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Dear reader, 

We hope you are doing fine. Check out  Border Crossings, Watch Cyprus Avenue.

there is this book 
There Must Be Happy Endings: On a Theatre of Optimism and Honesty,- written by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. You can get a FREE copy because a generous donor has made it possible for those who want to read but can’t afford one — more info by clicking the “Book Bank” link on the 3rd Thing Press website.

As authoritarian regimes crackdown on dissent, artists and creatives are bearing the brunt of the pressure, finding themselves at risk of threats, harassment, arrest, imprisonment, torture, and even death because of their creative work. This has become only more of a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic, as governments exploit “emergency powers” to silence criticism.

In response to the particular impact of these threats in Africa, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America has collaborated with Africa Human Rights Network (AHRN), Alert-Art-Afrik, Arterial Network, Freemuse, Hammerl Arts Rights Transfer (HART), The Museum of Movements, PEN Uganda, Safe Havens – the Malmö Meetings, and Southern Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (SAHRDN) to launch Amani: Africa Creative Defence Network*. This coalition aims to provide rapid responses to creatives at risk in Africa, coordinate adequate support when artists and cultural professionals in Africa face danger because of their work, and support regional safe havens in Africa. This initiative was first conceived after the majority of these partners met at the 6th annual Safe Havens conference, a gathering of the global arts rights justice sector held in Cape Town last December, where they discussed the need for a collaborative protection mechanism to support artists across the region.

If you or someone you know is an artist at risk in Africa, you can get in touch with the network by filling out our secure form here, which is available in English and French.

Tebere Arts Foundation
Sauti za Busara 2021 call for Artists
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition
The International Class 2020/21: Applications due Jun 15KEA European Affairs: Artists and culture to imagine the way out of the crisis
Peacebuilding and the Arts Now: Has created a list of Creative responses to the global pandemic

Stay safe. 

Theatre & Peacebuilding Online Virtual Learning Exchange

 Dear Theatre Artist/Peacebuilder:
We would like to invite you to participate in an online virtual Learning Exchange based on the ecosystem of Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation. Join us for a conversation co-convened by:
Crear Vale la Pena
Free Culture Invisible
Fundación Cambio Democrático
Humanity United
Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation
International Community Arts Festival
International Teaching Artist Collaborative
The Partnering organizations have come together to convene an exchange because experience and evidence demonstrate that arts and culture can be crafted to contribute to the prevention, reduction and transformation of violent conflict and to affect positive and sustainable change. We invite your participation because it is vital to consider the perspectives and ideas from people in every region of the world, working in our field locally and globally, in policy and in practice, in contemporary arts and in traditional cultural forms.

