Arterial Network member who spoke at the Summit was the Togolese expert in Heritage Conservation,Komi M'Kegbe Foga Tublu. The summit brought together government and cultural leaders from over 70 countries to explore how artists can give voice to diverse communities and concerns through collaboration with experts in health and well-being, the environment education, business, new technologies, cultural identities etc. This year’s edition of the world summit ended with the generation of a range of policy proposals to support 'creative intersections' in Australia and internationally. The next world summit is scheduled to take place in Chile in January 2014. Read more on

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Magdalena Project 25th Anniversary Appeal

Encuentro International Magdalena 2° Generación, Nov-Dec 2011

iADESiZ TAAHHÜTSÜZ, 17 Mart 2011, Istanbul

Taller de Hunt en Santurce, San Juan Puerto Rico, 2-23 April

Actors workshops, Brisbane, 29 March-19 April

PanNYC, May 20-22, New York

DELL'ARTE INTERNATIONAL: Summer Workshops in Blue Lake, CA, June-August

100th anniversary of International Women's Day

The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren‏

Magdalena Project 25th Anniversary Appeal

Finale: Arlecchino e il suo Doppio, 19 Feb, Pordenone, Italy
Nohayquiensepa, Aluna Theatre, Canada, 13-27 March
Convocatoria, 5 de julio al 5 de agosto, Colombia
Actors wanted, Kinetic Theatre, Sydney Australia
Anotaciones sobre el Magdalena Project de Santa Clara
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

[magdalena] new on the forums 

Laboratori di Teatro-MAGFEST TORINO Re+Cycle 2010

Programa de Magdalena Sin Fronteras III, 8-18 enero 2011

"No Door On Her Mouth", 26 Oct-13 Nov, Perth WA

Seminarios Natalia Marcet, 3-6 Nov., Medellin Colombia

Taller de Melodrama, Buenos Aires, Noviembre

SUITE intermediale, Theater der Klänge, Germany

Cavallerizza Reale – Manica Corta, Torino, Italy 23-24 Nov

Laboratorio teatrale sulla narrazione orale, Roma, Nov-Feb

Venta especial de "Los Zangolotinos", Deborah Hunt

Yuyachkani 40 años – Convocatoria a Laboratorio Abierto 2011

LA NO PRESENCIA – artículo de Ana Correa

The Magdalena Project - international network of women in contemporary theatre
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Magdalenaproject mailing list 

[magdalena] new on the forums / neu in den foren 
22° Laboratorio Internazionale, Teatro delle Radici, 21 agosto – 4 settembre
TeatroNatura, Italia, Agosto 2010
Rapsodia per giganti, Trickster Teatro, Italia, 21 agosto
Breaking the Surface, Susana Lei'ataua, NZ, August 22 & 26
Pantheatre Workshops, Sept-November, France
Laboratorio Teatral del Teatro delle Radici, Lima Peru, enero-feb 2011
(*inscripción – 15 de septiembre 2010*)
Taller de Melodrama, Buenos Aires, de 14 a 17 Septiembre
Sneaking In, Somehow 8th till 18th Sept. Amsterdam, Holland

Boletín Magdalena 2ªgeneración agosto 2010 – Ana Woolf escribe sobre VÉRTICE 2010, Festival Magdalena en Florianópolis
Creation du choeur féminin "La belle équipe"
Physical Theatre Courses, Birmingham, Autumn 2010
Performers Exchange Project at NACL, USA, 18 Sept
"Mierda!!! me enamoré", Nadia Marillo, Peru
Short & Girlie Productions August News
Biblioteca Torgeir Wethal

"Art & Practice" Magdalena Aotearoa Gathering, 29 August, NZ
Vértice Brasil – reports and photos
"Women Behind Bars", until Sept 11, USA

Choreographic Marathon, Dec 17-19, Toronto (proposal deadline mid-October)
Taller de Josefina Baez, 12-21 abril 2011, Peru

Call to everyone: 25th anniversary Magdalena Project book
"The Threat of Silence", Wales, 9-27 September
The Childhood Path Project, Buenos Aires, 12-16 septiembre
Workshop Pilates-physical theatre in Barcelona, 15-17 Sept
Se estrenó Corazón Verde tatuado

GORDAS en Peru, 11, 18, 25 de setiembre

Eventi O Thiasos, Settembre 2010, Italia

Magdalena Segundo Generacíon encuentro 2010, Buenos Aires

TWTP: Blind Spots by Colette Freedman, 19 Sept, USA

Laboratorio condotto da Cora Herrendorf, Ottobre 2010 Italia

101010 UpStage Festival, online, 10-11 October 2010

Seminaria con Lina Della Rocca, Bologna, 11-15 Nov.

