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Arterial Network April Newsletter/ Bulletin d’information d’Avri

Arterial Network April Newsletter/ Bulletin d'information d'Avri

List of contents:

  1. What's new at Arterial Network?
  2. Artists Rights and Advocacy
  3. Opportunities: Training/Jobs/Funding
  4. Resource Centre

What's new at Arterial Network?

#Culture2015Goal: Arterial Network and partners launch international campaign on May 1st

Arterial Network has partnered with other key international networks to launch today a Declaration on the Inclusion of Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals and is calling on the international community to support the campaign: The Future we want includes cultureJoin your colleagues in calling for urgent recognition of culture’s role in development! (read more) 

Artwatch Africa: project takes strides

One singer arrested in Rwanda (Kizito Mihigo), one movie censored in Egypt (Halawet Rooh), thus is the plight of artists in Africa. Yes, Freedom of Expression is recognized by every state but no, artists do not necessarily possess it. Artists are sometimes perceived as a threat because they defend their opinions, and dare say out loud what others only whisper. (read more)

Arterial Network South Africa national campaign: why should artists vote for you?

Arterial Network South Africa, together with a growing number of South African creative sector organisations and individuals, has created an advocacy campaign for arts, culture and heritage practitioners. Interactive and informative, the campaign is asking political parties presenting themselves in the May elections why they should vote for them, publishing their responses and pushing for good conversation and debate. (read more)

Association Racines/ Arterial Network Morocco: change of address

The Associations Racines/ Arterial Network Morocco, host of Arterial Network's 4th African Creative Economy Conference (13-15 November, Rabat), is changing location. Its new offices can be found at 30, rue Banafsaj, résidence Berth 2, apt 8, 2eme étage, Mers Sultan, Casablanca, Maroc. (read more)

Artists Rights and Advocacy

Kizito Mihigo: the trial making Kigali sing

After two weeks of incarceration, Rwandan singer Kizito Mihigo is still at the centre of Kigali’s gossip. Mihigo confessed in court late April to being in touch with rebel forces from eastern parts of the DRC and letting himself be influenced by these relationships when composing his song, Igisobanuro Cy’urupfu (The Reasons of Death). (read more)

Head of censorship resigns in Egypt

The head of Egypt's censorship board has resigned after the country's prime minister overruled his decision to allow the film Halawt Rooh starring Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe to be shown. (read more) 

Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) : violations of cultural rights

In the framework of his/her mandate, the Special Rapporteur receives information on alleged violations of cultural rights. The OHCHR has recently developed a questionnaire for complaints to the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights and is inviting submissions. (read more)

Two African Films at the Festival de Cannes 2014

The 67th Cannes Film Festival 2014 has announced the films selected to be shown between 14 May and 24 in Southern France. Two African filmmakers have been chosen: Abderrahmane Sissako and his film Timbuktu will run in competition for the Golden Palm Award, and Philippe Lacôte's Run in Un Certain Regard, a program recognizing innovative storytelling. (read more)

Opportunities: Training/Jobs/Funding 

Artraker Annual Award 2014: call for submissions

The Artraker Annual Award is for contemporary artists / organisations that make a direct positive change in countries that have experienced social upheaval and violent conflict. Artraker is interested in the significance of the artists’ contribution to change and the co-creation of experiences of freedom in the midst of conflict. Apply before 15 May. (read more)

Abuja International Film Festival (Nigeria): call for entries

The 11th Abuja International Film Festival, AIFF, the largest and longest running Independent film festival in Anglophone West Africa, will run from 23 to 26 September 2014. It will feature the screenings of over 60 cutting-edge films from around the world with a special focus on films from Nollywood and Africa. The deadline for all entries is 15 July. (read more)

Abhay K. Poetry Anthology: call for poems on capital cities  

Capital cities exert immense influence on our lives. Often they are the cultural, political, commercial and educational hubs of our respective countries. Abhay K.(Poet-Diplomat, Earth Anthem Lyricist, SAARC Literary Prize Awardee, Pushcart Prize Nominee) is compiling an anthology on the capital cities of the world. Poets are invited to contribute a poem of their choice before 15 May.   (read more)