The Learning Exchange will take place on April 21-22, during 48 hrs, on Platform4Dialogue, the online written format of the peacebuilding organization, Peace DirectTo inspire and trigger our exchange, we share here Acting Together on the World Stage, which documents the contributions of performance and ritual to conflict transformation, and offers reflections from Directors, Writers, Community and Stage Performers, Elders of First Nations, and Experts in our Field.
This collective conversation is designed for artists, cultural workers, peacebuilding practitioners, researchers, funders and policy-makers to explore together the importance of three key components of our work: Resistance, Re-humanization and Reconciliation.
Participants can expect to interact in a secure, constructive, and focused online dialogue (all via written posts) with other registered participants. We will have resource materials that you can access during, or after the exchange. You are free to share these with others. Facilitators from the field will help guide the online dialogue and pose questions throughout each day.
 The Learning Exchange will be in two languages, English and Spanish, simultaneously and in the same platform but in two separate spaces. Those who speak both languages can move from one to the other.The exchange happens entirely online so you will need access to a computer with internet connection or a mobile phone or tablet.Participants will be able to log-in at any time during the 24-hour period of a day (from any region and time zone).We ask that participants log-in at least two times per day during each of the two 24-hour “days” (April 21 and 22). In our experience, people stay active in the Learning Exchange for 20 minutes or more each time. Hopefully, you will log in more than twice per day!Over the two days of the exchange, a number of discussion topics and survey questions will be proposed. Participants will add their comments, ideas, and responses each day.
No advance preparation is required, though we do ask participants to draw on their own expertise and experiences to contribute to the conversations and hope you will watch the documentary Acting Together on the World Stage.
We will have reading materials, videos, and links available when the learning exchange begins and throughout the 2 days as a resource.
Please let us know if you are able to participate no later than APRIL 19 by responding to:
Armine Avetisyan 
IMPACT, Project Manager
We will then send you registration information. 
We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting discussion. 
Warm regards,
The Learning Exchange planning team: Allison, Armine, Carmen, Cynthia, Mary Ann and
Ana Cabria MellaceCREAR VALE LA PENA
Mahmood Karimi Hakak
Stephen WickenICAF
Jasmina IbrahimovicIMPACT
Cynthia CohenITAC
Madeleine McGirk
The ACCT field: There are people all over the World taking diverse approaches to address conflict transformation through artistic and cultural actions. They are artists, peacebuilding practitioners, conflict transformation experts, teachers, public servants, thinkers, funders, and more. Collectively, they form the Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (ACCT) Ecosystem, a field that is becoming more and more visible in the 21st Century. Many of its members are aware that they have been helping to create this new field during the last decades.

IMPACT: is a collective values-driven collaboration of culturally and geographically diverse leaders in the arts, culture, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, higher education, philanthropy, and non-government sectors who understand the critical role that the arts and other aspects of culture play in transforming conflict. One of the ways this collaboration works is by developing Learning Exchanges. These are virtual conversations among those in the ACCT Ecosystem to raise awar eness of its importance and challenges, and to share the extraordinary diversity, knowledge and opportunities that the field has. 

ACTING TOGETHER ON THE WORLD STAGE: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict (ATWS): is a multi-media educational initiative intended to document and strengthen the contributions of performance and ritual to social justice and conflict transformation. The initiative consists of a feature documentary, a two-volume anthology, short videos and PDF resources for learning and teaching. At the core of the ATWS resources are the stories of courageous artists, peacebuilders, and community leaders who work with creativity, persistence and resilience to improve their world.

Kanto Cuentos presentan Travel is Prohibited

A Short film by Jessica Alampay

Written and Narrated by Jessica Alampay
with Vocalist Joan Almedilla
Music by Giovanni Ortega
Edited by Patrick Nan

Produced by
The International Imagination Collective
Theatre Without Borders

Jessica Alampay is a new American writer based in Turin, Italy, where she lives with her husband and two children. Prior to writing, she spent time as an at-home parent, and international student affairs professional. Works include essays on personal reflection, emotional wellness, identity, parenting, and living abroad. Further interests include: language learning, travel, food, and history. She is in the earliest stages of writing a fictional novel based in Manila. She draws inspiration from places where she has lived and spent time: Italy, France, Belgium, her family’s home country The Philippines, and her home-state, California. Find her at:

KANTO CUENTOS – CORNER STORIES is a collection of short original films produced by Giovanni Ortega, core-member of Theatre Without Borders, as part of The International Imagination Collective, a group of worldwide artists that engage with cultural advocacy through different avenues of storytelling. This series is a direct response to the 2020 Pandemic Crisis that has widened our perspective and delved into a visceral introspection about who we are as part of the human race and residents of the global environment.  

KANTO CUENTOS – CORNER STORIES es una colección de cortometrajes originales producidos por Giovanni Ortega, miembro principal de Theatre Without Borders, como parte de The International Imagination Collective, un grupo de artistas de todo el mundo que se dedican a la defensa cultural a través de diferentes avenidas de narración. Esta serie es una respuesta directa a la crisis pandémica del 2020 que ha ampliado nuestra perspectiva y ha profundizado una introspección visceral sobre quiénes somos como parte de la raza humana y los residentes del medio ambiente global.