S/HE: Turkish/American collaboration, premiering 2011

DAH Teater on tour in the USA, Sept-November 2010
Eventi O Thiasos Europarc 2010, Italia, 29-30 settembre
THERE IS A FIELD: A Global Call to Theatrical Action

"The Space Inside" – Maria Porter
New book on women who perform as men, by Diane Torr
Call for Partners – Theatre Training – Turkey, July 2011

GORDAS en Villa Gesell, 6-7 octubre, B.A.
Teatro delle Radici: 30° anniversario, 8-15 ottobre, Switzerland
City of Women, Ljubljana, 8-17 October
OBRA "MUJERES FEAS", Colombia, 8-9 October
101010 UpStage Festival schedule announced, 10-11 Oct, online
"No Door On Her Mouth", 11-12 October, Brisbane
TWTP: "Bridge & Tunnel", 14 Oct-7 Nov, USA
XIV Encuentro: mujeres Iberoamérica en las artes escénicas, 21-24 Octubre, Cadiz

Caridad Svich "The House of the Spirits" til 23 October, USA
Feministicki Kros(s), 26 oktobar, Beograd
Giving Voice 12, book now! 10-14 Nov. Pontedera Teatro Italy
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

Magdalenaproject mailing list

Australia's Artists No Longer Mavericks?


Australia: Artists No Longer Mavericks at Society's Fringe
The Age, 9/14/09

"Shakespeare wrote in Measure for Measure that 'Truth is truth to the end of reckoning.' Shakespeare was a man who knew a thing or two. So what is the truth of Australian theater? It's in decline. It's been in steady decline for most of the past two decades and, for some reason, policymakers cannot see it, and the industry and its audience have chosen to ignore it. Theater in this country has, for too long, been trapped in a limited reality, a white middle-class sport both on stage and in the auditorium, comfortable in its homogeny, creatively self-referential and, it seems, almost determinedly culturally unrepresentative.

To fully understand the problems that surround the theater, you must first look at the historical record with respect to arts policy.

It is clear that governments do not know how to position the theater arts. We have to have them because…well, we have to! As a result, we are left with an almost obsessive desire to bureaucratize theatre arts. Since the early 1980s, theater has increasingly been viewed by government as a publicly funded commodity, and so policies have been formed seeking to mandate its meaning and focus cultural practice towards a largely economic agenda, while at the same time finding increasingly more sophisticated ways of trimming subsidy. With major subsidized theater companies now established on almost commercial footings, ticket prices have risen, cast sizes have shrunk, and programming has become inevitably less adventurous—affecting audience development and creative diversity. Mid-range companies have all but disappeared, leaving the development and staging of more audacious work largely to an under-resourced and often dramaturgically illiterate fringe. It's a program of fiscal strangling so dexterously handled that the Australia Council's most recent policy initiative 'Making it New' may truthfully be called 'Making it Cheap.'

With these changes has come a steady shift in the position of the performing artist. We are no longer the mavericks at the fringes of society. Subsidy has made us a part of the system. And whereas, in the clear light of day, performing artists should see their art form as a forum for ideas and social benefit, it seems we have become unwitting apologists for our governments' dysfunctional funding model, drunk on the lure of public acceptance and the false sense that a successful funding application means the work we are doing is creatively validated."

To read the rest of the article, please visit The Age website.

Australian Aboriginal Theatre Initiative presents Yanagai! Yanagai! at LaMaMa

La MaMa E.T.C. in association with the Australian Aboriginal Theatre Initiative presents Yanagai! Yanagai! by Andrea James (Yorta Yorta), directed by Harold Dean James and Karen Oughtred

Yanagai! Yanagai!
 evokes a place where past, present and future exist as one. On the banks of "Dhungula" sacred trees, familiar fishing holes, cheeky dingoes, min-min lights and the ghosts of the past weave a deep connection to the land. A theatrical feast of story, music, puppetry and magic realism.

First Floor Theatre: La MaMa E.T.C.: 74A East 4th St., Between 2nd Ave & Bowery. Subways: F to 2nd Ave., 6 to Bleecker, B. D to B'way/Lafayette, R, W to 8th St/NYU

January 8 – 25, 2009: Thursday – Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:30pm
Tickets $18 To purchase tickets go to

* Benefit on Thurs. 1/8 at 7pm Tickets $50. To purchase tickets go to