Africa Centre, Artists in Residency 2014 (South Africa0: call for African artists

The Africa Centre is launching its 2014 Artists In Residency (AIR) programme. They have partnered with eight programmes in Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and the United States to award eight residencies to African artists whose work is both socially engaged and stretches the boundaries of the artist's creative discipline. Apply before 20 June. (read more)

Culture and Urban Space: call for papers and projects

For its issue #65 the digital journal InterArtive will publish diverse aspects of the current discussion around “Culture and Urban Space.” They invite theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject to participate. Proposals should be submitted before 31 May. (read more)

2014 Women’s Initiative Grant Rules: call for photographic projects

The Alexia Foundation 2014 Women's Initiative will provide a $25,000 grant for a project on a significant issue involving and affecting women anywhere in the world. This call is open to photographers worldwide and is intended to produce a serious documentary photographic project. The deadline for submissions is 30 June. (read more)

FIMUA Central Africa (International Festival of Urban African Music): call for hip-hop artists

The Kotara Ndara Centre invites hip-hop artists and crews to the first edition of the International Festival of Urban African Music which will be held in Central Africa on the theme of “Forgiveness and Reconciliation" from 4 to 8 November 2014. Apply before 15 May. (read more)

ArtBeat Africa for Contemporary African Creative Writers: call for stories

ArtBeat Afrika, a community of Contemporary African Creative Writers, is compiling its first short story anthology. They are currently looking for stories that tell the true African experience and short fiction that expresse the high level of creativity of contemporary African creative writers. The deadline for submissions is July 30. (read more)

Theatralize African Playwright Competition: call for playwrights

Theratralize is a German playwright initiative whose main goal is to promote international understanding and dialogue through theatre. African playwrights are invited to submit works on the topic of their choice, as long as they depict any kind of legal, religious, colonial or other cultural process. The deadline for submissions is 30 June.(read more)

EESA (Eastern, Central Europe and South Africa): call for papers and artists

EESA is a transnational collaboration that brings together scholars and artists from Eastern and Central Europe and South Africa. This year the project will comprise of a conference and an exhibition. EESA is calling for artists and papers on the theme of “Between democracies 1989-2014: Remembering, narrating and reimagining the past in Eastern and Central Europe and South Africa.” Send your projects before 31 July. (read more)

OIF (International Organization for la Francophonie) Fund: call for artists

The OIF supports the circulation of professional artists and their shows (music, theatre, dance and more) for international festivals or tours. Special attention is given to projects with a multiplier effect and that participate in the career development of artists in their regions. (read more)

Mapping Africa Project (The Guardian): call for contributions

Is Google Maps guilty of selling Africa short? Help the African Network of The Guardian map the continent by showing them your hometown, place of birth and more. The Guardian will highlight the best of your stories on the Africa network. (read more)

Videonale.15 #30 Edition: call for movie-image based work

Videonale is a Festival for Contemporary Video Art, which will take place this year from February to April 2015. With “The Call of the Wild” as its theme, it invites artists from all over the world to submit moving-image-based works which deal with the Wild as a space of possibility for new ways of thinking, seeing and being aware. The deadline is 23 June. (read more)

FLASCO Dialogue of the South (Latin America-Africa): call for papers

FLASCO is a Latin-America-based network for “Critical Thinking of the South”. It is issuing a special issue of the journal Iconos on the theme of "Dialogues of the South: Critical Thinking and Socio-Political Analyses between Africa and Latin America". Send your papers before 9 May. (read more)

SASOL New Signatures Art Competition (South Africa): call for artists

The SASOL competition provides an excellent platform for emerging artists to apply their skills, express their creative talent and enter the professional arts world. The competition winner will receive a R100 000 prize as well as a solo exhibition at the Pretoria Arts Museum. The deadline is 15 July. (read more)