Up Next: Guacamayos (Parrots),

Un Cortometraje (A Short Film by) de Sara Acevedo

Premieres Apr 23, 2020


Kanto Cuentos – Corner Stories

SHARE YOUR NARRATIVE THROUGH POETRY, PROSE, FICTION on VIDEO. We’re wondering: what are artists doing around the world to respond to the Covid-19 crisis?

COMPARTE TU NARRATIVA A TRAVÉS   DE LA POESÍA, PROSA, y FICCIÓN en VIDEO.Nos preguntamos: ¿qué están haciendo los artistas en todo el mundo para responder a la crisis de COVID-19?

KANTO CUENTOS – CORNER STORIES is a collection of short original films produced by Theatre Without Borders as part of The International Imagination Collective, a group of worldwide artists that engage with cultural advocacy through different avenues of storytelling. This series is a direct response to the 2020 Pandemic Crisis that has widened our perspective and delved into a visceral introspection about who we are as part of the human race and residents of the global environment.  

KANTO CUENTOS – CORNER STORIES es una colección de cortometrajes originales producidos por Giovanni Ortega, miembro principal de Theatre Without Borders, como parte de The International Imagination Collective, un grupo de artistas de todo el mundo que se dedican a la defensa cultural a través de diferentes avenidas de narración. Esta serie es una respuesta directa a la crisis pandémica del 2020 que ha ampliado nuestra perspectiva y ha profundizado una introspección visceral sobre quiénes somos como parte de la raza humana y los residentes del medio ambiente global.


Giovanni Ortega <>

TWB Digest #397

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be hopeful
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List of Arts Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak

UN Launches Global Call for Creatives

get your art & culture fix while laying low

(To submit your event, please complete this form or email We are particularly interested in sharing online events that help support creators who have been impacted by arts venue closures.)

Summer Directing Labs at NIPAI

NIPAI is the place where new professional creative leaders raise up… Be part of a new generation of creative and professional thinkers!

One-Week Summer Directing Labs in NIPAI, multi-disciplinary workshops, are  open to professionals who are eager to refresh their knowledge of basics and essentials of directing, as well as for those who are at the beginning of their directing career, who have staged several performances but still feel lack of practical tools which will work for them.

1 – 6 July 2020 in Berlin, Germany
13 – 19 July 2020 in Latina, Italy
24 – 30 July 2020 in Graz, Austria
20 – 26 August 2020 in Muncheberg, Germany

If you are interested in participation, contact Viktor Kaplan at

Applications for the 2020/21 program will be accepted through June 15. Tuition is $3,800 and includes the registration fee for Performing the World 2020: A Heart in a Haven-less World. Tuition is payable in installments. A limited number of full and partial tuition scholarships are available. 

Obtaining a US visa is a lengthy process! We urge those who require a visa to get their applications in early. 

For more information, including dates, applications and scholarship forms, contact: Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute, email

Earth Matters on Stage Ecodrama Playwrights Festival
CALL FOR SCRIPTS: EMOS Playwrights Festival 2021
Hosted by Emory Univ Earth Matters on Stage Ecodrama Playwrights FestivalCALL FOR SCRIPTS: EMOS Playwrights Festival 2021

Hosted by Emory University, Theatre Emory, and The Playwriting Center of Theater Emory, Atlanta, Georgia

First-Place Award: Cash prize and professional production
Second-Place Award: Cash prize and possible workshop production or concert reading
Honorable Mentions: Public reading
Deadline: August 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm EDT 

For details visit website

International Physical Theatre Workshp
1. International Physical Theatre Workshop in in Berlin (Germany) on 1-6 July 2020

2. International Workshop for Choreographers and Dancers in Latina (Italy) on 13-19 July 2020

3. International Multidisciplinary Residency for Performers and Directors in Laubegg Castle (Austria) on 24-30 July 2020

4. International Residency “Physical Action in Performance” in Trebnitz Castle (Germany) on 20-26 August 2020

5. IUGTE Performing Arts Conference 2020 has opened the Call for Proposal

6. Extremely reduced rates are now available for our annual International Physical Theatre Lab and Performing Arts Conference

 We try to support artists on their way of professional development, thus there are scholarships available for highly-motivated professionals:

Manifesto Poëtico upcoming events and open applications 



The deadline for the submission of applications is on the 15th of April 2020. For application form, conditions and FAQ guidebook, please click here.

After completion, the application form along with the documents listed in the link above, have to be sent to, For further information or queries, please email us at the same address.

The Magdalena Project 
Theatre and Climate Change
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition

TWB Digest #399

Dear reader, in this issue, please take a look at application opportunities that are soon closing. 

From UCROSS Foundation

 APPLY For Fall 2020 Residencies and Fellowships
Application Deadline: March 1

Spring 2020 Residencies
Artists, writers, composers, and performers from around the United States and the world, in all stages of their professional careers, are invited to apply to work on individual or collaborative projects.

Ucross Fellowship for
Native American Visual Artists
This fellowship is open to Native American visual artists working in any discipline. There is no application fee to apply.

The Ford Family Foundation Fellowship
Open to mid-career Oregon visual artists for residencies of four weeks. Two residencies will be awarded for the Fall 2020 session.

Note: Applications close 11:59 pm MST on March 1. Letters of recommendation are due one week following the application deadline.

European Affairs
South India Artist Intensive 
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition 

Arts Administration Internships that Pay
African Cultural Policy Network  Newsletter

Roundhouse associates Global Voices Theatre are accepting submissions for Global Youth Voices, an event featuring a unique selection of international plays never before performed in the UK. 

To submit a play, please fill in our online form here.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5pm GMT 15th March 2020

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
Graduate Student Initiative (Hemi GSI)

Sixth Convergence, 2020 

Intimate Architectures: Displacement, Irruption, and Emergency in the Americas, October 9–11, 2020
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Call for Work Group and/or Workshop Conveners

Deadline: March 8, 2020 

Maia Directors is a consulting group supporting organizations and artists engaging with stories from the Middle East and beyond.
The Maia Monthly newsletter features spotlights on MENASA artists we think you should know, as well as updates of exciting MENASA projects around the country.

The 2020 Artists & Climate Change Incubator – Florida
 The Deering Estate, Miami, Florida
Tuesday-Saturday, May 4-9, 2020
Fee: $395
Leader: Chantal Bilodeau
Co-organizer: Susan Caraballo as part of #ARTiculatingClimate

Calling all artists, activists, scientists, and educators who want to engage or further their engagement with the climate crisis through artistic practices! Join The Arctic Cycle for the 2020 Artists & Climate Change Incubator – Florida, May 4-9, 2020 at the beautiful Deering Estate in Miami.

La MaMa Umbria 2020 Workshops

La Mama Umbria is pleased to announce the Workshops being offered and the Resident Artists who have confirmed so far to join this Summer at the 21st La MaMa Umbria Symposium for Directors in Spoleto, Italy:

SESSION ONE (July 15-July 29)
“Where Artistic Inspiration Comes From” MARTHA CLARKE (USA)
“Essential Skills Not Taught in School” RICHARD JONES (England)
“Theatre as Call & Response: Performing One Another” DEREK GOLDMAN (USA)
+ one more to be announced

SESSION TWO (July 31-August 14)
“Creative Resilience” ISSA NYAPHAGA (Cameroon)
“The Lear Project” EMILY MANN (USA)
“How ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ Can Be A Tool Beyond Its Form” IMAN AOUN (Palestine)
“Theatricality of Movement: Poetry as a Political Act” KARINE PONTIES (Belgium)

            You may apply for one or both sessions. In addition to workshops, attendees participate in tours of Umbrian cultural sites, performances of local productions, meetings with visiting artists, late-night workshops offered by participants and other events.
            For Application Forms and more information about the Resident artists, Workshops and logistics, please visit: or contact David J Diamond at La MaMa Umbria is also offering the Playwright Retreat, Next Generation New Performance Incubator and La MaMa Spoleto Open Festival.
To make a donation to help artists from many countries who need financial assistance in order to attend, please click here: DONATE.