Journal for Artistic Research, special issue on Criticism: call for submissions

The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) offers artists a space to unfold their research on the topic of “artistic research” where they can use words and/or alternative modes of expressions. These presentations of art as research become a further means of communicating the claims of artistic work. Submit before 30 June 2014. (read more)

Better Living Challenge (World Design Capital-South Africa): call for projects

The World Design Capital project is looking for great home improvement solutions for low-income living. The Challenge is open to designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, builders, inventors, creative thinkers, ordinary citizens, students, micro and small businesses, medium businesses and large corporate companies. The best 3 ideas stand to win a support award to the value of R500 000 each; and 3 student cash prizes of R40,000 each. Submit projects before the 31 May. (read more)

Shungu Namutitima (Smoke that Thunders) International Film Festival (Zambia) 2014: call for entries

Vilole Images Productions (VIP) is inviting local and international filmmakers to submit documentaries, short films and full-length feature films to the Shungu Namutitima International Film Festival of Zambia (SHUNAFFoZ), which will be held from 28 July to 2 August 2014 in Livingstone (Zambia). The festival will run with various activities that will include screening of movies in surrounding partner communities and adjacent villages. The theme this year will focus on women and women with disability rights. Send your films before 30 June. (read more)

Africa in 50 years time- inventing a new Africa (Pambazuka News): call for articles

What kind of Africa do women, youth, trade union activists, environmentalists, human rights, LBGTI and sex worker activists envision? What are the dreams of African writers, poets, scientists, engineers, agronomists, musicians for the continent in 50 years time? Pambazuka News would like to hear from you. Send your articles before 16 May. (read more)

OPENLab Public Art Workshop, South Africa: call for applications

OPENLab 2014 is a new national laboratory for artists and creative practitioners interested in making art in the public realm.  It is an open and intensive residency platform aimed to generate new strategies and ideas in site specific, experimental and interdisciplinary practice. Participating artists will explore new approaches to site based practices working across different communities, disciplines and geographical contexts. (read more)

Dance workshop “the organic body in movement” (Mali): call for African dancers

GnagamiXC’est comment and the Eeg-Cowles Foundation are producing a dance workshop for professionals residing in Mali and elsewhere in Africa. Taking place from the 13-25 June in Bamako (Mali), it will be run by Lila Greene and Nathalie Schulmann. Apply before 18 May. (read more)

Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook: call for articles

The KPY Yearbook is published by the Istanbul Bilgi University's Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY). Every issue hosts analytical and critical essays, reviews of prominent trends, ideas and dynamics that shape the cultural management and policy field from Turkey and around the world. Submission deadline is 1 June. (read more)

Ecole des Sable hip-hop workshop (Dakar): call for applications

The Ecole des Sables will host a workshop in choreography and writing in hip-hop and African dance this summer (14 July to 9 August), gathering  choreographers and dancers with strong hip hop basics from Africa and all over the world. The aim is to explore transversal links between dances and to project choreographic research and creativity into new territories. (read more)

Creative Community Fellows Program (USA): call for participation

Creative Community Fellows is a program that brings together a unique community of innovators committed to using arts and culture to design solutions for community problems. This program targets leaders working at the intersection of culture and community and purposes to give tools, training and access to them and others working in this space. Apply before 7 May.(read more)

Sauti Za Busara 2015 Music Festival (Zanzibar): call for artists

Sauti za Busara is an acclaimed international music festival, held each February in Zanzibar, showcasing music from the Swahili region, the African Continent and the diaspora. Busara has opened its call for artists for 2015: all applicants will be notified of the committee’s decisions before September and must apply before 31 July. (read more)

UNESCO survey for arts and culture practitioners: call for inputs

Parties are invited to send to the Secretariat information on measures aimed at facilitating preferential treatment to artists and cultural professionals, as well as cultural goods and services from developing countries. (read more)

IBN Khaldoun-Senghor Award 7th edition: call for participation

The OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) in partnership with the ALESCO  (The Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization) is opening the call for the 2014 IBN Khaldoun-Senghor for Translations in Social Sciences award. The deadline to submit files is 9 June.(read more)