Please SHARE this information with your colleagues.

TWB Digest #398

Dear reader, 
in this issue, 

Ucross is currently accepting applications for residencies of two, four, or six weeks, taking place between August and early December 2020.Located on a 20,000 acre working cattle ranch in the foothills of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, Ucross provides individual workspace, living accommodations, uninterrupted time, and the experience of the historic High Plains landscape to selected writers, visual artists, composers, and performing artists working in all disciplines

Learn more at UCROSS.ORG 

New Round for scholarship applications. Participate in New Physical Theatre programs in Austria!

ArtUniverse Announced New Scholarships 

for participation in physical theatre workshops in Austria. 

Choose from workshops in physical theatre, directing, acting, movement directing. NIPAI’s various workshops and programs offer students the most intensive and comprehensive experiences possible as they immerse in hands-on courses in the performing arts.

learn more from

Wednesday-Saturday, Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2020 – New York City
PTW 2020 will begin at 5:00pm on Wednesday

Deadline for proposals: February 15, 2020

The theme for Performing the World 2020 (PTW) is inspired by the ways millions of people all over the planet are responding to an increasingly harsh world. Along with so many who must physically flee war, gang violence, drought, floods and fire, there are countless more who seek an escape from the cruelty, violence, destitution, alienation and pain of everyday life. They search for, or try to create, a haven. 

Proposal submission forms are available at www.performingtheworld.orgProposals are due February 15, 2020.Additional information about the conference, and forms for registration and financial aid can be found on the website, www.performingtheworld.orgCLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL.

Mitambo International Theatre Festival-Zimbabwe

The Choreographic Marathon

Across Oceans Arts
Ultra-Intensive Development and Creation Exchange For established and emerging Movement Artists in All forms over 3 days flow, discovery, creation, challenge, performance 
and continued mentor support for 6 months
PROPOSE NOW forMay 16-18, 2020

M A N I F E S T O  P O E T I C O

MAY 2020

Applications are Open! 

16-22 Tokyo.   27-31 Canada

International Teaching Artist Conference

ITAC5, the Fifth International Teaching Artist Conference is open for business. September 15-17 in Seoul, South Korea. Applications to present in Seoul are now invited.
Applications to attend as a delegate (without presenting) will open in a few weeks. Check out the presenting guidelines; find out about the themes and key questions.
Please share this link with your networks so that everyone finds a way to join: by presenting, by attending, by connecting with the virtual conference.

And you should join the ITAC Collaborative–the year round expansion of the Conferences.  The Collaborative is creating the first global network of artists who work in communities and schools. Free to join.  Innovation projects (with stipend) are popping up NOW.  Join to build this pioneering network.

Theatre503 Playwriting Award 2020


Previous winners are: And Then Come The Nightjars by Bea Roberts, Valhalla by Paul Murphy – joint winner in 2014; In Event of Moone Disaster by Andrew Thompson in 2016 and Out of Sorts by Danusia Samal in 2018.


 Business and Creative Lab for Choreographers
The details of the program are mentioned here on this page: Business and Creative Lab for Choreographers. Additionally, here is Facebook post that you can share. 


Culture 360

Critical Stages/Scènes
The Magdalena ProjectPeace Building and the Arts
International Theatre Institute

TWB Digest #396

Dear reader, 

The Oak Institute for Human Rights is seeking a human rights activist/practitioner to be the fellow for our fall 2020 theme Borders and Human Rights. Can you think of any practitioner(s) in need of respite who would benefit from this fellowship?

The deadline for applications is December 30th.

Contact: | +1- 207-859-5304 

Call for Applications: Lab Fellows Program, 2020-2021 Cohort

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics (The Lab) invites applications for the 2020-2021 cohort of its Fellows Program. The Lab’s mission is to humanize global politics through the power of performance. To this end, applications are welcomed from performing artists who also define themselves as community-based and/or globally-minded activists, educators, or policymakers working at the intersection of performance and politics/social justice. 

Visit their website for more information 

New Publication – UNESCO & the International Theatre Institute ITI

The brochure is available in English and French. Spanish is in preparation. You may download the brochure here:
UNESCO & ITI – English version
UNESCO & ITI – version française

The General Secretariat of ITI may send you a copy or copies of the printed version. Please write to info(at) to obtain yours.

Don’t miss the call for media partnerships with culture360! Deadline is 31 December for events happening between February and July 2020. Scroll down for many more interesting news and opportunities from Asia & Europe!

Find Out More

OneBeat Residency Opportunity for Musicians from Eligible Countries

CEC ArtsLink is pleased to help our colleagues at OneBeat to spread the word about a residency opportunity for innovative musicians from eligible countries.

In its ninth year, OneBeat brings musicians (ages 19-35) from around the world to the U.S. for one month each fall to collaboratively write, produce, and perform original music, and develop strategies for arts-based social engagement. For accepted fellows all costs, including travel, accommodation, and food, are covered by the program.  

Application deadline is December 20, 2019
OneBeat will take place in Fall 2020
Apply here

Please note that CEC ArtsLink does not administer this program. All inquiries about OneBeat application process should be emailed to

Mentored by Zoukak

Timeline: One session of 8 hours per week, between January and May 2020
Age: 15 – 21 years’ old
Participation fee: No fee required
Deadline for application: December 21,  2019

Zoukak is launching the 2nd edition of the Youth Theatre Performance project addressed to youths between 15 and 21 years old wishing to explore theatre professionally. Those interested in acting, writing, directing, stage-management, light, sound, costume and set design are invited to apply. We are looking for highly motivated youths, willing to be invested in a long-term theatre project, and eager to work collectively and develop tools that allow them to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field. Prior experience is preferable, but not required.


Applicants are asked to submit a motivation letter including highlights of their experience in the field, to the following email address: before  December 21, 2019 midnight.
Applications will be reviewed and the selected group will be invited for auditions at Zoukak Studio in January 2020.   

Wednesday-Saturday, Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2020 – New York City
PTW 2020 will begin at 5:00pm on Wednesday

Deadline for proposals: February 15, 2020
For details visit

It is time to SAVE the DATE for the next conference Cultural Impact Now! The European Conference of Cultural and Creative Spaces.

This event is co-organised by Trans Europe HallesThe European Network of Cultural Centres and the host of the conference Maltfabrikken.

Date: 4-7 June 2020
Place: Ebeltoft, Denmark

Art for Africa
The aim of Artists- in -Residency programs- is to provide space, time, accommodations, to Artists And other creative professionals, culture enthusiastic, lovers of art, travelers, tourists, students, couples, groups, families and holidaymakers and general public in General to reflect, develop their passion. We have strong interest in people’s cultures and heritage both tangible and non – tangible cultural heritage.
The project is Artist led and Run by volunteers and full time Artistic director.

Visit their website for more


Ruth Magraff
On the Move
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition

TWB Digest #395

To our esteemed readers! 

In this issue,  find Open applications, News and a Job announcement, a new course in Applied Theatre  and a Theatre Festival.

Marike Splint a Theatre Maker is looking for a performer from the Mexico/US border and a performer who will participate from their country through a live stream.

More info:

Are you in need of respite? Or can you think of a front-line activist in need of respite? 