The GoDown Art Centre (Kenya) Creative Entrepreneurship Course: call for applications

Are you engaged in the arts sector as a practising artist-writer, visual artist, performer, producer, agent, manager, or as part of a technical team? Do you have a minimum of two years experience in the field? The GoDown Art Centre welcomes you to apply for the 2014 Term 1 Creative Entrepreneurship Course before the 5 May. (read more)

Abraaj Art Prize 2015: call for artists

The Art Dubai’s Abraaj Group Art Prize has announced a change in the prestigious award: in 2015 only one project will be selected and will be funded with the $100,000 award. The winner will be offered a solo exhibition at the fair “to show their journey as an artist and how it has evolved.” Entries are open from mid April to the end of May. (read more) 

Creative Force Africa, Seed Funding: call for applications 

The Creative Force Africa Programme is financed under the Swedish Government’s Special Initiative for Strategy Democratisation and Freedom of Expression. Creative Force Africa aims to promote freedom of speech and the development of democratic structures, with particular emphasis on women’s rights. The deadline for applications is 15 May or 15 September. (read more)

European Union Fund for Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt: call for applications

The European Union invites proposals for the program ‘Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt'. This is to provide better grounds for the development of the cultural sector and the promotion of cultural diversity in Egypt. Initial planned duration of any action must be 12-24 months and must take place in Egypt. (read more)

Artellewa Art Space (Cairo) vacancy: Managing Director

Artellewa’s vision is to create a space for dialogue between artists and society by facilitating artists’ projects, offering workshops for community members as well as emerging artists and exhibiting artworks. Artellewa is looking for an experienced Managing Director starting from 1 June 2014 for a two-year contract for the management of the Artellewa art space. Apply before 20 may.(read more)

Urban Culture Centre (Dakar): multiple vacancies

In light of the opening of the Urban Cultural Centre, the City of Dakar, in partnership with the collective of hip-hop organizations Urban Cultures, has four opened vacancies: 1 cultural administrator, 1 accounting officer, 1 production manager and 1 sound engineer. Apply before 30 June. (read more)

Arts, Culture, Heritage and the National Development Plan: conference (South Africa)

The 2014 International Conference on Arts, Culture, Heritage and the National Development Plan: Vision for 2030, hosted by the Faculty of the Arts, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa, will be held on 1-3 October 2014. It will seek to explore whether the 21st century's lofty ideals such as the creation and consumption of the cultural and creative industries are being realised. Stay updated on debates and article: (read more)

One Concert: African Artists unite for Agriculture

Some of Africa’s greatest recording artists have come together to support the “Do Agric” campaign, and together have written and recorded the track “Cocoa na Chocolate.” Their message is simple: agriculture in Africa has the potential to provide food, create jobs and boost economies, but African leaders need to invest in it now. (read more)

Resource Centre 

Urban Africa: new website launched

UrbanAfrica.net aims to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on urbanisation on the African continent by making available information and tools such as research, policies and presentations for urban practitioners, scholars, artists and interested parties. (read more)

Art, Activism, Education and Therapies: transforming communities across Africa

These essays provide an insight into the application of the arts for transformation across Africa. Through their juxtaposition in this volume they speak to the variety and purposes of arts approaches and offer fresh perspectives on and to the field. (read more)

Mashariki: Cultural Understanding and Peace Building Journal, Volume 1

Mashariki, Swahili for “East”,  is a digital  forum of Culture and Development in East Africa (CDEA) to generate discourse on culture’s role in development and regional integration amongst East African artists, cultural leaders and managers, the broader civil society and state actors. (read more)

IFFACA, 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture 2014: Official Report

In January 2014, IFACCA and the Chilean National Council for Culture and the Arts (CNCA) hosted the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture, in Santiago (Chile). The Summit addressed how globalisation, shifts in social and economic development and new forms of communication are generating an array of challenges and opportunities within the cultural field. (read more)



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