Call for nominations and applications for the 2020 Oak Human Rights Fellowship, sponsored by the Oak Institute for Human Rights at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The fellowship provides a one-semester activist-in-residence opportunity for a human rights activist operating in difficult or dangerous circumstances to come to Colby College, one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the United States, for respite from front-line duties to reflect on their experiences. In doing so, Oak strives to educate the campus and extended community about the work being done by our Fellow. Thus, we are writing to ask for your help in identifying the Oak Fellow for the fall of 2020, or if you are interested in applying for the residence as a practitioner.

Please submit nominations to us as soon as possible. We will contact your nominee(s) and suggest that he, she or they apply; but we also hope you will encourage your nominee to apply directly. Your nomination will become part of the applicant’s file, underscoring your recognition of this person’s important contributions to human rights activism. The deadline for nominations is November 30th, 2019, and for completed applications is December 30th, 2019

If you have any questions, you can reach us at (207) 859-5304 or at (please note that we will not accept nominations by phone). For more information, you can access our website; we call your attention to the frequently asked questions section to clarify terms and eligibility

Apply Now: Creative Climate Leadership USA
Applications are now open for the Creative Climate Leadership Training and Transformation Program (CCL) to be held March 8-14, 2020 at Biosphere 2 in Arizona – the first time CCL has been held in the US.

The application deadline is midnight, Thursday, January 9, 2020 Eastern Standard Time.

CCL was developed by the internationally recognized, London-based organization, Julie’s Bicycle and is presented in the US thanks to a collaboration of EcoArts Connections, the University of Arizona-Tucson, and the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence (CEUCE) based at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

CCL is designed for performing, visual, media, and other artists; cultural workers including producers, presenters, curators, administrators, funders, policy makers, and others; and those change makers working outside of the arts interested in using creative methodologies and collaboration to address climate and environmental challenges.  
CCL provides a week-long intensive residential program of leadership development, learning, and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange delivered through talks, workshops, guest speakers, group and peer-led activity, and new tools, based on 12 years of research and development. The intensive is followed by six months of mentorship, and inclusion in an ongoing international network of colleagues that supports ongoing action, learning and exchange.

Apply now:
For more information, contact or visit

Tebere Arts Foundation announces Kampala International theatre Festival 

The United States Department of Art and Culture is looking to hire a Co-Director (Organizing and Organizational Development)
Click here to download a PDF of this description.

Between the Seas
 invites artists, thinkers, activists and scholars from around the world to submit their projects on the topic of Borders, Borderlands and Crossings to be presented at the 1927 space in Athens in 2020. Proposed works may include: work in development; visual arts; new plays/translations; scholarly research; lecture-performances; new literary work etc. Selected projects can be submitted either for a one-time presentation or for a week-long residency. Our goal is to create an independent hub of international exchange among thinkers and practitioners around the world, focused on process rather than results, thinking through some of the most pressing issues of our world from a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

International artists receive presentation space and accommodation. Find all the details and access the application form here. Deadline: Dec 15 2019. Questions? Contact:

Announcement of new course in applied theatre: arts, action, change
The University of Warwick, UK, is offering a new taught postgraduate degree: MA APPLIED THEATRE: ARTS, ACTION, CHANGE. With an emphasis on professional practice and development, the course addresses contemporary practice in applied theatre and socially engaged performance in national and international contexts. 

The programme is aimed at recent graduates, emerging practitioners and more established practitioners who want the opportunity to reflect, refresh and enhance their skills. Alongside opportunities to research and create applied and socially engaged performance projects, the degree also supports students to gain the skills necessary to enhance their profile, particularly in relation to funding, managing projects and collaborating with a range of partners. Students will work with leading researchers and practitioners in the field, and benefit from links to Associate 

Companies including: B Arts; C&amp;T; Creative English; Cardboard Citizens; Common Wealth; Open Theatre; Rideout; Phosphoros Theatre; Tender Education and Arts; Warwick Arts
Centre Creative Learning.
 For more information see:

For enquiries please contact: